The Best Dog Friendly City in the UK: Brighton Rocks!

Brighton Rocks! The Best Dog Friendly City In the United Kingdom

Best Dog Friendly City - BrightonA study completed in 2017 by National Pet Owners indicates that there are 85 million homes in the United States where a pet is a family member. This is an increase of 56% since the survey was first conducted in 1988. By far, the most popular of pets are dogs with 60.2 million and followed by cats who make up 47.1 million of the US pet population.

Precise figures for the number of owners taking pets on vacation are not available; but a survey conducted by TripAdvisor found that 53% of those surveyed travel with their pets. The cost of boarding, and the stress for both animal and owner from being apart for several weeks, means there are more pets being taken on vacationwith their families.

If you are looking to travel abroad with your four-legged friend, and you are considering the United Kingdom, then look no further than Brighton for your vacation. It is a great location in the south-east of England and has been voted the top dog friendly city a number of times. It is worthwhile planning your trip well in advance as there are a number of important things to do before you fly with your dog.

Things to consider before travel
Just one hour away from world famous London, one of the top ten cities globally, Brighton is smaller and quieter, and the perfect destination for dog lovers. One of the things that makes Brighton an attractive place to consider is that it is much easier to bring pets to the UK, with no extensive quarantine restrictions to overcome. Preparation is the key and you should allow at least four months prior to your vacation if you are entering from a high-rabies country.

You will be required to ensure your dog, cat or ferret has been microchipped, had a rabies vaccination and a blood test to prove vaccination has been successful (high-rabies countries only); a completed EU Health Certificate or EU Pet Passport (EU resident dogs) that must be completed by your vet; and, tapeworm treatment for dogs that must be completed between one and five days before entering the UK by a licensed veterinarian. It is also advisable to check that your carrier is airline-compliant as your dog must enter the UK as air cargo if it is flying.

Dog friendly accommodations in Brighton
There are many splendid places to take your dog on holiday in the UK such as the Lake District and the Cotswolds, with wide open spaces and plenty of walking routes. Brighton has been consistently voted as one of the top cities in the UK to take your pet. Why?
Because there is an abundance of accommodations that welcome both pet owners and their dogs in Brighton. And, with such an enormous selection of places to stay on vacation, the choices are wide and varied with something for everyone. From the Tudor/Gothic Hotel du Vin & Bistro nestled in Brighton’s oldest part of town and just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque promenade; to the Victorian five star The Grand Brighton with its prime sea view location and interior splendor this makes a fine place to vacation with your pooch.

Spending quality time with your dog
What attracts many dog lovers to Brighton is the access to the wonderful beaches. There is nothing quite like fresh salty sea air to revitalise and refresh mind and body. And nothing better than doing this with your four-legged friend.

Dogs are allowed on the main Brighton beach from October through to April. During the summer months there are restrictions but there are lots of other beaches available like the West Marina Wall and Rottingdean slope are summertime dog-friendly, as are the beaches between the west of the Brighton Marina and up to Volks Railway Aquarium station, the beach opposite Holland Road, the beach to the west of the King Alfred Park and the beach opposite Berridale/Welback.

And for solo travelers, Brighton also boasts the most dog meetup groups than any other city in the UK so socializing with other dog walkers could not be easier.

Spending your valuable vacation time with your dog can be rewarding for you both. Travel beyond the United States can be daunting; but as long as it planned well, this should not present a barrier. If England is your preferred destination then Brighton offers the perfection location with a huge number of places to eat and sleep, and where both you and your dog will be warmly welcomed.

Jane Sandwood is a freelance writer and editor who spent over a decade in the tourism industry.

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