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Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 826 Comments

  1. Umberto – you should not need any paperwork done for your dog when returning to the US. As long as you do not spend over 30 days in Italy, your Annex IV form is fine to return to the US.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to bring my dog to Italy from the US during a 10 days holiday. I wanted to know what documents I need in order to bring the dog back in the US? Do I need to get any specific documents in Italy or are the documents that I used for entry enough?

    Thank you

  3. Quick question: we would like to travel with our dog from the US to Italy for 10 days and then bring him back. On top of getting all the paperwork in the US before leaving, will we have to get any paperwork done in Italy? Thank you

  4. Leni – technically, you would need to reside in Argentina for 6 months to be considered a resident there. Not sure how important it is where your dog was born unless it is less than 6 months of age. We don’t recommend that people side step regulations, but if you have a residential address in Argentina, you can consult with a veterinarian there about completing the Annex IV form. And, if it is possible, you would need to fly from Argentina.

  5. We’ve recently discovered our dog needs the blood titer test to travel to Italy from Brazil because Brazil is the high rabbis list. We not only lost our trip (we were supposed to travel tomorrow), but we also found out we will have to wait 4 months before we can travel with our dog.
    We’ve saw someone on the site saying its possible to get an exception for this quarantine period and we’re gonna try the italian embassy but because brazilian authorities are so stupid and unwilling to help, I don’t think this is gonna work for us.
    Do you know what happens if we travel from argentina to italy for example? Argentina is not in that list and the blood titer test is not required. Our dog is healthy, and we are very close to argentina and we can easily get there with our dog. Would that be a solution, or because our dog was born in Brazil we will still have the same problem?
    Any hint from you guys will be highly appreciated. Because of this bureaucracy we already lost our trip (4 people) and we lost 50% of the tickets money. We need to get to Italy ASAP because of a citizenship process and we really can’t afford waiting 4 months here.


  6. Nicole – Unvaccinated puppies and kittens that are not yet 4 months old may enter Puerto Rico. Once your puppy or kitten turns 4 months of age, it must be vaccinated for rabies and wait 30 days before entering Puerto Rico. Your challenge may be re-entering the United States. Your pup will be older than the minimum age for vaccination (3 months) and it cannot re-enter the country without prior permission from the Center for Disease Control. If your pup is vaccinated for rabies in PR, it will need to wait for 30 days before returning to the US.

  7. We are traveling to Puerto Rico for a week in December from Colorado and would Like to bring out new Yorkie puppy who will be 3 months and 3 weeks at the time of travel and will not yet have a rabies shot! Is this allowed?

  8. Sid – India only considers cats, dogs and small birds as pets. We do not have information concerning the import of other animals. You may want to refer to this website and contact them:

  9. Can i take turtle from miscow to india in it possible what are the turtle allowed in india..

  10. Hi James – titer is not necessary for a pet entering England from Canada. Annex IV to be done 10 days before for endorsement by the CFIA and the tapeworm is one to five days prior to travel. Need proof of distemper vaccination. You will also need a Declaration of Non-Commercial Transport and should provide notification to the Animal Reception Center prior to arriving in the UK. (Last thing is not required, but is recommended.)

  11. Hello
    I am looking to relocate my dog to England from Canada ( Listed Country).
    My dog is Microchipped, Rabies Vaccinated and boosters up to date. ( Vets Health Check, letter and Tapeworm to get done 10 days before)

    Do I need to complete a Blood Titer ? I am unclear on this.

    Is there anything else I need??

    Many thanks

  12. Is there any way to fly out of London with my cat in the cabin with me? I know it is impossible to do this flying out of the UK (so I did the fly to Paris and take trains and taxis route to get him to London) but I’m not finding much information about flying out of the UK with in cabin pets. Ideally, I’d like to fly directly from London to New York. But if I need to fly to Paris first and then to New York, that is still preferable to the other options.

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

  13. hi Kari – the EU Pet Passport is fine for entering the US and for re-entering Germany as long as you are traveling with your dog. Check with your airlines about the need for a current health certificate. Your pup will also need to be microchipped (you didn’t mention this) prior to being vaccinated to re-enter Germany.

  14. Hello – I am a US Citizen currently living in Germany. I am returning to the US for ten days and planning to take my small dog. I know I need a health certificate for him for his trip to the US. What about when we return to Germany? Will I need to obtain another health certificate while I’m stateside? I have a EU Pet Passport for him that is current on shots. Thank you!

  15. Dylan – if the titer test is done according to EU standards and the sample is processed in an EU approved laboratory, the EU considers the titer test valid for the life of your pet as long as the rabies vaccination does not expire.

  16. Hi,im in the uk and want to send a pup to my freind in Hawai,how old does the pup have to be and what vaccinations or documents would i need?

