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Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 826 Comments

  1. ..still on traveling from San Francisco to Switzerland with my Cat..
    If we will not fly directly to Zurich but will land either in Munich or Amsterdam to rest for a few of days and then travel to Switzerland by train, will the annex lV form and aphis and the 10 days entry certificate from the US be enough or do we need an annex II form from a vet in Germany or the Netherland and an European pet passport as well?
    Can I get a European Pet passport now from the US? When would I be eligible to get one? (Im a swiss citizien living in the US)
    Sorry again for all the questions but im kind of confused. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Hi, sorry I have lots of qustions! I would like to move from San Francisco to Switzerland with my Cat.
    Would the annex lV form be acceptable written in English or should it be also in German if we fly to Zurich airport?
    Is the Aphis form necessary and does it need to be signed by the State usda and also be in english and german and be given to the airline at check in?
    Are the forms available to be downloaded online?
    My vet in the US recommended purvax as a rabies vaccine.
    Is this an acceptable vaccine?

  3. Hi CGV – no quarantine required for your puppy as you have covered the requirements. Travel with proof of age if you have it. The US is pretty strict on the import of puppies. If heat is an issue, travel with Delta. They have a program in place to deal with summer heat.

  4. Ben – you can find requirements to re-enter Japan here: Note the titer test requirements as they are 180 days ahead of time to avoid quarantine. Your pet should also be microchipped before being vaccinated for rabies. As long as you are staying on the same airline in and out of Incheon, you should be fine. Japan does not require that pets enter in the cargo hold.

  5. Hi,
    I’ll be moving from Costa Rica to Florida this coming June. I will most likely enter the US through Miami (in AA) or Atlanta (in Delta). My dog was vaccinated against rabies ~5 months ago. I understand that I will need a health certificate in English from a Vet issued within 10 d of traveling. Can anyone please tell me what other documents might I need? She is a healthy puppy (7 mo). Is there a reason why she would require quarantine? She is medium-size and will travel in her crate. Will there be a problem with her traveling during the summer (due to the heat)?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  6. Hi, I am traveling from Japan to the US and back (probably) by Korean Air. My kitty will be a year and a half? old by then. He is neutered and about to be micro chipped. We will have a layover in Incheon but it is short. My question: Besides standard vaccinations, vax records, rabies shot, and titer test, is there anything else I need to do? Trip is not till late July. If they will allow it, he will be traveling in cabin. Being able to smell me keeps him calm, we do a lot of train travel together.

  7. Hi Lynn – if you are staying in France for more than 30 days, you should visit a vet in France and get a health certificate completed as your airline will likely require it. If your airline does not require it, you will need proof of current rabies vaccination to enter the US.

  8. Michaela – the Annex IV form will only be good for entering Germany. For Curacao, you will need an international health certificate, proof of microchip and ticks and tapeworm treatment.

  9. Hi! I will be traveling from USA to Paris, France for 35 days this summer of 2016. My Havanese dog has been microchipped, had rabies shot, and vet will complete the Annex IV form within 10 days of travel. My question is: What will I need to do paperwork-wise to return to the USA since I am staying LONGER than 30 days? Thank you – Lynn

  10. Phil, Thanks so much for your helpful answer. One thing though: do I need the Pet Passport Curacao on top of the Annex IV which I need for Germany?

  11. Ionela – you can travel from Romania to the UK by car. Get your pet microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days before travel. Have your vet get you an EU pet passport. The only other thing you need to do for your pet is to have a vet administer a tapeworm treatment between one and five days of entering the UK. (The tapeworm requirement is only required when entering the UK.)

  12. Hy. I’m moving to England in a few months and I would like to know if I can travel with my dog from Romania in my personal car or it’s a must that I have to contact a professional pet transporter/ by plane.


  13. Good day
    I am a German citizen but live in Trinidad for about 2 years now because of my marriage. Since Im gonna have a divorce, I´m forced out of the country and need to go back to Germany as soon as possible. I do have 3 rescued dogs and 1 cat. I know I´m not able to take all of them with me but need to take at least two of my dogs with me for now. After some research regarding traveling with pets I want to travel with Surinam Airways initially from Trinidad (POS) to Curacao, get the animals and luggage from the customs and check animals and luggage on the same day but about 4 hours later at AirBerlin to Dusseldorf / Germany. Health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination and microchip already exists (issued/done by a vet in Trinidad). Can you tell me if I can enter as a German citizen in Surinam, but been able to leave easily with my animals on the same day having two separate bookings. Thanks for a quick response.

  14. Rianna – we assume this fee would be levied by your airline to care for your pet during the layover? If so, you should confirm with your airline. Be careful of the high temperatures in Houston if you are traveling after mid May.

