Internet Pet Scams – Don’t be a victim!

Internet pet scams - don't be a victim!

You’re looking for a purebred dog or cat, bird or monkey, slider or pet pig. You surf the Internet and answer a classified ad or post one of your own looking for a puppy, kitten or other animal. You get an email back stating that someone has the perfect puppy or kitten waiting for you. How do you know that the offer is not one of the Internet pet scams?

The sellers send pictures and say that, for a very small amount of money, they will ship your pet to your door. An agent from a (supposed) transport agency will be handling the shipping of your pet. Or they detail a problem than have which causes them to give up their pet to a good home. They ask personal emails about how you can care for the pet. They are very convincing.

All you have to do to get your pet is to wire the funds via Western Union, purchase a cash card or use some other non-refundable service to them. Oftentimes, the destination of the funds is Cameroon, Africa; however, it can be anywhere. The internet pet scammers then send you an authentic looking transfer of ownership as well as shipping documents with airline information on it, which is really cut and pasted artwork with logos and pictures stolen from other airline and transport websites without their permission.

A day or so later, they inform you that your pet is in an airport someplace and needs either another crate (air-conditioned or pressurized) or another vaccination or pet insurance or medical attention. They will tell you that you will be held personally liable if you do not wire more money. If you send more money, they come up with another excuse why your pet cannot be delivered. They threaten that you will be held personally liable if you do not pay.

In reality, there is no pet, and you have been caught up in one of a number of Internet pet scams. Chances of getting your money back are very slim. Hundreds of people just like you have sent thousands of dollars to Cameroon and other countries in hopes of getting an adorable pet they see in a picture. There are many warning signs. More information here.


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  1. we got exactly same scam and paid $800 for fake cat , be very careful before
    go online to purchase pet, it looks very real at first and start getting blurry.

  2. I have too been scammed. I sent $900 for a frenchie and attempted to send %1,100 for the crate, thank GOD my cash app would not let it go through so I am out $900.00

  3. Samboy – pet scams are really on the rise during this pandemic. You can report these people also on

  4. Hi,
    I too got scammed for 300 usd,
    What I thought was a cute Maltese puppy got me into depositing money into an account in mexico where i’m currently living.

    Next morning I receive email from
    “United International Logistics” @ asking for 700 usd for “special Crate” for the puppy

    and that’s when I started to suspect that this was all a scam,
    and I didn’t proceed further.

    Well here are the details of the person that I have so further if anyone searches the web

    They would find details :-
    Scammer’s phone # : +1 (424) 225-1793

    Bank Account :-
    Name : Paola Vizzuett Ochoa
    Card 4152313574844259
    Key 012180004721101215

    Banco Scotiabank
    Name Sergio Acuña
    Card 4043130000224499
    Key 044700256023503063

    Bank: Scotiabank
    Name Guillermo Muñoz
    Card# 4043130003035884
    Key 044180256029109874

  5. If you are looking for a Maine Coon online, please be very careful. I just got scammed for $750. Just like they mentioned above, the cat needed an Air Conditioned crate which ranged between $945 and almost $3,000. I flipped out on the seller due to them not disclosing this to me prior and then all of the misspellings and broken English started coming out and I knew it was a scam. Soooo elaborate though. They have a legitimate looking cattery website and also their own fake transportation website. MajesticMaineCoonCattery is their name. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM or any other online pet sales website for that matter. I never will again.

  6. Scammed by supposedly Jeff Leonard or Jacob William at 1029 9th Ave, Brookings, SD. Paid for two kittens but not the crate. Broken hearted for my daughters.

  7. I fell victim of in Montana yesterday. Had been emailing back and forth for 3 days. Transferred $650 which was to include $200 for shipping. One half hour after payment by Venmo I received a call from the shipping company asking for $1990 for a electronic thermal shipping crate. Thank goodness my daughter was handling the payment. Red flag went up. A call to the “breeder” who refused to cancel the order and return money. Would return $200 after he resold pup. My daughter immediately called her bank and fortunately because only 2 hours had passed and payment was “pending “ was able to get it reversed. My son i law then called the police who called the MT number. As soon as he “breeder” found out he was the police he hung up. We are one of the lucky ones

  8. Vanida – if you paid for your puppy via wire, cash card, Zelle or other cash method, then, sadly refunds are next to impossible. That is why scammers use these methods of payment and not Paypal or credit cards. Do not send them any more money. They are robbers.

  9. Today is Christmas I realize I am one of the victims of scam. I purchased a goldendoodle puppy of the website. Call I transfer $850 for the dog and included shipping. Now the shipment company so call- Iag cargos. Call me and said I need to rent a Electricion air conditioner crate and it’s refundable $1200 about three hours later he call me and said he realized that my dog doesn’t have insurance. I need to purchase a insurance with their company $999 and it’s refundable after my puppy deliver to me. Is there a way I can report these guys and get my money back?

  10. I was just scammed by
    Cockapoo Hut Puppies in Az.
    and the transportation company
    Logistic Kingz..
    I payed for the dog but not any special out!

