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Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 844 Comments

  1. Hello,
    I am planning on traveling with my cat (domestic med hair) from Los Angeles to Korea early September. (koreanair , non stop 13-14 hour flight )
    I had a couple of questions before going forward with booking the ticket.

    1.what is the difference between “accompanied checked baggage and cargo ,? ”
    (with crate, total weight will be less than 30lbs, so I wont be allowed to bring my cat in cabin )

    2. so far, I’ve purchased two different crates on amazon; one that was a bit big for my cat, but plenty of room and easier to coax my cat to go into, and one that looks like its just right for the cat, but harder to coax into and not quite enough room . I know the airline will turn away the crate if its too small for the animal, but can the same happen for a crate too big for the animal ?

    3.i read that the animal needs to be taken out of their crate for security check , my cat is a bit jumpy, can a private room be requested or ….?

    4. some sites say the water bowl needs to be completely empty, some sites recommend freezing water in the bowl for a flight, which one is correct?

  2. Sam – the weight usually includes the carrier that your pup is traveling in. We do not use Royal Air Maroc because they do not serve many routes in the east. You can contact a representative and ask if weighing is a normal part of check in. Sorry we cannot help further.

  3. I am flying to Morocco, Casablanca next month (July), I am familiar with the document I need to have before flying with Tito, my dog. He is a Maltese/Bichon, weights 12 pounds, which is about 5.6kgs. I read online that Royal Air Maroc allows the pet in cabin as long as they don’t weight more than 5kgs. Anyone knows if they would allow him to fly in cabin if he weights just slightly more than 5 pounds? He is too small to be left alone in the cargo and I really don’t want to leave him there.

  4. Aprille – the UK or any EU country will not require quarantine for your dogs as along as requirements are met. You can find those requirements here and there are links to further instructions and required forms if you need them: We would note that, as the EU classifies South Africa as high-rabies, the titer test in step #3 will be required. These regulations will very likely remain in place after Brexit; however, the health certificate will change.

    New Zealand will require mandatory 10 days of quarantine as does Australia. You can find step-by-step requirements for over 220 countries here:

  5. My husband and I are planning to leave South Africa in the next 2 year’s.

    We are looking at the UK or New Zealand as destinations.

    I am put off by the quarantine as my dogs are family and suffer from separation anxiety.

    What are the rules for those two countries regarding quarantine?

    Which countries do not insist on quarantine for pets coming from South Africa?

  6. Chris – we obtain information from government agencies as well as transport agents in the subject country. In this case, we were advised by Senasa that the 3 year vaccination was accepted. That said, we are in the process of confirming this information as regulations do change. I will update my response as soon as we know.

  7. Hi, I have a question regarding the regulations of Costa Rica with respect to the rabies vaccination.

    In the website it’s stated that “Costa Rica does recognize the 3 year rabies vaccine”: actually I could not find this information in the Costa Rican National Animal Health Service (Senasa). Could you please provide any official link/document containing such regulation ?
    Thank you – Chris

  8. Hi,

    My dog was born in Norway, chipped and regestered on me as the lawfull owner. One day my ex boyfriend kidnapped the dog and topk him to switzerland. He does nor have the correct paperwork and i did not accompany his travel or signing any form of approval for taking him. He does not have a passport either. I truly want my dog back, but can you please inform me who i can contact in Switzerland to report this?

  9. Danielle – if the UK leaves the EU with no deal, then it will likely be classified as a “non-listed country.” What this means is that, to return to the EU from the UK after Brexit, a rabies titer test will be required. In this case, it would be best to have the test done before leaving Bulgaria. If the results of the test are recorded in your pet’s passport, then you do not need to have it done in the UK 3 calendar months prior to returning to Bulgaria.

    If the UK withdraws from the EU with a deal, then likely, it will be classified as a “listed Third Country,” and the titer test will not be required.

    No one knows how this will all turn out. You can monitor this page for updates:

  10. Hi 

    I am wanting to know about the need for a titre test. I am a UK national living in Bulgaria, I adopted a dog and am taking her to the UK for three over the summer.

    I spoke too the UK government and they said I will not require a titre test to take my dog from the EU to the UK regardless if we leave the EU before October 31st, hiwever they did say if they UK becomes a 3rd type country then I will require a titre test to re-enter the EU. My dog has a Bulgarian EU passport will she still require a titre test if she has this passport?

    Also her point of entry too and from the UK is France, are Staffordshire Bull terriers banned from travelling through France? I have seen mixed results online about taking staffies to France. 

