International Pet Travel Country Questions

Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 822 Comments

  1. Emily – answer to question #1: you will need to have your cat microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies (one year rabies vaccination) and wait for 30 days before the titer test. You can have the vaccination done at a licensed veterinarian’s office. The blood sample for the test must be done at an EU-approved laboratory. Regulations are here: http://www/

  2. I am bringing my cat from Kiev, Ukraine to the UK this summer.

    I have a few questions, and would be very grateful for help…

    1. My cat has a pet passport from the Slovak Republic. She had her last rabies vaccination in the Slovak Republic five years ago, and this is recorded in her pet passport. We’ve been in Ukraine for the past 5 years. Do I need to have a new rabies vaccination done here in Ukraine, and then wait 30 days until having the blood drawn for the titer test? Or can I simply have the blood drawn for the titer test now (since her EU pet passport shows evidence of her rabies vaccination from 5 years ago in Slovakia)?

    2. How can I figure out which vets in Kiev are able to carry out the health certificate and titer/blood work? Is there a list of accepted vets for this city? Or can I just use our normal vet here?

    Thank you in advance for your help. I love my cat so much, and am very nervous about making sure that everything is in order for our move this summer.

  3. Hi, I am looking to transport my dog from Argentina to UK and was wondering if anyone has any idea of the cost of using IAG for this. I dont have my dog’s measurements to hand, but she is a medium size. Thanks.

  4. Patrick – yes, your employers can fly with their cats into CDG and take Le Shuttle from Calais to Folkestone. There is a pet friendly train from Paris to Calais; however, they will need to ride Le Shuttle in a car. If they fly into the UK, the cats must fly as air cargo according to commercial airline regulations.

    You can find requirements to import the cats to the UK here:

    Before leaving Hawaii, your employers need to prepare to return. Hawaii is a rabies-free island and a process must be followed to return. You can find details on this process here:


  5. Hello, my employers are looking to bring two cats from Hawaii to their home in London for a few months, with a return trip back to Hawaii. Would you know the best way for them to travel with the cats in the cabin in either business or first class? I know we can’t arrive in the UK with the pets in cabin but could we fly into France and use a service to get them from there to London? Thank you!

  6. Hi Trisha – you will likely need a transit permit to transit your dog through HK. Ask Cathay about this. As long as you are staying on Cathay Pacific in and out of HK and your layover is not over 3 hours, the airline will transit your dog. Quarantine should not be required because your dog is not entering the country as the first leg of your trip is not long. You will pick up your dog at baggage claim in EWR. Generally they are where the larger items are next to the carousels or at the lost baggage office.

  7. I’m hoping to bring my lab mix dog over from KUL to NYC (via Newark International Airport) as checked baggage; do you have information on whether there is a quarantine period at Newark and will there also be a quarantine period during the HK transit as well? Any advice on securing the crate with food/water as well? Thanks!

  8. Hi! I’m hoping to bring my lab mix dog over from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Newark Airport, NJ, USA in 3 months, hoping you can shed some light on flying pets via Cathay Pacific checked baggage and how long will my dog have to be in quarantine and is there a quarantine period in HK transit as well? I found a pet relocation agency that can help with the domestic logistics, but don’t have information for the flying/airline processes.

    Thank you!

    I’m a uk citizen currently living in Spain, I want to purchase a Savannah F1 cat from England and bring it back over to spain… I’m aware I have to have a license for the potentially dangerous animal here in spain and of the pet passport scheme….. but I’m not sure on the laws of brining the cat into Spain? I can seem to find any info or previous cases of people attempting to do this? I’m not sure as the cat is half wild blood if it will be put into quarantine or even accepted into Spain?

    Any help or direction on this would be massively appreciated..
    Thanks in advance

  10. Im planning to move from Indonesia to Malaysia with my dog (siberian husky 3 months)…I have read all the info that written above…but have some questions…
    1. Dog pass
    2. Microchip
    3. Vaccinations
    4. Import permit
    5. Health certificate
    Is that all?

    – Where i can get Import Permit? Do i need to apply to general department of veterinary service of Malaysia online??
    – Should i make Export Permit from Indonesia departmens?
    – Who can make Health Certificate in Indonesia?? Usual vet? Or specific department also?
    – Is it means that i need to make documents to firstly Export from Indonesia…and then make documents to Import into Malaysia…?

    I ask all these questions, because i’m not indonesian…im from another country…and it’s pretty hard to find any info on english…
    Thank you, in advance!

  11. Hi Adam – as your red eared sliders are being transported within the EU, a current health certificate will be required. We would mention that the UK has banned red eared sliders so they will likely not be able to return to the country. We are not aware that Cyprus has this ban; however, we have not read anything about it.

  12. Hi, I have four male red eared slider terrapins. I am currently living in Ukraine and I am relocating to Cyprus – will I be able to take them with me?

