NEWS: Changes to the Import of Pets into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme

There are new (and better) rules for pets travelling to UK/Northern Ireland as of January 1, 2012. Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Mrs Caroline Spelman) announced earlier today about changes to the rules on the movement of pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme

Basically, UK is falling into line with rest of EU. Pet dogs and cats from EU and listed countries with low incidence of rabies entering the UK from 1st January 2012 will no longer require a Blood Titer Test 6 months prior to travel. After microchip insertion and vaccination, the pet must wait 21 days prior to entering the UK.

Pets entering the UK from countries with a high incidence of rabies will be required to microchip, vaccinate and perform a rabies titer test 4 months prior to travel in order to avoid quarantine.

BIG news for pet owners traveling to the United Kingdom.


NEWS: Changes to the Import of Pets into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme — 55 Comments

  1. Hello Adri – you will need to have an Annex IV form for the first country you will be entering in the EU (France). You can use the same Annex form to enter the UK. (no need for 2 forms). You will not need an EU Pet Passport to enter England. We have seen ads from several countries that provide this service. Here is a link to some reviews about LeShuttle and the reviewers mention who they use:

  2. Hello Susan, congrats for this wonderfull blog!
    I am travelling with a cat from Argentina to London, going by airplane to Paris and then by car to Calais Eurotunnel shuttle terminal.I have three doubts:
    -Do I need 2 International third country Certificates, one for France and another for UK, as I have to state in it my destination and I won?t have any proof to show Paris authorities that I’m going to London as soon as possible?
    -Will my Third Country International Certificate be OK for the UK authorities or will they required me a EU Passport as I am entering from France, although I am planing to be there just for what it takes me to get to London by car?
    -Is there any taxi company you could recommend me, to get us to Folkestone with the Eurotunnel Shuttle?, as it seems too expensive to rent a car in France and leave it in UK, so the idea is to leave it at Calais
    I am looking forward to your reply
    Best regards

  3. Jaletta – the documentation proving that your representative will be flying within 5 days of your pet will be attached to its crate. This should be in the form of a copy of a ticket, boarding pass, etc. Although representatives may be confirming information at customs clearance, it would be difficult to do follow up if your representative is flying after your pet is claimed.

  4. Hello.
    I would like to know what would happen if my designated representative that is flying within 5 days of my pet misses their flight? He has no intention to. I am just worried since I won’t be flying myself that should the unexpected happen what happens to my pet.

  5. Ella – you need to give your sister Power of Attorney to represent you as the legal owner. She will need a microchip, then she needs to be vaccinated for rabies (in that order), then wait 21 days after rabies vaccination to travel to the UK. Your pet will need an updated EU Pet Passport and a tapeworm treatment administered by a licensed vet between one and five days of travel. Your sister will need to sign a Declaration of Non-commercial transport declaring that the movement does not involve a change of ownership. The airlines may have this, but it is included in all of our instructions and forms for the United Kingdom here if you need them:

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