NEWS: Changes to the Import of Pets into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme

There are new (and better) rules for pets travelling to UK/Northern Ireland as of January 1, 2012. Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Mrs Caroline Spelman) announced earlier today about changes to the rules on the movement of pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme

Basically, UK is falling into line with rest of EU. Pet dogs and cats from EU and listed countries with low incidence of rabies entering the UK from 1st January 2012 will no longer require a Blood Titer Test 6 months prior to travel. After microchip insertion and vaccination, the pet must wait 21 days prior to entering the UK.

Pets entering the UK from countries with a high incidence of rabies will be required to microchip, vaccinate and perform a rabies titer test 4 months prior to travel in order to avoid quarantine.

BIG news for pet owners traveling to the United Kingdom.


NEWS: Changes to the Import of Pets into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme — 55 Comments

  1. Hi,my name is Ella ,i m from Romania but i live in Uk ,i have a little dog in Romania and next month my sister law coming here and i want to bring my little dog,she need some paper to travel.with her? In dog passport it s my name. Thanks

  2. Grumpy – the easiest way to travel from France to the UK is via Le Shuttle. However, you will need a car to do so. This is also true of the pet friendly ferries that travel between Calais and England. If you will not have a car available have a friend who can come pick you up and take you back, that would be the ideal way. If not, there are services that will do that. (Pet Chauffeurs).

  3. To whom it may concern,

    I am travelling from Paris to London with my kitten( Grumpy who is born in Paris, and have been micro shipped and is 3months and have been vaccinated for rabies on his 3rd months and there is 21days between the vaccinations and the travel.My questions is: Which way should i travel with my cat? Eurostar does not allow cat/dogs? which is the simplest way of traveling one way and not traumatizing the kitten ? Ferry, plans?

    Looking forward to your reply

  4. Kay – according to EU regulations, you must wait 90 days after the date the blood was drawn for the titer test before entering the EU.

  5. Hello,
    I wonder if you could clear something up for me. I’m a British citizen living in Cairo and want to take my puppy to Belgium with me for 1 week next month. She was microchipped and had the rabies vaccination here 1 month ago and now I need to have the rabies titer test done. My question is do we have to wait for 3 months after we get the results back before she can travel or can we travel as soon as we have the results? All of the vets we have asked here (as well as the airline and quarantine at the airport here) say she can travel as soon as we have the results but I have read here and somewhere else that we must wait 3 months. If you could clear this up for me I would really appreciate it as I don’t want to put my dog through the stress of traveling to then sit in quarantine for a week till we return.
    Many thanks

  6. “Pets traveling to an unlisted non-EU country that have been identified, microchipped and blood sampled 30 days after vaccination demonstrating a positive titration result before leaving the UK (or another EU country) may re-enter the UK without having to meet the three month waiting period. The vaccination, blood sample and positive titration result must be recorded on the pet passport.” Same process less the 3 month wait.

  7. I was hoping someone could help me. I have a 2 year old French Bulldog (15 / 16kg) which I imported from Europe to Nigeria when he was a puppy (via a company called Europuppy)

    He was issued with a European passport and microchipped prior to leaving the EU and is fully vaccinated. His last rabies vaccination was 22nd July 2013 and was administered by our vets in Nigeria.

    I am returning to the UK from Nigeria shortly and ideally want to transport him back before his current vaccination expires.

    I’m just trying to get clarification on the status of his Rabies Vaccination – I understand that we need to provide a blood test taken at least 30 days after the vaccination was undertaken which we can provide given that the vaccination was administered in July 2013. However, is he subject to the 3 month wait period before he can travel (which means his current vaccination will expire before that period is exhausted) or can the 3 month period be waived as he was successfully blood tested (for his first rabies vaccination) issued with an EU Pet Passport and micrchipped prior to leaving the EU?

    The guidelines into entry into the UK from Non Approved Countries states in the small print…
    “If your pet was successfully blood tested and issued with an EU pet passport before it left the UK or other EU country to go to a non-approved country, the three-month waiting period before re-entering the UK will not apply (but all other rules still apply, including the requirement for the blood sample to be taken at least 30 days after vaccination).