  15. Hello, I am travelling from Amsterdam towards Mexico with a 13hour stop in Houston.. From what I understand it is allowed with an extra fee of 125 USD because of the long stop in the US. Am I right? I was afraid I could’nt have her with me in the cabin.

  16. The regulations to import a cat to the UK depend on which country you are entering from. You can find details here: Your cat will need to enter England as air cargo so you will need to make a reservation with the cargo department of your airline. A licensed agent will pick up your cat from the airplane and take it to the Animal Reception Center where you will pick it up. Processing can take up to 5 hours if it is very busy.

  17. I am moving my cat to England next month and am not sure which airline to use. Also, I am not sure the exact paperwork I will need to prepare to make sure I pass customs, I have this site to show what my cat has to have before flying but what about customs forms etc? Does anyone know how long you have to wait to pick up your pet once you arrive at the airport?

  18. Silke – you can take one pet in the cabin with you. After that, you need to find an airline that will allow you to fly with 3 pets as checked baggage. If you cannot find one, then you may have to fly one of them as air cargo, but this will not be as convenient for you and will also be more expensive.

  19. Hello,i am relocating from Germany into the United States of America and am planning on leaving around the 17th of April 2016.I got 3 cats and one dog(Yorkshire Terrier) which are coming with me.I am traveling by myself and read that i am only allowed to take two of my pets.Isn’t there another ability,and if what would it be?

  20. Vaishali – it is complicated to import birds to India and there will be pre-travel requirements in Dubai. We are not experienced in importing birds into India and would suggest the services of an agent to assist you with customs clearance. Try Rishya at

  21. Hi,I am in Dubai, and I have cockatiel birds. Can I take them to India. What is the procedure. And which flight permits pet travelling from Dubai to India. Can I carry them in cabin? And How many birds I can carry? Please help me.

  22. Shea – you can find the requirements to import your Jack to China here: By flying into Beijing, you will need to clear customs to take a domestic flight to Guangzhou and so your Jack would be subject to quarantine. There are direct flights into Guangzhou, but they are nearing completion of quarantine facilities there and by June, they will likely be imposing quarantine there as well. (we have not been able to find out a confirmed completion date.) We are not versed on requirements for humans to enter China, but think that a tourist visa would be necessary. Contact your embassy for that information.

  23. Hello
    I have a 10 year old jack russel terrier. I am going to move to Guangzhou China in June and I believe my flight path would be from Spokane to Seattle Washington then to Beijing then to Guangzhou. Would I be able to avoid quarantine by going from Beijing to Guangzhou? Also does China recognize emotional support dogs? I’m also wondering what the requirements are for me to bring her with me. Does she need to be microchipped? Do I need a specific type of visa?

  24. Jennifer – are you flying in and out of Brussels on the same airline? (i.e. transiting Brussels?) If so, then the titer test is not required as you will not enter the country. If not, then the titer test needs to be done 3 months in advance of travel. Cannot tell from your post whether you are going FROM Uganda TO the US or visa versa. Neither the US or Uganda require the test, but Belgium does when entering from Uganda, not when entering from the US.

  25. Can someone tell me what will be needed if we are flying our dog from uganda To the united states with a layover in brussles. Do you know of any vets in uganda in kampala that can do the paper work? As far as the titer rabies that needs to be done..we are leaving Monday from the u.s. to go to uganda for one year. Can we have the titer done right away? How long is it good for? How far in advance can you have the titer done? Thanks

  26. Hello – if the temperature on the route exceeds 85 degrees anywhere, the airlines will not transport your pet in the cargo hold. This is for the safety of your pet. The only way to avoid this is to fly at night or very early in the morning when temperatures are cooler and try to avoid summer travel.

  27. Andrea – the US requires that 30 days must pass after the rabies shot before pets can enter the country. Your pet will also need an international health certificate issued in English within 10 days of transport. Details and links to instructions and forms if you need them here: As for re-entering Korea, the regulations are here: To enter from the US, your pup needs a titer test no sooner than 30 days after vaccination and more than 30 days before entering Korea otherwise it will be subject to 21 days of quarantine.

  28. I am wondering about the heat restrictions on pet travel. We will be repatriating from Doha, Qatar to Canada in July, 2016 with our two cats. We will be travelling to Halifax, NS. Will this be possible? Or will it be considered too hot in Doha for our cats to travel? If so what options do we have? Thanks!

  29. Hello, I’m currently in South Korea wanting to go to the states for 14 days my dog is almost a year in February (human years) today we just got his shots and leave next week. Will we be able to some how get approved even if when we leave it will be 10 days having his rabis shot? And what will be necessary to get him back into Korea with us?

