Internet Pet Scams – Don’t be a victim!

Internet pet scams - don't be a victim!

You’re looking for a purebred dog or cat, bird or monkey, slider or pet pig. You surf the Internet and answer a classified ad or post one of your own looking for a puppy, kitten or other animal. You get an email back stating that someone has the perfect puppy or kitten waiting for you. How do you know that the offer is not one of the Internet pet scams?

The sellers send pictures and say that, for a very small amount of money, they will ship your pet to your door. An agent from a (supposed) transport agency will be handling the shipping of your pet. Or they detail a problem than have which causes them to give up their pet to a good home. They ask personal emails about how you can care for the pet. They are very convincing.

All you have to do to get your pet is to wire the funds via Western Union, purchase a cash card or use some other non-refundable service to them. Oftentimes, the destination of the funds is Cameroon, Africa; however, it can be anywhere. The internet pet scammers then send you an authentic looking transfer of ownership as well as shipping documents with airline information on it, which is really cut and pasted artwork with logos and pictures stolen from other airline and transport websites without their permission.

A day or so later, they inform you that your pet is in an airport someplace and needs either another crate (air-conditioned or pressurized) or another vaccination or pet insurance or medical attention. They will tell you that you will be held personally liable if you do not wire more money. If you send more money, they come up with another excuse why your pet cannot be delivered. They threaten that you will be held personally liable if you do not pay.

In reality, there is no pet, and you have been caught up in one of a number of Internet pet scams. Chances of getting your money back are very slim. Hundreds of people just like you have sent thousands of dollars to Cameroon and other countries in hopes of getting an adorable pet they see in a picture. There are many warning signs. More information here.


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  1. We just got scammed by or Thank god I did not fall for the shipping air conditioner create they said the puppy needed and did not send any more money than I already did. When I call them out in a text message to be a scammer they texted back with what the F**k. Now I can’t get an answer out of them. They ask you to pay with Zelle. The phone number they text from is 720 623 3913. Then they will also give you a number for shipping which is a different number but when I called both numbers the same guy answer. I feel so stupid

  2. I was scammed too by website I paid $800 for the puppy n shipping then trans service emails me saying I need $1735.20 for insurance license and electronic crate and now both the lady from website and the guy from that company are ignoring me

  3. Red – this is absolutely a scam. There is no such thing as an electronic crate. We have heard from 3 people just this week with scammers asking for money for an electronic crate. Do not send any money, despite any threats you may receive.

  4. I’m supposedly getting a 9 week old Great Pyrenees puppy from a supposed breeded in Colorado. He says they are expecting a new litter and need to find her a home. I thanked him for his time and informed him I can’t pay the $700 for a puppy. He continues to ask me a few questions about my household. I know it’s a long shot but I give him some basic info. He says he and his wife have agreed to GIVE me the puppy. Says they are taking care of everything financially with the money from the sale of a puppy that was shipped to Ohio earlier that day. My puppy is supposed to be shipped out later today but now theres an issue because the airline needs her to be in an electronic crate since she’s younger than 18 weeks. All I have given this man is my name, address, phone number, email, and the airport closest to me. I HAVE NOT SENT HIM ANY FUNDS. It’s looking like a scam. If it is real I will be very shocked. Kina curious to see how this plays out.

  5. Keith – we are sorry that you are dealing with scammers. They have gotten very sophisticated and clever. The electronic thermal crate is a huge red flag. People looking to purchase a live animal over the internet should look for websites, Facebook pages, lots of reviews. Always offer to come and pick up the puppy, even if you do not intend to do so. Their hesitancy is another red flag. Ask them whether they accept credit cards. If cash only, then pass.

  6. I just got taken for $500 for a Rottweiler puppy. They had a fake kennel place wanted 1,500 for a electronic thermal crate

  7. Just happened to my wife and I. We paid $400.00 deposit on Then they contacted me asking for an $1800 refundable electronic crate. When I pushed back they sent me the most hilarious, threatening me with “Pet Abandonment”. They even had a fake shipping company:
    They went quiet when I asked to pay the Cage Fee via my CC, or volunteered to come pick up the puppy myself.

    Same exact thing happened to me.
    Sent zelle to the people, then upon the day of delivery, they asked for 1000 dollars for the electronic crate. ” 99% refundable. ”
    upon seeing that email and call, I immediately realized what had happened.
    Don’t let it happen to you.

  9. Thomas – thanks for reporting this. These scammers are very clever. Some of them have fancy websites and social media accounts fed by contacts. You can also report them to, (FBI) and Know that unaccompanied puppies that are being flown will need the assistance of a licensed transport agent. Ask for that person’s name. Don’t settle for “we handle everything.” Ask for the airline name and air waybill number. Don’t pay cash through a cash service.

  10. I was scammed by pretty- little I sent them $500.for a teacup Yorkie. I paid on Saturday and now get no response at all. I have reported the site to Google. I feel like a complete ass.

