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  1. Dev – if you are flying with your pet from Rome to Seattle, it would be wise to avoid London. It will require a transit permit, the cost of an agent to move your pet and it will need to travel as manifest cargo. There are other options that may be better for you. KLM flies the route with a short stop in Amsterdam. Lufthansa also flies the route with one short stop in Frankfurt. Both airlines have good reputations for transporting animals. Let us know if you need further options.

  2. Sorry I forgot to mention that we live in Rome and our Dog got his microchip here in Italy, we are only going to the US for home leave and then back to Italy.

  3. I have an 8 month old puppy who will be 11 months in July and we are flying from Rome, Italy to Seattle WA. We usually fly British – Rome- London- Seattle as the most direct rout. From the the British Airways web site I found they only allow animals as Cargo, but I cannot find anywhere what I need to do when we transfer in London. Do we need to re check in the animal. Also I cannot find out whether our dog would be on the same flights as us or as Cargo he would go in different airplanes. Could you please help answer these questions.


  4. Sandy – Air France has a nasty habit of making you re-check your pet on the second flight so it can collect another pet fee. You should confirm this with them and note whether they can do this behind customs. As for feeding, we recommend 1/2 of daily amount of food more than 2-3 hours ahead of flight. You should hydrate your pet, but at the same time and a small drink before boarding. Layer 2 pet pads in their carrier if your pup needs to “go” often.

  5. Hello,

    I am traveling with my Maltese in cabin with Air France from Vancouver to Berlin via Pairs GDC (1 hr 15 mins layover). Do you know if I will need to go through security check again when i change terminal in GDC? Also, what would you recommend regarding on feeding (for both food and water) before and during the long 9+ hour flight to avoid “accidents” on the airplane?

  6. Hi Jessica – less than 12 weeks of age, at a minimum, Germany will require that your puppy be microchipped and accompanied by an EU pet passport if you are entering Germany from another EU Member State. If you are entering from a rabies-controlled country outside of the EU with a puppy less than 12 weeks of age, it must be microchipped and accompanied by an Annex IV form completed within 10 days of travel. If you are traveling from a high-rabies country, entry will not be permitted. In any case, you will need permission from the local office of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in your destination city prior to importing your puppy.

    Most airlines will require that pets be at least 15 weeks of age before flying in the cargo hold. If you are flying with your pet at a lesser age, it should travel in the cabin and must be 8 weeks of age to do so.

  7. Hi there. I am planning on flying a puppy from Germany later this year. I know I do not have to worry about the rabies vaccine because Germany is a rabies free country but was wondering at what age are airline allowing pets to fly in cargo??


  8. Keith – the summer heat embargo will be in effect in June and July and Delta and United are the only airlines that have programs to deal with it. You can also help mitigate temperatures by landing and taking off in early morning or late at night. Avoid Air France because they will make you claim and recheck your pet on the second leg of the trip. Option 2 is fine but you will need to clear customs in Germany to catch the United flight. Option 3 sounds ok, but be sure that United is flying the route. Driving from ORD to IND would certainly be better for your pet.

  9. This summer, I will need to travel from Florence Italy to somewhere in midwest, USA with our 8-9 month old dog. I do not have an exact travel date yet, but expect it will be June or July. I am comfortable with the documentation and health requirements but do not fully understand the temperature embargos. It seems Delta and United have pet transport services but there are some complications as I may be unable to ship my pet as cargo as an individual from Italy and may need an agent of some kind? I am able to drive to Paris or Frankfurt and fly from there if it makes it easier, and even able to finish my journey in Chicago or Cincinnati to avoid another flight Chicago to Indianapolis.

    If I flew from Florence, three options are:
    (1) Delta (operated by air france) from FLR to CDG. CDG to CVG
    (2) Lufthansa / United from FLR to FRA. FRA to ORD. Drive from ORD to IND
    (3) Drive to FRA, fly Lufthansa / United from FRA to ORD

    Any advice on the temperature embargo, or preference for rotues / airlines? I read in another post FRA has great facilities. I also read another note that the temperature embargos could be different for international flights??

