International Pet Travel Country Questions

Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 972 Comments

  1. Hello Patrycja – we believe the issue is that the first rabies vaccination that your puppy received is not recorded in the UE Pet Passport for some reason. Some veterinarians will not record rabies vaccinations if they did not administer the vaccination, but you should have received a rabies certificate or some other information regarding the first vaccination. It may be a matter of proof of the first rabies vaccination and whether, if the rabies vaccination was given in series (multiple vaccinations), your puppy was fully vaccinated when it was a puppy. Also, it is important to establish the validity period of the vaccination. If you have proof of the initial vaccination, ask your veterinarian why they will not record it in the pet passport. It appears that the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate will not accept any vaccinations that are not entered in the pet passport. Susan

  2. Hi, I have the question about the UE pet passport. The dog is one year old, has a microchip and she had her first rabies vaccination last year when she was a puppy. Now she was vaccinated for rabies again and on the same day the passport was issued. Our vet put in the passport: the date od the vaccination – 20.05.2024 and that vaccination is valid from the same day, because it is the continuation of vaccination (even though it’s the fist rabies vaccination put in passport). Due to the official Chief Veterinary Inspectorate’s information the vaccination will be valid after 21 days, because they told me that it doesn’t matter if it is a continuation or not, it is the fisrt rabies vaccination in passport. Do we still have to wait 21 days until it’s valid and we can go abroad. Who is right? I will be grateful for the answear.

  3. Nina – your veterinarian will mark a regular Annex I certificate as TRANSIT at the top of the certificate. There is not a designated transit certificate. USDA-accredited veterinarians who are trained in VEHCS can generate the certificate. (Ask your vet if they are trained in VEHCS.) We also offer this form together with detailed instructions in our pet passport packages at a minimal cost. ( Susan

  4. Hi, Where can I find the EU Health Certificate (Annex I) marked TRANSIT, I cannot seem to find it online? Does a USDSA vet generate this? Kindly help.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  5. Hello Nina – Your dogs will need proof of a microchip implanted at the same time or before a rabies vaccination. (If your dogs are not chipped, then vaccinated, they will need to wait for 22 days to travel). Your dogs will need an EU Health Certificate (Annex I) marked TRANSIT across the top and submitted to the USDA for endorsement. That is all you will need for the trip to India. Know, however, that if your dogs will be returning to the United States from India, there are all sorts of regulations that must be followed as India is classified as a country with a high risk of rabies by both the EU and the US. Your dog will need another EU Health Certificate (TRANSIT) as well as a rabies titer test which must be administered a minimum of 3 months of transiting the EU. Also, have your vet issue a Certification of U.S.-Based Rabies Vaccination form before departure instead of a rabies certificate if you intend to return. Don’t let your dogs’ rabies vaccinations expire while in India if they will be returning to the US. More information here:

    As for the passport, that will include all docs required for your dogs to transit the EU and enter India. The EU Pet Passport booklet is only issued to EU-resident pets.

  6. Hi I am planning to take my two dogs via Lufthansa cargo from ewr, usa to mumbai, india with a stopover in frankfurt. I will be on the same planes travelling with them. Do i need an eu health certificate for a 5 hour stopover in Frankfurt (we will be switching planes but not airline).

    Also can I put together my own pet passport with appropriate docs and a USDA signed health certifiate? Does that still count as a valid pet passport in frankfurt (eu)?

    Kindly help.

    Thank You

  7. Hello Alex – you are correct that Turkey requires dogs and cats to be vaccinated for rabies every 12 months. You can speak with your veterinarian but revaccinating your pet should not hurt it. Your other option would be to have another rabies titer test done shortly prior to entering Turkey that will prove the approved antibody level in your pet’s blood. We would note that, if you choose to revaccinate your pet, the titer test you used to enter the UK will suffice to enter Turkey if all rabies vaccinations have been administered prior to the expiration of the previous vaccination from the date the blood was drawn for the sample. Susan

  8. Hi, i have dog which i brought from Turkey to the Uk in 2022. She has rabies titer test implemented before arriving uk. She also had rabies vaccination booster in january 2023 (rabies vaccination is valid for three years in UK). I am planning to take her back to Turkey in June. Should we get her vaccinated against rabies again (some sources say turkey requires rabies vaccination no older than 12 months)?

  9. Hello Daisy – you can find requirements to import your dog to Bulgaria here: If you have had a rabies titer test that was processed in an approved lab, it should be valid if you have kept your dog’s rabies vaccinations valid since the blood was drawn for the test. Indonesia is classified by the EU as an unlisted country which is why the test is required. Susan

  10. Hi, I would like to bring my 3 (mix race, 6 kg) in the same flight with me from Jakarta Indonesia to Sofia Bulgaria. Could somebody help me with all info that I need. Thank you

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