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  1. Do I need special pet documents for a 2-hour layover in Hong Kong besides US passport documents which I’m getting? I will be traveling Cathay Pacific with my cat from the Philippines to the United States.

  2. Gail – as you know, US States do not have checkpoints. Many States require health certificates for pets entering after traveling internationally, but these regulations are rarely enforced domestically. We have traveled by road with pets for years without problems. That said, you should ask your vet for rabies certificates before you move.

  3. I am moving from Ohio to Arizona and I am leaving next week. I will be taking my 3 Cat’s and 1 Dog. I just found out I need a health certificate for them. What if I get stopped for speeding possibly or at a state border checkpoint and do not have any documentation for them? Will they take my pets…will they fine me? I am worried sick!

  4. I’m planning to fly direct from Newark, NJ to Portugal with my dog (weighs approximately 45 lbs.). I realize she’ll have to go in the cargo. She is microchipped and has all her shots, but there seems to be a lot of different information floating around about what I’ll need, to include USDA certifications and a “pet passport” that is common in the EU. Can I even get that in the U.S.? Appreciate the help.

  5. Hello Ana – you can find regulations to import your wife’s dog to Canada here: https://www.pettravel.com/immigration/canada.cfm. The requirements depend on the age of your wife’s dog, but certainly, if it is over 3 months, a rabies certificate is required. It is also a good idea to travel with a current health certificate. Have your wife issue you a notarized Power of Attorney to represent her in the transport of her dog since ownership is in her name.

  6. Hi, I’m from Canada and my wife lives in Florida. I’m looking at bringing her dog with me to Toronto on an Air Canada flight. What documentation would I need to be able to do this?

  7. Hello Ann – the Summer Heat Embargo is in full swing and will last until mid September or when the temperatures cool. The only airlines that have policies in place to handle summer heat are United and Delta. If your Yorkies can travel in the cabin, that is even better. But pet policies dictate one pet per passenger in the cabin unless the puppies are very young. If your pets are traveling in the cabin, here are some suggestions: https://www.pettravelstore.com/pet-carriers/.


  8. Marie – the US is very cat-friendly. Rabies vaccinations and health certificates are certainly recommended but not required to clear customs. Continental Airlines is no longer in business as they merged with United. If you are planning to travel during the summer, then United would be able to transit your cats through Houston (if they are in the cargo hold). Temperatures are a concern. Try to transit late at night or early in the AM when temperatures are not as extreme.

  9. I would like to travel from Paraguay to Chicago with 2 yorkshire terriers. Are there summer embargo dates? Will any airlines allow me to take the siblings at the same time? Which carrier do you recommend?

  10. We will be moving from Trinidad and Tobago to Tucson, Arizona next year and need to take our two cats with us. We believe Continental through Houston then to Tucson would be the most direct flight, with one transfer. Can you direct us to information about bringing cats in from this country, and if Continental will facilitate this? Otherwise, we are afraid we may need to fly to Miami then drive for days. Both will be stressful for our cats who are anxious around strangers anyway.

  11. Paula – you are correct about the vaccinations. We do recommend that your forms be endorsed by the Guatemalian Embassy as it will make clearance easier.

  12. Akita – your dog’s breed is not banned from entering Spain, but they must be registered within 3 months of entry. Customs officials should be able to help you with that requirement. In your case, it would not be bad to travel with information regarding your pet’s breed.

  13. Morgan – TAP Portugal will not allow your rabbit to travel in the cabin, but as checked baggage. It must travel in a sturdy pet crate with a waterproof bottom that is IATA compliant.

  14. I need to take my pet from montana via seattle, paris, to great Britain, she has all her inox, micro chip and health cert, im flying with delta please advise who I get in touch with from delta?? and how do I book my pets flight

  15. Hello,

    I am finding conflicting information about bringing a pet to Guatemala. The American Embassy page still has that the pet must be vaccinated for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and
    parvovirus. And that the health certificate needs to be authenticated by the Guatemalan Embassy or a Guatemalan Consulate in the United States after being endorsed by the USDA. But your website makes no mention of this process. Is your info the most up to date or should I go with the embassy’s? Thank you very much.

  16. Our dog is an American Akita. I know there are two types: Akita Inu and American Akita. If a country lists Akita Inu as dangerous breed, does that normally also include American Akita?

    We are planning to travel to Spain, and I see Akita Inu on their list, but not American Akita. Some countries list American Akita AND Akita Inu, so it’s a bit confusing. Do you know what we can expect?


  17. Hi. I am a student living in Spain. I need to travel with my rabbit home. I bought her in Spain and she needs to travel to the United States. She needs to travel from Madrid to Seattle, Washington. Does PAT Portugal allow you to travel with rabbits?

  18. Hi Deborah – we believe that we answered your questions on Facebook. You can avoid Heathrow by flying direct from SFO to DUB on Aer Lingus, Lufthansa or Air Canada. No need to stop in Amsterdam.

