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Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 900 Comments

  1. Weerner – because all commercial airlines require that live animals arrive in JNB as air cargo, it would be advised to contact the cargo department of your airline if you have not done so already. It may be that your airline does not have checked baggage or in cabin service for live animals out of JNB. have not received any information on bans due to security reasons in this airport.

  2. Wanting to fly with our small Yorkie (1.9kg) from OR Tambo Johannesburg South Africa to Amsterdam Netherlands but we have been told that the Airpost does not allow for flights from this major airport due to security reasons. Does anyone know what those reasons could be? I have been searching everywhere to try and understand but cant find anything.

  3. Due to handling procedures once landed, all commercial airlines that are approved to fly live another make into the United Kingdom, all pets must arrive as air cargo.

  4. Hi, My wife and I are planning to travel to london from Iran for more than a year and we need to bring our cats with us. Could we fly with turkish airlines so we can take our cats in the cabbin with us?

  5. Hi hope u doing well
    I want to travel with my two persion cats from pakistan to qatar i want to know what are the requirements of qatar emabass for pets travel? And one more thing is it important the owner should have permanent residency of qatar or work visa or can carry their pets on visit visa too?

  6. Hi Anna – you can find requirements to import your cat to Australia here: Take special note in step #7. You can start the process in the Philippines as long as the blood sample for the rabies titer test is sent to an approved lab. Once the lab receives the blood sample, the 180 day clock starts ticking. About 6 weeks prior to import, you will need to move your cat to an approved country for another titer test and further tests and treatments. You will need to export your cat from the approved country to Melbourne for a mandatory 10 day quarantine.

  7. Hi! I am planning to emmigrate from the Philippines to Australia. I know the Philippines is a NON APPROVED country, but would like to bring my cat with me. Would you be able to help me in the steps or ways so that I may be able to bring my cat to Australia.
    Thank you for your time.

    – Anna D.C.

  8. Hi Luca – as long as you stay on the same airline company in and out of either Serbia or Turkey, and your layover is not more than 2-3 hours and your cat is not flying as air cargo (doubtful), then you can transit these countries and documentation is not needed. If you change airline companies in either of these countries, then your cat will need to conform to requirements to enter the countries as you must clear customs to check in at your next flight. We would recommend not changing airline companies in either country as a rabies titer test will be required to enter the country. This test must be administered a minimum of 3 months before import.

  9. Hi, I am planning to flight with my cat from Russia to Italy with transit trough Serbia or trough Turkey. Since each country has its how rule to import animals and necessary supporting documents, do I understand correctly that only italian rules should be followed despiting the country of transit? Thank you for replying. Luca

  10. Jess – because procedures related to Covid testing for humans change so quickly, we regret that we cannot help you with information on your first question. As pet transporters, we do not have knowledge about specific terminal procedures. We only know that the inspection for dogs and cats will not usually take long on the condition that the advance notification has been checked, and the animal is successfully identified and is proven to meet all conditions. And certainly the time will depend on demand at the time of entry.

    As for the titer test, this section only applies to countries that require it. As you know, the US does not require a titer test for pets entering from any country. As for the health certificate, when you deal with AQS, ask them whether they have an export health certificate available.
    Hope this helps.

  11. Hi there, I’m moving to Japan from California, USA next month. I’m planning to be there for a couple years so I’m trying to take my cat with me. I’ve already got a lot of the paperwork and stuff done (rabies titer, advance notice sent but awaiting approval) but I have some questions about the details of arriving in Japan and for when I eventually leave Japan.

    For getting to Japan:
    I’m planning to take my cat in-cabin with me (probably flying United, arriving at Narita airport), but when I arrive I know I have to go through the covid testing procedure. My husband just arrived there a couple days ago and told me about his experience of waiting 7 hours, but hopefully I can learn from his mistakes and make the process a bit quicker. Do you know what I do with the cat during this time? I know I have to take her to the animal quarantine service, but can I do that before I do the covid testing or does it have to be done after? Since the covid testing stuff will likely take at least a couple hours and the cat will have to be in animal quarantine for up to 12 hours (I’ve read on average its about 4 hours, though), I’d like to get her quarantine stuff started while I’m going through my own covid waiting period. Do you know if I can do this or do I have to wait until after I get through covid testing and customs to get her there? I have a feeling it will be after customs, but I thought I’d ask anyways.

