Pet Travel: Tips for Traveling with a Pet During the Holidays

Holiday DogTime for the Holidays!
Holidays and travel seem to go together as we all want to be with loved ones during this special time of year. There are few reasons?to leave your pet behind. With a bit of planning, pet travel can be safe and comfortable. Who would not want their pet to?enjoy the holidays with them and their family?

Keep your pet safe like you would your children. Get the right equipment. Know your destination and the services it offers your pet. Get a good pet friendly hotel and understand its policies.? Be considerate of other travelers. Keep everyone on their schedule and stay calm. This is an exhausting time of year, but time to share excitement with those you love.

Make merry memories with you and your pet with these travel tips for holiday pet travel.


Pet Travel: Tips for Traveling with a Pet During the Holidays — 7 Comments

  1. last spring we were in Belgrade, Serbia. we wanted to take our dog Leo with us, but it was so hard to find a hotel in itz center + pet friendly.. and we have found it,.. recommend!

  2. That is true. Several years ago, to combat the designer puppy trade, India changed their regulations and only pet owners going to India to live or folks that are returning with their pet and have export papers are permitted to bring a pet to India.

  3. dear admin
    I traveled 2013 jan with my dog to india and recently i found out that India only allowing pet that previously visited and back to their respective country, is that true??

  4. Hello Val – when you refer to the West Islands, where are you referring to? Keeling Islands, off Georgian Bay in Ontario, Singapore or Papua, New Guinea or some other location? I need to know the originating country.

  5. Can I fly with a cat (not in a cramped little box) from a West Islands country to somewhere in Europe. I want them to come in the cabin with me.

    I thoroughly disapprove of the way regular liners abuse their fears and don’t let them see that their owner has not deserted them, but is on the plane with them.

  6. Hi Elaine – TAP Portugal has a flight through Lisbon to Faro. Aer Lingus also flies this route, but the travel time is much longer. You can contact TAP for the costs.

  7. Can you advise on cost and which airlines would
    Transport a Golden Retriever from London to
    Faro, Portugal please. We drove out here this
    Winter from UK bu t would like to know details and
    Costs of flying.
    Thank you

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