Keeping Dogs and Cats Safe On Halloween

Dogs in Halloween costumesHalloween is such a fun occasion. It allows all of us and our dogs and cats to dress up and imagine that we are someone or something other than what we are everyday. It marks the beginning of the holiday season and lots of celebration.

However, Halloween can be dangerous for our dogs and cats. First of all, they don’t understand what is going on. All of these people are coming knocking on the door that may not normally do so. There is lots of candy involved including raisins and chocolate, both can be lethal for pets to ingest.

Despite the fact that the dressing up and all antics involved in this celebration of All Hollows’ Eve is understood by humans, your dogs and cats can’t possibly understand the excitement. Be sure and keep them isolated if they are not party animals and very friendly towards ghosts and princesses and other little people.

By all means, keep your dogs on leashes when taking your walk. Dogs can be unpredictable when approached by children with their face covered.

Keep your dog’s or cat’s treats what they are accustomed to. (biscuits or the like) Be sure and reassure them that goblins will not  stay for long and life will resume as normal.


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