    For leaving Japan:
    This is obviously a couple years away, but I’d like to be prepared in case it’s another long process. I’ve read that for some reason, Japan has some complicated exit conditions for pets as well. The maff website says dogs or cats must undergo an export inspection that I have to schedule in advance with the Animal Quarantine Service for the day I depart. I have a couple questions about that.
    1. The website says it shouldn’t take a long time, but do you know just how long I should give it just to make sure I don’t miss my flight? Does “not a long time” mean a few minutes or a few hours?
    2. Under the documents required for the export inspection, the export application form has a section for the Rabies serological test. Do I have to do the serological test + 180 day wait period again just to take my cat out of Japan? Or is that just for if I plan on returning to Japan? The USA/California requirements for entry according to the CDC website and CDFA website state that cats don’t need rabies vaccinations so I don’t see why such an expensive and time consuming test would be required.
    3. I think I will also need a health certificate from a private veterinarian for the export inspection? Do you know what form I should have a vet in japan fill out for that?

    If you can offer any insight into any of these questions, I would greatly appreciate it. If not, I can try to email animal quarantine at Narita airport and maybe they will have the answers. Thank you for your time.


  12. Slagjana – the answer to your question depends on 2 things. First, you must stay on the same airline in an out of the layover airport. If you are changing airline companies in Vienna, then you will need to clear customs and enter Austria to recheck your pet on the next flight. You will need an Animal Health Certificate issued by a OV in the UK for that. If you are staying on the same airline and your cat is flying in the cabin with you and you are staying on the same airline, then you will stay in the secure area of the airport until you board your next flight. If your cat is flying as accompanied checked baggage or air cargo, then you may need to claim it due to the long layover. In this case, you should speak with your airline about whether they will hold your cat during the layover. You can find requirements to import your cat to Northern Macedonia here:

  13. Hello Jason – we are not affiliated with Air Canada; however, we can say that if your cat is flying in the cabin with you and you are not changing airline companies in the layover airport, then you will stay in the secure area of the airport until you board your next flight. If your cat is flying as checked baggage, then it will depend on the length of the layover. Generally, an airline will hold a pet that is to be boarded on another of their planes for about 2-3 hours. After that, the airlines will require that you claim and recheck your pet.

  14. Hi, I am travelling with my cat from the UK to North Macedonia, through Vianna with 6 hour layover at the airport. Do I still need an AHC for Austria if I’m not changing airlines? Also does anyone have experience with taking a pet to North Macedonia? Thank you!

  15. Hi,
    I need to travel back to Canada (from the Netherlands) with my cat later in May.
    I would like to check him in with my baggage but am getting mixed messages with the process and pricing and…
    I have already canceled my connection flight from Toronto to Ottawa and will be driving this instead as I was told you did not transfer pets on connection flights.
    Can you please clarify if this is possible via check in baggage and any other information I may need in order to do so?
    I can also share all my flight detail information with you but didn’t really want to share on this global chat.
    Please let me know what to do in order to make this possible.

    Thank you very much in advance and have a great day!

  16. Leoni – many EU countries have waived import requirements for refugees fleeing from Ukraine. Not sure where your daughter is traveling to Belgium from; however, you can contact the Border Inspection Post in Brussels to see if home quarantine can be arranged. You can reach them at [email protected] or 0032 27 53 56 48.

  17. My daughter is coming to Belgium with her 2 doggies. Is there any way to get around the 90 days waiting period (vaccination, rabies, testing)?

  18. HI Chris – all birds entering the UK from an EU Member State must have a health certificate. You can find them here: In order to import your bird to France, the following conditions must be met:
    an animal health certificate from the third country of provenance ((Decision 2007/25/EC);
    – a declaration by the owner (cf. Annex III of Decision 2007/25/EC of the Commission of 22 December 2006 as amended);
    – isolation for a prior period of 30 days at the point of departure from a country listed in EC regulation 206/2010
    – vaccination and at least one booster dose against avian influenza H5 and H7 in the previous six months and at least 60 days prior to importation;
    – PCR testing for H5 and H7 avian influenza virus showing negative results for a sample taken on the third day of isolation at the earliest, the animal being maintained in isolation before importation for at least ten days;
    – birds must not be introduced into any location containing a flock for 30 days after entry into the EU.

    Check Le Shuttle to be sure that your bird can travel on this train. Susan

  19. Hi,
    I’m looking to travel on holiday for a week from the UK to France later this year.
    I’m hoping to take both my pet dog and pet bird (cockatiel) for this holiday.
    Having read up extensively, I think I am ok with the requirements for travelling with my dog – Rabies jab before travel (he already has this), Health Certificate issued within 10 days of travel (does not hold a valid EU pet passport), and a wormer issued by a vet in France within 48 hours of travel back to the UK.
    However, I’m having a little less luck with getting a definitive answer on what is required both to take the cockatiel to France, and also back into the UK on the way home. I obviously don’t want to end up in a situation where I’m looking at quarantine for the bird for the sake of a one week holiday.
    For context, our cockatiel is kept indoors, and has no access to anywhere that wild birds may have been (nor will it have for the duration of the holiday). We are looking to travel by Euro Tunnel, which I believe is ok with the bird.
    Any assistance on what we need to do – any forms / declarations to be made, vet visits etc, on both the trip to France and back again to the UK, would be most gratefully received
    Many thanks

  20. Hello,
    I am trying to evacuate my sister and niece from Eastern Ukraine to Romania. They have a small dog. What are the current requirements for dog entry into Romania from Ukraine?
    Thank you!