    Thank you


  11. Robbie -you can find step-by-step requirements to import your cat to France here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them: In Spain, you will claim your cat at baggage claim (if flying as checked baggage) or just proceed to baggage claim, get your luggage and proceed to customs with your cat. There should be no issues as long as regs are followed.

  12. I am traveling from the United States to Spain and bringing my cat. How should I prepare and what should I expect on the Spain end?

  13. Hi, I’m planning to vacation in Bangkok in a few months and I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring some pet fish back home with me from Chatuchak Market. They aren’t for anything commercial, I’m just trying to bring some freshwater shrimp and small fish home. We’re flying back on ANA and they allow pets in the cargo, but it doesn’t say anything about fish one way or the other. Would I be able to check the fish in as cargo to bring home? Once I get to the US with them I’ll be fine, I just need to know how to get them TO the US, I think.

  14. Just wondering what the story is my dog left nz 1year and 2months ago stayed in Canada for a year and we redid all his vaccinations with a 3year rabies shot and leptospirosis 1year and Daff 3year ones then went to Vietnam for 2 months now won’t to take him home what do I need to do as I can’t move and wait 6months to do it

  15. DSS – You can find requirements to import your dog to over 220 countries including France and the high-rabies country you intend to enter here: (see the drop down menu). As to your questions, #1: if you take your dog outside of the secure area of the terminal in Paris, you will need to clear customs and enter France. Also, if you are flying Air France or if you are changing airline companies in Paris, you will need to clear customs and enter France. France’s regulations are the same as those for Greece. Know that the EU health certificate is only good for 10 days after issuance by a USDA-accredited vet. Because it is unlikely that you will enter Greece in this time frame, you may want to consider getting the certificate for France and enter that country during your layover. The certificate is good for 4 months after entering the EU. #2 Yes, the titer test will be required to enter to Greece from a high-rabies country no matter how long you stay. #3: yes, you will enter France on the return leg of your trip if you spend the night; however, you can use the same EU health certificate you use to enter France initially. We do not know whether the high-rabies country has will accept the EU health certificate, so there may be additional requirements to consider. It is likely their health certificate must be endorsed by the USDA as well including the titer test.

  16. The critical question here is whether, when entering France or other EU countries with the same requirements, a dog residing in a rabies-controlled country (U.S.) and spending a short time in a high-risk rabies country is treated the same as a dog residing in a high-risk rabies country. The issue at stake is whether a rabies titer test is needed or not.
    Here is the scenario:
    We live in the US and plan to take our dog to Europe this summer for 3.5 weeks (will be 18 months at that time). She is current on all vaccinations and is scheduled to get a rabies booster about 45 days before leaving the US.
    From the US, we will be flying into Paris and then continuing to a high-risk rabies country where we will stay for about a week. From there, going to Greece by car for 10 days and returning back to the same high-risk rabies country for 5 days. Then we fly back to the US with an overnight stay in Paris. A few questions:
    1. On the outbound leg, since we have a 5hr layover in Paris and there is no pet relief station inside the security area, will they require all the paperwork to let the dog go outside the building to relieve herself?
    2. Is the rabies titer test necessary in our case, first to enter Greece and then France on the way back, since we will be technically entering each of these countries from a high-risk rabies country?
    3. Are we formally entering France twice within these 3.5 weeks (the first time on the outbound leg for relief purposes and the second time for an overnight stay) and need two sets of papers or there is a period when the same paperwork is still valid?

  17. Laura – if your Terrier is flying as checked baggage, you do not need an agent to book the travel. If your Terrier is flying as air cargo, then you do. You can search for one who serves the Netherlands at When you land in MIA, and, if your Terrier is flying as checked baggage, you will claim it at baggage claim and clear customs with it. No fees should be due unless your Terrier requires further inspection (doubtful). If it is flying as air cargo, it will need to be claimed at Lufthansa’s cargo facility in Miami. The papers must be taken to the customs office where they will be stamped, then back to the cargo facility to retrieve your Terrier. We can arrange for customs clearance and delivery in Miami if your Terrier is flying as air cargo as we serve this airport. Send an email to with your details and we would be happy to issue you a free quote.