    Appreciate any advice you can offer!!


  10. Callista – as long as your cat has been vaccinated for rabies after being microchipped and the vaccination is more than 21 days before leaving Italy, you are good to go with an EU pet passport. (you must have one to travel with your cat.) Your kitty should travel in a soft sided carrier that can “squish” down to a height of 9″. You can find requirements for flying with a pet on Delta airlines here: http://www.pettravel.com/airline_pet_rules/delta.cfm. You should verify that the flight you want to be on has not reached its limits with regard to live animals before you book your flight. You will need to notify Delta that you are traveling with a pet.

  11. Adam – if an animal is transiting a country to enter another country, the transit country is not considered to be the originating country. Your pet would need to live in Australia for it to be considered as an originating country.

  12. Sergio – English Bulldogs are by far the most difficult breed of dogs to transport. You can try Avianca Cargo. They have flights through Lima that are operated by TACA Peru which “may” transport your pet. No high temperatures anywhere along the route. Very risky for your pet.

  13. Hello,
    I would like to fly from Milan(Malpensa) to Chicago(O’haire) with my 1 year old cat, I will be leaving at the end of May. She has her shots and is microchipped, are there any other requirements that I need to fulfill in order for her to fly? I am also not quite clear on how or who to contact at Delta to book a flight with my cat. Also, are there any specific carrier regulations?
    Thank you,

  14. Hello- I am moving from the united states to Singapore later this summer. One possible flight routing takes me from the united states – Australia – Singapore. If my connecting flight is from Sydney to Singapore does that mean that I can avoid the quarantine in Singapore upon arrival?

  15. Hi

    I just had move from Bogotá (Colombia) to Porto Alegre (Brazil). But my six-year old English Bulldog is still in Colombia. I want to know how to take him with me!!

    Thank you.

  16. Peggy – there should be no problem as long as the containers are sealed and you are using them for you pet’s needs. If you were bringing large amounts, you would be subject to duty.

  17. I have 2 5lb bags of Orjien 6 fish dog food for my pet who will be going with us to Mexico.
    They are sealed and the ingredients are listed in Spanish. Can someone please tell me if I am allowed to bring them with me through customs at the airport at SHD? I’m finding so many different thoughts on this. Don’t want to have them taken from me, but want her to get her healthy food she is use to. Answers please!

  18. Agnese – the safest option would be a private charter jet where your Pug can travel in the cabin with you however, this would be very expensive. As for commercial airlines, you will probably not find one who will transport your Pug in the hold due to his health issues and brachycephalic (snub nose) condition. If he is small enough to fly in the cabin, you can probably fly with him, but on international flights, dogs generally need to be no more than 11 pounds.

    You can look at the Queen Mary II which would get you to England and you could travel by train and ground transportation to France. Most likely, Australia would be a significant challenge.

  19. Melissa – the Annex IV form is very new and many USDA offices have not dealt with it. However, it is required to enter the UK for pet owners not living or having lived in the EU and there are sections that must be completed by the USDA. Your veterinarian will also complete an APHIS 7001 form which the airlines will be looking for and the USDA will also endorse. Your State USDA office is Dr. Roxanne Mullaney, AVIC Comm:(518) 218 – 7540 Address: 500 New Karner Road, Albany, NY. USDA also has an office at JFK airport ((718) 553-3570).

    The new regulations state that, in order to qualify as a non-commercial movement under the Pet Travel Scheme, the owner must travel on the same plane or at least 5 days before or after their pet. You certainly qualify for a non-commercial movement.

