A review of Best Friends Pet Resort in Orlando Florida

Best Friends in Orlando Florida is an all inclusive Pet Resort that features grooming, boarding and play facilities inside the world famous Walt Disney World. Disney World is known for its ?extravagant attention to detail? and this 50,000 square foot pet resort doesn?t disappoint.

The outside of the pet resort is filled with bright green artificial grass, oversized fire hydrants and doggy bones and mesh gating so on-lookers could easily view what activities the dogs were getting into. Inside you will find the gift shop, resort front desk, and plenty of paw-shaped windows to peak in at animal activities. All of the resorts play facilities were easily accessible for pet owners to watch their pets run and play.

The main attraction at Best Friends Pet Resort must be the outside play area which includes 4,500 square feet of ball chasing, tail wagging and Frisbee throwing fun topped off with a water jet system exclusively for pups. What?s the best part you ask? All of these amenities conveniently surround the lobby for easy accessibility.

The lodging was setup in three different sections. One section was for dogs (which had standard suites and luxury suites), a kitty corner, and a small section for pocket-sized pets. A cool feature included with both dog suites is patio access. Patio access is usually (weather permitting) unlimited and if your pooch got the luxury suite, it?s private. The ?kitty city? was wisely constructed in a separate wing of the facility far away from the sights and sounds of the dogs. Up to 24 kitties can room in either two room or four room condos and have no problems seeing Disney World through the large individual windows they are provided. The pocket pet section is relatively small, but gave a climate controlled ?safe-haven? for hamsters, guinea pigs, and other smaller pets. Unfortunately, they do not accommodate for venomous snakes or primates of any kind.

The pet resort staff is friendly and responsible when handling pets and the check-in/pickup process is a breeze. Also, at the end of the trip guests are provided with a ?report card? explaining what activities your pet engaged in and how their time was spent at Disney World. So next time you planning your trip to Disney World, don?t leave your pet behind!

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