International Pet Travel Country Questions

Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 822 Comments

  1. Beti – your Maltese is considered to be entering the US from the Philippines due to the length of time you have been there, but this will not make a difference in US requirements. Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to entering the US. There is also a tapeworm requirement.

  2. I am aware that domestic dogs from the Philippines are REQUIRED to be quarantined in Hong Kong. I would like to avoid that for my dog.

  3. I am from the United States–Chicago. I have been living in the Philippines for a little over a year now. I brought my 4 year old Maltese with me. I am, however, moving back to the United States next month. Will she be considered a domestic Philippine dog now since I’ve been residing here for over a year? Or is she still considered a dog from the United States?

  4. You will need to stay on the same airline so that you can transit through Korea and not have to enter the country. Whether you can take your puppy in the cabin with you totally depends on airline policy for the carrier you select. I would suggest that you layer pet pads in your carrier as this is a very long trip.

  5. Hi! I am looking to bring a puppy back with me when I go back to visit Thailand in May. (She is a present for my mom, so I am looking for one-way trip only) The flight is from Edmonton to Vancouver, via Soeul Korea and then Bangkok. I understand I should be able to bring her in the cabin with me? (kennel and weight will def meet the requirement). Any info you can give me would be appreciated.

  6. Hello, thank you for the help in advance!
    I will be traveling from Bangkok through Japan and into LAX in June with my dog. I understand she will require an export permit from Thailand, rabies vaccine, screw worm test and health certificate coming into the US, but is a transit permit in Japan required? She is travelling as excess baggage and it’s just an hour layover changing airplanes- same airline (Japan Airlines). Is there anything else I am missing?

    Thank you so much for the prompt response.

  7. Hi Ram – I am not sure where you are migrating to Canada from and whether the cats will be with you (and another passenger) in the cabin or not. I would say that, unless you are changing airlines, your cats will not be inspected at the Hong Kong airport. If you are changing airlines, then you will most likely need to clear customs and enter the country. You can find all the documents and complete instructions for both countries here:

    Most likely, your pets will eat very little during the flight, but you may want to pack some food in your luggage for when you get to Canada. (sealed cans or dry) You should encourage them to drink if they will, but I would get bottled water after the security checkpoint.

  8. Hi. I’m migrating to Canada and I want to bring my two pet cats with me. They are both Persian cats, one is 8 years old and the other is 6 years old. I have booked a flight already through Cathay Pacific which will have a stop over at Hong Kong and will arrive at Toronto. What are the papers/documents that I will need? How much will the estimated fees be? Are the pets required to be inspected again at the Hong Kong airport and will there be necessary documents needed for that? How about food and water? How much food and water should I take? Thank you. πŸ™‚

  9. To take your pet into Indonesia (Jakarta) it must first be micro chipped with the ISO microchip, then vaccinated for rabies and then have a blood titer test done well in advance of the travel date. You have ample time for that to be done. You must also obtain an import permit in advance of arrival and have your veterinarian complete the proper veterinary certificate. You can find very detailed instructions and all of the forms here:

  10. Hi,

    I will be travelling with my 2 year old miniature dachshund on June/July 2013.
    I’m leaving from Los Angeles to Jakarta, Indonesia.
    I was wondering of what proper documentation I need, and if there were any additional requirements I need to follow.
    Thank you.

  11. Hello – Saudi Arabia is a bit tricky to bring a pet into. You will need an import permit and a health certificate endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi Arabian Embassy. Your pet must be microchipped and vaccinated. You also need authorization letters from your employer. You can find instructions and forms here and they can be emailed to you:

  12. Hi,
    I need to take my cat with me from the US to Saudi Arabia. What paperwork do I need? Where can I get that done?

  13. You will need to have your Shih Tzu microchipped, then vaccinated (in that order) at least 21 days prior to entering the UK. Your veterinarian will complete the Annex II form for the UK within 10 days of travel and your pet will need a tapeworm test between one and five days of entry. Because of your location, DEFRA needs other guarantees from your veterinarian concerning your puppy. You can find detailed instructions and forms here and they can be emailed to you:

    Your challenge may be finding an airline that will carry your puppy in the cargo hold (as DEFRA requires) as it is a snub nosed breed and many airlines have breed restrictions. Shih Tzu breeds are one of these restricted breeds. Call around and find an airline that will serve the entire route. The airlines will not interline pets, so changing planes is OK, but changing airlines is not. Malaysia Airlines has a direct route. If they have restrictions, we will have to search for another alternative.

  14. I am living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and want to take my Shih Tsz back to the UK London. Can you tell me the full procedure for bring my dog back and any advice you can give me.