  30. Martin – you have done a great job of fulfilling all of the requirements to bring your kitties back to Canada. The only little issue may be your transit in Paris. Air France has a habit of collecting pet fees on each leg of the itinerary. You need to call them and ask whether you need to pass through customs to recheck your pets as this will add time to your layover. We have heard from other pet travelers that they did not have problems with the transit in Paris, but it is definitely worth a check.
    Safe travels!

  31. Hi, I am buying two kittens from Czech Republic and I am flying over there with Air France to pick them up and bring them back with me in Canada in cabin. My husband and I are traveling together and we are gonna take one each in a pet carrier in cabin.
    They already have their microchip and they are already vaccinated against rabies. They have a EU pet passport. I will return to Montreal in Canada from Prague (Czech Republic)with Air France with a layover in Charles de Gaulles (Paris) of 2h45. Do I need any other documentation in order to avoid any bad surprise?

  32. Thank you so much for your quick response regarding microchips for my 2 cats headed to the Netherlands from Hong Kong. I see you offer a few different microchip scanners. Which do you recommend? One of my cats has an FDX-A 10-digit microchip, the other has a 9-digit AVID microchip. Thank you again!!

  33. Deb – the regulations for importing pets to the EU got a lot stronger at the end of 2014, holding the countries more accountable for enforcing EU regulations. Enforcement is a tough thing to predict and, according to regulations, pets with microchips that are not ISO compliant need to provide their own scanners. You can re-chip them and re-vaccinate them at least 21 days prior to travel or get a scanner and carry it with you. We have them in our store: and we do ship to HK. You should decide which option is best, but we would not recommend that you assume there will be a scanner at customs that can read your cats’ chips.

  34. Hello – I plan to bring my 2 cats from Hong Kong to Netherlands in about 1 month. I have secured a relocation company to help on the HK end. However, I am concerned, as I have now read that NL accepts only an ISO 11784/11785 pet microchip that is a 15 digit and non-encrypted, but I read conflicting information on another site. My cats have 9 and 10 digit microchips that are older. Is the requirement for a 15-digit, non-encrypted microchip still valid? Or are they also accepting 9 and 10-digit microchips that are older?

    If the 15-digit requirement holds, any idea where I can buy a microchip scanner? Or do I need to get them re-microchipped and re-vaccinated?

    Thank you!

  35. Hi Liz and Rob – you will need the APHIS form for Mexico and can use this to enter other countries, however, these health certificates have expirations, so you will likely need to visit a vet or two along the way. Others require import permits and application for home quarantine. You may want to check out the import requirements of all the countries you plan to visit here:

  36. Natilia – have your pet microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies even if it is not due. If you can prove that his prior vaccination was current at the time of re-vaccination, you will not need to wait the 21 days.

  37. We are traveling to Mexico, Central and South America by RV. We are bringing our cat. She has her appointment tomorrow for her health screening, then we will take the form to the USDA Aphis office. Will we need to bring more than one country form?

  38. We are traveling from Los Angeles to Nice, France on Tuesday (in 3 days). Originally we were going to leave our two dogs with a dog sitter but one of my dogs passed away this week. We now want to take our other dog with us since he has been very sad and we don’t want him to be without us (or us without him) during this time.
    I understand that pets have to be microchipped (and vaccinated for rabies again after the microchip) 21 days prior to travel. Since our trip is within 21 days does anyone know the flexibility on this? He is 9 years old and has always been up-to-date with all of his vaccines.

  39. hi John – you can find regulations for taking your pet to Thailand here: Because the EU considers Thailand to be a high-rabies country, you need to do the following process while you are in the UK to avoid quarantine when you return: 1. microchip your pet 2. vaccinate for rabies 3. wait for 30 days 4. have your vet do a blood titer test. The titer test must be done 90 days before you leave the UK unless your pet has an EU pet passport and its vaccination and blood test were done in the EU and recorded in the pet passport. You should start this process now.

  40. Hi I’m taking my Yorkie to Thailand in Jan 2016 and returning to England in March 2016. What am I going to need? I’m arranging a EU Pet Passport and I am applying for e

  41. hi, i have a question i origanaly bought by dog as a 6 week old puppy in mexico last year in december and brought her over to the usa with her puppy shots and booklet now i want to go back to vacations to mexico and want to take my dog she is now 1yr old and was wondering what all i need to take her down there with me on a car if you could please e-mail me back

  42. Shirley – forgot to mention that you may need to think about requirements that the country you are visiting Georgia from will have to return. Georgia is considered a high-rabies country and it may require some steps taken ahead of time to return to some countries.

  43. Hi Bert -as long as you are not staying in Italy more than 30 days, you can use the Annex IV form to re-enter the US. No additional forms are necessary unless your airline requires them.

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