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airline pet policiesFlying with a pet?   Have questions regarding airline pet policy?

Need to know what type of carrier you will need?

What does your pet need to fly as cargo?

Will the airlines transfer your pet from one plane to another?

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Airline Pet Policy Questions — 226 Comments

  1. Lincoln – considering your dog’s breed, it will likely be flying in the cargo hold. The airlines will not allow any clothing on your dog when checked in or during the flight. Know that if temperatures fall below 7 degrees C, the airline will not accept it for transport. This is for your dog’s safety. If you think this will be the case, then ask them whether they will accept an acclimation certificate from your veterinarian. You should only do this if your dog is accustomed to very low temperatures and has a thick coat. Your dog will stay in a secure area where the baggage is stored (unless it is flying as air cargo and will be at the cargo facility) and access may not be approved. You should be flying in and out of IST on the same airline and the layover should not be over 3 hours or you should confirm with your airline that they will hold your pup, else you will need to clear customs and enter Turkey.

  2. Hi there!

    I love I found this forum, a lot of great information. We are bringing our 7 years old Mixed Sharpei from Hong Kong to Sao Paulo. From my personal research, as I need to change flights, Turkey might be the best choice because their rules are similar with Brazil.

    Do you have any advice on weather? Should I add extra clothes on him? As from Hong Kong to Istambul should be cold, and Istambul to Sao Paulo warmer, do I have access to take his clothes out on Istambul?

    Documents and process, I believe we are clear with the info here available. Thanks!

  3. Carolyn – we don’t quote costs; however, would suggest that you contact an airline that flies the entire route for that. Are you flying domestically? What is the origination airport?

  4. I have a 60 pd retriever , can I take him with me to Washington regan. And how much will it be

  5. Gwen – although the CDC and USDA do not require proof of rabies vaccinations, many US States do. We always advise traveling internationally with proof of rabies vaccination (if your cats are over 3 months old) and a health certificate.

  6. I am wanting to ship my two cats from Ecuador to the States, using a good Latin American airline like Avianca, Copa, or LAN, as they all have direct flights to Orlando, and they don’t require I use an IPATA shipper. I still have to abide by the airline pet travel policies as well as the origin country’s health and export policies, and I’ve checked the CDC, State Dept, and Ag sites, and they all seem to say there’s no restrictions on importing pet cats. Has anyone else done it this way from a Latin American country to the States, by just using one of the Latin airlines instead of a US airline?

  7. Hi!!!, does anybody know which is the maximum weight for a pet in SAS airlines?, and the maximum crate size aloud?.. Thanks!!

  8. Eva – the maximum crate size is set according to the size of the door on the cargo hold on the specific aircraft that serves this route, so there is likely not a lot of wiggle room involved. Ask China Southern whether there is another aircraft that serves this route at another time or what other airport that services larger aircraft that you will need to take your pet.

  9. Hello. I have the same problem with China Southern airlines about the crate size (40x60x100). I want use this airline to go from Guangzhou to Vancouver. But I just can’t find a cage with those measures. My dog+ the crate is 28 kilograms. Do you think they will let me go through?

  10. We are trying to plan a flight for our adopted street dog, leaving from Pristina, Kosovo (outside of EU) and going to Boston, USA. All flights that we can find have at least one layover, and most involve a change of airlines and several layovers. We are trying to avoid this, and have found a flight that is operated by Swiss Air/Edelweiss from Pristina to Zurich, and operated by Swiss Air from Zurich to Boston. Has anyone had experience traveling with these airlines? Will they transfer our dog between flights or will we need to go through customs with her in Zurich?

  11. Gail – you can try Lufthansa out of FCO (Rome) to IAD (Dulles), but finding an airline that will fly an English Bulldog anytime of year is a real challenge. You may need to hold your Bullie in Italy until the Fall when temperatures cool. Flying this breed in the summer months is extremely risky.

