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  1. I have a dog in Puerto Rico and he gained some weight. He is too heavy to fly now. The problem is our airline is Jet Blue and we can not put him in cargo. What should I do? Thanks.

  2. Patty – if your dog is traveling as checked baggage, you will pick it up at baggage claim and clear customs together. If it is traveling as air cargo, then you will need to clear customs and go to the cargo facility of your airline, pick up the original documentation and take it to the customs office (which should be nearby). You may want to contact US Customs at SFO and make sure there will be a veterinary official available at your arrival time. ((415) 782-9200)

  3. Josh – your puppy must be vaccinated no sooner than 3 months of age and wait for 30 days before entering the US if you (the owner) is traveling with it. Kittens can enter the US without proof of rabies vaccination. this is a long trip and likely your puppy/kitten will need to be transported in the cargo hold. The older they are, the safer it is to transport them.

  4. We are moving back to USA from Thailand and will bring our pet dog.
    We will arrive at SFO on March 2 at 18;50-

    Can you please advise what the process is for clearing customs with the dog, and will I be able to take her with me right away? Not sure if there are hours of operation to consider… many thanks!

  5. Can I take a puppy/kitten on an international flight from Australia to Hawaii and then from there to Seattle? SAFELY

  6. Courteney – unfortunately, we cannot estimate costs but will say that Singapore airlines has the shortest route between Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur followed by Emirates and South African Airways, so you may want to start with them. Most likely, your 3 dogs will not be able to share the same crate, but this can vary according to airline pet policies. Be sure and ask.

  7. Hi there. Id like to take my dogs over to Kuala Lumpur from South Africa. 3 toy poodles. Would like to know roughly the cost involved in airfare? Can they share a large crate?

  8. My 4 year old bichon/poodle went into anaphylactic shock from a rabies shot. We live in Canada and take her over the border to the U.S. fairly often. Can we get some kind of exemption from the U.S. and Canadian Customs so she can cross without being vaccinated again.

    Thank you

  9. Rory – traveling is stressful for animals as well as humans, especially those who have not traveled before. The most wonderful thing that pet owners can do for their pets is to get them accustomed to being in their carrier and taken out of their environment. Take them to a friend’s house or a dog store and get them a treat. Always keep them in the carrier and return home and let them out with lots of praise and treats.

    If your dog is flying in the cabin with you, then, of course, this is better as you will be able to keep it calm. Take an extra set of pet pads with you in case of accidents. Monitor and lessen food intake starting a day before travel. Dogs do not like to soil their surroundings if they can help it. Keep them hydrated with bits of ice along the way.

    If your dog is traveling in the cargo hold, this is more stressful, but the drone of the engines puts most pets to sleep. There will be a water bowl attached to the door of the crate should your pet need to drink.

    If you have additional doubts, speak with your veterinarian. Each animal has its own personality and only you know how traveling will affect your pet.

  10. Abi – where you claim your pets would depend on what class of service they flew into Frankfurt with. If they flew checked baggage, then you would pick them up at or near the baggage claim area. If they flew air cargo, then you would pick them up at Condor’s cargo facility. The thing you must remember is that the last leg of the flight, your pups must fly as air cargo into the UK. So, if you choose Condor, you will claim your pups from the baggage claim area or Condor’s cargo facility, clear customs in Germany and get them to Lufthansa’s cargo facility to check them in. This is why it it cumbersome to change airlines or class of service during your route.

  11. I’m going to be traveling with my dog from the US to Italy. I understand the requirements but I’m concerned that the journey will be stressful for the dog. It’s a 9-hour overnight flight. We will also be returning 6 weeks later, another 9-hour flight. Isn’t this stressful for the dog? I don’t imagine he will be able to hold his bladder for such a long time, so I assume he will soil the pet carrier. But that aside, it just seems stressful. What are your thoughts?

  12. Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for your information. Do you know where you would claim pets from that came in on the Condor flight? I know Condor uses terminal 1, so will it be somewhere there? I have read some things since I posted my original post that all animals transitting through Frankfurt go to the animal lounge. But is that only if both flights are with Lufthansa? I plan on travelling on the same flight as my dogs so I will follow the Pet Travel Scheme. If I can’t get all three dogs on the Condor flight I will need to rethink my plan though. I think I would need to come back for the others or fly with Emirates.