  8. Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much. One more question. As I am driving through France, they seem to want an ANEX II form and its the only country requesting this. Is this right?

    So, to sumarise, blue pet passport, antirabic vaccine done, microchipp, castrate, tape worm test done.
    Anything else? Many thanks for all the help xxx

  9. Hello Mani – if the vet in Romania issues your dog a blue pet passport, that, and proof of tapeworm test within one and five days of entering the UK is all you will need to travel through the EU. Yes, you should have a little carrier for your puppy. It is dangerous for a pet to travel in a car without some type of restraint. Plan to stop and give your puppy plenty of rest and play stops. Have a good trip.

  10. Hi admin,

    I need a bit of help. I am planning to drive to Romania from the UK in my car next summer to bring a medium size male dog into the UK. I will be driving him back by car.
    I am aware he has to be microchiped, vaccinated agains rabbies, dewormed, passport released by the vet, all of this 21 days before departure. As my driving route back will be Romania – Hungary – Germany – France – UK (South East England), hope I did not miss any countries, will I ancounter any problems at all these borders? Do I need a little cage in the car for the dog. Along the paperwork for the dog, is there anything else I need to be aware of? Many thanks for your help. No need to use Google translate for the answer, English is fine.
    Have a great day.

  11. Some airlines will allow birds to fly as checked baggage and your first step should be to call the reservations office of an airline that flies between the two cities. You must call them, the arrangements cannot be made online. Bulgaria does not prohibit the import of pet birds. If you decide to drive with the bird there are no border crossing guards between the two countries so there is no reason to be concerned about the various country rules. All of the countries are members of the EU and they all have the same rules.

  12. Hello, My mother has died in the uk and I have inherited an Amazon Parrot, however I live in Bulgaria. It would appear the only option to get this bird back to Bulgaria from the UK would be by Car which would mean contacting about 6 countries to fulfil the border requirements. I have spoken to France already and they don’t speak English so that stopped me in my tracks. Does anyone know if I can fly the bird over and whom would do this?

  13. Hi Jackie – the number of pets that can be moved between EU Member States is limited to five per person. If you want to bring in more than 5 pets, you will need a special health certificate issued by the Animal Health and veterinary Laboratories Agency. The application for the certificate must be made at least 10 days in advance. You can reach them here:

    We have found that the time allowed for endorsement of the Annex II and tapeworm forms lessens considerably with a commercial shipment.

  14. Hi – I wish to adopt a dog from Romania. The plan is for her to be brought to the UK within the next 2-3 months by an animal transportation company together with other dogs also being “adopted” by British people. She will have her passport, all vaccinations and inoculations (including Rabies shot) and worm treatment.

    Several of us are growing concerned as we have heard that new regulations apply whereby

    a) one person may remove 2 dogs from Romania for the purpose of a holiday or for the purpose of a dog show;

    b) movement of 5 or more dogs is considered to be a business transaction and becomes the subject of additional regulations;

    Can you please explain what regulations currently apply and when, if a change is anticipated, it will come into force and how it will affect movement of dogs from Romania.

    Thank you

  15. Hi Cristina – first microchip, then rabies vaccination. If you have vaccinated your love after the microhcip, you should be fine. You will need the tapeworm test and the Annex II form.
    Then, no quarantine.

  16. Thank u Susan for your help. I have a Yorkshire Terrier, my precious love, he already has a microchip. So, i understand there is no need for him to stay in quarantine 🙂
    Thank you!

  17. Buna ziua, eu nu sunt sigur ce fel de animal de companie ai cum calelasul nu este traducerea. ?n cazul ?n care animalul dumneavoastra de companie este un caine sau o pisica, aceasta va trebui s? fie microcipat, apoi vaccinate (?n aceast? ordine) cu cel pu?in 21 de zile ?nainte de intrarea Anglia. Medicul veterinar va trebui s? completa?i formularul de anexa II, pentru Anglia ?n termen de 10 de zile de c?l?torie. ?n cazul ?n care animalul dumneavoastra de companie este un c?ine, atunci ea va avea nevoie de un test de tenie de la medicul veterinar ?ntre unu ?i cinci de zile de c?l?torie. Pute?i ob?ine instruc?iunile ?i formularele aici ?i acestea pot fi trimise prin email.

