International Pet Travel Country Questions

Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 936 Comments

  1. Hello Maria – your pet’s EU Pet Passport from Sweden will be all you need. The United States classifies Sweden as a rabies-free country. Ask your airline whether a current health check will be required.

  2. Hi, I traveled to Sweden with my two dogs from LAX without a problem. I am wondering though about returning to LAX-what sorts of forms are required as a US Citizen to return to the US with your dogs.

  3. Hello Siri – we do not know of any veterinarian who will issue a health certificate without physically inspecting the pet. As for the rabies certificate getting endorsed, it would be best to contact the USDA office to see if they would do that. It would need to be submitted by a USDA-accredited veterinarian if they would allow it.

  4. Hi! I’ve made the bad mistake of traveling to Europe only with my vet’s issued rabies certificate. My cat is now in isolation and I’m looking for options. The vet at customs who took my cat said that if I could produce a USDA-issued certificate of rabies vaccine that this would be sufficient to have her released. No need for the remaining wellness check. Do you know whether it is at all possible to have the USDA issue such a form? She was vaccinated in April. Thank you!!!

  5. Hello Lee – an import permit is not required for pets entering Switzerland from a Third Country (rabies controlled). Import permits are required for pets entering Switzerland from an Unlisted Third Country (high-rabies).

    The requirement for an import permit depends on the country your pet is traveling to. Some countries will require permits, some will not. Your pet’s EU Pet Passport (with all vaccinations included) will substitute for some countries but most have their own health certificates.

    Let us know if we understood your question. You can reply here or send an email to

  6. Hello. I understand that if you want to enter Switzerland by plane from a country other than the EU country, you need to obtain an import permit three weeks in advance.
    If I have an EU pet passport, do I need an import permit when I leave Switzerland for a third country?

  7. Anasia – if you are transiting an EU Member State on the way to Egypt, your pet will need an endorsed Transit EU Health Certificate if flying as air cargo. As for returning, you can use your pet’s EU Pet Passport to reenter France. Ask your airline whether a current health certificate will be required.

  8. My dog has a EU pet passport issued in France, I will travel with him to Egypt, stay there for 3 weeks then come back to France. His EU pet passport is up to date with Rabies, lepto, kc and DHP vaccinations, Also his rabies antibodies test is documented in his EU pet passport. On my way back to France from Egypt, can I use the EU pet passport? Or do i still need Annex IV?

  9. Marcel – we know of no exceptions to the regulations regarding rabies titer tests to enter any EU Member State. Once your dogs left Hungary, they lose their “status” and will need to enter the country subject to the same regulations as other dogs. You can find those regulations here: You can get confirmation from the National Food Chain Safety office in Hungary here: Susan

  10. Hello!

    I brought my two dogs to Iraq in the middle of February (02/16) and I want to go back to Hungary with them at the beginning of April (04/08).

    I would like to know if the Titer test (rabies antibody test) is still necessary if they have spent less than 3 months in Iraq? If it is not necessary, how should I prove when they flew to Iraq with me?

    They have a valid EU passport, are microchipped and have a valid vaccination againts rabies and still have the document that was required to travel: “Veterinary certificate for the exportation of live animals from Hungary”

    Thank you very much for your help in advance!

  11. Camilla – stay on the same airline in and out of Turkey and keep your layover under 3 hours if your dog is flying in the cargo hold as accompanied checked baggage. If you have to claim your dog, it will need to clear customs and enter Turkey and the titer test requirement will apply. There is no wait time after the test to enter Korea. Susan

  12. lo Camilla – best to depart from the UK as Korea classifies this country as rabies free. The titer test is not required to enter Korea; however, it will be required to return to the UK, so plan to have the test done before leaving the UK. No wait to enter Korea. Before Brexit, if you had the results of the test entered into your UK Pet Passport, you did not have to wait the 3 months since the draw to return. Now that UK Pet Passports are no longer valid, check with your veterinarian to be sure that you can return before 3 months with the lab report. As for the stop in Turkey, you will need to stay with the same airline company in and out of IST and your layover should not be over 2-3 hours if your dog is flying as accompanied checked baggage in the cargo hold. In this case, your airline will hold your dog in the secure area until they board it on your next flight. Susan

