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Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 846 Comments

  1. Hey there, I’m relocating from Malawi to Tunis in a couple weeks with my two cats but having some difficulty in finding exact information about what’s needed for Tunis in terms of medical paper work and rabies clearance (haven’t been able to reach anyone in the Tunisian ministry yet). With regard to rabies, everything I’ve seen online (non-governmental sources) says that only a rabies vaccine within the year is necessary, but in speaking with two expats in Tunisia they insisted that they were required to also show a “serology” test. Then in terms of the paperwork, I’ve read that the final health certificate we fill out before we fly needs to be the European Union version, which I’m having a tough time finding online (the vets here don’t have this version). I also haven’t seen this confirmed anywhere outside of those same sites that insist the titre test isn’t needed. TLDR: has anyone transported meow meows to Tunis? How? Thanks!

  2. Chris – very likely you will need to claim your pet and customs clear it unless your airline has facilities at KUL and can board it. Maximum time for transit is 3 hours (generally) and you must stay on the same airline in and out of the layover airport.

  3. Hi, I may bring my blue heeler back to Thailand. Travel into Thailand will be via Kuala Lumpur. My flight into Kuala Lumpur may be late, the connection to Thailand the next day. Do you know if the dog is held by the airport authorities “in transit” until the next flight? There may be a 12 hour lay over.

  4. Barbara – in order to enter Scotland, your puppy needs to wait for 21 days after rabies vaccination. Do not count the day of the vet visit. It must also have a tapeworm treatment administered by a licensed veterinarian between one and five days of entry. Non-commercial regulations will apply as long as you enter the UK either with your puppy or within 5 days of your puppy. VAT will apply upon entry. You will need to file a Transfer of Residency form with HMRC and the VAT will be returned when the form is processed.

  5. Hi there, I bought a puppy in Canary Islands and I plan to bring him to Scotland. He was 3-months old on 23rd October, vaccinated and microchip that day, and we could be looking at the next weekend for the flight. One question I am not sure about is whether a Pet Passport system applies if we travel together, or the fact that I only just bought him a month ago means that commercial transport rules will apply. Also will I need to pay Vat? Many thanks in advance for any advice!

  6. Hello Tara – get your cat chipped, vaccinated for rabies and titer tested according to steps here: This will start the 180 day clock ticking. You can take your kitty to Peru while conforming to these regulations: You will need to take Elvis to an approved country about 4-6 weeks prior to import. Likely, it will need another titer test so you can get the results endorsed. The final tests and treatments to import your cat to Australia must be done in an approved country and Elvis must enter Australia from the approved country. Elvis must enter Australia at Melbourne as air cargo and you will need an agent in the approved country to book transport. You can search for one at

  7. Hello! So I’m looking to travel internationally with my cat Elvis. I’m planning on going to Peru for four months and then to Australia for three and then who knows where afterwards. I’m hoping I can start my journey in January. I’m looking into the Australian requirements because I figured they would be more strict… and man is that an understatement. So I currently live in the US and he was born and raised here. I guess I’m confused with the rabies test. I see they accept a three year rabies test… if I get this, would it matter that I travel to unapproved countries for a few months?

    So my thinking is… he’s in an approved country where I’m going to give him the rabies titer test (which I’m not certain if I need to send it out to OIE countries) and this is valid for two years… regardless of what country I’m coming from? Because in Peru, I may decide to go to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, or who knows where I’ll be flying in from.

    As I understand it I have to fly in to Melbourne, correct? And I’ll be staying for three months there, but probably heading to Asian and Polynesian islands and may return… this two year titer test should again make it ok to be flying in and out of any country?

    I’m sorry I’m not sure I understand this… a lot more complicated then I thought. And just to make sure I have to wait 6 months after the lab receives his blood work to fly to Melbourne as well? Lol… thank you for your help!

  8. We would suggest that you contact the border inspection post at your entry point in Germany. If your dog does not meet requirements, it will be returned to the origination country or held until regulations are met.

  9. Please inform what is Quarantine like in Germany?
    I want to bring German Spitz from Georgia to Germany and then To Malta. My dog is chipped and has done rabbies vaccination done in November. Now I know that we have to do blood test. If we make blood test and leave after gettong answer, will they take my dog to quarantine, how long will they hold my dog in quarantine and what are expances? Please inform

  10. Beata – we do not have offices in Turkey; however, we would suggest that you contact a local agent in that country and inquire. You can search for a local agent at If they cannot answer you, then this organization may be able to address your inquiry: If they cannot assist, then direct your inquiry to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Ask them whether this cat is subject to CITES regulations (don’t think so) or, as it originated in Turkey, it is protected under Turkish law.

