Pet Travel: Qantas Airlines to Transport American Staffordshire Terriers

Good news for pet travel on Qantas Airlines! The airline has reversed its decision not to carry American Staffordshire Terriers on international flights. They will now permit their transport in a metal crate (such as a CR 82 crate) or … Continue reading

Pet Travel: Why Should You Choose a Professional Transporter to Help Move Your Pet?

There are many thing to consider when transporting your pet, especially when your pet is traveling internationally. Paperwork, possible quarantine, vaccinations and airline requirements are just a few factors. Also, your pet?s safety and the overall costs involved are important. … Continue reading

Internet Pet Scams – Don’t be a victim!

Internet pet scams are all over the internet. Hundreds of people are losing thousands of dollars to thieves promising delivery of an adorable puppy, kitten, monkey or bird for a small fee. Then the calls for more money keep coming. Read more about it and don’t be a victim!

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