  21. We recently moved to Switzerland and left our 9 years old cat back home in Romania. The issue is that one year ago she developed cancer due to rabies vaccination – a fibrosarcoma that had been removed recently – and she is not allowed to take another vaccine in order to not relapse. However, we will get her a passport and a chip, as required.

    Could you please help us with a protocol for entering Switzerland with an unvaccinated cat?
    Thank you!

  22. Hi Justin – we have communicated with APHA in the UK and they have confirmed that there is no Export Health Certificate required for cats and dogs exported to the United States. Best to travel with a current health certificate and your airline may require that. Let us know if you have further questions. Susan

  23. Good morning. I am confused by the UK exportation requirements in Number 12 on your website. Would it be possible to post the text of the actual regulation? Responding here is fine too. I don’t see an age requirement, but in No. 12 of this link on export, I do see a rabies vaccine requirement. I wonder if that’s limited to pets who will return to the UK. Not sure why the UK would have an interest in dogs leaving its borders forever and why that should trump the importing country’s laws. The U.S. does not require the rabies vaccine or certificates for countries that are considered rabies free (as to canines) like the UK. It also does not have age requirements. We are looking at getting a rare breed puppy from England and would want to bring it home before a rabies vaccine would be appropriate. We will get the rabies vaccine here. Any input you can give would be much appreciated.

  24. Monique – sadly, your dog cannot change airline companies in the United States without an import permit which will require a RNATT test. Also, your dog cannot layover in the EU without conforming to their regulations which also require a RNATT. Even if your dog stays on the same airline during the EU layover, it is subject to this new EU requirement. This requirement is new and goes into affect on 1/1/2022. We do not know yet whether the legislation applies to in cabin and accompanied checked baggage but suspect so. Will update this post when we hear.

  25. We plan to travel from South Africa to Vancouver with our dog. He is 9years old, weights 10kg’s, has been microchipped & vaccinated (including Rabies shot) but we seem to get conflicting messages of what is required when transiting through airports to get to Vancouver.
    Could you advise best route with the least amount of restrictions and what is required to ensure our pet can travel with us? WE simply cannot leave behind for 3 months while waiting for Rabies blood tests to come back.
    Many Thanks.

  26. Yuliya – we do not have offices in Cambodia and, as such, are not familiar with permits required by Cambodia for CITES protected animals. Best to contact a local agent for direction. You can search for one at

  27. Hello.
    We’re moving to Cambodia from Kazakhstan in January 2022. Together with a cat and a dog, we’re taking with us a Russian tortoise.
    Currently I’m working on the export documentation for her with the local authorities here in Kazakhstan. I know that she’s protected under CITES. I got her as a gift from a person who has a CITES number. Could you please advise on what documents and permissions are required in Cambodia for bringing her in. Very grateful for your help and advice.

  28. Jada – the first thing to do is to acclimate your cat to its carrier. This will take a lot of time. The process is detailed here: You can find regulations to import your cat to Scotland here: Know that, if you fly into the United Kingdom, your cat must travel as air cargo. You can fly into an EU city and take a pet friendly ferry to the UK, then travel by land to Scotland. There are ferries which accept foot traffic and some even have pet friendly cabins to rent. DFDS out of Amsterdam is one example.

  29. Hello, I have been reading so much about traveling with pets I just really need the information that I need with me and my cat. I will be moving to Inverness Scotland within the next year or two and I’m a bit confused on all I need to worry about. I have a cat about 6 years old and she’s very anxious and never leaves the house. I’m not so worried about training her to travel because I have ways to work on that with her once I get a carrier. But I am looking for what I need from the vet for her, what airline is best for this travel, could I do a pet transfer service, and anything else I need to know about this. She never leaves my side she’s like my emotional support animal but we help each other. I want to make this as painless as possible for her but if I was more calm and understood everything I need I feel I can ease her more. Any help is appreciated

  30. Hi! Im planning to move back to my home country, Costa Rica, after living 20 years in the Philippines.

    3 years ago i adopted a cat, the plan was to fly manila-los angeles-san jose since that would be the simplest way to travel with my cat, but unfortunately my US visa expires feb 2022 before my scheduled trip. Now my options are:
    Option 1: manila-narita-mexico city-san jose
    Option 2: Manila-Qatar-Madrid-San Jose

    I keep checking online for requirements to transit through qatar, madrid, and mexico with a cat but it all seems so confusing. I am beyond overwhelmed to say the least…

    Can anyone share their experience transiting trough qatar, madeid, mexico? Please?