    Animalul dumneavoastr? de companie va intra ?n Anglia ca marf? ca aceasta este o cerin??. Las?-m? s? ?tiu dac? ave?i mai multe ?ntreb?ri.

  18. Buna,

    Am cautat si am cautat si tot nu m-am lamurit, poate reusiti dvs. Ma voi muta in Anglia undeva in luna mai, as dori sa stiu pana la urma ce trebuie sa fac sa imi iau catelasul cu mine? Mai e nevoie sa stea in carantina? Precizez ca ma voi muta din Romania.


  19. Eu nu a? recomanda s? pl?ti?i pentru catei din Manchester pe internet. Eu cred c? aceasta este o ?n?el?torie popular? (fraud?), ?i nu exist? pui. Escrocii folosesc numele de a navei pui lor, dar noi nu sunt implicate ?n transportul de pui pentru oricine ?n Manchester. Faci ceva foarte riscant, iar noi nu l-ar recomanda.

  20. Buna seara,am o intrebare care ma poate ajuta…am doi catei in anglia in manchester…si vreau sa mii trimita cineva in romania,am vazut cam ce documente le trebuie si restu,dar am curiozitatea cu ce pot veni amandoi si cam ce pret mi-ar lua pentru ai aduce aici.Va multumesc

  21. Your pets will need to be microchipped, then vaccinated (in that order) at least 21 days prior to entering the UK. Within 10 days of travel, an accredited vet will fill out the Annex II form for the UK which will be endorsed by the CFIA. Your doggie will need a tapeworm test within one and five days of travel. All instructions and forms can be found here:

  22. Please disregard my earlier question. I think I have figured it out – I do need this form! – and have purchased a pet travel passport kit from your travel store. Thanks for this!

  23. Hi there,

    Thank you for your incredibly helpful service! I will be moving my dog and cat from Canada to the UK. I’m trying to interpret the requirements for an official health certificate, which are a bit ambiguous. I have gotten these before for traveling from Canada to the US – they are on the vet’s letterhead, etc. They contain most of the information that is on the form here that DEFRA links to, which is found here, about five pages into this policy: Do I need to get them to fill out this particular form (i.e. print it out and have them fill it out)? Or is the standard health certificate they issue okay, as long as it contains all the right information?

    Many thanks!

  24. Your Blue Pet Passport should suffice as long as it is stamped by your veterinarian within 10 days of travel. We have the Annex II forms in at or you can find them at the DEFRA website. I regret that I misstated that Argentina was not a Third Country. You are correct.

  25. hi Susan,
    thanks for the info. But I read that Argentina is an approved non UE-listed country…. isn’t it? did this change? it says so here:
    My cat has an european union blue passport, is vaccinated (and will be again before leaving Belgium, as in Argentina they ask for rabbies vaccines once a year)and has a microchip… do I still need the Annex II papers? where do I get these?
    thank you,

  26. When you arrive in France, you will need to present Annex II papers for France (or a Blue Pet Passport). Your pet will clear customs in the UK when you get off the ferry. This said, there is a problem with your itinerary. If you enter the France or the UK from Argentina, your pet will need a Blood Titer Test in addition to the other requirements to enter the UK. (microchip, vaccination, etc.) because Argentina is not an approved Third Country. This BTT must be administered at least 3 months prior to entering the UK. Your best bet is not to take your kitty to Argentina and enter the UK from Belgium where there will be no BTT requirement.

  27. Hi,
    I need to confirm some information.
    I’m from Argentina but I now live in Belgium, but I will be moving to London, UK in February 2013, after a holiday at home in Argentina.
    I have a cat and she’ll be travelling with me all the way: Brussels,Belgium-Buenos Aires,Argentina-London,UK (through Paris). I know I cannot enter the UK and have her fly with me in the cabin so I think I’m taking a train from Paris to Calais, then the boat to Dover and then another train to London.
    My question is: as I’m entering France (and leaving right away…), do I need to present any documents in the UK from there? My idea is to ask in Argenitna to be given the documents to go to UK directly, is this correct? do I need to do anything in Charles de Gaulle? Calais? Can you suggest me another route to travel to London? I don’t feel comfortable sending my cat as cargo with a flying company… she’s always travelled with me in the cabin before.
    Thank you for your time and help!