  18. Hi. Im moving from the netherlands to miami this year. I would like to take my
    8year old boston terrier 9kg.
    I know lufthansa is the best (only) option.
    So far i know what kind of documents my BT needs, the cost for a ticket, and that she has to fly in cargo, also i know about the temperature restrictions. But im still a bit confused about this:
    – am i obligated to use a special transport company to help with the fly arrangements?
    – what happens when we land in miami airport? can i pick up my BT right away and get her true security? Is there extra payment that i need to be aware of?
    Any other info that is necessary to know will be very helpfull!
    Thank you so much!!

  19. Erika – you can find requirements to import your dog to Lebanon here and there are links to further instructions and forms required if you need them: If you are flying in and out of Poland on the same airline, then no documentation should be needed. If your dog is flying in the cabin, then you will stay in the secure area of the airport until you board your next flight. If it is traveling in the hold, the layover should not be more than 3 hours. Your dog will be transferred to the next plane. If you are changing airline companies in Poland, your cat will need to enter the country and conform to these regulations: We would also note that, because Lebanon is considered a high-rabies country by the EU, you should get your dog titer tested according to steps 1-3 here before leaving Lithuania if you have any plans to return. If the results can be recorded in your dog’s EU Pet Passport, then you do not need to get the test done in Lebanon and wait 3 calendar months to return.

  20. hello, ill travel from Lihuania to Lebanon( 1 stop in Poland).I wana bring small dog with me, what kind doc do i need to have?

  21. Maria – you can find requirements to import your Boxer to Ireland here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them: Your dog will need to enter Ireland as air cargo if flying. Not many airlines will fly Boxers due to their snub-nosed condition. Lufthansa will and you can contact their cargo department for details. Here are their policies:

  22. Hi Susan,
    I need to move my beautiful healthy, chipped, vaccinated 4 year old BOXER dog back to Ireland with me. Will she need to be quarantined? Is there any airline who will take her? If not, what are my alternatives? Cruise ship? Cargo ship?

    Please help. It would break our hearts to have to leave without her.


  23. Hi, I am British and currently living in Kenya. We have a large breed (labrador) dog who is essentially a family member.

    The official information seems conflicting as it says no dogs from Africa can be imported, however it then says (later on) that there are exceptions for some situations.

    Our dog has been vaccinated regularly, has been microchipped and has had her rabies blood test done through South Africa (as a recognised international veterinary service).

    Will we be able to move over to the Cayman Islands with her? If so, what’s the process and ball-park figure for costs typically?


  24. Ayashan – if you are flying to Frankfurt one another airline, then changing airline companies to Lufthansa, then you will need to clear customs in Germany and recheck your cat on Lufthansa. Germany will be your point of entry country to the EU. The documentation that you use to enter Germany will also be good to enter Hungary.

    You do not mention a rabies titer test. It will be required to enter any EU country if you are originating in Kazakhstan. You can see regulations to enter all EU countries here (click the drop down menu):

  25. Hello!
    We are travelling with a cat from Astana to Budapest
    We have microchip and vaccines on time . But wizz air doesn’t permit animals . So we are going from Astana to Frankfurt then by Lufthansa we are going to Budapest.
    Will she stay with us in transit zone or not? And any documents we need for there?

  26. Codi – pigs are not considered as pets when importing to any country; they are imported under livestock regulations. As we deal primarily with domesticated pets, we do not have those regulations. You can research livestock regulations for many countries under the Ministry of Agriculture. Sorry we can’t provide more information. Know as well that your pig will need to fly as air cargo, so you will be dealing with the cargo department of an airline that flies your entire route.

  27. I have a mini pig that is Mirco chipped and up to date on all of his shots. What countries am I able to bring him to? Please advise since I would like to bring him overseas. He is currently a tear old and weighs aprox 50-60 pounds.
    thank you

  28. Alexander – if it is permitted, you will likely need an import permit. You can get more information from the Directorate General for Food and Veterinary at . Your snails will need to be transported as air cargo. You will be dealing with the cargo department of an airline that flies the entire route.

  29. Dorothy – Pit bulls are banned from entry to the Province of Ontario and cities of Winnipeg and Toronto. The country does not ban them. Dangerous dog laws are legislated at the province and city level. If you have a destination city in mind, best to Google your city and banned breeds.

  30. Hello,
    I am traveling to Porto, Portugal from Venezuela through Tap Air Portugal, arriving at Porto Airport. I was wondering if snails, particularly Giant African Land Snails, are permitted in Portugal? And if so, where can I find a guide of the regulations and paperwork for importing such animals, and could they be brought on board the plane (such as in the cabin or in the hold) or do they need to be shipped?

