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Pet Passport for International TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 822 Comments

  1. Joshua – in order to bring your kitties to the US, they will need to current rabies vaccinations administered at least 21 days prior to entry. They will also need current health certificates. If your pets do not have rabies vaccinations, and you don’t have 21 days, you will need a Home Quarantine form. You can find instructions and forms here and they can be emailed to you:

  2. Hello Heather – to enter the US, your Terrier will need proof of a rabies vaccination at least 21 days prior to entry and a health certificate. If you need instructions and a sample health certificate, you can find them at and they can be emailed to you.

    Although there is always the possibility that live animals can be bumped from a flight, if your Terrier travels as checked baggage, they will almost certainly be on the same flight as you are. You should ask for confirmation that your pet has been boarded when at the gate and alert the crew that there is a live animal in the hold. You will pick up your pet at baggage claim at your destination airport.

  3. I’m planning to move back to the US from the UK in October. I’m flying from Manchester to Atlanta via Delta. I want to bring my border x patterdale terrier with me. What is required and is the cargo hold on my flight or will she be on another one?

  4. I am moving from Italy to the United States permanently and will be bringing my two cats with me. Is there a particular immigration process for bringing pets into the US permanently? What do I need? Thanks in advance.

  5. The only additional requirement is for Lebanon who requires proof of pet ownership. I have sent this form to your email address.

  6. Hello Nancy – the only direct flight to Chicago ORD that I could find on a wide range of airlines was American Airlines out of Rome. I checked Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Florence and Venice. Sorry I could not be of more assistance.

  7. Hello,

    My boyfriend and I are moving from the US to Cali, Colombia for new jobs. We definitely want to take our two dogs with us, and we hope that we can find flights direct to Cali or Bogota that will accept our two (one large and one medium sized). Here is the problem: My dog Molasses is a tall 80 pound poodle mix that will require a 700 series kennel. From what I’ve heard, our only option is flying with United as American will not accept 700 series kennels under any circumstances. We are willing to drive 17 hours to get the dogs from North Carolina to a direct flight from Houston to Bogota and then drive 9 hours to get them from Bogota to Cali. But I can’t get a straight answer from United about whether they will take a dog in a 700 series kennel on a Boeing 757. Please help me get this straight!

    If there’s no way for me to take Molasses as a checked pet, I’m also open to using a pet shipping company. What are the reputable and affordable companies that I should contact? Are there any other options that I am completely overlooking?

    Thanks very much,


  8. Hi ill be travelling from USA to Lebanon and i have a 1 day layover in Turkey. I have all the health certificates and registration and rabbies vaccination papers. The dog is as well microchipped with international standard microchip. What else do i need to enter turkey and lebanon?

  9. I am planning to move my dog back to the USA from the Lombardia region of Italy. I am looking for a direct flight from the closest airport in Italy which has a direct flight into Chicago with a reputable airline. Do you have any suggestions.

    Thank you

  10. Hello Susan (and Jerry),
    I have read through most of the comments and I apologize for asking a question you may have already answered, but I did not see your reply. I want to ship a puppy from Spain to USA at the airline carrier’s minimum age requirement (8 or 12 weeks, depending on carrier). The puppy would be microchipped and fly as unattended cargo. The response from animal transport/freight forwarders has been that before transport, the rabies vaccination is required at 3 months and then wait an additional 30 days after vaccination. Are there prohibitions on an ITAPA agent using the “Confinement Agreement” from the US CDC website to import an unvaccinated puppy? From my reading of the Confinement Agreement, it seems as if there is an option to travel before the 30 days wait, as long as we agree to confine the puppy after arrival for the required 30 days. How can I use the CDC’s “Confinement Agreement” to ship the puppy before 16 weeks?

    Best regards,


  11. I am trying to travel to St. Martin with my small 7 pound yorkie. She is microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations, and has the sign veterinary health certificate. I called US airways customer service on three separate occasions asking for everything I would need with regards to my final destination. No one informed me on the permission to import that is necessary to bring your dog. What can I do now? Is there anyone I can call for permission expedited? I leave in less than 24 hours as I had to have my family go on without me and stay behind to either board the dog or figure out how to bring here. Thanks for your help!

  12. You will have no problem bringing the mother and the puppy into the US as long as the mother has been vaccinated for rabies and both animals are accompanied by a certificate of good health. You will need to call the airline reservations office to determine whether or not they will transport the pet animals. Some airlines do not allow the Shih Tzu breed to travel in the cargo hold and most airlines only allow one pet per passenger in the cabin. Only the airline can advise you on this and you must call their reservations office, you cannot make the arrangements online.

  13. Our shih tzu is due to have puppies. Is it possible to transport the mother and a puppy together on an international flight after eight weeks? The dogs would be transported from Manila to Upstate New York. If possible, would the dogs be one fee or two?