    Many thanks,

  13. Abi – changing airlines along your route will cause a few challenges. The airlines do not interline pets unless there is a very close codesharing relationship (and sometimes not even then). So if you change airlines in Germany, you will most likely have to claim your pets, get them cleared through customs and recheck them at Lufthansa’s cargo facility, which is not the same as checking them at the ticket counter. You will not need new documentation, the Annex form for Germany will suffice to clearing in the UK. There is also another consideration to your flight plans. In order to transport your pets under the Pet Travel Scheme, you or your legal representative must prove that you are flying with or within 5 days of your pets, otherwise they will need to fly commercially. This puts a bit of a burden on you for pre-travel arrangements and your pets may be subject to import taxes. Additionally, when traveling as air cargo, the airlines have the right to schedule your dogs’ flight according to their cargo requirements as they are flying unaccompanied.

    You can find the requirements for importing your pet to Germany here: https://www.pettravel.com/immigration/Germany.cfm and the UK here: https://www.pettravel.com/immigration/Germany.cfm. Note the requirements for unaccompanied travel.

  14. Hi,
    I am moving from Seychelles to UK with my three rescue dogs. I can fly them as cargo with Emirates but know it will be a lot less expensive if I can do Condor from Seychelles to Frankfurt and then Lufthansa from Frankfurt to UK both as cargo.
    Condor officially say that only one animal can travel with a passenger. I have contacted Condor and I can book one dog to fly on the same flight as me in advance but I can only book the other two less than a week before and only if there’s space. So one question I have is does anyone know if it is likely that I’d be able to get all three dogs on that flight?
    If I do have all the dogs on the flight to Frankfurt, the second part of the journey is with Lufthansa to London. I have contacted Lufthansa but can’t get an answer about what I would need to do to get the dogs on the second flight. Therefore, my second question is does anyone know the procedure in Frankfurt? Would I need to claim my dogs and check them in again on the second flight. If so how long on average can this take so I know what time to book the second flight. Or would Lufthansa transfer them directly from the Condor flight to Lufthansa? From what I’ve read I’m guessing not but can’t contact Lufthansa to check.
    If I have to claim them after the first flight and check them in on the second flight do I need any different documentation to what I’d need for going to UK? I wouldn’t actually be going into Germany but don’t know what the set up of the Frankfurt airport is and if I’d need to leave the building to check them in on the second flight.
    And lastly, what does a handling agent do and would I need one?
    Any help that anyone can give would be much appreciated, thank you!

  15. Marsha – Israel does not accept the 3 year rabies vaccine. The titer test must be done before entering Israel, but the booster that is done prior to the test must be administered within the last 12 months before entering the country. Additionally, you must wait for 90 days before returning to Italy because Israel is considered a high-rabies country by the EU. You should get an international health certificate and an EU Pet Passport as well.

  16. I have just brought my dog from Canada to Italy and have all the required Canadian documents. I wish to take him to Israel for a week. Do I need a tiger test and another rabies shot first. He had a 3 yr rabies shot 11 months ago. And do I need documentarian from Italy

  17. Tarah – Malaysian regulations require that your cats arrive as air cargo. You should consult your veterinarian and ask whether your elderly cat is fit to fly as they will be signing the health certificate.

  18. Christine – the only vessel that we are aware of that transports pets is the Queen Mary 2 which travels between NY and England. Other than that, you would have to arrange something privately.

  19. I want to move from the US to Malaysia and take my 2 cats in cabin, one is a 15 y/o , with some major anxiety issues. HAs anyone done this?? is it ok to take an eldery cat that far. Im quite nervous about it. Thanks.

  20. Hello I would like to transport my 75 kilo Akbash dog from Turkey to Boston USA. I am aware of all I need in terms of getting the dog out of turkey and into the US as I have transported several rescue dogs from Turkey to the US. But our Akbash is a very large dog and also very nervous, it would not be a good idea to fly her under a plane and I am not sure any airline will accept her because of her size. I would like to try to transport her via boat, do you have any advice for transporting pets this way? Thank you.

  21. Benny – if you are requesting an agent that will arrange to ship your pets by air, then you can try IPATA.org. Most likely, there are no agents in Cape Verde, but the pre-travel arrangements are not complicated for pets entering the US. If you are referring to travel by sea, we are not aware of any commercial vessel that will transport pets except the QM2.

    Never EVER buy a pet from Amman, Jordan.

    I purchased a parrot from Waterslager Pet Shop Amman, Jordan, their address is:

    First Circle jabal amman 9th Shaban Street Building No. 31، عمان 11190, Jordan
    Phone number: +962 7 9566 2667
    Owner name: Mohammed Ziada OR Mohammed Ziadeh

    Before I made the purchase I asked the owner if he can provide me the necessary documents that I need in order to take this parrot with me outside of Jordan to Canada and the owner Mohammed Ziada confirmed to me that he will be able to provide me with these documents, when I made the purchase he did not provide me with any papers and he said he will provide it to me later because he has to first obtain it from the seller who sold him the pet, and he never provided me with any receipt or invoice and I asked him why and he said because if he provides me with the receipt he has to pay the government taxes and he doesn’t want to pay any taxes to the Jordanian government.