  11. In the middle of a scam right now. Figured out when they asked for more money for a shipping container deposit. I said if you’re a shipping company, you have to have carriers to use. Airline said there’s no requirement, the pet holds are air/temp controlled. I volunteered to fly out to pick him up. “That’s not possible.” Yeah, Right. I informed the seller I have no problems filing a local police report and an FBI report, because this is interstate crime, and the feds aren’t as nice as California. We’ll see.

    Another victim of this bull**** paid 600$ for a suburban husky and almost paid 990 for shipping

  13. Megs – unfortunately, it sounds like you are caught up in a pet scam. There is no such crate as a “thermal” crate and we have seen scammers ask for this over and over again. We cannot be sure; however know also that breeders do not ask for cash cards typically. The reason why scammers do is that, once you give them the card info, there is no way to get the money back and they have no intention of refunding it. Not like a credit card where the credit card company will protect you. Again, we cannot firmly say that you are involved with scammers, but it sure sounds like you are. Don’t send any more money to these people.

  14. So I bought a Shiba Inu online and I’m waiting for the dog to get here. The breeder sent him off to an agency and the agency asked me to buy nearly a grand on more gift cards that will be refunded to me upon arrival of the dog for a thermal electronic crate. Mind you I already payed the asking price of $800 for the original payment of the dog. I have given a total $1,790 up for this dog. As of right now I have yet to get a flight conformation. I hope it comes soon.

  15. Please beware of these scam artists below. Similar story to everyone else. Complete scam! Paid 700 for an imaginary dog for my kids. Really terrible feeling but Should have know better. Stay clear of the 2 thieves listed below. Happy to share any additional info.

    Speed point carriers
    Got me for 750 Boston terrier they even texted me verses in the Bible to reassure me they were honest. Well I’m out 750 and heart broken

  17. Janice – a request to pay for a “thermal crate” is a red flag for scammers. Do non pay these people any more money. They are robbers.

  18. Don’t buy from because the are a scam. What you to pay for the thermal crate. I know I paid for the Chihuahua. And when they went to ship they told me about special crate. But they said I needed it so puppy wouldn’t get the virus since it was so small. I’m still arguing with them over it.

  19. Patricia – it is a shame and sorry you even came across these bad people. They are clever and some even have websites that look very professional. Just know that all unaccompanied transports must occur through a licensed agent and under an Air Waybill. People considering purchasing a pet over the Internet should always research the seller and contact the agent they are using to make sure that the transport is legitimate. Never pay for an animal through wire transfer or a cash card or app. Unfortunately, there is no recourse when using these methods.

  20. Trans pet way wants me to give them 1800.oo deposit on a thermal transport Crete through a cashapp.Refund the balance of rental of 36.00 upon delivery. I think the whole sale of the corgi puppy (11 weeks) is a scam. Also purchased through cashapp. Three different names were tried before one worked even zelle was try and failed. They got me for 800.00 for purchase and shipping. So what do you think about that?

  21. is a scam they say will send you a cute pup that you’ve picked out and asks you to pay with American express gift card for certain amounts did you hear from the bogus airline that tries to get you to Rent a special crate which you don’t need for extra $ Don’t fall for this I have mine under investigation, do yourself a favor and get your animals Only from local breeders

  22. Gail – this breeder lists no contact information on their website. They do not have a Facebook page. We would advise that you arrange for your sister to see the puppy before you move ahead with the transaction.

  23. I found a breeder of teacup maltese puppies in Norfolk VA. Andy teacup puppies. I really want a puppy and he seems nice. My sister in law, in VA, called and asked to see the pups and he said yes, I’ll text you the address. Has anyone done business with him? I’m afraid I’ll get scammed after reading all this stuff.

  24. On May 21,2020 I have to pay 650$ for the Puppy and 100$ ship cost = total 750$ on website :
    And 3 days later Sunday 24, 2020 the Per Air Transport email me asking to rent a Thermal Electronic Crate for the Puppy 1800$ Deposit and will refund 1700$ when the Puppy Arrive at pick up Airport . And I did made 1800$ deposit to the company or the personal by Zelle
    So today Tuesday May 26, 2020 they say that will ship the Puppy to me and I will receive him at 5h30 pm at the Airport but no flight ticket number confirmation??? and at 3:00pm same day they email me asking 2100$ Deposit for Insurance Coverage for the Puppy. At this moment that I know I have been played

  25. Samuel – assuming you have been scammed over the purchase of a pet on the internet, depending on your country, you can report the scam at (US) and As to recovering monies sent to scammers, you can approach the service you used to wire the money (if you wired money) to see if they have any programs available to apply for. If you used a cash app or cash card, unfortunately, we know of no recourse to recover your money.

  26. What’s the best course of action to try and recover the money I sent to purchase the dog and the money for the shipping ?

  27. William – sorry to hear of your loss. Scammers seem to be especially abundant these days as many folks are adopting dogs during the COVID-19 crisis. Many red flags that people should watch out for. Best to go pick up the puppy before paying if at all possible and avoid people who require that you pay by wire or cash card.

    Trans Pet Ways LTD. are both frauds and will steal your money.