  14. Delta has a program for the summer heat that includes both Pensacola and Atlanta, however, you may want to check to be sure that your pet’s crate will fit in the Pensacola to Atlanta leg as it will be a small plane. (Not sure if Delta is your carrier.) You can find airline compliant pet crates here and they have sizing charts to help you pick out the correct size. Do not scrimp as the airlines will measure for international flights. If the ears are pointed, they must be 3″ below the top of the crate.

  15. We are moving from Pensacola, FL to Rome, Italy in the middle of July. I am worried about being able to fly with our 75 lb pup because of the heat restrictions. Have heard that international flights have less restrictions. Wondering if it would just be easier to drive the 5 hrs to Atlanta where we should be able to get a direct flight instead of trying to fly from Pensacola. Any suggestions?
    And where can I find the dimensions required for air approved crates? We crate trained our dog when he was little (3yrs ago)but don’t know if that one is approved for flight.
    Thanks for your help!

  16. According to their regulations the pet would be placed in quarantine for 21 days on arrival.
    I will do some additional research and try and determine if there is a way around the quarantine period.

  17. Hi! I will be flying to Montenegro with a young puppy (16 weeks) on August 3. Montenegro requires that dogs have rabies shots 30 days before arrival. However, the pup will not be old enough for a rabies shot until July 30, which is only 4 days before I fly. Are there different rules for puppies?

  18. Thailand is on the list of countries infected with screwworm and a test is required within 5 days of entry to the US. It is a simple test administered by your veterinarian and should be specified.

  19. Hi!

    I am importing my dog from Thailand to USA on the 26th of June. She has her export permit and health certificate stating that she had rabies vaccination. It wasn’t until I returned from the office that I noticed “screwworm” wasn’t specified. Does it need to be or is it enough to have the statement that dog it “healthy and free of infectious/contagious diseases”?

    Thank you!!

  20. Hi Judith – checked baggage is a service offered by most (but not all) airlines for pets that are too large or not permitted in the cabin who are accompanied by a passenger on the flight. British Airlines does offer this service for dogs and cats. They will travel in the cargo hold of the airline and you will pick them up at baggage claim.

  21. My sister and I are planning to move to Italy for a year and want to take our small breed dogs with us, we need to know what is considered “checked baggage” . We have not determined which airline yet but we’re considering British Airways.


  22. She would need to speak with Emirates Air to see if they are willing to transport the bird as checked baggage. I seriously doubt that they will but the only way to find out is to call their reservations office. Taking the bird into South Africa requires that you obtain an import permit. If she plans on returning to the UAE with the bird that will get very complicated and expensive.

  23. Hi, My sister in law is living and working in Dubai and she will be flying with Emirates next month to South Africa for a 4 week visit. She caught a baby sparrow and raised it and she is wondering if she would be able to take the sparrow along to South Africa on the Emirates flight for her visit? Can you perhaps advise? Thanks.

  24. Hi Val – you will pick up your pet at United’s cargo facility at 10 Rue du Pave, Reception 2 at the southwest end of the airport. No matter your transportation, it will be a short drive. The number at the facility is 011 33 14919 1834. The hours are M-F 8:00AM to 6:30 PM and Saturday from 8:00AM to 1:00PM. Sunday, the facility is closed.
    Hope this helps you.

  25. Hello, I am hoping to travel from San Francisco to Paris CDG at the end of August with my border collie mix dog. He would need to travel in the hold. We would be on the same flight. I hope to take the a direct flight on United from SFO to CDG. I have not travelled with a pet on United since they implemented the new pet safe rules.

    I am trying to understand the logistics of the arrival at the Paris airport. Do you know whether the dog would be brought to us in the baggage claim area on arrival (as oversize baggage). Or would we need to find a way to travel to some cargo area to pick him up?

    In the past I have arrived at the Frankfurt airport and the dog is quickly brought out to you in the baggage claim area (so he is able to quickly get out of the cage and visit the grass outside). Do you know how these logistics work for the dog at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris?

    Many thanks in advance, Val

  26. Hi Wendy – the Annex II forms you used to bring your pets to France is usually good for 1 month. Although the USDA says they do not require one, your airline may and it would be a good thing to have should there be problems with clearing customs. Your pet does need proof of current rabies vaccination to enter the US.

  27. Hi,

    I am in France right now. We came from the US for two months with our Shi Tzus. They ride in the cabin with us on American Airlines as ES animals. Do we need to get a heath certificate to come back into the US? The USDA vet tom me that they don’t require one.