  31. Stacey – the name on the health certificate should match your new name if you are getting your US Passport changed. The old one should be returned to you, so bring that as well.

  32. Moving to Taiwan from US. Does the name on the pet paperwork have to match the person traveling with the dog? I am getting married so the paperwork is in my maiden name, but I will be changing it after we get married before we move. Can I just show my marriage license and proof?

  33. Josefina – the USDA and CDC will not require a rabies certificate to customs clear your pup. It should not be vaccinated until 3 months of age according to Florida regulations.The puppy should have a current health certificate and conform to all export requirements from Argentina.

  34. I am traveling with a two month old puppy from Argentina to Miami.
    I already have all the required certificates yet the only thing I cannot seem to understand is what to do regarding the rabies vaccinations since she is too young.

    Can I still travel with her?

    Thanks, Josefina

  35. Ana – as you are accompanying your dog into Norway, it can travel under non-commercial regulations. It will need proof of current rabies vaccination administered after a microchip was implanted and, if not currently vaccinated or chipped, it will need to wait for 21 days before travel. With an EU health certificate issued and endorsed within 10 days of travel, you should have no issues clearing customs in Norway. If your dog is flying in the cargo hold as checked baggage, you will need claim it at baggage claim and clear customs with it. If it is flying as air cargo, you will need to claim it at your airline’s cargo facility.

  36. We are relocating with our dog from Perth (Aus) to Norway. We are using an agent to move her but I will be doing the customs clearance on arrival and wanted to know if there are any specific considerations I need to have in mind for clearing customs in Oslo??
    Thank you, Ana.

  37. Lauren – you can find requirements to import your dog from the Republic of Georgia to the United Kingdom here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them: We would note that, because the EU classifies the Republic of Georgia as a high-rabies country, the titer test in step #3 will be required. As long as all requirements are met, your dog will not need to be quarantined when entering the United Kingdom.

  38. Hi we are traveling on Jan 5th with our dog to Spain, and are worried about the ability to get APHIS approval with the ongoing govt shutdown. Is an in person meeting at JFK the best option?

  39. I am looking into bringing a dog from the Rebublic of Georgia to the UK.

    She is vaccinated and has a passport.

    Will she need to go into quarantine?

  40. Wonnie – there will be no issues entering the US from Japan with a cat that is accompanied by a health certificate and proof of current rabies vaccination. We would urge you to contact Delta and confirm that your cat can fly with you on this route in the cabin (if that is your intention). If it is going to fly as air cargo, then the flight must be under 12 hours in duration. Know also that if you select a soft sided carrier like these ( the height restriction can be met by compressing the carrier.

  41. Hello, I am currently trying to cover all my basis in preparation to move back to my home in Ohio from Japan. I have 1 cat, mix breed.
    I have:
    -Researched airline policies and will be choosing Delta airlines.
    -Researched required pet documents and quarintine policies.

    With that knowledge I have already notified my vet a year ago I will be returning with my cat. Micro-chipped him within his first year. Will try to contact Delta for a flight that will be least stressful for my cat. I am still on the fence with my choices on amazon for pet carrier b.c I want the maximum dimension I can get within airline policy. Prepped to buy my cat a few tubes of 10g puree snacks (in ziplock bags of course) to help calm him for the flight.

    However even with all preparation I still can not find one piece of information to complete my preparation. Additional documentaries may be required by the specific state I will end up in. So, I have clicked and typed in all over google and all over the international pet policy sites and I can not for the love of my cat find ‘additional documentaries’ requirement for pets on Ohio state.

    So I can’t find a grain of info on CDC website which sent me to -> USDA website (no dice) and sends me to -> Ohio Department of Agriculture (which had no documents or policies for cats at all) digging all over the GOVERNMENT PROVIDED sites I could not get a pixel on any ‘state specific’ additional requirement for my cat.
    Frustratingly I used all mix and match of words I could on google and uh…
    There was moving from STATE by STATE policy and they listed that ohio requires CVI(certified vet inspection) and proof of rabies vaccine.

    Is it safe to assume that for moving from COUNTRY of Japan to STATE of Ohio, the ALL the vetinary documents I need for my final destination (Ohio) is CVI and proof of rabies vaccine?

  42. Heather – you can find requirements to import your dogs to Spain here: As long as your dogs were chipped before they had their rabies vaccination and steps 1-3 were followed, the EU health certificate is what they will need. (also rabies certificates) Worming is advised but not required by current EU legislation. It is a practice commonly administered in Spain.

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