  12. Overseas military and we just got really late orders and there is no room on any military flights for over three months and we need to get an Old English bulldog back to Northern Viginis from Sicily, Italy and need to find a carrier that will transport him during the summer months.

  13. Deborah – we do not customs clear pets in Spain (we are located in the United States) and cannot say whether customs officials will require that your cats be removed from their carriers. You can contact border inspection officials in Madrid here:

  14. We are relocating to Spain with 2 cars.
    Will customs officials (Madrid or Malaga) require the cats be removed from their carriers for physical inspection? Will they, therefore, need leashes?

  15. Matt – unfortunately, we do not know of a commercial airline that flies domestically that will allow a guinea pig in the cabin.

  16. Can you advise me if you know of any USA Domestic airlines that allow Guinea Pigs in the main cabin? (Frontier list they do, but do not fly the route we need).

  17. Sandra – you may want to speak with the Consular Section of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia prior to leaving the Saudi Arabia about your dogs’ re-entry. KSA has specific requirements for the import of dogs; however, they may likely be exempted for dogs returning to the country. You will want confirmatio of that.

  18. Hello, we currently live in KSA with our 2 furry girls. We are taking our girls back home in Colorado for the Holidays. I have bought in-cabin trip for my mini Schnauzer vía Lufthansa. So far no issue from KSA to the USA flying in-cabin but I am worried on the way back to enter KSA as in-cabin. Has anyone experienced any issues with in-cabin dog via Lufthansa for re-entry to KSA via Dammam Airport? My little girl lives here with us so I am hoping that since this is not her first entry and since it’s via Lufthansa and not Qatar Airways, the “re-entry” will only depend on all documents being in order and how quiet my girl is and how carefree I handle the situation before showing up at the customs counter reporting my arrival and to check on my girl’s document to just let us go on our way?!. Your feed back is very much needed and appreciated.

  19. Corinna – the government of Malaysia requires that all live animals enter the country as air cargo. If you enter the country directly from the UK, then quarantine will not be necessary as long as requirements are met ( All the countries you would have to pass through are countries that will incur quarantine when entering Malaysia. As quarantine is required for most all countries except the UK and several others, animals need to enter at locations where there are governement quarantine facilities are available: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA),l Senai International Airport in Jahore, Labuan International Airport, Labuan F.T. or Bayan Lepas International Airport in Penang.

  20. Hi,
    Please can you advise which airlines would allow me to fly from UK (London) to Kuala Lumpur with my Bengal cats in the cabin (under the seat). There would be two people travelling so we would have one cat each.
    Also if there aren’t any airlines that fly from the UK doing this are there any other routes e.g I take the Eurostar to Paris or Brussels and then catch a flight from there that you are aware of (or any other ideas)?
    I am not comfortable putting them in hold/cargo. Are there any other options e.g paying for extra seats or even private flight companies etc that you are aware of? Their safety and comfort is more of a priority than anything else.
    Appreciate your advise.
    Thanks Corinna

  21. Sajida – if you have been researching import regulations for Sri Lanka, then no doubt you have found our country page: Note the comments in step #6. Pets leaving Saudi Arabia will need to be microchipped, have proof of vaccinations, a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel, an export permit and a copy of the owner’s passport. If you would feel more assured enlisting the services of an agent in Sri Lanka to customs clear your pet, you can search for one at

  22. Hi… I am traveling to Colombo Sri lanka from Riyadh Saudi Arabia… And I am planning in taking my 1 year female cat with me..this is my first time traveling with a pet I am quite scared about the procedures… I keep researching about all the info I need.. But I feel that I have not enough information… Can you tell me about all the proper documentation I need.. And some advice…

    Thank you

  23. Lu – you can check with Air Canada Cargo to see if they will transport your dog’s breed. It may be easier to transport it before it reaches 6 months of age. There are not a lot of options available. You may need to consider a cargo only airline. You will need the assistance of an agent to book that.