  15. Hello Shreya – in order to take your dog from India to Belgium, it will need to be microchipped with a 15 digit ISO microchip, then vaccinated for rabies (in that order). No sooner than 30 days after vaccination, your vet will administer a Blood Titer Test. Assuming a response within limits, your pet will be able to enter Belgium 90 days after the blood was drawn for the test. Within 10 days of travel, a licensed veterinarian will complete the Annex II for Belgium for endorsement by the Country Veterinarian.

    If you need complete instructions and all forms required for bringing a pet to Belgium, you can find them here and they can be emailed to you:

  16. hi, i want to take my dog from India to Belgium.. what all documents do i need to make?? please guide..

  17. Hello Lily – I know that United usually requires pet transporters to process the transaction for animals leaving South America. Try TACA. Not sure of your final destination, but they have a direct flight to MIA.

  18. Hi. I brought my cat to Lima, Peru a couple of years ago, but we now need to return to the States. Are there any airlines out of Peru which will allow him to be transported as cargo or sent expedited (he’s way too big to fit under a seat), or must I use a third-party shipper? Thank you.

  19. Hi, I live in Doha, Qatar. I am hoping to take my cat with me to Thiruvananthapuram in the state of Kerala in India. I am planning to travel in April. I am trying to put together the documentation for my cat. Could you please advise me on this? Apparently India requires something called a No Objection Certificate from the Quarantine Centre in India. I am not sure how to obtain this. Thanks and regards.

  20. Assuming you have met all of the requirements for entry of a pet into Guam including the micro chip, rabies and other vaccinations, blood titer test at least 120 days before travel then the only remaining step is to apply for an import permit. Once you have that permit you will have your veterinarian complete the APHIS form 7001 about two weeks before travel and then you will have that form as well as the blood titer test results certified by the USDA area office. There is no specific requirement that the pet transit through Hawaii. The requirements for entering Hawaii or nearly the same as those for Guam. If the pet is just transiting Hawaii, staying on the same airline and the layover is less than two hours then you need do nothing more. If you plan on staying in Hawaii for a few hours or days then you will also need an import permit for Hawaii. If you would like the complete pet passport information and forms for either Guam or Hawaii they are available here:

  21. Hi Jaclyn – your will need a veterinary certificate for Brazil and your pet must have current vaccinations and there will be no quarantine. Returning to the US is also not a problem. Your pets will need current rabies vaccinations, a health certificate and a test for screw worm shortly prior to entering to the US. You can find complete instructions and forms here:

  22. Hi Dee – it is fine to have the microchip inserted and the rabies vaccination done in the same day. Your veterinarian can indicate that on the Annex II form. However, 21 days must pass after the vaccination prior to your pet entering the UK to avoid quarantine. As long as that is the case, you should be fine.

  23. Hello,

    I am taking my cat from the US to the UK in a few weeks. I took him to the vet last week for the microchip and rabies vaccine. I did insist the microchip was inserted first; but is it okay to have them done on the same day? Although I’m pretty sure I have the whole process outlined correctly, because the rules changed so quickly it’s difficult to find uptodate information on the internet.

    Your help is much appreciated! If I have to take him back for another rabies shot I want to make sure I have time to do this before he flies.

    Many thanks!

  24. My husband and I are PCSing to Guam, and we will be bringing our dog. We currently live in on the east coast of CONUS. We took the dog to the vet in January and went through Guam’s quarantine regulations with our vet. She took the rabies blood test and administered her vaccinations, per Guam’s guidelines (which are very complicated!) and the lab sent the results to Guam’s Department of Agriculture. What are the next steps?

    Also, it is my understanding that we need to fly through Hawaii with her. Do we need to contact Hawaii’s quarantine office and go through their regulations as well?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

  25. I will be traveling from the US (Miami) to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) with 2 medium sized dogs,
    approximately 60 pounds each. I will be doing research there for 12-18 months, then returning from Brazil back to the US. I am wondering if they will have to be quarantined, or if there are specific procedures that I need to follow for each country. Thanks for your help!

  26. You can easily bring your pet rabbit into the United States. The only requirement is that it be accompanied by a certificate of good health. To take the rabbit back into Japan is more complicated. The pet rabbit must be micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit microchip and vaccinated for rabies. You must also obtain an import permit well in advance of the travel date to return to Japan. There also requirements you must meet in order to take the rabbit out of Japan (Japan export certificates)

  27. Hi!
    I’ll be travelling from japan to the us, then back in july. Wondering if i can bring my bunny on my trip and what i’ll need to do in order to do so.