  11. So I have a screenshot of the last text I got from this guy 2000 for an electronic crate or 2200 for the same but with a toy and flowers with it, they said if I didn’t pay that money for the puppy to be shipped to me then I would be sued and stuff. They even sent me tracking information but I couldn’t find but ONE website on them. I asked to speak to a manager and they hesitated I even questioned the kids in the background and they were like “no ma’am no no it’s an airport” but the room sounded enclosed. They threatened me through text and said they will sue me if I didn’t pay the 2000 for that crate to be payed for. The area code for the “airport” was 434 and the number with the woman I was talking about with purchasing the puppy I called her a bunch of times but no answer but yet she can text me which made no sense. Then someone in Florida calls and I call back and I can’t even call it cuz it’s no longer in service or something. DONT TRUST A WEBSITE THAT YOU CANT SEE GOOGLE REVIEWS AND TALK TO OVER THE PHONE!!!

  12. Marizamaltese puppies scammers I sent deposit on zelle and they wanted me to send an extra 850 for air conditioning crate I got scammed

  13. Jill – charges that are claimed to be refundable are a big red flag to scammers. Sending funding through cash methods are another. It is so very unfortunate.

  14. Just got a call was working with Brinks Labradors for a puppy 600.00 then they tell us it?s 950.00 to ship dog with 920.00 of this being refundable. The amount for shipping was not disclosed until the already received 600. Of my money. Don?t feel comfortable with sending more money not going through with it. It is a scam

  15. I wanted to get 2 pug puppies. Did the whole pictures the whole thing. Went and paid for the puppies, got a message stating they needed a temperature controls crate. So of course I fell for it and then this morning I got an email stating their vets looked over the puppies and now I need to send them 1200.00 for booster shots and if I don?t pay them I will go to prison for 3 yrs for abandonment. And of course all the info was not going through on PayPal so I fell for the whole send it through Zelle and now I am out 1100.00 because I fell for the scam

  16. They are a scammer they told me to pay 900$ to in order to send me the puppy I?m soo stupid paid with Zelle 900$ then the United pet airline send email with the tracking number saying they need to rent a electronic crate witch is 895$ and again I had to pay with Zelle. They web site looks so legit I email them that I will wait till the temperature goes down I won?t pay them no response back. +1 (915) 615-5729 That their number and their email “”. People stay away from them.

  17. We had the same situaton with We lost $ 650.00.
    We were contacted by the so called delivery company and was told the same story. A thermal crate was required for 1500.00. We realized we had been had.

  18. Blue rock Coon cattery in Oregon. Just a few weeks before I was scammed at another place. First time scam I refused to pay for the crates and then cut off all contact.

    Today, The flight was delayed over and over again, and then when I got the confirmation it was sent with an almost identical email stating that they needed the air condition crates. What sucks is that I told blue rock that I had just been scammed and then I hoped that they were legit. They supplied several photos of the cat I was looking at these ones are going to argue with me telling me that of course they need the crate. Although the email stated the animals are in the cabin with attendants and not the cargo. Once I saw the email I knew and went off.

    First place:

    Second place:


    Scam. Should have known better. All the guy wanted was his money. Once they have a tracking number it did. It match up to the airlines. Wanted $1500 instantly. Then give the $1400 back when they arrived at our house. we didn?t do it and I?m so glad. Hopefully PayPal will come through and get our money back for the supposedly puppy.

  20. I was also scammed by and in turn Skyline Pet Relocation with the same story as above where they wanted me to pay with Apple Pay or Zelle knowing that it ultimately wouldn?t work so they had me get visa gift cards (I?m so stupid) and once I paid for the puppy and shipping they sent me an email 30 minutes before the supposed flight took off urgently needing me to buy or rent an air conditioned crate (again I?m stupid). The whole time my spidey sense is telling me this is a scam but because I?m a dumb dumb I keep it up. They sent me a second tracking number for the second flight but I?m fully aware I?ve been had and bought a Rottweiler puppy locally. I hope people looking for a puppy can learn from my mistake!! Name used: Aaron Dotson_Phone numbers they used were: (505) 398-3108, (346) 342-2062, (281) 892-9262_Email used: and the number used by ?Skyline Pet Relocation? was (619) 345-7134 with email address (the misspelled ?customer? should have been a glaring sign of nonsense).

  21. Had this happen to me from Strong Legs Breeders. . . .sold me a lab puppy for 650 plus 100 for shipping … Once I paid it got an email saying they needed additional 1500 for shipping and wluld only avcept venmo, zelle, or western union to somewhere in cameroon. We were purchasing with our sons social secuity ro train as a service animal and they knew this and still stole all this money . . theb when I told them I was onto them and backed out threatened to sue me for animal abandonment. I am in the process pf retaining a lawyer in hopes they will realize I will not accept this and they need to return my money.