  20. Hi, I am trying to get my dog from Newark, New Jersey to Rome, Italy in a few weeks. My husband is in the military so United Airlines will ship my pet as checked baggage; however, they said it needs to be a direct flight with no layovers. I cannot find a direct flight from an airport within a reasonable location for me in the US that flies directly to Rome, Italy. I have also heard that Lufthansa airlines is great with pets; however, I cannot find a phone number within the United States to even make a call to schedule my pet to fly. I keep getting connected to guest services in Germany, it is very hard to understand them and they keep referring me to a third party shipping company that is very expensive. Is there any other airline that flies pets internationally, or if there is an easier way I can contact Lufthansa for help?!!This is so frustrating.

  21. Hi,
    We are in USA for three years on a job transfer and will be likely moving back to Australia or France in 2 years. We have adopted a dog here who has special needs and needs medical care. He is a pug who has epilepsy and has permanent stoma in his neck (tracheostomy). What would be the best and most safe transfer option for him?

  22. I am traveling to the UK with my cat as carry on. I am confused about the IV form that needs to be stamped by the USDA. Even the USDA representative did not know what that form was or how to get it stamped. I live near Buffalo, NY and need to know exactly what to do and where to get this stamp, or if I even need it. In other words, what exactly does it mean if I am “…traveling within 5 days of…” when I am traveling WITH. I hope this question can be understood, let alone answered…

  23. Miko – you will need to clear customs in JFK before boarding a domestic flight to LAX. You should not need anything additional to depart to Hawaii as long as the certificates required to enter Hawaii have not expired.

  24. Hello! I am flying with my dog in cabin from Sao Paulo, Brazil to LAX via JFK (all Delta flights). Then from LAX to OAK (Skywest) on the same ticket. We’ll stay 2 days in Oakland before traveling to my final destination in Hawaii on Alaska Airlines. My dog and I are originally from Hawaii and I’m aware of and have prepared 6 months in advance and have met all requirements for bringing my dog into Hawaii.

    My confusion is regarding my transit from SP to OAK. Will my dog and I have to clear immigration and customs at the first US port of entry which is JFK before my connection flight to LAX (I have only 1.5 hours between flights and do not plan to leave the airport)? Also, will staying in Oakland for 2 days require anything besides what I will already have: rabies vaccination certificate, health certificate which includes vet’s certification of absence of screwworm?

    I appreciate any help you could provide! Thank you in advance, Miko

  25. Hi, I’m looking to bringing my small Teddy Bear 9lb dog along from USA to Singapore and was wondering if you know of any airlines that fly pets in cabin. She is ‘brachycephalic’ and is in the banned list for many airlines for checked-in or cargo travel.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

  26. Linda – no commercial airline will permit a pet to fly into the UK in the cabin unless it is a service or emotional support animal. The Annex IV that you travel with will expire after 4 months, so you should check with local AHVLA officials to see whether you will need to register your pet. You will need to take it to a vet in the UK for a health checkup before you return to the US.

  27. Lindsey – your question should be directed to TSA, but certainly will will need to remove it so it when going through security so can be inspected and x-rayed.

  28. Hello! Traveling with our 5 year-old yorkiepoo to Cabo San Lucas the day after Christmas for the 1st time. Does anyone know if a training collar (battery powered) will be allowed through TSA security? We do not “shock” our dog, but the warning “beep” is very effective if she is getting restless. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

  29. If my small dog will fit in a cabin container can I fly with her to UK and back to US instead of putting her in the cargo hold? I will be staying in UK up to 5 months every year will there be a problem with having the dog in UK for that length of time?
    Any advice will be helpful, my dog is a rescue aged 6 years.

  30. Bree – the 45 degree rule does not apply to pets traveling in the cabin. Not sure what city you are flying into in the US.

  31. Hi Bree again!

    More questions about the 45 degrees in the terminal, could you explain a bit more how that works? I mean what if the dog was small enough to be carried with me on the plane, would the rule still apply then??

    I talked with someone whom works at Iberia and they said it was perfectly fine here in Spain, but how could I get in contact with someone in the United States about asking the permission if it would be okay?

