Quick Tips for Preparing Your Pet for Auto Travel

Thinking of traveling with your pet in a car this spring or summer? Believe it or not, now is the time to start preparing your pet for that family trip, especially if it will be the first time that your pet travels with you. Here are a few good tips to make the trip easier for everyone

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Pet Travel: Why Temperatures Matter

Photo by Naomi Salome: Pexels.com So, it’s time to travel with your pet. Whether your trip is planned or unexpected, why should you understand that temperatures matter? Simply put, extreme weather outside your door, at any place you stop along the … Continue reading

Pet Travel: Top Tips for Traveling with Pets

This is a great blog post with tips for traveling with pets: http://www.flipkey.com/blog/2013/10/01/experts-tell-all-top-tips-for-traveling-with-pets/. We are quoted along with other experts on pet travel. We encourage you to be an educated and pro active pet traveler, especially if you have not … Continue reading

Pet Travel by Car: Get your pet off your lap – it could be the law in your state.

How many times when you are running errands or driving across town does a car pull up next to you at a traffic light with a pet sitting on the driver’s lap? Usually, it is a cute little dog with its head out the window while the driver has one hand around its body and the other on the wheel of the car. Little do these drivers consider how dangerous this is for their pup and for themselves and the passengers in the car.

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