  11. Dear all,
    I am planning to take my Angora cat from Turkey to EU. I got all import procedures (chip, rabies test) for EU but while requesting health certificate from Turkish government, they said they won’t give it to me as I am not allowed to take Angora away (protected breed). Do you know export rules from Turkey for Angora cat? What I can do to take her with me?

  12. Doc – once a dog or cat leaves a country, it loses its “status” and is subject to the same regulations as other pets. Very few countries will waive certain requirements for resident pets that are leaving a country for a very short period of time, and arrangements for this must be made prior to export. We are not aware that Taiwan is one of those countries.

  13. Sam – we are not aware of any exceptions to Taiwan’s regulations for pet import. You can contact a local agent in Taiwan to confirm. Search at

  14. We are planning on bringing our 4 pups with us back to Taiwan for 2-3 months.. but I want to know if there are any exceptions for both Taiwanese citizens with dogs that will be staying less than 3 months as well as anyway to reduce the titer test time (180 days a is a long time especially when the results are given in 6-8 weeks).

    Also how are most airlines with 40” crates holding two pups each? (Each dog is about 17-18” in length from nose to butt) so with a divider it gives pup 20” in length, and one set won’t have a divider since they are comfortable with each other)

  15. Greetings..

    We are planning on bringing our 4 pups with us back to Taiwan for 2-3 months.. but I want to know if there are any exceptions for both Taiwanese citizens with dogs that will be staying less than 3 months as well as anyway to reduce the titer test time (180 days a is a long time especially when the results are given in 6-8 weeks)

  16. Ambika – because your dog is so large, it will need to fly as air cargo into San Francisco and you will need an agent to book the travel. We do not have offices in India, but you can search for an agent at You will need to claim your dog in the US at your airline’s cargo facility.

  17. Hi
    I want to take my 4 years old Saint Bernard with me to San Francisco from Delhi, India
    I want to know is he allow in plane with me or in cargo because his crate size will be giant size and his weight is 110lbs
    And I want to know the full process to take him with me in March 2021
    My husband is living in San Francisco so I’m also moving to there with him and don’t want to leave my dog here
    So any help will be appreciative
    Thanks in advance please guide me with the process

  18. Nafisah – your puppies will need proof of rabies vaccination to enter Canada with you. Regulations are here: Your airline may require a current health certificate. We do not have offices in Canada; however, we do not believe that you can find an airline that will transport your dogs as checked baggage, only in the cabin. We are unsure that you can enter Canada unless you are a Canadian citizen. Best to contact the Canadian Embassy in your country for more information.

  19. I will be bringing 2 puppies 12 weeks of age from India to Canada. What are canadas requirements for the entry of the puppies. What vaccinations must they have completed by 12 weeks. Also is there any extra requirements or restrictions because of Covid 19 ?Someone please let me know.

  20. Diana – unless you got the titer test done before leaving France and the results recorded in your dog’s French Pet Passport, then you will need to get the titer test done in Brazil. If you are returning to France as a French citizen, we understand that the 3 month wait has been waived due to COVID-19. If not, then you will need to wait for 3 months before traveling.

  21. Hello I’m returning to France from Brazil, I stayed in Brazil 2 months, do I need to do the blood exam to my dog? He has the passport and the microchip everything in order!

  22. Catherine – this is a good question for your train company. They can review their stops with you and whether transiting a given country is possible. You can find pet import requirements for all of these countries here:

    If you intend to return to Hungary, then you may want to get your Collie a rabies titer test before leaving for your trip according to steps here: Have the results recorded in your Collie’s EU Pet Passport. It will be much easier to return to the EU. You will also need the test to enter China if this is necessary.,

  23. Hello! I would like to travel from Hungary to Bangkok by train with my pet. I’ll be traveling through Russia, China Vietnam and Laos. What are the requirements for a Border Collie. Is it even possible to do this? Thanks!

  24. Karlijn – it will not make a difference what the departure country is as the regulations are the same when entering Malawi from either country. If you plan to return to the EU, we would recommend that you get your cat chipped, vaccinated and titer tested before leaving the EU. If you can the results recorded in an EU Pet Passport, you will not need to get the test done in Malawi and wait for 3 months before re-entering the EU.

  25. Hello!
    I want to take my cat from The Netherlands to Malawi. We fly from Belgium.
    If I buy the passport is departure country then Netherlands or Belgium?


  26. Fereshteh- you can find current information to import your Terrier mix to Russia here and there are links to further instructions and required forms that can be emailed to you: Your pup will need to clear customs at Domodedovo Airport or Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow or Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, then proceed domestically to Yekaterinburg.

  27. Hi
    I need to travel from Iran to Russia (Yekaterinburg city) with my dog. He is 4 years old and 12 kg. Shitzo-terier
    Would you please send me the whole information I need?