    Thank you,


  28. The export office located here:
    Contact detail : Bureau of Disease Control and Veterinary Services.
    Department of Livestock Development Phayathai road, Ratchtavee Bangkok 10400.
    Tel. (02) 653-4550 – 7 ต่อ 4175 Fax. (02) 653-4929
    E-mail :

    I do not understand your question regarding Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Are you planning on visiting those countries on your way home with your pet. they each have their own requirements for importing a pet.

    I would need to know more about your travel plans to properly answer your question.
    Hello, I’m trying to bring my almost 10 week old puppy home to Canada on the 21st of May. She’s been de-wormed and given two shots (blue & green sticker). I tried to find the Animal Quarentine in Phuket but no one at the airport could tell me where it was.. How do I get the forms organized and when would be the soonest date I could fly out.. She currently doesn’t have her rabies shot so would she be able to stay in Quarentine for x amount of days so I can fly home on the 21st ? TO CANADA… and what are the other requirements for Combodia, Malyasia and Indonesia ?

  29. Hi Evy – yes, it is easier to layover in other EU countries. The problem is that the UK requires your cat arrive as manifest cargo at either Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester and there are transit forms to fill out. You are better to transit through other EU countries and will not require transit papers. If you need any forms or instructions, you can find them under Pet Passports in

  30. If your pet has a pet passport issued by your vet in Sweden, there should be no problem with traveling from there to London. However, your pet should have a current rabies vaccination as well as a tapeworm test between one and five days prior to entering England. Most trains are pet friendly unless you are planning to take Eurostar which does not allow pets.

  31. Hi,
    I am planning to take my dog by train from Sweden to Holland and from there by ferry to London. I would like to ask is there any rules going to during Denmark, Germany and Holland? Can I take my dog to the all trains?
    My dog has pet passport, microchip, rabies vaccination and worn treatmeant perhaps we need to take just before travelling.

    Thanks a lot!

  32. Hello, I’m trying to bring my almost 10 week old puppy home to Canada on the 21st of May. She’s been de-wormed and given two shots (blue & green sticker). I tried to find the Animal Quarentine in Phuket but no one at the airport could tell me where it was.. How do I get the forms organized and when would be the soonest date I could fly out.. She currently doesn’t have her rabies shot so would she be able to stay in Quarentine for x amount of days so I can fly home on the 21st ? TO CANADA… and what are the other requirements for Combodia, Malyasia and Indonesia ?

  33. Hi,
    Im moving to Cyprus (EU) from US in about a month. My cat is 2 years old..has done his rabies vaccine a year ago and i took him to the vet a week ago and he got microchipped and rabies vaccine again. And also a health certificate…all in same day . This flight has a layover in the UK..will they need more things, documentations? Is layover in other EU countries easier than the UK?

  34. Hi there, I am planning on taking a young puppy approximately 9-12 weeks old into Honduras. Most vets don’t give the rabies vaccine until 12 weeks in the states. Will this puppy have to have a rabies vaccine before 12 weeks if we depart before he turns 12 weeks old. On the other hand, I have a dog whom I have brought to Costa Rica and she rec’d the 3 year vaccine before we departed. She had a rabies vaccine certificate. Can I get her rabies updated here in Costa Rica, take her to the states and use that same certificate to bring her to Honduras? (Yes, its been an interesting life lately) 🙂
    Thank you
    The young pet would not be able to enter Honduras legally until it has been vaccinated for rabies and the rabies vaccination should occur at least 30 days before the pets arrival date.

    Regarding the older pet. Assuming the three year vaccination has not expired the pet can receive a booster vaccination either in Costa Rica or after you return to the US. The pet just needs to return prior to the expiration of the original vaccination. After the pet has had the booster then you can return to Honduras with the pet. Just make sure the pet’s inoculation record is up to date and complete.

    You also need to obtain an import permit to take your pets into Honduras.

  35. Hi Ilda- as long as you stay on the same airline in and out of Germany, you will not need to enter the country and you do not need paperwork. That said, you will need to stay in the secure area of the airport and not clear customs. Your pup will need a health certificate to enter the US as well as a current rabies vaccination. If your vet does not have one, you can find one here and it can be emailed to you:
    Have a safe trip and let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  36. Hello,
    My family is planning to travel to Hungary from the USA in the summer. The plan is to stay for 3-4 weeks and take along a 1 year old American Hairless Terrier in the cabin. There is no direct flight between the two countries.
    My questions are:
    – What are requirements for being able to take the dog along (he is microchipped with resQ and will get his annual rabies shot soon)? I’m guessing pet passport, vet exam before the trip…
    – If the whole family stays at the airport between flights, possibly taking Lufthansa via Frankfurt or Munich, does the dog need paperwork for Germany?
    – What needs to be done for re-entering the USA?
    Thank you for your help,

  37. Hello Maggie – every country in the world has different rules, however, I must note that the places you referred to in your post are, for the most part, difficult to take a pet to and some will require quarantine as they are rabies free countries. You can find information on over 240 countries worldwide here: Hopefully, it will get you on your way to understanding what you need to do.