    When I took my pet to the vet, the vet advised me that it will be impossible to travel with my pet without a paper called Certificate of Origin in which I have to obtain this from the seller who in this case is Waterslager Pet Shop Amman.

    And when I spoke to Mohammed Ziada, he disagreed and he said I can get this paper from another place, I spoke to so many places and everyplace I’ve spoken to all advised me that the only place I can obtain this paper from is the actual seller which is Waterslager PetShop Amman.

    I called the owner again Mohammed Ziada and then advised him of what I had been advised off and he advised me that he told me from the beginning that he will never be able to provide me with this paper, I disagreed and I told him that from the beginning he promised me that he will provide me all documents that I need in order to bring this Pet outside of Jordan to Canada, he said I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do.

    Mohammed Ziada told me that he is selling a book supposedly he is supposedly the author of it, the name of the book is Book of secrets of the African grey, when I looked into this further I learned that this is a complete lie, all he did was that he took an English Book that talks about the African gray and then he translated the book to Arabic and he started selling the book pretending that he is the actual author which is against copyright laws.

    I advise you never EVER to buy ANY pet from Amman, Jordan at all because all of these pet shops are crooks, scammers and liars, they want to sell you a pet just because they want the money so quick, the pets you buy you may never be able to travel with it and the pet could have many illnesses and if you have to buy one never buy it from Waterslager Petshop.

    I also advise you NEVER to believe positive comments posted about the shop at all because the owner can post positive comments himself to make his Pet Shop look good.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you don’t make the same mistake that I made.

  23. I am desperate to find a company that can ship my 3 dogs (2 large and 1 small) from Sao Vicente island in Cape Verde to San Francisco in USA. I have looked at many sites and placed add on uShip hoping for bids but still no luck. I really need my dogs with me, and I just don’t know where else to turn. Please advise, anyone. Thank you.

  24. Emirates has a flight that departs BAH at 10:55PM which may be cooler and lands at JFK at 8:50AM which may or may not be acceptable for temperatures. You can also try Etihad as they have a flight that may work.

  25. I am trying to travel from Bahrain, to the U.S. in the next week or two. Are there any carriers that are flying pets as either cargo or as checked baggage from Manama, Bahrain during this time of the year? I already have her export/health certificate taken care of. Any insight would be appreciated.

  26. Does anyone have any information on traveling from USA to yokosuka Japan with flying squirrels?

  27. Jessie – British Airways will not transport French Bulldogs. You will need to consider another airline.

  28. Hi, I’m trying to import a French Bulldog puppy from the UK to Bermuda on British Airways. I know some routes don’t allow them to be flown during certain months and some route they aren’t allowed to fly at all. Are French Bulldogs allowed to fly from the UK to Bermuda on British Airways during certain months? If so, which months?

  29. Katie – emotional support dogs are subject to the same regulations as regular dogs when entering any foreign country. You can find regulations to enter Bulgaria with a pet here: https://www.pettravel.com/immigration/bulgaria.cfm Be sure and choose a 15 digit microchip as they are ISO compliant and accepted in the EU. Vaccinate for rabies after the chip is implanted, even if your ESA’s vaccination is current. Wait 21 days before entry. Within 10 days of travel, have a USDA-accredited vet complete the Annex IV form for Bulgaria and have it endorsed by your State USDA office. Ask your airline whether they need an APHIS 7001 form and, if they do, then have that endorsed as well.

  30. I am traveling from Las Vegas to Bulgaria with my dog. My dog is a certified emotional support dog, what documents would I need to bring with me?
    Thank you

  31. Ronnie – the clock starts ticking the day the USDA endorses the Annex IV form for Italy. It should be a bi-lingual form (Italian/English). We have included that form with other required forms and complete instructions here if you need them: http://www.pettravel.com/immigration/italy.cfm. The price is very minimal considering the amount of work we do keeping our information up-to-date.

  32. Brittany – that is a great question. The health certificate should be in English or bi-lingual with English being one of the languages and issued by a licensed vet. You may want to direct your inquiry to the airline to confirm.

  33. Brittany – if you are flying in and out of Incheon on the same airline and, if your cat is traveling in the hold, the airlines will hold and transfer your pet, then you should not need to conform to Korea’s regulations. If your cat is traveling with you in the cabin, then you will stay in the terminal and not clear customs.