  17. Hi ,im working in Thailand and want to take my dog to the uk in the future, but not sure when,could you tell me how long is the titer test valid for one passed,if iget it done now would it still be valid if i decided to go next year ?
    Thanks for any help.

  18. Lauren – as long as you are flying in and out of China on the same airline and, if your pet is traveling in the cargo hold, your layover is not more than 2-3 hours, the airline will transit your pet through the airport and you will not need to enter China. There will not be quarantine in the states as long as you have proof of rabies vaccination administered at least 30 days prior to entry and a health certificate.

  19. I am traveling with my pet from Japan to US. I know that Japan is rabies free and we have no issues there as long as we have a health certificate. My question is.. If we have a layover in China.. Will he need to be quaranteened back in the states? We will not be leaving the airport in China. Thanks!

  20. Hi is the “health certificate issued by an official veterinarian in accordance with EU uniform sample” is that whole health certificate the Annex IV??? Or is it a health certificate from an official vet AND another EU sample health certificate?

  21. hello sir/madam,
    I just want to know the procedure of importing pigeons to nepal from Poland .
    Thanking you,

  22. Hi

    We brought our dog into Germany about 3 weeks ago from South Africa. She now needs to be sent back. What are the requirements?


  23. Sara – you can fly to the UK with your dogs via several cities: London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin. You will need to fly with airlines approved to transport live animals to these cities. Assuming you are flying to London Heathrow, from JFK Finnair flies non-stop as does British Airways, Iberia and Virgin Atlantic. You may need an agent to book with BA and they do their animal transport through IAG Cargo. No matter where in the UK you land, your pets must travel as air cargo. It is expensive to travel due to this requirement as well as the need for an agent to take your pet from the plane to the Animal Reception Center where you will pick it up.

  24. Rumaisa – the temperatures in Dubai in the afternoon could cause problems with the transport of your pet. If your pet is a snub-nosed Persian and the temperature exceeds 75-85 degrees, the airline will not carry it. (the risks to your pet increase at higher temperatures.) You may want to discuss this with your airlines as opposed to experiencing last minute problems.

  25. Hi!
    I am currently residing in Dubai and want my pet cat Turkish Persian to travel from Pakistan to Dubai via Qatar airlines as a manifest cargo.
    We took care of all the documentation from both Karachi(Pakistan) and Dubai
    Now my question is will my cat be able to safely travel without any problem throughout her flight like there won’t be any issue with the temperature regulation or any sort of suffocation issues or heat stroke? We booked her a night flight n so she will be delivered to us the following afternoon as promised by the local agents here. I’m a little concerned as she has never travelled as a cargo. So basically I have concerns about the safety of her travel.

  26. We are moving to Oxford, UK from the US in September and need to fly our two 45lb dogs with us. Is there a recommended airline we should use and a recommended UK city we should fly into? Should we avoid flying directly into London? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  27. Bob – an endorsed APHIS 7001 form is sufficient to enter S. Korea as a health certificate. Your cat will need a titer test. If it is currently vaccinated, then you can have the titer test done more than 30 days before entering the country. In your case, the titer test should be done before July 25. If your pet is not currently vaccinated, then you need to wait 30 days after the vaccination before doing the titer test.

  28. Hello, I am traveling from US to South Korea late August, and I am trying to take my cat with me. I have a couple questions. 1) South Korea’s regulation seem to have changed recently to require the documents be issued by a governmental agency. Would the USDA endorsement of the vet certificate be sufficient? 2) I think I also need to do a titer test but I’m not sure if South Korea has a 30 day requirement. Do you think there is enough time if I am leaving around August 25th? Thank you very much.

  29. Gisela – if your pets are rabies carriers (dogs, cats or ferrets), then you will need proof of current rabies vaccination to enter Canada. Check with your airlines to see if they require a health certificate.

  30. I have a question. We moved from Canada with our pets to Curacao, and used your service to obtain pet passports etc. Glad to report all worked well! My question is – we will be returning to Canada with same pets, but it will be more than 1 year after leaving. What will Canada require to return the pets? Appreciate your reply.

  31. Hi Richard – the titer test is good for the EU for the life of your cat as long as the rabies vaccinations stay current. As per the airlines, Eva is not approved to bring pets into the UK and all live animals must arrive as air cargo, not checked baggage. This is an airline regulation and it is based on the processes once your cat lands. Air cargo will also allow for notification of the Animal Reception Center where you will pick up your pet. The difference between checked baggage and air cargo is price as well as where you drop off your pet and the responsibility the airline has for your pet during layovers. Your pet is tracked all the way when flying as air cargo. It will travel in the cargo hold just like checked baggage.

