Eurostar Pet Policy being challenged by champion for pet’s rights in Britain

EurostarThose of you who travel by rail in Britain are familiar with Eurostar, a rail system owned by Britain, France, and Belgium. Lady Fretwell, who championed for the Pet Scheme (allowing pet owners to prepare in advance to bring their pets to Britain thus avoiding quarantine at entry) has taken on the fight to allow pets on board. As stated in, “Lady Fretwell described the situation as “ludicrous” especially as people and their pets are allowed to travel on trains across the Continent and dog owners in Britain are free to take their pets on the Tube and on regional railways.”

Find more about Eurostar’s pet policy here:

Update: Eurostar currently does not permit pets with the exception of guide or assistance animals. Eurostar does not accept emotional support animals.

For information on pet friendly trains in the EU.


Eurostar Pet Policy being challenged by champion for pet’s rights in Britain — 5 Comments

  1. Eurostar still hasn’t changed their policy. The process now for pet entrance to the UK is mainly a simple check of the Pet Passport for proper vacinations. But Eurostar acts like this would be a huge burden on their procedures and facilities. Their excuses are pretty rediculous.

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  2. Has anyone seen the insulting comments from Eurostar, allowing guide dogs, but prohibiting any other animals, and instancing elephants cobras and foxes ?
    Is that their idea of a joke ?

    RESPONSE: it appears that the EU plans to Propose a European Accessibility Act before the end of 2012. In anticipation of this proposal, there is a study being done which will identify the “barriers which prevent people with disabilities from making full use of Public buildings, transport, and all types of public services.” read more about it here:

    The policies of this company with regard to pets are within their jurisdiction, however, it appears that the policy regarding service animals will be enforceable by the EU going forward.


  3. I want to travel to the UK from the US with my Italian Greyhound. He has a passport and is small, and loves beingin his travel bag.

    It is such a long journey for him to get from Brussels or Paris via slow trains and ferries wheras It would be a two hour train journey on Eurostar!

    Given the fact that all of his paperwork is Pet Passport approved I cannot understand why this is an issue.

    Come on Eurostar. It’s 2 hours on your train. He will not be a problem why put him and us through the pain of trains and ferries and busses and more trains?

    Currently EuroStar is the only train we are aware of that is not allowing pets, another train, car or ferry are the only choices. You mention going to the UK and then you say going from Brussels to Paris. You are aware that the UK requires a blood titre test?


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