  28. my cat has taken his vaccinations and he is microchipped and he has done his blood test and he has passed it. i will be leaving to the UK by the first week of december and i really need to take him with me because i have no one to keep him with, and i dont have 3 months for me to wait after he has taken his blood test , what will happen . will he be in quarantine for the rest of the 3 months ?

    RESPONSE: You are correct. Your cat will be quarantined for the balance of time from when the blood was drawn and 3 months, which is the requirement for entry without quarantine from an unlisted third country. You will need to make arrangements for your pet at an approved quarantine location and an authorized carrying agent to pick up your pet at Gatwick or Heathrow and relocate them to the quarantine facility. You can find details on doing all of this here:

    Am in Egypt having been here just under 2 months. I didn’t get a pet passport and Egypt is on the unlisted countries list of Defra. My question is this. If my dog had his rabies injection a month before we came…Normally I would have to get another blood test here and then wait 3 months. But I’m not able to…things have gone wrong here and having to return asap. I am having a blood test done…but want to return after a month…(even that is going to be difficult to stay). My question is… Ive just been told Defra changed its rules to in April this year to waiver the 3 month wait or quarantine IF these blood tests come good. Was told by a british woman I met at the vets just now who boards dogs. Can anyone tell me if this is true…as I cant see this on the website…?
    ANY response ASAP would be gratefully received…as I am having to return asap.
    RESPONSE: in order to enter the UK from Egypt without quarantine, the following process must be followed. First, your pet must be microchipped with an ISO compliant chip, the vaccinated (in that order). No sooner than 21 days after vaccination, blood is drawn for the titer test. Three months after the date the blood is drawn, your pet can enter the UK. If you do not have 3 months, then your pet will be quarantined for the balance of time remaining from the 3 months. So, if the blood is drawn one month prior to entering the UK, your pet will be quarantined for two months. (Assuming a negative result) These are the new rules as of Jan. 1, 2012. We are not aware of any waiver of these rules.

  30. I want to bring one of my cats to England, she has a passport and all vaccines would be up to date, but no micro chip, what do I need to do?
    RESPONSE: If you are traveling from Bulgaria to England, your pet must be micro chipped, then vaccinated (in that order) and your cat can enter England 21 days after vaccination. Get a Blue Pet Passport from your veterinarian. It will be all you need other than a health certificate issued no more than 10 days prior to travel. If your cat is entering England by air, it will travel as manifest cargo and you will need to contact the cargo department of the airline you are using. Keep your cat on the same airline the entire way as the airlines do not interline pets.

  31. Yes , we are in Germany now (but the password was made in Romania-we are from there), yes she have password and microchip .

  32. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer me , it’s urgent . I have a small dog , 4 months . The password was made in Romania , but the first vaccination was made in Germany , because we live hear now . She have all vaccination for her age , the vaccination against rabies was made in 27.07.2012 . We need the bood test or no ? because I dont understand nothing .

    We want to know if we need the blood test ,and how it’s about quaratine because I saw that some rules about test and quarantine are changed .
    RESPONSE: your pet is in Germany now, correct? Has your pet been micro chipped?

  33. p.s. and besides the blood test, the vaccine and the chip does the animal need anything else from my country (Bulgaria)?

    RESPONSE: There is no blood test required if you are entering the UK from Bulgaria. Your pet must be micro chipped, then vaccinated (in that order) at least 21 days prior to entering the UK. If you are traveling by plane, you will need a health certificate completed by your vet within 10 days of travel. There is a tapeworm test required for dogs, but not for cats.

  34. Hi..i have a blind kitten which i would definitely need to carry with me in the cabin, but i really don’t have the money to go first to france and then use the ferry, do u know any other alternatives to take my cat from Bulgaria to London? thanks

    RESPONSE: You can rent a car and access the UK through the Chunnel. If your kitty has a Blue Pet Passport issued by your veterinarian, it makes entry much easier.