  19. Ii am trying to find the correct airlines to fly my Briard puppy who has all of his paperwork done, verified vy the vet as he flew from .canada to Ameria and now I am trying to figure out the best option for bringing my Briard puppy to end up ultimately in Dublin, Irelsnd with me. I do not want to risk problems including quarantine so I am wondering if I can clear him in Amsterdamn then fly onnover to Dublin for the last leg of our journey.mhemismagsin up to date with all of his paperwork and I have downloaded the Sublin paperwork to be filled in by my American vet. Is there anything else I can do and can I sly they Amdterdam instead of Hearhrow airport.

  20. Will – the route through LAX is much better than transiting in China or HK. Unless you are traveling with another passenger, the rule is generally one pet per carrier and one carrier per passenger. A US-based carrier will not allow your pets in the cabin for 14 hours. (against animal welfare laws). Try a foreign-based airline.

  21. Susan, thanks for the info. I will be flying from Chicago to Manila. The cheapest flights I can find online are taking me to either Hong Kong of China for 1 layover. I could fly from Chicago to somewhere on the West Coast (most likely LA) and take a direct flight to Manila. Maybe that is my best option. Just to clarify if I fly directly to Manila from the US I would be able to have both of my dogs sit with me on the plane under the seat and avoid being forced to have them travel as “Air Cargo”? Thanks again.

  22. Teddy – many countries require that you register a pet after staying in a country for 4 months or when your tourist visa is no longer valid. Best bet is to ask a veterinarian once you arrive in Mexico.

  23. Navenka – we would start with United if their aircraft can accommodate your pet. Japan Airlines and ANA also fly between HNL and SIN. All layover in Narita with short connections. Discuss with the airline whether the transit will be a problem. You will likely need a permit to transit your pet.

  24. Will – you can find regulations to import your dogs to the Philippines here: https://www.pettravel.com/immigration/philippines.cfm. We are not aware of any regulations regarding spaying or neutering your dogs. They will need a health certificate as well as proof of rabies vaccination, tapeworm treatment and an import permit. If you transit through Hong Kong, both of your pets need to travel as air cargo which is a more expensive class of service. That said, China can be tricky to transit as well. Not sure where you are coming from, but are any EU transits available?

  25. I will be flying with my cat to Mexico shortly. I will enter as a tourist because I will leave Mexico after about five months, but will return to Mexico a month later for another few months. Is it okay if I leave my cat in Mexico while I am traveling? I assume there is no time restriction on pets remaining in Mexico. Is that true?

  26. I live in Honolulu hawaii and we are moving to Singapore. My dog is a golden doodle, who weighs 119b including his crate. What would be the most direct flight I could take with a lay over

  27. I have two dogs (a 23 lb male cocker spaniel who is 9 years old and not neutered and a small 7 lb female chihuahua age unknown who may or may not be spayed) and I am moving to the Philippines and was wondering what I need to do to have them travel with me without any issues. I have read online that I need to take them to the vet and get a “clean bill of health” with proof or rabies shot etc etc but does my male cocker spaniel need to be neutered or not? Does my female chihuahua (who showed up on my doorstep a few months ago and so I have no idea how old she is or if she has been spayed or not) need to be spayed? Also due to a big difference in cost I will not be flying non stop and more than likely have to stop for a layover in either China or Hong Kong and so my question is how is that handled? Are you allowed to travel with 2 dogs? Can they both come with me on the plane or does one or both of them need to travel as cargo? Sorry for all the questions I am a first time traveler in terms of flying with pets and so any and all info you could share with me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  28. Holly – every country in South and Central America has its own regulations and many of the health certificates must be completed shortly prior to travel. You can find them by going to https://www.pettravel.com and click the Pet Passports link. The pages all have links to instructions and forms if you need them. If you are out of the US for over 30 days, which you probably will be, you should visit a vet for a new health certificate if you are flying. Your pet will likely also require a screwworm test when returning if you have entered Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia or Ecuador between one and five days of re-entering the US. Be sure and travel with your pet’s rabies certificate.

  29. Suzanne – United and Air Canada fly from San Juan to Halifax through Newark and Delta through JFK. The layovers are all 2-3 hours.

  30. Hi, I’m looking into taking a two month hiking trip through south America with my German Shepherd. I would really appreciate it if you guys could point me in the right direction. So far it doesn’t seem to difficult to get out of the country but I want to be sure that I can get him back into the U.S.
    Thanks, Holly

  31. We are trying to rescue a small dog from a rescue in Puerto Rico. Ideally would want to get her from San Juan to Nova Scotia. any advice on airline, route, etc.

  32. Sarah – we have good reviews with Eva Airlines. Also, Cathay Pacific connects in Hong Kong which will require that your pet travel as air cargo. Just make sure you stay on the Eva for the entire trip.

  33. hi, i will be relocating my senior poodle, 12 years from malaysia (kl) to LA. as it’ll be a long journey and his first time on a flight, i want to take the shortest route possible. does anyone have a preference between eva air and cathay pacific?