    I can find very little information online about what would be required. I’ve searched the CITES checklist for Emydidae in Cyprus but there is no entity.

    Any help with information would be greatly appreciated.


  13. Veronica – you can find requirements to import your puppy to the United States here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them: if you are not flying with your pup, then you will need to contact the cargo department of an airline that flies the entire route. Do not change airline companies until you get to the US if you can help it and avoid the UK for layovers.

  14. I adopted a dog from the Philippines. I would like to bring him in the USA. He received his rabies vaccination when he turned 3months and 1 day old. I am planning to bring him to the US on May 15, 2018. He will be 7-8 months then. What are the requirements I have to fulfill to bring him to the USA. Please Advise. Thank you.

  15. Eleonora – this is a good question for your airline. Pets with medical needs should always be vetted through the airlines so facilities and time spent during layovers will afford the application of medication. The crew does not service typically the cargo hold during flight, and so, the legs of you flight should be such that your pet can be treated during the layover. The USDA should not have a problem with your dog’s condition as it is not contagious, but the airline may.

  16. CJ – from published information, Domodedovo Airport in Moscow or Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg are the entry points to Russia. Yes, the vaccination is required.

  17. Hi, I live in the United States and I’m in the process of adopting a dog with special needs (epilepsy). I’m originally from Italy and since dogs that are not emotional support or service dogs are not allowed in the cabin on international flights, I’d like to know if there’s someone that checks on them while in cargo. Teddy will need medications every 12 hours and I can’t find something regarding a case like this. Will be able to get approved by USDA with his condition? Thank you in advance for your time.

  18. I am traveling to Russia with my dog. I see on the website that I must register that dog at either Domodedeva airport or Pulkovo airport. I will be arriving at either Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Sakhalinsk or Sheryemetova airport. Can I register my dog upon arrival to Russia at these airports as well?

    I was also told that my dog needed Coronavirus vaccine. Is this true and does it need to be a dedicated vaccine or can it be a combination vaccine?

  19. Kirsten – no microchip required for your pet. Its passport will be the collection of documentation required to enter the country. The health certificate must be completed by a USDA-accredited veterinarian and endorsed by your State USDA office. You can find current requirements here to import a dog or cat to the Dominican Republic: You can find a list of USDA offices here

  20. Hi, I would be so grateful for any help! I am super confused and leaving on Thursday – I’m taking my dog from the US to the Dominican Republic.

    1. On one website it says they require a microchip and a pet passport, on another it says they require neither.

    2. On the health certificate and the vaccinations, they were signed off by a USDA-certified veterinarian, yet another website says we must get them stamped by our local USDA office on top of that?

    What I have for her:
    – Originals of current vaccinations and a copy of a rabies vaccination within the last 12 months.
    – Health certificate just freshly by a USDA-certified vet.

    Is that enough to enter the DR?

    Thank you so much for any help!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Tiffany – the import of personal pet birds is permitted; however, an import permit from Ministry of Agriculture and Animal (MAGA) will be required. Specifics will included with the permit.

  22. Hi!

    My husband and I are wanting to take our 2 parrots with us to Guatemala from the USA. Our airline allows them to travel with us in cabin, so we are all good there. We are just unsure as to what documents we need to export them from the USA and then import them to Guatemala. We’ve searched everywhere, and just can’t find an answer! Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  23. Hi my friend ask me to bring his dog to usa so can i fly with dog if in dog passport isnt my surname ? Or i need to do new passport for dog with my surname ??

  24. Mareike – as long as you will be traveling with your cats, they will only need an EU Pet Passport reflecting a current rabies vaccination administered after a microchip was implanted. If your cats did not have a microchip at the time of their current rabies vaccination, they will need to be revaccinated and wait for 21 days before traveling. Your cats likely have a 2 or 3 year rabies vaccination that was administered more that a year ago. Because France and Spain typically use the one year rabies vaccination, we understand that they have been revaccinating pets entering from other EU countries. We are not sure about Germany as we have not received feedback from pet owners. Likely if you are flying it should not be a problem.

  25. Hi, we want to move from the UK to Germany and bringing our cats. They got a rabies vaccination two years ago when we moved from Australia to England. The certificate said it needs a booster in October 2018 so I assume that I don’t need to worry about a rabies booster? But do I need a health certificate? They got their annual vaccinations in March so that’s all up to date. Just wondering if I need a certificate of the vet prior to our move that they’re in good health?

  26. Hi!
    I’m going to visit my boyfriend who lives in England, and I’m from the US. I have a budgie who I’m wanting to take with me, my airline let’s me take him, but what do I need to get Mac through customs? How do I find what documents I need? I can’t find anything and I’m getting upset because I can’t bare to leave him behind. Please help

  27. I am moving to Mexico with my dog from the US. I will be back and forth between the US and Mexico often. Will I need to reobtain a health certificate each time I visit the US and return to Mexico?