  35. Hi, i am about to leave argentina to return to the uk. i want to take my 7 month old cat with me. she has had all the vaccinations possible but the waiting period after the blood test results will only be days, i read that we must wait 3 months, will this be a problem when arriving in the uk, i am a uk resident.

    RESPONSE: if the full 90 days after the blood has been drawn, your pet will be quarantined for the balance of the 90 days.

  36. Can anyone give me a price for flying a puppy from romania to uk?
    Thank you

    RESPONSE: British Airways and Air France have direct flights from Bucharest to Heathrow. Their cargo departments will be able to quote you details regarding the cost. Your puppy will travel as manifest cargo and must be micro chipped, then vaccinated at least 21 days prior to travel. A tapeworm test must be administered between one and five days of travel. Get your puppy a blue pet passport prior to traveling.

  37. Hi,
    I have my cat ready with his rabies vaccination to go from the USA to France but I was wondering if I need to take him to another vet in France before I take him to the UK the day after my arrival in France. Can I just use the same paperwork as I will be using for the USA-France trip?
    Also, this is the first I’ve heard of any worming medication being necessary. Does that mean that when I get to France I need to take my cat directly to be medicated as well?
    Thanks so much!!

    RESPONSE: the tapeworm requirement is for dogs, not cats. (my oversight) You will need an Annex II form for the UK as well as France.

  38. Hi I am a us citizen living in the usa, but Id like to bring my kitten with me to the uk. i expect to stay in the uk for 3 months

    Once I get my kitten
    2.vaccinated(with rabies shots also)
    3. get his blood test up to date
    4.arrange travel an approved transport company

    will i need anything else?

    On another site it says pet travel documentation “You will need to obtain an official third country veterinary certificate.” can you explain what that is?

    Thank you

    RESPONSE: as you are entering the UK from a country with a low incidence of rabies, there will be no blood titer test required as long as your pet is micro chipped and has a current vaccination given after the micro chipping and at least 21 days prior to entering the UK. Within 10 days of travel, an accredited veterinarian will complete the Annex II form for the UK for endorsement by the USDA. Between 1 and 5 days of travel, a tapeworm test must be administered by your vet.

    It is not a DEFRA requirement that a transporter handle the transaction, however, it may be the airline requirement.

  39. I’ve been waiting for a long time to travel to the UK with my little dog. She has all the vaccinations and blood tests done. We live in Switzerland. can we fly to London in cabin both of us as we fly to other European countries ?

    Thanks very much for your answer.

    RESPONSE: If you fly to London, your pet will travel as manifested cargo. This is a DEFRA requirement. Your other options are to take a ferry from the coast or the tunnel to England.

  40. I currently live in the main land uk and we are moving to belfast northern ireland. Does my cat need a passport?
    Both countries have the same rules. Your best bet would be to visit a veterinarian in the UK and ask for a blue pet passport. Or, ask him to complete the new annex II veterinary certificate for Ireland.

  41. Hi,
    I recently moved back home to Ireland after spending 5 years in Argentina. Unfortnately, we had to leave our dog behind, due to the old rules of last year. Now that the regulations have changed, we are going to bring Mila back to Ireland to us. I have a friend in Argentina who will check her in with all paperwork, and I will collect her in Dublin airport. Is this enough for the authorities or do I physically have to go to Argentina and fly on the same plane as her. She is a golden retriever, so would be flying as cargo/excess baggage, not in the plane with me. I would really appreciate your advice.
    I assume that you have had a blood titer test done at least 3 months before travel, that the pet is micro chipped with the ISO microchip and that a veterinarian in Argentina will complete the EU form 998 and the tapeworms certificate. Your pet can fly un-accompanied into Ireland as manifested cargo as long as it is on an approved airlines. Not all airlines are approved. If you plan on having the pet fly directly into Ireland and not London then you must also obtain an import permit in advance of the travel date. If you need the complete instructions and all of the forms required including the blood titer and list of approved air carriers they are available here and can be emailed to you or to the person who is handling this for you in Argentina. The arrangements will be made with the airlines air cargo office and not their reservations office.