  34. Tim – you may want to contact the Department of Livestock in Nigeria with your inquiry about importing your rabbit kittens. (livestockcommodityng@gmail.com)


    Never EVER buy a pet from Amman, Jordan.

    I purchased a parrot from Waterslager Pet Shop Amman, Jordan, their address is:

    First Circle jabal amman 9th Shaban Street Building No. 31، عمان 11190, Jordan

    Phone number: +962 7 9566 2667

    Owner name: Mohammed Ziada

    Before I made the purchase I asked the owner if he can provide me the necessary documents that I need in order to take this parrot with me outside of Jordan to Canada and the owner Mohammed Ziada confirmed to me that he will be able to provide me with these documents, when I made the purchase he did not provide me with any papers and he said he will provide it to me later because he has to first obtain it from the seller who sold him the pet, and he never provided me with any receipt or invoice and I asked him why and he said because if he provides me with the receipt he has to pay the government taxes and he doesn’t want to pay any taxes to the Jordanian government.

    When I took my pet to the vet, the vet advised me that it will be impossible to travel with my pet without a paper called Certificate of Origin in which I have to obtain this from the seller who in this case is Waterslager Pet Shop Amman.

    And when I spoke to Mohammed Ziada, he disagreed and he said I can get this paper from another place, I spoke to so many places and everyplace I’ve spoken to all advised me that the only place I can obtain this paper from is the actual seller which is Waterslager PetShop Amman.

    I called the owner again Mohammed Ziada and then advised him of what I had been advised off and he advised me that he told me from the beginning that he will never be able to provide me with this paper, I disagreed and I told him that from the beginning he promised me that he will provide me all documents that I need in order to bring this Pet outside of Jordan to Canada, he said I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do.

    Mohammed Ziada told me that he is selling a book supposedly he is supposedly the author of it, the name of the book is Book of secrets of the African grey, when I looked into this further I learned that this is a complete lie, all he did was that he took an English Book that talks about the African gray and then he translated the book to Arabic and he started selling the book pretending that he is the actual author which is against copyright laws.

    I advise you never EVER to buy ANY pet from Amman, Jordan at all because all of these pet shops are crooks, scammers and liars, they want to sell you a pet just because they want the money so quick, the pets you buy you may never be able to travel with it and the pet could have many illnesses and if you have to buy one never buy it from Waterslager Petshop.

    I also advise you NEVER to believe positive comments posted about the shop at all because the owner can post positive comments himself to make his Pet Shop look good.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you don’t make the same mistake that I made

    After a year the bird had died and the doctor was 100% right when he first said and advised me that the pet parrot will die and the owner lied.

  36. Hi, I will like to take my rabbit kittens with me to Lagos, Nigeria from San Francisco. What am I going to need for that?

  37. Ann – policies on importing ESAs to the UK depend on your airline’s pet policy. Actually, the airlines set the policy for all pets to enter the UK as air cargo. If Air France will not allow your ESA in the cabin, then check other airlines.

  38. I am flying with my small emotional comfort dog to France in April then in May to Amsterdam then Scotland. AirFrance has said he must travel as freight on flights to the UK. Does this apply to comfort animals as well? Thank you!

  39. Lee – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is responsible for regulations on the importation of dogs and cats into the United States and they do not state a minimum age for cats to enter the US. There is an age requirement for dogs, but that is tied with rabies requirements which the CDC does not have for cats. A health certificate is a real good idea even if it is not required to enter the US.

  40. Hi,

    I’ll be flying from South Korea to Sanfrancisco this coming week, and I already booked a ticket for my 8-week-old kitten to travel in-cabin. United airlines allows minimum age of 8 weeks old kitten to fly with them. Do you know the minimum age for kittens to import into the U.S.? I see a lot of articles that state 8 weeks, but I wanted to make sure and can’t find any real reputible sources like U.S. Customs and Border Protection or CDC.

    Incheon airport in South Korea requires me to bring statements that include the minimum age of kitten for importation into the U.S. Do you have any links that have the info?

    I’ll also bring a general health certificate from the vet, just in case, but my kitten won’t have any vaccinations prior to flying.

    Thank you!

  41. Hi, my cat will be traveling from the UK to Australia. He had a Nobivac Rabies vaccination done 15 months ago, which is a three yearly vaccination. The RNAT test is recommended 4 weeks after primary vaccination. Is it recommended to revaccinate? The titre levels need to be greater than 0.5IU/ ml.

  42. Jeannette – the airlines should provide water at a minimum during the layover. We can’t predict whether this will be the case, however. You will need to confirm that with the airlines.

  43. Our dog will be in transit in the Tokyo airport for 4 hours, on a long 1 stop flight from Bangkok to Honolulu. Will airline staff of JAL or ANA give them water or food tied to the kennel? United staff did so, but we cannot fly on United as they have only codeshare flights from Bangkok and will not bear responsibility for the transfer.

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