Can you imagine what your dog and cat think of Halloween?

Keep your pet safe at HalloweenAs our dogs and cats understand us and their world through behavior, voice inflection, routine and the usual surroundings they are accustomed to, can you imagine how confusing and perhaps unsettling Halloween must be for them? Before the zombies, princesses and super heroes start knocking, take a minute to formulate a plan to keep your pet safe during the merriment.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Confine your pet. Especially if it is not accustomed to small children or it will make a dash for the open door, crate it or designate a special room for it during trick or treat time.
  • No doorbells. Put a sign on your door not to use the doorbell; to knock instead. Better yet, sit outside if weather permits and greet your ghooly visitors before they get to your door.
  • Watch out for candles. Inquisitive pups and kitties can nose around your carved pumpkin and stick their nose into hot candle wax through those wide eyes you carved.
  • Be careful with costumes. Unless your pet is accustomed to dressing up, watch them if they are dressed up. Costumes can get hot and restrictive. Do not use any rubber bands to hold material down. They can quickly work their way into your pet’s skin and cause infections. Your pet can also ingest them which would most likely cause some stomach upset.
  • No candy, please. If you must give your pet a treat on this festive occasion, make it a little dog biscuit. Chocolate and sugar can make them sick and who wants to clean up the mess?
  • Identify them. Make sure your pet’s collar and tag always stays on this night. Having them microchipped and registering your information is the best thing to ensure you will be found if your pet gets lost.

Have fun on All Hallows Eve and take a few precautions to keep all the goblins safe and happy.


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  1. Cindy – if your dog is traveling with you in the cabin, you will simply stay in the secure area of the airport and not clear customs. If your dog is traveling in the cargo hold, contact your airline and make sure that they can care for it during your layover and you will not need to claim and recheck it. If this were the case, your pup would be subject to 6 months of quarantine.

  2. I want to transport my dog from Venezuela to Canada but I will be in transit in Trinidad for 4 hrs and I’m not leaving the airport.I’ll be travelling with the same airline to Canada. What documents need to be completed/approved for my dog? Does it need to be quarantined? Thanks

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