    After purchasing a beautiful puppy from they said it is on its way. I get an email from Trans Pet Ltd. / Atlantic Pet Ways asking for $950 for a Thermal Electronic Crate for the safety of the pup. I believe the two are 1 in the same person. Russian accent.
    Awful people in the world.

  29. Jean – this is very likely a scam. Even if there was such a thing as a thermal electronic crate, the airlines would not accept it. We see this often and it is a distinct red flag. Next they will ask for insurance. They are not even on Google. All a scam.

  30. Company is I was asked about a thermal electronic crate to ship the kittens. I think this is a scam! Any input?

  31. I forgot about the pet scams and just fell for one. Our Corgi just passed away and I wanted to surprise my wife. I should have investigated it more. I will view it as a $500 lesson. The sad thing is I know better. Lol

  32. Kat – unfortunately, you are involved in a pet scam. These scammers are very clever people and keep asking you for money. There is no such thing as a “special” crate. Also, pet insurance is never required and most times not available. We are sorry to tell you this but would advise that you do not send any more money to these people.

  33. my name is Kathy I had seen these two cute maltese puppies I was charge 500 for two then I got an email stating they needed this special crate due to the weather I send out the money now I got a different email talking about I need to send $1892 because they don’t have any pet insurance mind yall I was supposed to get these puppies Saturday morning nothing at all sunday morning nothing at all I contacted the breeder he had to lie stating that hes a Christian that he wouldn’t do fraud on me and now this last email that I gotta pay this large amount im so disappointed at myself for believing this indivial that took my money that I worked so hard for….

  34. December 16, 2018
    I found a French bulldog on Craigslist, lady posted in Fresno, CA area, but when I emailed her she said she was from Dakota. So she suggested an animal airline *FAKE*
    Being Niave and kinda having hope it wasn’t true because the French Bulldog was gonna be a Christmas gift.
    So I went and paid 300$ to have the dog “first class serviced”
    The next day they called and emailed me saying I needed to pay another $450 as an “insurance coverage” I told him I don’t have the money, and he told me he can go lower which was really weird, I told him I can’t do it and he kept requesting to go to a western union, then he kept calling and bugging me and I told him I just want a refund to send the dog back and he was saying that’s impossible and that i can go to jail for Animal abuse but I had a fishy feeling the whole time. Just sucks now I’m -$300 and dog less /: but lesson learned

  35. Yup we got scammed as well. We went them the $650 for the shipping of two husky puppies. Didn’t think of it until I woke up this morning to an email asking for $1600 for a special crate due to temperature changes. When I called the airline where they were supposedly being held at there were no records of the puppies being on the flights they said they were going to be on and was so nicely informed that there would be no need for the special crates because their pet holding rooms are temperature controlled according to the weather so right there I figured out that I had been scammed and yes they had me western union the money to Cameroo. The website of the carrier company looked legit and everything. They keep trying to email me and tell me that the puppies would not be registered with the airlines because they are under the two carrier agents names. They will not give me any information at all. The seller said he was from TX however when I called him the number came up Oregan. Yes I lost out on $650 but I refuse to send these people anymore money. And yes I got pictures of two beautiful baby huskies too.

  36. Amin – this is a scam. Cameroon was the starting place for pet scams and continues to be where scams originate. We would strongly recommend that you do not send any money to this individual. They will make all sorts of promises, but there will be no pet for you. They will keep asking for money for insurance, special crates, vaccinations, etc.

  37. Hello admin.
    I’m in contact with a person name david, he is from Cameroon. He is agree to send me siberian husky puppy. I just checked the zip code of Cameroon on Google and found your block. So whats your suggestion. should i pay or not. ?

  38. You should always go a see the pet and pick them up yourself. Make sure they are healthy. So many breeders around. Plus it’s not good to have them fly on planes. Not good for them.

  39. I’m wondering the same thing. Got the same info. Emailed payment arrangements for WalMart. Of course they wanted money first. Imagine little leary too.

  40. Evans – we do not know this company; however, if you are buying a pet over the internet and you have been asked to wire money anywhere but especially Cameroon, it is a scam. Once you wire money, then it is gone and no way to get it back. Tell your breeder that you are coming to pick up the dog (even if you can’t) and if they hesitate, then that is also a red flag. Most scammers promise door to door delivery at a very low price and do not know import regulations to various countries. That is also a sign of a scammer. No way to speak on the phone? Another red flag. Be careful.

  41. Selena.. I am wondering the same thing? If you have any information on Crystal super pets please let me know. I will do the same.

  42. I am wondering he same thing? Is crystal a legit breeder? Crystal super pets?
    I’m not trying to get scammed.

  43. Selena – How will you pay for the Pom? Western Union to Cameroon? That is a red flag, for sure. Is she offering the puppy for free or discounted rate or with free shipping? Does she know the import regulations for your country? Email us at with details on what she has sent you and we can likely tell.

  44. The name is crystal super pets she sent an email of a tea cup Pomeranian I wanted to adopt and it seems convincing but still not fully sure just wondering if someone was ever scammed by them or knows anything about that website I mean the lady has a Facebook page and pictures of the animals on her site but know a days you can do that easily on line need help ASAP.

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