    THank you so much again!

    Bree Karls

  32. Gene – unless the airlines have an code sharing arrangement, when you change airlines, you must re-check your pet with the second airline (they will require an additional fee). This will cause you to clear customs with your pet and enter France. This will be a problem for you unless you have a titer test for your cat administered according to EU regulations. Sometimes this is required even when there is a code sharing arrangement as the airline serving the second leg of the route will want to collect their fee. Air France is notorious for this. We advise always to stay on the same airline for the entire trip if at all possible so there is no reason to clear customs in the layover airport.

  33. Dear Pet travel, first thanks for this wonderful website! I have a question, I am traveling from Kiev Ukraine to the U.S. on a Delta flight. I want to travel with my cat in the cabin. I will transit through CDG with a 1.5 layover. I will have the health certificate and recent rabies vaccination. I will not leave the airport. The flight from CDG is operated by Air France. Will I have any trouble transiting through CDG?

  34. Bree – in order to bring an unvaccinated puppy to the United States, you will need to have advance permission for home quarantine from the Center for Disease Control. (cdcanimalimports@cdc.gov). As for the airlines, Federal regulations in the US state that they reserve the right to restrict the transport of live animals should the temperature drop below 45 degrees for more than 4 consecutive hours while the animal is in the holding areas ofthe terminal. Additionally, regulations also limit exposure to temperatures below 45 degrees F for 45 minutes while transferring the animal between the aircraftand the holding area. These regulations are for the safety of your pet. Should the airlines accept it, an acclimation certificate can be done by your vet stating that your pet is accustomed to colder temperatures. You can find a form that would be suitable here if you need it: https://www.pettravelstore.com/pet-passport-acclimation-certificate/

  35. HI!

    I’m a student studying in Spain and am bringing a puppy back with me to the United States in January. The puppy is a chow chow/beagle mix and would be around 10 weeks old. He would be too young for the rabies vaccination as they have to be 12 weeks so would that be still okay to fly without it?

    Also, what are all the exact documents I would need? I have been researching many websites and are finding different things. The puppy would be flying to Chicago so would I need documentation saying it’s okay to fly a puppy to cold temperatures (under 25 degrees F)?? I called Iberia and they said there was no such restriction, but I had previously heard there was. Can you confirm?

    Thank you again for all your help!!


  36. Ekta – there is an animal quarantine center there off-site, but your Lab should not have to go through quarantine if it is accompanied by proof of rabies vaccination and a health certificate issued by a licensed vet within 10 days of travel.

  37. Katrin – Iran is considered by the EU to be a high-rabies country, so it will take up to 4 months of preparation to get your pet ready to enter Germany. If your Terrier has gone through the process to enter the EU before from Iran or another high-rabies country, then you can use the titer test again as long as vaccinations have been kept current, but if your pet does not have a titer test according to EU regulations, then you will not be able to enter Germany or any other EU country with your pet.

  38. hi :
    am planning to take my labrador to nyc ,just wanted to know the customs formality in jfk airport ,also of there is any animal quarantine?
    thank you

  39. Hello there, me and my husband will be traveling in one month from Iran to Canada via Germany. We would like to stay over night at the airport hotel for a few days before flying out again to Canada in order to allow our terrier and ourselves time to relax. My question is what requirements are needed to enter Germany and what are the requirements to then fly onward to Canada.

  40. Hello again!

    I left a comment a little while back asking what the minimum age a kitten needs to be in order to travel to the United States from Argentina via Delta is and I was told “the United States will require that your kitty be vaccinated for rabies at least 30 days prior to entry and that they are not vaccinated prior to 3 months of age. So that would put the minimum age of entry at 4 months”. Since my kitty is only 8 weeks old at the moment, and we leave for the US in exactly 31 days, I decided to call Delta to confirm and they claimed that my kitty needs to be at least 10 weeks old in order to travel. Perhaps my kitty doesn’t need to be vaccinated for rabies since he is under the appropriate age for such vaccination and yet can still travel to the US with me? Pls help me understand. Thank you!