  24. Good day i own a dogue de Bordeux hes 5 months old now and will be traveling with him from colombia to Canada within a year from now i will like to know what airline will i be able to take him as he is a mastiff breed and would like to take him home with me please let me know what type of kannel & airline can i travel with him as he is part of my family legacy.

  25. Pamela – this charge is common to all commercial airlines that fly pets. It could be levied to cover any cleaning costs that may be incurred by a pet. It may be to (partially) cover any type of liability that could be incurred. It may be to cover the crew’s time in making any adjustments to seating arrangements. Likely, it is because they can and so, they do. They have cut the price of tickets so much that they can charge for a peanut, right?

  26. If I’m flying with a small cat in an approved soft kennel that will go under my seat, why is there any extra charge for this carry-on on airlines? Isn’t this my choice to use in lieu of bringing a bag and putting it under the seat in front of me?

  27. Kathleen – most all countries define service dogs as those trained and certified by a national organization to assist physically disabled passengers. There are a few that do allow ESAs if the flight originates or terminates in the US and most US-based airlines will carry a pet internationally as they are subject to the Airline Access Carrier Act. Where are you originating from?

  28. I am planning on taking my 22 lb emotional support dog to Ireland this summer. I see he needs medical certification from the vet here. I have looked at the airline information, but I do not see what airlines allow ESA and how to go about arranging that. Aer Lingus just mentions Service dogs.

  29. M.R. – we have carriers like the SturdiBag ( that will accommodate your pup easily and they weigh less than 3 pounds. We have sold thousands of them and never a problem. The 3″ rule is for pets transported in crates, not carriers in the cabin. Your pup should be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier when it is not under the seat.

  30. Hello. I have a mini Schnauzer that stands about 14″ tall but laying down is about 5 1/2″ high. She fits all the requirements: 7 years old, Length and Width requirements, all documented vaccinations and certificate of health and only about 15lbs (use to be 12). My problem is most airlines would reject her as carry-on simply because of her height. As I understand it if the carry-on space where she’ll be situated is 9-10″ and she’s required to be able to stand comfortably and turn around and (some airlines require this) have an additional 3″ space above her head, I’m concerned she’ll be turned away even though she would fit perfectly fine in the required space and the flights I’m looking at around about 3-6hours max one way (I’m moving).

  31. Hello- I am facing the exact same problem that Leslie Ziegler faced (April 28), except from the opposition direction: I am trying to fly my dog as excess baggage from Guangzhou to LAX on China Southern in early July. I have spoken to a customer service rep who is adamant that they cannot/will not accept a crate larger than 40x60x100cm – which would essentially be a narrow/tall or short/wide tube! The customer service rep insisted he must go cargo. Ms. Ziegler, what ultimately happened in your case? Does it depend on which customer service rep one speaks to? Any guidance or strategy to overcome this obstacle would be most appreciated!

  32. Leslie – we agree that makes no sense (especially the 40 cm measurement); however, they can carry pets up to 70 pounds and the length listed is 100 cm (39″) and that is the length of a Series 700 crate. We have not heard of anyone being denied passage with a medium dog.

  33. I would like to fly my dog on China Southern from LAX to Guangzhou. On their website it says the crate requirements are 40X60X100 cm…. I don’t even know a crate that is this size. Do you know if you are able to fly with a medium sized dog on China Southern via checked baggage?

  34. Claryssa – if the requirements have been met and you have the proper paperwork, your pets should be released to you between one and twelve hours. If you are flying into Narita, and your pets are flying as checked baggage, you can contact the Quarantine Station here: aqs.nrtr2@maf If they are flying as air cargo, the you can contact them here You can find those requirements and links to further instructions and forms here:

  35. what is the exact process when flying with 2 pets from the united states to Japan? through Japan airlines. will my pets need to be quarantined even if I have all the paperwork? how do I get them from cargo? if they are quarantined, how do I find them? how do I get the exact paperwork to allow them into Japan? thanks in advance!