  34. Omar – the only advice we can give you is to wait until temperatures cool down or find a cargo-only plane that is heading to Jordan.

  35. Francis Lee – you will need to have proof of rabies vaccination administered more than 30 days prior to entering the US. You will also need an international health certificate issued in English or bi-lingual Spanish/English and your Rottie will need a tapeworm treatment between one and five days of entry done by a licensed vet. Contact Delta and confirm that they will carry your Rottie as checked baggage without an agent. This time of year, when temperatures are hot, the airlines put extra restrictions on pets and will not fly them at all if the temperatures exceed 85 degrees anywhere along the route. Try to fly early in AM or late in PM.

  36. We are travelling to Italy with our cat and dog in August. I know the health certificate must be valid within 10 days of travel, but does the date start when the vet does the health certificate or when it is endorsed by the USDA. Also, does the international health certified have have to be completed in English and Italian. If so, is there any way to obtain an example of these bilingual forms.

    Any guidance will be valuable.Thank you

  37. Another question (sorry). Asiana Airline (to my knowledge…could have gotten lost in translation) does not need a health certificate (outside of the quarantine check) but Alaska Airline (Once we are in America we will travel domestically) does need a health certificate. Do I need on from a Vet or will the certificate issued by japan’s Quarantine be enough?

  38. hello, I am traveling from Japan to America with my cat. We have a stop in Incheon and I am wondering if I have to go through their animal quarantine too? We aren’t changing airlinesm but the stop is for about 5 hours.

  39. I need to send my friend’s pet dog (Shih Tzu) from Malaysia to Jordan, but I cannot find a cargo company that accept the shipment of this breed. Can you please offer any advise? Thank you very much.

  40. Hi. I have a 5 years old Rottweiler… I live in Argentina.
    I’m moving to the US, Atlanta GA to be precise… Pobably flying Delta Airlines…
    asking for requirements to fly with my dog… prices, requirements, etc please~~
    Thanks a lot!!!!

  41. Christina – if you change classes of service (cargo to in-cabin) you will need to claim your cats from the cargo facility and re-check them at the ticket counter. This will cause you to enter Korea and conform to their regulations. Also, entering the EU from Korea will require a titer test 3 months ahead of time because the EU considers Korea to be a high-rabies country. Best just to transit through the airport (stay on the same airline) and keep your cats flying as cargo. Make sure that Korean Airlines will transit your cats. Sometimes airlines with code sharing programs will transfer pets from plane to plane and sometimes they will not.

  42. Me and my mom are traveling with our cats from Guam to France. I know they can’t fly with us in the cabin leaving Guam but our flight has a 3 hour layover and plane transfer in Korea so would we be able to fly them in cabin on the second half of our trip from Korea to Paris( its a 12 your flight)? Or would it be better to have them travel all the way in cargo? The airline we’ll be taking is Korean Airlines or possible KA operated by Air France if that makes a difference. Sorry if this is confusing I’ve never traveled with pets before.

  43. She will be staying two-three hours in Panamaso that they can feed and walk her. I meant I am confused about which certificates I should get for her for flying from Kennedy airport to Cali, Colombia. She is going on Copa airlines and I can’t seem to find what they need and I get conflicting comments when I call the airline.
    thank you

  44. Nancy – it depends on whether your puppy is flying in and out of Panama on the same airline and how long its layover in Panama is. If it is flying on the same airline, and the layover is less than 2-3 hours, then the airline will hold it and it will transit the country. (no paperwork required). If this is not the case, and the puppy will need to be claimed and re-checked, then you will need to arrange for a pet transporter to do this as you will not be traveling with your pet.

  45. Hello,
    I am confused about which certificate my Tsi zhu needs to go from
    Kennedy airport to Panama for a stop over, then to Cali,Colombia. Unfortunately she will be traveling alone because she was not allowed in cabin since she weighs 23lbs. I really did not want to do it this way. Any help would be very much appreciated. thank you

  46. Leigh – as long as you are traveling in and out of Seoul on Korean Air, a titer test will not be necessary. You will simply stay in the terminal behind customs clearance.

  47. We are traveling from Houston to Ho Chi Minh City (Via Seoul) with our small dog IN CABIN on Korean Air. We have a 3.5hr layover in Seoul before continuing on another Korean Air flight to HCMC. Is it necessary for us to have the blood titer test since we won’t be leaving the airport and, I assume, won’t be going through Customs? We will have USDA health cert, rabies cert, fit to fly letter from vet, and all other up to date vaccination paperwork. Please advise. Thank you.

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