  22. Sadly I was just scammed by Linus Ndam “”. Everything that was stated above. Very legit website, lots of video and images sent. Email communication and even two phone calls. Today the puppy was to be sent to me and I received the email from the pet relocation company saying an alternative crate was going to be required. $2480 with “up to 98%” refunded. So it was posed as a rental; pay now and be refunded. The scam started to show when they said that they could only accept cash. This is when Linus came in and told me that I needed to send him more money so he could take care of it for ‘us’ . He even suggested that I pay him in Bitcoin. Once I pushed for him to keep up his end of the contract he said he would make some calls and get back to me. 30mins later, his number was disconnected and his website has been taken down.

  23. Hello got scammed by this website called Georgepomeranian do not order from these thieves you have been warned they took their time to make the website look legitimate but it?s all a full SCAM! I should?ve known better but remember never wire any second party money such as western Union or even zelle always pay in credit card or debit card as zelle will not refund your money under chase!!! We had to learn the hard way…these people prey on the good of others please be careful. Reputable site will take credit cards and debit cards only please remember that because fraudulent transactions can be redeemed protect your self please it will save you time!!! God bless

  24. I had this happen recently with Global Movers Aviation for a Blad Sphynx Kitten. They got 4,500$ Which was my savings and then took 300.00$ out of my account. I am a single mother and this is a hard road. I kept all documents of the cards and everything. Hope is all I have that I see my money again. They gave my tracking numbers and everything, I have never felt sooo stupid!

  25. I feel so stupid. scammed me. Watch out for Melanie and Lance McGhar, Linus Ndam, Matthew Copeland and Aaron. This was the alleged travel agency; Email; and Here were all of the phone numbers they used; 819-803-5134, 248-923-3078 and 989-623-6681

  26. I fount this Facebook page called ?Black and Tan yorkie farm? and asked if they had pups for adoption because my sister wanted one. They told me that they had this one pup who was up for adoption because it?s previous owner had passed away. He sent me pictures and videos. Everything seemed pretty official until the ?agency? asked for an air conditioned crate for $800 (rented). They asked for payment with non refundable cards and honestly we should?ve known better. They stole $160 from my sister and I feel extremely guilty for it. Also used as the delivery carrier.
    The person doing this went by ?Marco D Sanchez? with +1 (929) 432-4342 as phone number contact.
    The ?agency? had these numbers:
    (216) 270-1723

  27. and

    All scams please don?t give money to these people they aren?t real we lost our Rottweiler to lymphoma and now are finally ready for another Rottweiler we paid fir the one we found in full and now find out their all fake so sad

  28. We thought we were being so careful and we were wrong. We purchased a Golden Doodle ?Bella? from Its a scam. He is still communicating with us as he knows we?re not done with him and his group of thieves yet. We clued in after he came back for more money at the airline, that doesn?t exist either. Once we clued in, the grammar, English and communication changed. Clearly it?s a number of different people who talk to you after you pay the initial purchase price. The contract and terms etc appear very legitimate and also state American Kennel Club. We are not going to sit back and write this off on principle alone. They hurt people and need to be stopped.

  29. Please lookout for also. Similar situation to everyone else.

  30. 03/28/2021 please be ware of emshihtzu. Com
    Claim to live in Denver phone number 7205495124
    Are scammers. Claim to be breeder but refuse to set phone number up through zelle

  31. They will give you a sob story and saying they?re giving this puppy to you to adopt for free. They took the ?dog? to a transporting company. Everything seemed legitimate with pictures + video (I reversed image the images sent) and it was fine till they were requiring more money for ridiculous fees (the transporting company)such as an ?air conditioning carte?. I?m honestly devastated I fell for this persons tricks. I should?ve known better, but just to warn everyone else. don?t fall for this like i did. also the agency they used was ?Rapid Global Delivery Agency?

  32. We too have been scammed for a corgi puppy. Yep it?s at the airport somewhere and needs a $3000 crate due to COVID-19. They think we are so dumb but I?m tricking him now.

  33. I guess this jerks go to reap families with using different names. My daughter was scam by these no lives jerk. If you see the email don?t fall for it this is a scam. They use cash app with the user name $Tokarawilliams on PayPal they use and they will ask you to send the money as friends and families, Apple Pay is queenshyt19@yahoo.con. This bastard also uses the names of Karl and Brody Huddleston this is their supposed address: 999 Brickell Bay Dr APT 1107, Miami, FL 33131
    Phone: 616-591-1433. Be aware of this rat

  34. David Catanzaro, thank you for this. We were going to move forward with a purchase soon. We truly appreciate your post.

  35. David march 2nd 2021. We too have been scammed in our attempt to buy a bernedoodle puppy. The culprit is
    And Watch out for Tim and Melanie grisham, Tim Harvey or Rodrigez hernandez. We were stupid!
    Don?t you be.

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