  28. Hi I’m traveling with my dog from Los Angeles,USA to Manila,Philippines. We have a Lay over in Taiwan for 4 hours. Do I need a quarantine and import permit from Taiwan? And what documentations do I need? Thank you.

  29. Hello Mary -you will need to abide to Delta’s regulations on the leg from Paris to Minneapolis if Delta flies that part of your route. Delta will not fly pets as checked baggage between May 15 and September 15.

  30. Hello,
    I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin (West Africa) and I acquired a dog during my service. I will be returning to the USA in August, and my dog will be coming too. I already know what paperwork I need for him (certificate of health, microchip, rabies booster) and what type of kennel. He’s too big to fly as a carry-on and will have to fly as either a checked bag or cargo. I’ll fly Air France from Cotonou to Paris, then continue on to Minneapolis. Here’s my question (and I’ve asked the airlines and keep getting contradictory information): Air France does not have summer blackout dates but Delta does, and since the two are partnered together, there’s a chance my flight from Paris to Minneapolis will be Delta-run and not AF-run. Will that affect my dog flying as a checked bag? If I book the entire voyage with AF, will that ensure my dog can fly with me (as a bag) even if the second flight is on a Delta plane?

    Thank you,

  31. Hi Tandy – in order to enter Seychelles, your pet will need an Import Permit, 15 digit ISO microchip, rabies vaccination (no sooner than 30 days, no more than one year), Blood Titer Test and Veterinary Certificate endorsed by the USDA. If you meet these requirements, your quarantine time may be between 2 weeks and 30 days. You can find complete instructions and forms required here and they can be emailed to you: Your pets must arrive in Seychelles as manifest cargo which bothers me a bit considering the time you are flying (July). You will need to do 2 things: find an airline that serves the entire route as airlines do not interline pets and make sure they have a program in place to deal with the summer heat. Your pets need to be protected from the heat in the holding and loading areas as well as the time spent on the tarmac prior to take off.

    You really might consider breaking up your trip into several segments. Should you decide to stop along the way, you will need a veterinary certificate for the country you are laying over in, but you probably have met all the other requirements for entry. (of course, this will depend on the country). Your pets are so small (and I am sure adorable) that to have them endure the entire trip would be very difficult.

    If you need further assistance, let us know.

  32. You will need the documents to enter Peru as you will need to claim your pet on arrival in that country and then later check it as manifested cargo on the flight to the UK. Be sure the airline you are using out of Peru is authorized to take pets into the UK, not all airlines are so authorized. The rules for taking your pet into the UK are the same from either Bolivia or Peru so you can use the same documents which include the microchip, rabies vaccination, blood titer test, annex II veterinary certificate and the tapeworm treatment. If you need more detailed information and all of the forms including the list of authorized airlines they are available here:


    I am relocating from the USA to Seychelles with 2 small Maltese females in July What medical test are needed and shots.
    Will they be quarantined?
    If so how long?
    And where?
    Do they need a pet passport?
    What forms are needed?
    We will be traveling to get there for almost 2 days …. since they are small dogs what are the travel requirments to keep them with us in cabin…I can’t take the stress of them being below with us changing planes about 3 times?

    Will their private parts be touched by TSA … I want to get the ready for the shock as I must too! lmbo

    Thank you for as much info as you can give me…. relocating as a single mother is a BIG undertaking so you are GREATLY appreciated.


  34. With a current blue pet passport, your pets should be fine as long as you visit EU countries. (Be sure and get a rabies vaccination.) The UK will require a tapeworm test within one to five days of return, however. If you venture out of the EU, then it would depend on what country you visit. Anywhere on the northern coast of Africa or Turkey will mean a Blood Titer Test 3 months prior to their return in order to avoid quarantine.

  35. I will be travelling from Bolivia to the UK with my dog in cargo. Although I am clear on entry requirments for the UK, the journey involves an 11 hour layover in Lima, Peru. To take the dog out of the airport for the day, do I have to import him int Peru? And can I then use Bolivian documents to take the dog from Peru later that evening?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

  36. hi,

    We are looking at taking our dogs on the boat this year, around Jersey, and perhaps to the med. They are both already microchipped and will of course be passported. But what else will they need to allow them to get on and off the boat in whichever countries we visit, and still be allowed back into the Uk.

  37. Hi Carole – your Pug must be vaccinated for rabies and accompanied by 2 copies of a health certificate completed by a licensed veterinarian to enter Mexico. You can find more details here: The challenge you may have is finding an airline that will transport your pet in the cargo hold if it is not small enough to travel in the cabin. Pugs are a bracycephalic breed and many airlines will not transport them in the cargo hold, especially in the warmer months.