  42. Hi,
    I am just 3 months back in Holland with my dog. Before we lived in Guatemala. Now i wanna bring my dog into Ireland around march 2012… What is the procedure do you think? New rabies test, then new blood test? Thanks, JM
    The blood titer test is no longer required after January 1, 2012. Your pet will need only the EU form 998 or the blue pet passport, current proof of rabies vaccination and a tapeworm treatment right before the travel date. If you need the complete rules and forms for taking a pet into Ireland they are available here and can be emailed to you:

  43. Hello,
    I’m moving to New Zealand in June 2012. I have a small bichon dog that is 40 cm height and 12 kg weight.
    I’m from Romania. Because New Zealand don’t accept pets from my country I moved to Italy and I intend to stay 6 months for the rabies vaccination. In June I’ll fly from Rome to Wellington and I’ll change 2 planes and I’ll fly trough the following countries:
    1. Rome to London with BritishAirlines or AllItalia
    2. London to Auckland with Air New Zealand (with stopover in Los Angeles or Hong Kong)
    3. Auckland to Wellington
    I intend to take our dog in the same plane with us.

    I want to know what papers do I need and if I neccesary need a PetTransporter, because I can’t find one that could take care of my dog from Rome to Wellington.

    Do you think is better for my dog to remain in quarantine in Auckland, taking into account that we have to fly 34 hours from Rome to Wellington?
    Thank you
    You should be able to make the arrangements yourself by calling the airlines reservations number to book your pet as checked baggage. If you are traveling to England after January 1st when the rules have changed eliminated blood titer test then transiting that country will be fairly simple. Hong Kong also has special requirements for pets transiting the country. There are one set of rules for pets who just change planes in a country as opposed to those who stop over even just to talk a walk. I am not a veterinarian but it would seem to me that you have to break the flight up as much as possible and spend a day in some of those places. I cannot imagine tht it would be good for your pet to be in a pet crate for 34 hours.
    If you need the rules and pet passport forms for any of those countries they are availale here and can be emailed to you.

  44. We are so pleased the law is finally changing, we are a veterinary clinic in M?laga, Spain, and have had a lot of sad stories with owners not being aware of the rabies titer necessary 6 months before traveling, and having to leave their pets behind because they had to get back to the UK urgently. As far as I have been informed, the only requirement different from the rest of Europe (excluding Malta and Scandinavia) is that animals be treated between one and five days before returning to the UK.
    Malta is now the same as the UK. Yes the pets must be treated for tapeworms 24 to 48 hours prior to entering either the UK or Malta. The new rules only apply to countries with a low incidence of rabies such as Spain. If you or your clients every need the pet passport information for any country we have the packages for every country here:

  45. Hi,

    I am residing in UK but my mum and 2 cats and a dog live in Romania. I want them to move with me, the pets have microchips, they have all been vaccinated at the beginning of June, had their blood tests done, and they also have the passports done. We were planning on them travelling in December, after 6 months from their blood tests. But travelling by British Airways is ridiculously expensive so now I am considering if there isn’t any other way they can travel from Romania to England – maybe by car? Would that be possible in December this year? Or at least after 1st January 2012?
    You can enter the UK by car as long as you have all the paperwork including the EU form 998. Some people fly into France and then take a ferry into England.

    Please, let me know if you have any idea. This whole thing is terrifying me. I can’t imagine giving up on them but I can’t find ?2000 to pay for British Airways either.

  46. Hi,
    I am looking to return to the UK (Wales) from Saudi Arabia with my two cats.
    We are hoping to return after January 2012 by which time we will have been residing here
    for eight months. All necessary micro-chipping and vaccines were done before we left the
    Please can you let me know whether Saudi Arabia falls into the low rabies category or
    if my cats will have to go into quarantine on their return.
    Many thanks,
    As long as your pet has been micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit micro chip and vaccinated for rabies there will be no quarantine but you must have a blood titer test done on the pet at least 3 months before entering the UK. If you need the complete rules and forms for taking a pet into the UK without quarantine they are available here and can be emailed to you:
    Linda John.

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