Airline Pet Travel: KLM to ban 4 breeds of snub nosed dogs from airline cargo holds

KLM will announce on Monday that they are banning 4 breeds of snub nosed dogs from its cargo holds, whether the pet travels as checked baggage or cargo. The breeds are English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, and Pug. This policy decision comes after 5 “incidents” in the past 3 weeks involving these breeds. For the safety of the animals, KLM will no longer allow future bookings for pet travel. Bookings presently held will be honored. Policies on shipping Pitbulls are not clear at this time.


Airline Pet Travel: KLM to ban 4 breeds of snub nosed dogs from airline cargo holds — 10 Comments

  1. Snub nosed breeds are at risk on the ground and in the air. Rapid breathing and lack of hydration are the major issues.

  2. I also have my two French Bulldogs with me in Greece, stupid stupid mistake! Getting them here with Quantas to the UK then onto greece through Lufthansa, my babies arrived perfectly safe and sound.
    I was told to check out KLM as a friend has flown with them many times and spoke very highly of them. Dam shame they don’t transport snub breeds, I truly do not believe that the pressure in the hold has anything to do with the risk of them having breathing difficulties? I think it’s more to do with handling the animals on the ground? If they are left on the Tarmac in hot conditions then of course your going to have problems?
    I would never fly them without the assistance of a pet transporter, they know exactly what needs to be done and make sure your babies are safe.

  3. Yamini – You certainly need the import permit, microchip, blood titer test and arrangement for quarantine facilities on arrival in Australia. I am not sure how China would treat a layover of 4 hours since most airlines will not hold the pet for that period of time in the cargo area.

    I suggest you contact a pet transporter in China for assistance. If the arrival is not handled properly China has a tendency to put animals into quarantine.

  4. I am travelling from Canada to Australia with my pug breed dog via New Baiyun (Guangzhou), China, the stop over time is close to 4 hours. Do I need a pet passport/import permit? Please let me know what set of documents do I need for it.

    We are preparing our dog for all documents required for Australian import. Bt do we need transit permit for 4 hour stopover in New Baiyun (Guangzhou) Airport in China?

  5. I use to fly with klm with my bulldogs and no problem at all. i think some bulldogs do have problem with breathing. Owner is to blame if they know their dog has problem dont fly them and it now a trouble for others.

  6. You have not provided a lot of information, so it is hard to respond. If your boxer is an English Boxer, you will have a very hard time finding an airline to transport them. United will transport other types of boxers, but not English Boxers.

  7. Hi there, I need to fly with my boxer, it is impossible to get a flight out. But I do not see the boxer on your list? My boxer has an 8 cm nose!
    Please let me know how to proceed….

  8. Could you pls clarify why pug is banned on your airline?
    Thanks in advance for your clarification.

    RESPONSE: thank you for your email, Grace. We are not an airline, but I can tell you that the reason that many airlines ban Pugs and other snub nosed breeds is that they have a condition that can impair their breathing. At high altitudes, this becomes more of a concern.

    There are airlines that will carry Pugs this time of year as long as temperatures are not extreme. United and Delta are examples of airlines that will transport Pugs if the temperature along the route is less than 75 degrees.

  9. Except for the English Bulldog, all of those dogs should be able to travel in the passenger cabin with you. My Pug is at the top end of the weight restriction, but he’s allowed onboard. Good luck to your family.

  10. This is horrible!! I am military and we brought our dog over and now we are struggling to get her back home. Who in the world says oh you can bring your dog but not yours.
    RESPONSE: Because of the bracheophalic condition that snub nosed animals have, breathing is an issue and it increases liability for the airlines. Certainly, it will be easier to transport a snub nosed pet during the cooler months of the year than the summer.

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