Airline Pet Travel: Clearing Airport Checkpoint Security

It?s everyone?s favorite part of airline travel – the security checkpoint. The crowded lines, removing articles of clothing, and emptying your purse and pocket contents into a box are all reasons why these checkpoints can be a hassle. Now imagine having to do all these things while traveling with a pet. Overwhelming? It can be. With a little preparation and the proper equipment, your next experience with airport security will be a breeze. Here are some helpful tips next time you enter a security checkpoint with your pet.

Pack Light and dress accordingly. You will want to be able to minimize the amount of tasks you will have to perform to clear security. Packing a laptop in a briefcase and a pet in a carrier while dressed in sneakers will make your experience at airport security a difficult one. You will have to remove both the laptop from the briefcase and untie and remove your sneakers before even dealing with your pet. Leave the heavy jewelry and change at home or pack them in checked luggage.

Know your airline?s pet policies! Please be aware that all pet policies are unique to each airline. Knowing your airline?s pet policy can only help during the security process. Find a list of airline pet policies.

Your pet carrier must be airline compliant* and will be X-Rayed. During the security process, your pet?s carrier will be X-Rayed. This is completely normal. Put all of your dog?s accessories into a clear plastic bag inside of your carrier. This will help prevent delays and holdups while scanning your bag. Try to avoid carrying any liquids or gels for your pet. The same restrictions for lotions and gels that apply to you also apply to your pet. (3.4 ounce containers in a one quart plastic bag)

Your pet will be screened by the metal detector. After you place your bag into the X-Ray machine, you will then proceed into the metal detector with your pet in your arms. It is important to remember that your pet might be distracted or distressed by all the people, noise and commotion. We recommend keeping your pet leashed during the time it is out of the pet carrier. This way, if the pet succeeds to wriggle out of your grip, you will able to restrain them from running. Additionally, having a small treat in your pocket may help in getting your pet back into the carrier quickly.

Allow extra time to check in and clear airport security. Delta, Continental and American Airlines will not compensate you for missing a flight as a result of airport security holdups. US Airways will reschedule travelers who have been held up at security only for passengers that arrived more than 2 hours prior to flight time at no extra cost.

Using a little common sense as well as being organized will go a long way to make traveling with your pet safe and fun for you both.

*Airline compliant pet carriers must have a waterproof bottom, adequate ventilation, secure fasteners, and must fit in the space under the seat in front of you. Your pet must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier.


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  1. Jessica – Bunnie’s post was from 2017 and the airlines are changing regulations all the time. Some will allow 2 kitties in 1 carrier if there is room for them to turn around. It is best to contact your airline for confirmation. We also have information on airline pet policies here: Susan

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