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Is there anything greater than seeing a happy dog wagging its tail, playing fetch, and enjoying a day out? Even if you don’t have your own four-legged friend of your own, there’s no denying that even five minutes with a dog can make your day that little bit brighter. And the great thing is, with so many people out there who feel the same way, the world is slowly becoming a much more dog-friendly place. That said, some places are better suited for a day out than others. 

So, whether you’re a dog owner looking for a dog friendly place to take your pooch, or you’re just a dog lover looking for a city where you can see lots of happy pups going about their day, this guide is for you!

Read on as we’ve pulled together a list of seven of the best dog-friendly cities in the world for dog lovers.

Tel Aviv, Israel

It is estimated that there are around 30,000 dogs currently living in the city of Tel Aviv, and the city has made it to the number one spot on our list for a very good reason. In August of every year, a huge festival called Kelaviv takes place, organized by the locals, dedicated to pampering your canine friends with massages, sushi, and other irritable treats!

Not only this, but an event is held at Gan Meir Park every Friday to encourage adoption and tempt passers-by to consider taking home their own furry friend.

The city also has a number of cafes where dogs are welcome, so don’t be surprised if you pop in for a latte and leave having made a new furry friend.

It is not difficult to import a dog to Israel, although a microchip, proof of rabies vaccination, rabies titer test and a health certificate are required. Good news is that there is no wait time after acceptable titer levels are received before your dog can travel.

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Toronto, Canada

From High Park in the west to the beaches in the east, Toronto has lots of off-leash play areas where dogs can explore and have fun together. But the Canadians have even taken it one step further, creating a massive dog-inspired fountain in the middle of Berczy Park to honor our furry friends.

Better still, there are plenty of nice places in the city for you to sit and do a bit of dog watching. For example, you could sit and enjoy a pint at Black Lab Brewery right opposite Berczy Park as you watch the neighborhood pooches go about their day.

Canada is super pet friendly. Pets entering Canada with their owners over 3 months of age will only need proof of current rabies vaccination. Check with your airline for the need of a current health certificate. It is always a good idea to travel with one, and your country may require it as a result of export procedures.

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California, United States

California, but more specifically, Huntington Beach in California, is a dog lovers dream. As well as your furry friends being able to play frisbee on the sand, they can also relax at Surf City Dog Spaw where a range of snacks, including Top Dog Barkery’s pup pastries, are on offer.

And as the home of the paw-some Surf City Surf Dog Competition, there is a good chance you’ll get to see a wave-loving pooch balanced on a surfboard – and who doesn’t want that!

And not far from the beach is Fred’s Mexican Cafe which hosts a regular Monday Doggie Date Night, as well as Sandy’s Beach Shack which serves meals for dogs, including delicious grilled meats.

Unless you are entering the United States from a country classified as high rabies, the export requirements for your country and your airline’s pet policies will apply.

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Sydney, Australia

The sheer amount of space across the nation makes Australia a great place for dogs anyway, but the city of Sydney is a particular highlight. This is because there is an abundance of open space for dogs to roam and play, and there are also plenty of dog friendly places to grab a drink and something to eat.

And have you ever heard of doga? That’s yoga + dogs… Yep, you read that right! Doga classes are available in the city, and if you don’t have a pooch of your own, that’s OK. You can always convince your friend that does to come down and take part with you (or just watch as others embrace their zen).

Then you can refuel post-workout with coffee at the Grumpy Baker or stop for brunch at the Laneway Cafe, where dogs are welcome, as they are in so many places across the city.

Although it is worth the effort, importing a pet to Australia is challenging and will take 6 months of preparation, so pet owners should plan ahead. The entry point to Australia for pets is Melbourne. After a short quarantine, you and your pet can head to Sydney.

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Kathmandu, Nepal

As part of the Diwali Festival celebrations (which is called Tihar in Nepal), the entire country comes together to honor dogs, and nowhere is this more prominent than in the nation’s capital of Kathmandu.

Throughout Diwali, dogs are given wreaths of flowers and a red mark on their heads to celebrate. And best of all, if you’re visiting the city at this time, you can watch pets and strays alike as they enjoy the delicious plates of food left out for them on doorsteps by lovely locals.

Nepal is not a difficult country to enter with a dog if it has proof of microchip, rabies vaccination and an endorsed health certificate. Know, however, that Nepal is classified as a country with a high risk of rabies, so pet owners should check the requirements to reimport their pet to their origination country if they intend to return after their visit.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Although Prague is not traditionally thought of as a dog-friendly location, they have made lots of changes over the last few years and dogs are now welcome to explore most places. From the top tourist sites to local restaurants, dogs can explore the city just like their humans can. Some places are even kind enough to cook small meals, especially for your four-legged friend.

Not only this, but Prague’s Letna Park is a great place for off-leash walks where you can watch dogs play with one another, and you can enjoy a beer from the various beer gardens en route as you walk through the park.

What’s more, if you love the cinema, you’re in luck. For a truly unique experience, you can take your pooch along to see the latest blockbuster at the dog-friendly Aero cinema, where they even host a film festival each year. If you don’t have a dog, you can still join in and watch as other’s dogs get cozy and settle down, ready for the movie.

To import your dog to the Czech Republic, your dog will need proof of a microchip, rabies vaccination and an endorsed health certificate. If entering from a country classified as high-rabies, then your dog will need a rabies titer test 3 months prior to travel.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Last but not least on our list, we have Amsterdam. While the Netherlands as a whole has been praised as a dog-lover’s location, Amsterdam goes above and beyond. Throughout the city, dogs are allowed in most establishments apart from museums and galleries, which means you can pretty much get your doggy fix wherever you go, whether you have a dog with you or not.

Plus, dogs can ride most public transport for free, or you can buy a doggy day pass for the train for just €3! Which mean you can spend your days exploring the city with your dog and not have to compromise on where you both go or what you see.

Regulations to import a dog to the Netherlands are the same as they are for the Czech Republic. The good news is that pet owners can use their health certificate to visit all EU Member States for 4 months after entering the EU provided that their dog’s rabies vaccination does not expire during their trip.

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No matter where you travel with your dog, be sure to visit your veterinarian for a health certificate and have your pet microchipped. There is no better way to protect your pet.

As the world opens up and travel restrictions for pet owners ease, it’s time to explore international destinations and don’t forget to bring your best friend along to some of the best dog friendly cities in the world.

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for this article. I think Barcelona could have also been in this listing. I’ve been renting an apartment there for quite a long time now, and it is impressive how many dogs there are. For instance, in parque de la estacio del Norte, every afternoon at least 50 dogs are playing together. They are also constructing a lot of dogs areas in Barcelona. There are also a lot of mountains and beaches, so I can walk mine.

  2. Hi Connie- Korean Air flies from Chicago to Manila with one stop in Seoul and they do allow small dogs and cats in the cabin. Best to contact them to be sure that they will allow your small dog on this specific route. The Philippines do not require that you enter the country in the cargo hold as some countries do. You can find pet import requirements here: https://www.pettravel.com/immigration/philippines.cfm.

  3. I will be going on a vacation from Chicago to the Philippines in June-July and I am planning to bring along my small dog. What airlines are the most friendly and am I allowed to have my dog in cabin?

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