  13. Hello! We are travelling to South Korea in May.
    If we have a layover in turkey will this affect the rabies free country departure port and thus require a rabies antibody test? If so, as we are leaving in May, are we still within the time frame? Thank you

  14. Hello! I hope you are well

    We are planning to travel to Korea in May but just realised that the rabies antibody test was done in 2019 (more than the necessary 2 years!)
    Currently we have a flight departing from Amsterdam, but we are planning to change it so that we can leave from our home country, which is the UK. If we depart from the UK, and have stop in turkey with our flight, will our doggie still be considered as coming from a rabies free country or not? If not, if we do the antibody test and the results come back before we travel, do we have to wait 3 months to travel (saw it online somewhere)? Getting super confused! Thank you all!

  15. Hi, My husband and I are wanting to visit South Korea for a week on our way back to the US from Thailand. We travel with our little Boston Terrier dog.

    Is the rabies titer test still required for our visit since we are currently visiting Thailand(Not considered a rabies free country) or is this test only required for Thai raised dogs?

    The rules on the Korean Animal and Plant Quarantine website state,”A microchip implant and a rabies-neutralizing antibody test are mandatory for cats and dogs aged 90 days or older originating from countries that are not rabies-free.” Does originating refer to the country the pet lives in or the country the pet is arriving from? Her rabies vaccine and microchip were administered in the USA. I know the US rules for bringing pets from a high-risk country allow that US vaccinated pets do not need the titer test so I want to verify. I also have an email in with the Korean animal quarantine but know that sometimes it can take a while(if ever) to get a response and we need to get the titer test soon to have enough time to get the results.

    If the test is still required, we will have it performed as soon as possible after we get your response and have the results within a month. As long as the blood was drawn within 24 months it is valid, correct?

    Thanks for your attention. Traveling with a pet can be so difficult!

  16. Dina – as long as your dog has not received a rabies vaccination while in Canada, all your dog needs to enter Portugal is a current EU Pet Passport. As for departing Canada, you can contact the Canadian Food Inspection Authority ( and confirm that an EU Health Certificate is not required. You can also contact your airline to see what they will be expecting. Sometimes a health certificate is required by the airline. Susan

  17. Hi there I took my dog to portugal and I got him his passport. I am now in canada but I was told to get a document from the vet with a check up done on him 2 days before traveling. Now my niece said that she didn’t need anything. I’m so confused and frustrated because everyone is telling me different things. Please help and if I could have a link that shows that it would be so helpful. Thanks

  18. Hello Bri – we have been conversing with you on Facebook. According to Guam’s regulations, your flight to Guam from the United Kingdom must be direct to avoid quarantine. The date that your cat and dog’s FAVN tests arrived at the approved laboratory will affect the length of quarantine. Susan

  19. Hello! I’m moving to Guam from England this summer with a dog and a cat, which I know is one of the locations exempt from the commercial quarantine requirements. My question is if we have a layover in the states, are we still exempt from the quarantine upon arrival to Guam? We are required to take the rotator out of England, which stops in Baltimore where we would get another flight to Guam. Is there a limit to how many hours/days you can transfer through another country to still be on the country exempt list while entering Guam?

  20. Tiffany – Le Shuttle will allow pets; however, owners and pets must travel through the Chunnel in a vehicle. If you take the train to Calais, Folkestone Taxi will come pick you up (not sure of the fee) or you can try ride sharing on Blabla Car. DFDS allows foot traffic on some of their ferries but don’t think they sail out of Calais.

  21. What are my options to being a pet (with pet passport etc) from France to England without a vehicle? I am finding that I cannot take a ferry or eurotunnel without a vehicle. I contacted a taxi company and they charge about 400 gbp for a one way trip. Public transport from CDG airport to Dieppe takes 10 hours, but that was the only other ferry company I found that allows pets without vehicles. I am hoping you have other suggestions for me? I can’t believe I am the only one!
    Thank you!