  28. Alla – the United States is very pet friendly. Your vet should have an inactivated rabies vaccine that is approved for use in your country. The US does not require any other vaccinations; your vet can help you with distemper, parvo and other standard vaccinations. No spay or neutering is required to enter the country.

  29. Hello!
    I am taking my dog from Moldova to USA, Georgia. Which type of rabies vaccine needed? Is Nobivac Rabies okay? And which type of Vaccine against viruses needed? Is vanguard 5 okay? And do I need to Sterilize my dog? Will be happy to get any help!! Thank you!

  30. Gautam – you can find requirements to import your Labrador from India to Australia here: We must note that it will not be possible to import your Lab directly to Australia from India as India is not an approved country for import. Although the 180 day titer test can be done in India, about 6-8 weeks prior to transport, you will need to move your Lab to an approved country and get more testing and treatments done there. Your pup must also be transported to Australia from the approved country. The process will take a minimum of 6 months to complete.

  31. Hello,
    I have moved to Australia from India and now plan to bring my lab from India to Aus. Reading from different sources I understand the process is complex and time consuming.
    Let me know how you can help me?

  32. Jen – although Germany does not allow “unvaccinated pets” to transit or enter the country, EU requirements are basically the same. Your pet is not considered vaccinated for rabies until it receives its first one AFTER it is microchipped. That rule goes the same for both countries. When entering from the US, your pet must first be microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies, then wait for 21 days before entering either Germany or Italy. As you will be transiting Germany, you should have the non-commercial EU health certificate for Italy. Regs are here:

  33. My family is traveling to Florence, Italy for one year. We fly from the US to Munich, then on to Florence, all on Lufthansa. It seems the German requirements are more strict than the Italian ones regarding rabies. My cat has had the 3 year rabies shot, which I’ve read Germany doesn’t accept. We would need to microchip him before we go and would not be able to get him another rabies shot after the chip. If we are just passing through Germany on the way to Italy, do we need to go by German standards, or by Italian ones?

  34. Gillian – your cat must enter the UK as air cargo according to airline regulations. If you are thinking about flying to Germany with the cat in the cabin, then transferring to cargo, then know that you will need to carry a cargo crate with you as checked baggage. You will also need to check your cat into Lufthansa’s cargo facility which is not the same place that you check your baggage in the terminal.

    If you change airline companies, then you will need to claim your cat and clear customs in Germany and enter the country. The requirements for the UK are the same for Germany so it is a matter of allotting the time to do this.

  35. Hello, I will be traveling with my cat from Croatia to the UK In November. He has all of the requirements to enter the UK (microchip, passport, current vaccinations). I have two questions,
    1. Can my cat be transported from Croatia to Germany via Croatia Airlines and then Germany to the UK via Lufthansa?
    2. If so, can my cat travel in the Cabin with me if he is being relocated to the UK? Or does he have to go as cargo?

  36. I have a 3 months puppy with me in Egypt…can I import him to Dubai if I give him the rabies vacination?

  37. John – you can find requirements to import your Shih Tzu to the U.K. here with links to further instructions and forms if you need them: We would note that, because Brazil is considered a high-rabies country by the EU, the titer test in step #3 will be required. If there is not time for the 90 days to elapse, your Shih Tzu will be quarantined for the balance of that period.

  38. Hi, I am a uk expat returning to the uk from Brazil. While here I purchased a shih tzu who is now 2 years old, fully vaccinated up to date. I am returning full time to the uk at the end of July. I want to bring her back permanently and need to know what the entry requirements are and if she will face quarantine, please advise….

  39. Hi Shannon – ADA laws are US laws and do not apply in other countries unless they pass their own laws conforming to those of the US. It appears that you will need to register your dog as a resident animal on Anguilla before the 30 days expires. We were not aware of that regulation.

  40. I am relocating to Anguilla for Medical School for 20 months. I have a service dog I need to bring with me; however, I was told she could only have a 30 day passport. Does the ADA laws pertain to American citizens while living on the island for that long?? I would appreciate any advice possible to help me take my dog with me. She is very necessary for me to have. Thank You!!

  41. Brandon – sounds like you got requirements covered. microchip, current rabies vaccination and EU Pet Passport. If your dog and cats are not currently vaccinated, wait 21 days before travel. You will likely need to sign a Declaration of Non-Commercial Transport at Border Inspection attesting that you are not moving your pets to sell or changing ownership. (which you are not.) Have a safe trip.

  42. Hello!

    We successfully brought our dog and 2 cats from the USA to the UK in 2015 for a 2 year assignment. We are now accepting a 2 year assignment in Germany. From what I can tell, moving pets between 2 EU countries is somewhat easier (microchip and pet passport showing current rabies). I’m looking for some help confirming that this is indeed all that is required. We are considering flying from the UK to Amsterdam with the pets (short 45 min flight) and then driving from Amsterdam to our location in Germany. I just need some help confirming what is required for this type of journey. Thank you so much!

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