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airline pet policiesFlying with a pet?   Have questions regarding airline pet policy?

Need to know what type of carrier you will need?

What does your pet need to fly as cargo?

Will the airlines transfer your pet from one plane to another?

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Airline Pet Policy Questions — 236 Comments

  1. Is the embargo by Lufthansa on all live animal air cargo transits through Frankfurt still in effect? Kindly help.

    Thank You

  2. Astor – what country are you originating from? As you are flying into the US on an international flight, you will clear customs in IAD so you can check your pet into a domestic flight to EWR. After clearing customs, you can take your pet outside for a walk before boarding your next flight. Likely a terminal change. Susan

  3. Hi, I am flying international to the USA with my dog in the cabin. The flight is to EWR with a long layover (15+ hours) in IAD. Can I leave the airport with the dog during the layover, or will the dog be required to stay in the airport?

  4. John – according to government regulations, if the documentation that you used to enter Costa Rica (raibes, health certs) are still valid, you should not need additional documentation to leave the country unless your airline requires a health certificate within 10 days of travel. The health certificate you used to enter CR does not list a validity period but most times, that period is 30 days. If you have stayed in CR longer than that, you will need a new certificate to leave the country.

  5. My wife and I travelled to Costa Rica from the USA with our small dog. Travel to CR was fine. Upon return, the airport denied our dog the ability to return to the USA without a Costa Rican vet examination. This costed us about another $2,000 in inconveniences and we are still unsure we can make it back to the USA with her. We have a vet appointment in Costa Rica tomorrow, another flight booked for Tuesday. Any pointers? This has been so expensive and it makes no sense why a Costa Rican vet exam is required to bring our dog back home. It sounds like a money grab and we missed Easter with our children because of this! Can anyone provide advice on how we can get home for sure? We can’t afford to stay here much longer 🙁

  6. Hi Samantha – your Maltipoo will need a health certificate issued within 14 days of travel and endorsed by a government veterinarian. You can find requirements to import your dog to Peru here: We will caution that, if you are traveling from the United States, your dog will need an import permit to return to the US. These permits are difficult to obtain and travel is not an approved reason to issue a permit. This caution is only for dogs intending to return to the United States from a high-rabies country like Peru.

  7. Hi there, I am traveling to Peru in a couple months and want to take my almost 6 month puppy with me. She is a maltipoo and has already been vaccinated against rabies this month of October. During the first week of November, she will be getting spayed and microchipped. What do I need to do in order to take my dog with me? Thanks.

  8. Mara – if your French Bulldog is small enough to fly with you in the cabin in a pet carrier, then that is the least expensive way to transport it. No US-based commercial airline will fly a Frenchie in the cargo hold due to its snub-nosed condition. We can quote ground transport here: (; however, it will be more expensive than in-cabin transport.

  9. Help me please !!!
    I need to transport my little French Bulldog from Los Angeles to Miami, I had emotional support authorization but it was canceled and the prices for carriers are too expensive, I can’t pay, what can I do? I’m terrified! I don’t want to abandon my beloved pet, please help me with any suggestions, I really appreciate it !!!!

  10. Fiona – we do not have offices in Bahrain; however, you can search for an agent who can assist you at

  11. I need to fly my dog from Malaysia to Bahrain in July or August. I think temperature will be fine for departure, are there rules about temperature on arrival as I know it will be 30+. Is Gulf Air the best airline to use? He is 27kg so I think has to go in cargo. Will covid restrictions affect me collecting him from the plane if we have to have tests on arrival as I think we have to self isolate until the negative result comes through. If so how do I get him from the airport to where we stay? Thanks

  12. Jill – all airlines will figure the weight of your pet including the carrier to see if it meets maximum weight limits. Generally, 8 kg (or 17.6 pounds) seems to be the upper limit; however, you should confirm this with your airline. If you are flying domestically, this weight may not be as important than if you are flying internationally. If you can drop your pet’s weight a few pounds (not sure if your dog is at its ideal size) and get a light carrier like this one ( your dog should come close to meeting requirements to fly in-cabin.

  13. my dog weighs 17.4 lbs. Can she ride with me under my seat? If so what kind of carrier will fit under the seat?

  14. We have an ES (emotional support)registered dog (German Shepherd) who will be 7.5 mo when we are looking to fly for the holidays. He has never flown before, but which airline (Delta, United, Alaska) is the best/easiest to fly with? Due to size, he will have to stay at our feet. It doesn’t seem like any have additional fees for ESA’s, but wondering if anyone can provide additional insight on traveling with those 3 airlines before we book our domestic tickets (Portland to Milwaukee)

  15. Don – you can find current requirements to import your Maltese/Yorkie to Bolivia here and there are links to further instructions and required forms that can be emailed to you: We are not aware of veterinary services for clearance at Santa Cruz; however, you can check with your airline. Your pup can enter Bolivia in the cabin as long as your airline’s pet policies allow for that.

  16. Can we bring as carry-on, our 2-yr old, 4 lb. maltese/yorkie to la paz or santa Cruz, Bolivia?

  17. Antony – due to requirements of all commercial airlines approved to fly live animals into the UK, all animals must arrive in the UK as air cargo. This means you will need to book your dogs’ reservation with your airline’s cargo department. It will be required to book the transport through an agent when flying BA (not sure about Thai Airways). You will check your dogs in at your airline’s cargo facility, not the terminal. Your dogs will be collected at Heathrow and taken to the Animal Reception Center where you will claim them.