  32. Hi, very quick and easy questions I hope. Looking to relocate back to the UK. have a domestic short hair cat here in Thailand. I understand about all the requirements with regards to Microchipping, rabies, blood test etc but am a little confused. I know that we can’t travel within 90 days of the test but is there an upper limit to this timescale. Secondly, I also understand that a direct flight is better for the cat, so that would only leave EVA and Thai as my options as BA don’t allow the cat to travel as excess baggage. Has anyone any experience of costs for these airlines? And is there a big difference if he is unaccompanied cargo? Thanks in advance

  33. Amy – it is necessary for your pets to be chipped and vaccinated at least 21 days prior to leaving Italy. The EU Pet Passport is accepted in the US and it would be good to have if you ever returned, but is not mandatory. However, you will need a health certificate for your dog (and maybe your cat depending on airline requirements) issued in English within 10 days of entry as well as proof of rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to entering the US. Technically, your cat will not need a rabies vaccination to enter the US, so don’t worry about the 30 day wait as far as your cat goes, but it will apply to your dog. Vaccination it is a good thing to do as it is likely required in the state in which you live. You should register your cat after you arrive.

  34. Kristin – BA into Heathrow is very expensive. If there is another airline that serves your route, give them a call and inquire as to whether their fare includes an agent or if you can get one on your own. If they say you can, try JCL Cargo as they have pretty reasonable rates. Your other option is to fly to France and enter the UK via the Chunnel avoiding the manifest cargo and agent requirement. You will need a friend or service to pick you up in Calais. Let me know if you are interested in that option.

  35. Hi. I am transporting my dog and cat from Italy to NYC. The dog will fly checked baggage and the cat will be in cabin. I flew the dog to the States two years ago and entered and returned with an EU passport. This time I am making a permanent move and have since lost his passport. Will I be able to leave Italy without the EU passport, but with the documents provided by Pet Travel for entering the US. Also do I need a rabies vaccine for the cat to enter. I am afraid I will not be within the 30 day anvance for the vaccination. I will be flyin Alitalia from Florence to Rome and then Rome to JFK. Any other info I might need would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Amy

  36. Hi! I will be taking my cat from the US to the UK and was flabbergasted by the two quotes I’ve gotten from pet relocation agencies of $3600!! I’m moving to go to graduate school, so I’m on a budget, but really want to take my cat… I’m looking into doing as much of this as I can but I’m having a hard time finding rates for different legs of the journey. I know that I have to have an IATA agent take him through customs at Heathrow, and I think the quote I got from BA included this, but the BA rep said there were no charges at the US airport (SEATAC), but in one of the quotes it claimed a “Tendering process” fee at SeaTac for $350.00? Do you know if there is a fee and if not where I can inquire? I’ve looked online for info at the airport and can’t find any, it says to ask airline.

  37. Nicki – to enter the US, you will need proof of rabies vaccination at least 30 days of entry and a health certificate in English at least 10 days prior to entry. Assuming that you and your pet are flying in and out of Narita on the same airline, you will need a transit permit. If your layover is more than 2 hours, you need to contact your airlines and confirm that they will transit your pet. You can find the transit permit here if you need it.

    You need to contact your airline concerning the cost. It depends on class of service and the route and the size of your dog. Each airline prices differently.

  38. I’m trying to travel to Chicago with my pup. I would be flying from Naha to narita to lax to Chicago. I’m clueless where to start and how much it will cost. Help please!!

  39. Your pet will be confined to home and should be muzzled when outside. You will get the details when you customs clear in Turkey.

  40. Em – to travel to Austria, your cat must be microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies (in that order) and wait 21 days prior to traveling to Austria. The vaccination must not be done prior to 3 months of age. If you do not know your cat’s age, your vet can help you with this. Have your vet get an EU pet passport for your cat. You will use this to enter Austria. There will be no additional requirements for your cat to return to the UK, however, it must arrive as manifest cargo in the hold.

  41. Hi,

    I’m thinking about adopting a rescue cat in England (UK), and potentially bringing it to Austria for about a month, then bringing it back to UK. I’ve been doing some research and I’ve noted down most of what I need to do, but I was wondering:

    Pet Passport: If it’s a rescue cat often they don’t know it’s date of birth. Does this matter?

    Translations: Do I need an official german translation of some documents? If so, which ones?

    Treatments: I would get it neutered/spayed, microchipped, and rabies vaccinated in the UK before leaving, but does it need additional treatment before returning to the UK?

    Travelling: How easy/expensive is it to travel with a cat as carry-on baggage from Austria to the UK? I know the UK is kind of a special case in the EU as they have extra regualtions.


  42. Thank you for the reply, Jason. Could you please explain me what does the domestic quarantine means?

  43. Oxana – Turkey follows EU regulations which state that your dog must be vaccinated for rabies at least once AFTER the microchip is implanted and the vaccination must be current and administered at least 30 days prior to entering the country. As for the titer test, you should get that done 30 days after vaccination even though you do not have the time to wait the 30 days. At least you will have the test in hand when your pet lands in Turkey. Your pet will be able to leave if the quarantine period is not yet expired.

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