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New! Pet Travel Forum – everything about traveling with a pet. We need to hear from you! — 5 Comments

  1. My family will travel this month with our 3-month old pup, Sasha Creola. Looking for pet-friendly venues in NC and TN now and elsewhere across East Coast and Gulf South for vacations to come. Thanks!
    We have pet friendly accommodations including hotels, motels, resorts and vacation rentals in nearly every city you might visit. Visit and look under SERVICES. Type in the city you would like to visit and you will be taken to a list of the pet friendly accommodations in that city.

  2. I m looking to relocate to Taiwan on full time but can not allow my cats to be quarantined. Is it possible to avoid the requirements of quarantine in Taiwan, namely. having blood serum levels checked before departure, etc. I would appreciate your advice on this. Answer honestly if you have a smart cat with ISO chip, vaccinated against rabies and have a blood test done as, and you get an import permit to qurantine will be reduced to 21 days. Unless you come from a country free of rabies, you can not avoid the 21 days quarantine. U.S. is a country free of rabies.
    The US is not a rabies free country, it is classified as a country with a low incidence of rabies. If you follow all of the rules including the import permit and blood titer test the quarantine will be 21 days after arrival.
    If you need the complete instructions and the necessary forms including the import application and blood titer test and health certificates they are available here:

  3. Dear People,
    I am looking at re-locating to Taiwan full time but cannot allow my cats to be quarantined . Is there any way to avoid the quarantine requirement in Taiwan ie. by having blood serum levels checked prior to departure etc. I’d be grateful for your advice on this .
    Best Regards
    If you have the cat micro chipped with the ISO microchip, vaccinated for rabies and have a blood titer test performed and you obtain an import permit then the qurantine will be reduced to 21 days. Unless you are coming from a rabies free country you cannot avoid the 21 day quarantine. The US is not a rabies free country.
    You can find the complete instructions, rules and all of the forms at and then click on Pet Passports.

  4. We traveled with our dogs ten years ago. It was complicated then and I think it’s even worse now.

    We’re tentatively planning to send one of our dog back to the states solo. Is this even allowed? And what airlines from Costa Rica should we contact?
    The US is very pet friendly and does not quarantine healthy animals. As long as the pet has been vaccinated for rabies and has a certificate of good health it will hae no problem entering the country. All of the major airlines flying from Costa Rica will accept your pet as checked baggage if you are traveling with it or as air cargo if you are not. In either case it will travel in the same section of the cargo hold where the temperature and pressure is the same as in the cabin. You will need an IATA compliant pet crate and the US health certificate which can be found at

  5. I have 2 / 4 mo old Shitzu/Chi and need to travel with them, can i put both in one carrier under the front seat and what size should i get? if so? please respond soon as i travel next week.

    RESPONSE, The rule with most airlines is one pet per pasenger. In any case it is unlikely that two pets could fit in one approved under the seat carrier and still be able to stand up and turn around. if they are small enough youi can contact the airline you are flying to ask permission.

    I suggest you measure your pets and then visit this page where you will see the various approved pet carriers and their sizes.

    Or, go to and then click on In Cabin Pet Carriers. After you have measured your pets (length from tip of nose to base of tail and height from shoulder to floor) and need help selecting the right carrier please let me know and I will try and assist.

    If yoiu need the airline policy and health certificate for your airline go to and then click on Pet Passports – Airline Rules.

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