  22. Chuck – the ban on dogs entering Canada from high-risk of rabies countries is for commercial imports. You will have no issues entering Canada with your Pom as the documents you listed are more than sufficient for entry.

  23. Sarah – you will need to contact the local CFIA office in the province you are visiting to see if they will exempt your dog from the rabies requirement.

  24. Hi,
    I am flying from Turkey to Toronto with my 5 yo Pomeranian. I will take her in the cabin with me, along with her passport, microchip, valid rabies vaccination, and health report (issued 2 days before the travel). She is obviously not traveling for commercial purposes, it’s just a 2-week trip. Do you know if she’ll be permitted into the country with me? The info online is so confusing bc Turkey is on Canada’s list of rabies-risk countries.

  25. Hi! I’m travelling with an elderly dog from the US to Canada by car. He is a small terrier mix (12 pounds), and he is 18 years old. Because he is so old, has health issues, and only goes outside for the bathroom, his veterinarian decided he would be better off without the rabies vaccination, which might be too hard on his system.
    Will we be allowed into Canada? Our Health Certificate from the vet does have an explanation for his lack of rabies vaccination.
    Please help!

  26. Souhail – actually, your cats will need an EU Health Certificate to enter France AND a GB Health Certificate to enter the UK. These health certificates are not interchangeable and cannot be used to enter both countries. Your option would be to get an endorsed EU Health Certificate for France from the authorities in Morocco, then visit a veterinarian in France for a GB Health Certificate for the UK. Know that your kitties will need proof of microchip, rabies vaccination and a rabies titer test to enter either country.

  27. Hello,
    I have an enquiry about a special case of pet travel. In fact I want to take my 2 cats from Morocco to the UK but it’s not possible to do ot by air and the only possibility is to go through France and cross the eurotunnel by train. My problem is that the Moroccan authorities could give me only one pet health certificate with the final destination (which is the UK) and I want to know how to cross the French borders at the airport using that.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you soon. Thanks.

  28. Heather – unless your dog has received a rabies vaccination while in the US and the EU Pet Passport is current, then an endorsed EU health certificate will not be necessary. If Delta requires a health certificate, then it will not need USDA endorsement and can be any general health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. The need for a health certificate will depend on the class of service your dog flies under. Susan

  29. Hello, We brought our 3 year old dog from Portugal to the states in May. She has an up to date EU passport, current rabies vaccine and is micro chipped. It’s a little confusing as to if she needs the USDA certification to return to Portugal. Also, do we just contact Delta to see if they require a health certificate? Are there any other forms we might need?

  30. If you are flying with your pet in the cabin or as checked baggage, and your pet’s health certificate is still valid, you should not need to see a veterinarian in Nicaragua. Make sure all vaccinations are still valid. If your pet is a dog, be sure that you have a rabies certificate with your dog’s microchip number on it that was issued by a veterinarian in the United States. Susan

  31. I am looking to travel to Nicaragua from the US with my pet for 2 weeks for vacation. I am aware of the USDA certificate I need to enter Nicaragua but I cannot find any info on whether or not we need to see a vet in Nicaragua for export papers to return to the US even if we are there for only 2 weeks. Do you know the answer to this?

  32. Gigi – the US classifies the Netherlands as rabies-free. It is recommended that your dog have proof of current rabies vaccination and a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel. This should suffice for your airlines as well. Susan

  33. Hi,
    I’m moving from The Netherlands to the US (Illinois) for a year and my dog is coming with me. What are the requirements to get him in the US?

  34. Marina – unless your family’s dog has received a rabies vaccination while in the US, an EU Health Certificate will not be needed and the EU Pet Passport will suffice. If your airline requires a health certificate, it does not require USDA endorsement.

  35. Hello,
    My family came to visit me in US from Romania with their small dog for
    a couple of months. The dog has a EU passport, microchip and all vaccinations are up to date. Do we need any additional paperwork to bring the dog back to Romania? They are flying by Air France with 7hrs layover in Paris.
    Thank you!

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