  36. Hello pet travel!

    I am traveling with my pomeranien in August to danang, Vietnam. Do you know for sure if they require in import permit?

    My friends recently traveled to the philliphines and needed an import permit therefore was only able to travel on the weekday to ensure their animal of bureau industry was open (or else their dog would have been quarantine)

    We have not seen any info in Vietnam, but wanted to make sure since we will be arriving Saturday morning. Would be devasted to find out our Pom would need to be quarantine for the weekend if that’s the case.
    Thanks so much!

  37. Claudia – try Lufthansa or KLM. We have spoken to Lufthansa and they do allow pets in the cabin on some routes out of the UK and Ireland.

  38. Hi. We are planning to fly from Dublin to Stockholm and we would like to take our cat with us. What is the airline’s policy? Can we take our cat on board?

  39. Lexi – we checked Korean Air and they fly through ICN and LAX to CVG. We would highly recommend NOT changing airline companies because airlines do not interline pets and changing airlines will cause your cat to enter the country and conform to their regulations ( We see no need to go through Canada although their regulations are not strict (proof of rabies vaccination).

  40. Amna – whether your cat can travel with you in the cabin is up to the pet policies of the airline. Most do not allow pets in the cabin on long flights. Either way, you will need to notify that you are traveling with a pet, either in the cabin or as checked baggage in the cargo hold as the airlines only allow a limited number of animals per flight.

  41. Thank you for your time.
    I have adopted a cat while in Mongolia and will fly home with her to the USA in May 2017. I have a few questions. I have looked at flights from UB, Mongolia to Cincinnati, OH. The main choices are through Korea since I know that flying through China is not an option. The airlines are Korean Air or MIAT out of Mongolia to Korea and then either Air Canada and Asiana via Toronto or Korean Air to NY or Chicago.
    The Korean Airline route has a much longer layover time but is only one airline and goes directly to the US from Korea. So here are my questions:
    1. Is it a problem to use different airlines?
    2. Also, is it a problem to go through Toronto before Cincinnati for customs?
    3. Lastly, do you need to follow health requirements for airports, like Korea?
    Any other help is much appreciated. Thank you

  42. Hi I’m in Pakistan going to the United States I got a cat here that I want to take home with me I got all his paper work done but was wondering if I have to buy a separate ticket for him or San I keep him with me under my seat even if it’s a long flight

  43. Hi, I’m planing to take my cat from Bali to Maldives, from my research it is not possible to fly with pets from bali:(? I know I can fly cat from Surabaya(but I’m not sure) if yes what i should to prepare?? For sure I will go through Singapore, is there any special law? Everyone is telling different story!! I’m really confused:( please help me.

  44. Migi – first of all, you need to know that requirements to import your cat to the UAE. You can find them here: Your cat will need to arrive in Dubai as air cargo, so it will not be necessary to travel with it unless you don’t have anyone to do the pre-travel requirements. If you are not traveling with your cat, you will need to find an airline that flies the entire route. Do NOT change airline companies along the way as the airlines do not interline pets.

  45. Hi I’m currently living in Germany but my cat is still in Turkey (Gaziantep). I’m got a job in Dubai and want to take my car from Turkey to Dubai, how can I get it done? He has a Turkish vet passport with vaccines and microchipped and also blood tested and approved from Ankara. Can I hire someone to do it for me or I have to fly to turkey to take him and how? I’m planning to take Emirates Airline from Istanbul to Dubai and Turkish Airline from Gaziantep to Istanbul. Please let me know what I should do. Thank you very much.

  46. Serrot – no matter if you fly to Chicago, Minneapolis, Fargo or Bismark, you are dealing with 4 commercial airlines that accept dogs in cargo: Delta, United, American and Alaska (which connects through LAX or SEA so they make little sense.) None of these airlines will allow Frenchies in the cargo hold. The only opportunities that we know of are driving or flying them in a cargo-only airplane. The issue with the latter is that you need to have a flexible schedule as cargo-only airlines frequently change their schedules.

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