  28. Bruce – you will need to claim your dog and clear customs in Madrid. You can keep the second leg of your trip on the same itinerary; however, you will need to have enough time to clear customs and change terminals in Madrid and recheck your dog on the domestic flight to San Sebastian.

  29. We are going to San Sebastian, Spain with a dog, from the United States. The rules indicate that a dog must enter through approved ports of entry, such as Madrid.

    Or flight itinerary would have a connecting flight in Madrid to San Sebastian. Would we need to purchase a separate ticket from Madrid to San Sebastian in order to go through customs in Madrid, or would we be able to check our baggage through, all the way to San Sebastian?

  30. Noah – you can find step-by-step requirements to import your dog to the United States here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them: To leave Turkey, your dog will need a health certificate, proof of microchip and rabies vaccination as well as all documentation required for your destination country.

  31. Hello,

    I plan to fly to the USA from Turkey with my dog. Can you please tell me:

    1. What are the requirements for leaving Turkey with my pet? Titer test, vaccinations, health certificate, microchip, etc.

    2. What are the requirements for entering the States with my pet? Titer test, vaccinations, health certificate, microchip, etc.

    I believe I only need a health certificate showing a valid rabies vaccination for entering the US, but would appreciate any additional information or clarification.


  32. Elissa – as you are transiting between 2 airlines in the same commpany, then your cat will transit Italy and requirements do not apply. If your cat is traveling with you in the cabin, then you will stay in the secure area of the terminal until you board your next flight. If flying as checked baggage, your layover should not be more than 3 hours.

  33. Hello, I’m looking to travel with my cat from the US to Montenegro with Alitalia, connecting in Rome. Montenegro does not require microchipping, but I am worried about transiting through Italy. Would they ask for a microchip if I am just connecting in Rome? The connecting flight is with Alitalia Cityliner, which Alitalia tells me is the same company. Thank you.

  34. Non, ce n’est pas normal du tout et c’est un signe fort que vous êtes victime d’une arnaque (fraude). Il n’y a aucun moyen de récupérer l’argent une fois que vous leur avez donné le numéro sur la carte. Ce sont des gens très trompeurs.

  35. Est il normal qu on me demande un paiement par ticket pcs carte pou l envoie d in chat ?

  36. Nat – the veterinary certificate for El Salvador is valid for 10 days. We would recommend getting a new one.

  37. I recently got a pet travel certificate for El Salvador. The “shipment” date was for 7/27 but after some issues we had to push our trip back 2 weeks. Could I still use the same travel certificate or would I need to get my pet a new one?

  38. Raheem – the breed is not banned in Belgium. Know that Bullies are snub-nosed breeds and difficult to fly in the cargo hold.

  39. Can you tell me where I can download an import permit for a domestic pet traveling from the USA to Mozambique?

  40. Valeriya – the answer to your first question depends on what happens with Brexit. If an extension is granted before October 31, then rules will remain the same as they are currently. You can use the EU health certificate that you use to enter the UK to enter other EU Member States; however, your pet (if a dog) must have a tapeworm treatment administered by a licensed vet between one and five days of entering the UK each time you re-enter the country.

    If the UK withdraws from the EU without a deal then a rabies titer test will be required to enter the EU and the test must be administered a minimum of 3 months prior to entering. You can get this done before you leave as the test, if done according to steps 1-3 here is good for the life of your pet as long as rabies vaccinations do not expire before boosters are given:

    If you will be completing your trip prior to October 31, 2019, then Brexit will likely not come into play. No one knows what will happen at this point.

  41. Hello!

    I plan to enter UK with my pet, read all the steps we need to follow to avoid quarantine.
    I have 2 questions:
    1. Can we freely travel afterwards to Europe (EU) and back, are there any additional rules we need to follow. We plan to travel by train/car.
    2. What are the rules for having animals (dogs) in UK? Are there any specific restrictions to follow? I mean staff like whether pets are allowed in metro, buses, places for walk, etc.

    With best regards,

  42. Julie – the difference between accompanied checked baggage and air cargo is that, with checked baggage, you check your cat in at the check-in desk at the terminal and you claim your cat at baggage claim. With air cargo, you check your cat in at your airline’s cargo facility and claim it there as well. Air cargo is a bit more expensive as the airline tracks your cat, but, it there is a choice that is needed to load an animal flying as checked baggage or as air cargo, the former will be loaded.

    As long as the crate is not significantly bigger than necessary, then the airline will accept your cat. If there is a question that the crate is too small, then that is grounds for rejection.

    Animals flying as checked baggage in IATA compliant pet crates will not be removed from their crate. This happens for pets flying in the cabin.

    We have only heard of one airline that does not accept frozen water. You may want to bring a bottle of water with you and fill it when checking in your cat. It will reduce the chances of spilled water when handling.

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