  41. Rameeza – unfortunately, Pakistan is not a DAFF approved country to import pets to Australia. Your cat must enter Australia from an approved country after conforming to their requirements. In your case, it could be an EU country. You can find requirements for any country here: http://www.pettravel.com/passportnew.cfm.

  42. HI,
    I am taking my pet Cat to Australia from Pakistan. Can you please help me regarding the procedures and certificates I need to take her.

    1. What are the procedure for taking my cat?

    2. What certificates are required?

    3. What things will be required?

  43. Hi Alexia – the United States will require that your kitty be vaccinated for rabies at least 30 days prior to entry and that they are not vaccinated prior to 3 months of age. So that would put the minimum age of entry at 4 months. Customs officials will need to see a rabies certificate as proof of rabies vaccination. They do not need to see any other vaccinations, but certainly you would have your vet administer the normal kitty vaccinations. A health certificate within 10 days of travel would certainly be appropriate. Check with your airlines to be sure. You are allowed to have carry-on luggage in the bathroom with you, but it is doubtful that your kitty would use it in the lavatory of an airplane. It all depends on their adaptability and personality. We would suggest layering pet pads in your carrier. That way you can remove the top pad should it become soiled and still have fresh pads underneath.

  44. Hello,

    I would like to triple check the information I’ve found regarding what I need in order to fly with my kitten in-cabin from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the US (we’ll have a 3 hour layover in Atlanta, our final destination being Miami).

    I haven’t adopted her yet, but I have already made a reservation for her with Delta (we leave BA in in 41 days).

    Does my kitten need to be of a certain age in order to travel into the US? A vet told me that she will need to be at least 5 months of age due to all of the vaccinations the US requires, but I read otherwise. My kitten will most probably be around 3 1/2-5 months old by the date of our departure. Is that okay?

    Which vaccinations will my kitten need to have if she is between 3 1/2 – 5 months old?

    A vet here told me that my kitten’s health certificate will need to be made no more than 5 days before our departure. Is this correct?

    Am I allowed to bring the cat-carrier into the restroom on board in order to let her out a bit? I was thinking about making a portable litter box for my kitty to use once on the plane (in the restroom) and once during our layover. Does that sound doable?

    Is there anything I must absolutely know in order for my kitty to enter the US comfortably and without any hassle?

    Thank you!!

  45. Grace – there are very few airlines that will allow more than one pet per adult passenger, no matter where you are traveling to. You can check Korean Air or Asiana as they are pretty pet friendly, but they most likely will not permit more than one pet per passenger.

  46. Rebecca – the United States is very pet friendly. Your guinea pigs will need current health certificates to enter the US. Your pets will need to travel as accompanied checked baggage in the cargo hold. Your pets must travel in an IATA compliant pet crate with no natural substance used as bedding. (use shredded newspaper) It may be a concern if you are landing in a city that is subject to high temperatures in the summertime as the airlines will not transport live animals in the hold to cities where the temperature will exceed 85 degrees F.

  47. Hello,

    I need an international flight(s) from New Jersey (USA) to Manila, Philippines. I have two small dogs, 7 and 10 pounds.

    They MUST travel with me in the cabin. I will also have my little girl, age 10.

    I am having great difficulties with the airlines in allowing me to bring them in the cabin with me. They CANNOT be checked and placed in cargo.

    My other obtain would be to travel on domestic flights until I reach Hawaii or Alaska and then try to find an international, pet friendly, airline.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can travel any time. I am trying to visit family in the Philippines.

    Thank you!


  48. Hello,

    My family and I will be moving from the UK to the US in July. I wanted to get a jump start on how to get our 2 pet guinea pigs to the US. Do you have any advice?


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