  38. I am taking a pug in cabin with me from Vancouver Canada to Mexico city for 2 weeks. What health requirements and documents do he need

  39. If your pet has a blue pet passport, has been micro chipped and has current rabies vaccination you need nothing else to enter the US or to return to Switzerland.

  40. Hello ,
    I will be traveling from Switzerland to USA , California for 2 weeks. I would like to take my little dog with me . I have cleared it with the airline and he will be in the cabin with me . I am not sure what kind of paperwork I will need to enter the USA with him, and to leave the USA with him. He has a microchip , and a european passport . Could you please tell me what forms i will need in the US customs ?
    Thanks so much

  41. To take your cat into the UK you will need to visit a veterinarian in New Zealand to first have the cat micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit microchip. Then after it is micro chipped it must be vaccinated for rabies even if it has been vaccinated before. Then 10 days or less before the cat travels to the UK your veterinarian must complete the Annex II veterinary certificate for the UK. You will be able to use the same form to enter Germany. Pet animals can only enter the UK as manifested cargo. You can find detailed instructions and the necessary forms here if you need them.

  42. Hi there,

    Looking to take my cat from New Zealand to UK, then to Germany within a few weeks after that.

    Can she travel on her New Zealand pet passport in the EU? Would there be anything we need to do in UK before flying to Germany? And from Germany, about a year later, could she return to UK?

    Also, would you know if cargo is the only option from New Zealand to UK?



  43. Hello Maddie – your dogs and cat will need to be microchipped with a 15 digit microchip, then vaccinated for rabies (in that order) at least 21 days prior to entering Spain. Within 10 days of travel, an USDA accredited veterinarian will need to complete the Annex II form for Spain for endorsement by the USDA. Unless you have someone traveling with you, several of your pets will need to travel as checked baggage. Your Shepard will likely need to travel as manifest cargo due to its weight. All of them will need a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel. You should also have an APHIS 7001 form which shows your pet’s vaccination record.
    As for the horses, we don’t usually advise on their transport. I would suggest that you consult who handles moving horses internationally.

  44. Hello Andrew – the United States is a very pet friendly country. Your pet will need a current rabies vaccination, a veterinary certificate and a tapeworm test shortly before travel. The problem may be finding an airline that will accept your Doberman during the summer months. Most airlines will not transport a live animal in the cargo hold when the temperatures climb over 85 degrees.

  45. Im gna travel in sumer to NY and im gna bring my dog with me (Doberman, 6 month old ) . i am coming from Asia ( Middle East) Lebanon (Country) i am PROPBLY gna be at JFK ,and i just want to know what should I take for my dog so he can pass because i heard that a person had a hard time and at the end they didnt let his dog pass . thanks for helping me πŸ™‚ (i hve the american nationlty in case )

  46. I moving from USA to Spain, Canary Island,in August 2013.I would like to know what I will need for one cat 8 years old 9 pounds,One chihuahua 1 year and 2 months old 2,2 pounds and a German sheperd dog 8 years old 110 pounds. 4 horses too. Thank you!

  47. Hi there
    I have a question.
    I have 3 Samoyeds that has to fly from Sofia to Scotland (prefer Aberdeen but if it is impossible could be Glasgow, as well). They has international passports, rabies vacsins and microchips. I have no cages for them. I would like to know which one is the best (cheapest I mean)airline I can use in order to take them here. Can I apply for discount as they are 3 of them. Is there airline that provide cages I can rent for one fly in order not buy any.

    Thank you in advance

  48. In order to return to the UK, your dog will have to have been vaccinated AFTER he (or she) was microchipped. (UK regs specify the order) Ten days prior to travel, a USDA accredited vet will complete the Annex II form for the UK for endorsement by the USDA. Your pup will also need a tapeworm test between one and five days of entering the UK.

    There are several ways that pets can travel on airplanes: in-cabin, as checked baggage traveling in the cargo hold, and as manifest cargo, also traveling in the cargo hold. In the case of manifest cargo, the cargo department of the airline you choose will handle the transport of your pet. An approved agent in the UK picks up your pet and takes it to the Animal Clearance Center which is where you will pick it up after the veterinarian inspects your pet and its paperwork. You can still travel on the same plane as your pet, but the drop off location may not be the reservation desk. It is also a bit more expensive.

    The airline will need to be an approved carrier and your pet must enter the UK either at Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester. There are additional procedures for flying into Scotland. This may change by the time you travel, but this is what the rules are currently.

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