  31. Hello Chin – as long as you will be entering Canada with your dog, there should be no fee to clear customs unless further inspections are required. You will need to have proof of current rabies vaccination and a health certificate if your airline requires it.

  32. what are the requirements to bring my dogs with me when I will be a Permanent residence in Montreal Canada.How much will be the fee?

  33. Tori – you will need an EU health certificate to enter France. Technically, this form is not good for entering the UK. The UK requires a GB health certificate. We would recommend getting both forms issued and endorsed in Mexico before you leave and enter both France annd the UK within the 10 day validity period.

  34. Greetings,
    The information you?ve given in website and blog is really helpful.
    I have a question about ?Import Permit?.
    How, where and when should I get that permission?
    I?ll be thankful for the answer.

  35. Hi I want to fly with my dog to England from Mexico but instead of flying direct , fly to France and then take the euro tunnel to England. I need to find out if I need further documentation from french authorities to transit to England as I will only have the health certificates etc from the origin destination which would be Mexico. The Uk state that you need all the places on the route .. does anyone know if there are exceptions to transiting ? And if not what do I need to do in France then before entering Uk?

  36. Susie – if you are not traveling on the same flight with your pet, it must fly as unaccompanied air cargo. Almost all airlines require that an agent book the transport for live animals flying as air cargo. As you are not flying with or within 5 days of your pet, it must fly under commercial regulations. You can find these regulations here as well as all regulations to import a dog, cat or ferret to Germany here: Note step #5.

  37. Hi
    I am looking into relocating from Australia to Germany. Ideally I would travel 6-8 weeks before bringing my dog over so I could do some small trips and set up my apartment for his arrival. I understand that if he must travel within 5 days of my arrival in order to be considered non-commercial. Could you please provide any insights into what people normally do when traveling separately to their pet?

  38. Andreea – your cat must be revaccinated for rabies AFTER the chip has been implanted and wait for either 21 days (if you are entering from a rabies-controlled country or anohter EU Member State) or 30 days before a rabies titer test (if entering from a high-rabies country). Swiss customs authorities will not recognize any rabies vaccinations administered prior to a chip being implanted. Just recording it in the passport will not solve the problem.

  39. Hi,
    I am traveling with my cat by air, to Switzerland.
    He has been vaccinated against rabies before being microchipped and before his passport issued, and the vaccine is registered in the health certificate; the vaccine is still valid at the intended date of the flight – but is it a problem that the vaccine was made before the chip & passport? The veterinarian suggested to enter the vaccine?s data in the passport – series and expiration date, which makes sense, but would it be an accepted solution?
    Thank you!

  40. Aiham – we do not customs clear pets in Turkey and we do not have an answer to your question. Best to contact an agent in Turkey with your inquiry. You can search for one at

  41. Vinicius – if your puppy’s passport was issued in Russia, it will not be accepted for travel within the EU. You will need to visit an EU veterinarian and get an EU Pet Passport. With that, you can travel within the EU and also the UK.

  42. Anne – you can find requirments to import a kitten to India here: Regulations state that live animals can only be imported to New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad or Kolkata. As for your question, we are not aware of airport regulations for Kerala; however, Air India transports pets in the cabin and you could contact them to inquire if their policies allow for in-cabin import. Best to arrive at a large international airport and clear customs, then proceed onward. You will need an agent in India to procure the Notice of No Objection for you. A family member or a representative can do this as well. The applicant must file the request in person. We do not have offices in India but you can search for an agent at

  43. Hi, me and my family are planning to travel permanently with our cat from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Istanbul, Turkey. We seem to follow all the regulations except the rabies titer test as it is too expensive. What are we going to face once we arrive at the airport? Will our poor cat be quarantined? And how long do they quarantine it for? I would really appreciate an answer to this as I’m very worried.


  44. Hi there,

    Earlier this year we have imported a puppy from Russia to Germany. Microchip and vaccination were carried out by the breeder in Russia prior to the export, and all is registered in an “international pet passport”, which contains exactly the same info of the EU pet passport, although not being one. While the rules to travel outside the EU seem quite clear, I could not find much info about the validity of this passport if I want to travel to other EU countries. Would the passport suffice or the dog would need to undergo clinical checks/get a health certificate before we travel within the EU? Any advice is much appreciated.

  45. Hello,
    We want to take our kitten (will be 5 months old by then) to kerala, India. I have some doubts
    1) I read that in cochin airport pets are not allowed but ht showed 2018.. So I am still confused if thats the truth
    2)is there any other option to bring my pet to kerala (from saudi) we are going exit and won?t be returning back so this is a one way thing
    3) What do you recommend ?
    Thank you for your time
    Anne Zara

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