  18. Charlotte – a giant pet crate ( with a crate extension for added height ( will allow for 37.5″ in height. So, the final dimensions of outside of the crate would be 48 x 32 x 40 in (122 x 81 x 101.6 cm) Check the height again as your dog’s head must not touch the top of the crate. If the 38″ measurement is true, then you may need to consider a custom crate.

    As for your question, different aircraft serve different routes. What you will need to confirm with Avianca is the type of aircraft that serve your specific route and whether that aircraft will allow your dog’s crate through the cargo door opening. Likely, your Labradoodle will need to fly as air cargo due to its size, so best to contact the cargo department for this information.

  19. Hi,
    Just checking. I will be flying with two dogs from Bangkok to London non-stop, either with Thai Airways or BA, (but probaly Thai Airways.
    I will have all the relevant paperwork, (I hope !)

    Please tell me, do I check in with my dogs at the check in desk in Departures for Thai Airways or is there another procedure? Thanks

  20. I am flying to San Salvador and would like to take my dog- a labradoodle – 5 yrs old- very gentle dog!
    He measures 36? Long; 26? Wide and standing full height 38?! Can Avianca transport in cargo cage?
    If so what would be the cost of shipping? Thank you

  21. Teodora – no commercial airline will allow any live animal to fly into Dublin in the cabin unless it is an service dog due to handling procedures once landed. Your Pom must fly as air cargo. An alternative to this regulation would be taking pet friendly ferries. Most of them will require that your Pom travel in a vehicle, but some have kennels that can be reserved.

  22. Hi, I would like to fly with my dog (Pomerania) in the cabin from Spain to Dublin. Do you know which company allow? Thank you!

  23. Sarah – when incidents happen that involve pets on US-based commercial airlines, it must be reported to the United States Department of Transportation. They issue a report every year with lots of information about their performance during the year including these incidents. The details do not involve incidents specifically involving water.

  24. I learned over the weekend that several animals drowned after a plane skidded on the runway into the water on May 3 in Florida. They had been in the cargo hold and no one could get to them. This is sickening.
    Is there any way to get information on how many animals have died in the cargo hold, and especially as the result of hard landings or water landings?

  25. Jennifer – ANA will not allow your pup to fly in the cabin as their pet policies will not allow it. Your pup must fly as checked baggage in the cargo hold. You can try United as they fly your route nonstop; however, they may not allow your pup in the cabin as the flight is over 9 hours. If they say no to that flight, ask about their flight to SFO where you will clear customs and then board a flight to IAH on another itinerary. Another option would be Air Canada to or through Toronto.

    Pet owners planning to export their pets from Japan should apply for export to Animal Quarantine Service at least 7 days prior to export.

  26. I will be flying on Saturday April 13th via NH174 from Tokyo to Houston, Texas in Business Class. I am looking to adopt a small puppy that is ~ 1 pound and is a Toy Poodle. I have concerns with cargo travel for that distance considering the age. I was wondering if it can travel in the cabin considering the age and weight. Are there any other options?

  27. Natalia – you need to call Lufthansa back and re-verify the interlining of your pet. As a general rule, the airlines do not interline pets unless there is an extremely close code sharing agreement or the other airline is owned by the parent airline. If they do not interline your pet, you will need to claim it and clear customs in Germany. Their regulations will apply:

  28. Hello there! I am traveling with my dog (she is the cargo hold) from Kiev to Toronto. I bought a ticket Kiev-Toronto from Lufthansa with 1.5h layover, however only the first part of the flight (Kiev-Frankfurt) is operated by Lufthansa, the second part (Frankfurt-Toronto) is Lufthansa flight operated by Air Canada.

    I have all documents ready for my pet entering Canada and they don’t require to do a blood titre test, however as I know EU countries do need it.

    Will I need this test for my dog to be transported from one flight to another while I will have 1.5h layover in Frankfurt? I do not plan to leave the airport. I called Lufthanza and they told me that they will transfer my dog from one flight to another (and so I do not need to check her as baggage again and she will not go through customs again).

    Thank you for any help!

  29. I would like to bring my pet cockatoo salmon crested from Atlanta to San Jose ca. do I need any documents for my pet?

  30. Julia – you may want to discuss flying your Pom with Lufthansa. Your Pom will need to fit comfortably in an airline-compliant pet carrier like these: The largest one we have is the SturdiBag XL carrier. Otherwise, your Pom will need to fly in an IATA-compliant pet carrier like these: The Summer Heat Embargo does start on May 15; however, Lufthansa will look at the temperatures on the day of traveling. If you think they will be a problem, try to schedule a flight that departs very early in the AM or late in the PM.

  31. Hello! I am moving from Los Angeles to Germany in May. I am looking into all the options for traveling with my 9 pound Pomeranian. My final destination is Berlin, but since there are no direct flights there I will likely go LAX – FRA. He is a small dog but not tiny. Would any airline allow me to take him on board? I’ve also heard that some airlines won’t allow pets in cargo after May 15. What’s the best option?

  32. Tina – if you fly with Air France, you will need to clear customs and recheck your cat on the next flight as Air France will want to collect another pet fee. Not a big deal with an EU Pet Passport but you will need time on the layover to do that. Better to choose the direct flight unless TunisAir will not accept your cat in the cabin (if that is your goal). We would also advise that, because Tunisia is classified as a high-rabies country by the EU, you get your cat a rabies titer test according to steps 1-3 here: If the results can be recorded in your cat’s EU Pet Passport, it will be MUCH easier to return to the UK.
    You can find requirements to import your cat to Tunisia here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them:

  33. I want to travel from England to Tunis with my cat. Can I fly from Manchester-Paris-Tunis(with AirFrance) or London–Tunis (with TunisAir)

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