  38. Hi! I’m considering getting a Bengal cat and I plan to move frequently in the future– could someone please point me in the direction of a list of hybrid laws by country which includes smaller island nations such as Seychelles, the Maldives, and the Philippines, as well as Malaysia, Iceland, New Zealand, etc? A lot of these sorts of lists seem to focus on states or larger countries, which doesn’t help me overly much.

    If at all possible a list that links directly to the laws in question would be greatly appreciated. I can’t list every country I may move to because I don’t know, which is why I’m not just doing everything manually.

    Again, I’m looking for information on laws regarding SBT (stud book tradition) Bengals. Thank you!

  39. To take your pet to Malta, you will need to microchip your pet with a 15 digit ISO microchip, then vaccinate them for rabies (in that order) at least 21 days prior to entry. Within 10 days of travel, a licensed vet will complete the Annex II form for Malta. Assuming your pet is a dog, a tapeworm test must be completed between one and five days prior to entering Malta. You can find instructions and forms here and they can be emailed to you:

  40. If your pet is traveling as checked baggage and remains on the same airline into and out of Korea and if the layover is less than 2 hours then nothing is required. If this is not the case then you will need to take your pet through immigration in Korea, take it for a walk if you wish and then re-check it on the next flight. If your pet is traveling in the cabin it may be possible to avoid this if you remain inside the controlled immigration area and do not enter the public portion of the airport. If you need the complete instructions and forms for taking your pet into Korea they are available here:

  41. I am transiting Incheon airport with my cat (from CA). Is that consider “importing a cat”? and have to follow the Korean import requirement? I cannot find a clear definition on the website. I will not be leaving the airport. Thanks! Monica

  42. Hi,I’m planning to shift to Malta from Australia ….besides 15 digits microchip and rabies vaccination ,what else do i need ,also i hear some say dog passport…what is a dog passport certifications of the rabies vaccination ??????
    thank you all

  43. Hi Kathleen – unless you are flying into the UK or Finland, the regulations are pretty much the same for other countries in the EU. Your pet must be microchipped with a 15 digit ISO microchip, then vaccinated (in that order) within 21 days of entering the EU. If you are clearing the airport, you will need an Annex II form for the country you are entering. An option to consider may be boarding your pet at the airport in Amsterdam as you may not have an abundance of time.

    Kenya has stringent rules regarding the import of pets ( and the tapeworm requirement may be problematic if you are planning to stop in the EU. It is a 48 hour requirement, so you will have to consider that in booking your transit. Kenya regulations call for a 15 digit microchip and, it is not uncommon to re-chip your pet. The other option may be to carry a scanner with you. (We have both the microchips and scanners available in our store,
    Hope this information helps.

  44. Dear Pet Travel:

    I plan to take my beagle from Seattle, Washington USA to Nairobi, Kenya in January 2014.
    He is 35 lbs., just got his latest rabies vaccine and will get the FAVN blood titer test in about 2 weeks.

    I am actually going to Nairobi in June (2013) without him and plan to take book the same route for the June and January trips so I can scope out the situation for his planned travel.
    I am inclined to set up both trips so that their is a break in Europe before getting on the next long flight to Africa.
    Do you know what carriers and cities are the most pet friendly in Europe –options are Amsterdam (via KLM), Zurich (via Swiss Air), Frankfurt (via Lufthansa) and Brussels (via Air Brussels)?
    When we land, can I simply pick him up and get in a taxi and take him to a pet friendly hotel?
    Or is their a long clearance procedure?
    Do ground transport, like taxis, allow dogs? His kennel is large and I am afraid it won’t even fit in a taxi.
    He got a microchip when he was 8 weeks old– he is 6 years old now.
    I was told it was not ISO– is this a huge problem?
    My vet told me ISO chips are newer technology and were not available in 2006.
    Thank you!

  45. Hello Steve – when traveling from the US to Italy, your puppies must be microchipped with a 15 digit ISO compliant microchip, then vaccinated for rabies (in that order). The Annex II form must be completed by a USDA accredited veterinarian, then endorsed by the USDA. You can find instructions and forms here if you need them:

    Both of these airlines transport many thousands of pets each year. Use the routing as criteria unless both of them offer direct flights to Italy from your location.

  46. Hello Patricia – if your pet has a blue pet passport, it should be fine traveling to the countries you mentioned. Liechtenstein does not have a tapeworm requirement.

  47. We cannot estimate the cost of transport without contacting an agent in South Korea. I would suggest that you navigate to and find an agent in that country and inquire through them.
    Sorry I could not be of further assistance.

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