Airline Pet Travel: Delta Cargo Announces New Summer Live Animal Program

cat in cargo crateUPDATE: Note that, as of October 1, 2016, Delta Cargo will no longer accept snub-nosed pets of any kind (see list in step 6). Delta will also discontinue their Summer Live Animal Program and temperature restrictions (10 F/-12 C and 85F/29 C) will be imposed for all cities that Delta flies. Additionally, Delta will no longer accept pets traveling as cargo on flights with an average duration of over 12 hours.

Find Delta Airlines current pet policies.


Airline Pet Travel: Delta Cargo Announces New Summer Live Animal Program — 371 Comments

  1. Hiya,

    We’ve moved to London two months ago and getting ready to have our dog (5 years/40lbs) flown over from Houston. I know about the heat embargo, but it what you’re suggesting…to try and get a flight from Houston to London (for example) at night, in spite of the embargo? Does that often work?
    Also, is there advice you can give me concerning an article I read recently regarding United Airline’s lack of customer service and poorly executed pet travel scheme? Have you heard anything like that? I’m very keen on using British Airways too, but they seem to have a more strict heat embargo. Do you think getting a night flight with them would work too?
    RESPONSE: I would advise that you contact BA cargo department for confirmation on routes to London that would allow the transport of live animals.

    Address:    British Airways World Cargo
    19175 Lee Road
    Suite 150
    Houston, TX 77338
    Reservations:    281 443 4954
    Operations: 281 443 4954
    Facsimile:    281 443 0767
    Telex:    No Telex
    Open:    Mon-Sat 0800-1900 Sun 0900-1800

    United Airlines has a program in place to deal with hot weather and so is a popular choice for summertime pet travelers. Their customer service line is frequently busy, but it is manned 24 hours a day so we recommend calling outside of norman business hours.


  2. Trying to get 10 wk old French bulldog from Kiev Ukraine to Houston, TX. Houston isn’t accepting pets bc of heat embargo. Delta denied bc its a bulldog breed. Any suggestions? Thinking he may come on Lufthansa or KLM
    RESPONSE: KLM no longer accepts snub nosed breeds. Lufthansa will only accept them as cargo when the temperature is below 80 degrees F. Does United fly your route?

  3. Help – I am moving from Puerto Rico to Florida (Pensacola) the last week of Sept. Unfortunately, I am battling heat restrictions and snub nose restrictions – he is a boxer. I really want to fly him as checked baggage and am willing to take the shortest and most direct flight to any of the mid to south east coast. (So far, I have not had success in finding any airlines willing to fly him as checked baggage). Will ship via cargo if necessary – but again, looking for short and direct flights. I can’t leave Gus behind and am really stressing about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    RESPONSE: We are not aware of any airlines that will fly your boxer as checked baggage this time of year. Delta flies the shortest route through Atlanta and United flies through Washington but it has a longer flight time.

  4. I cannot find an airline that flies pets in cargo to Birmingham. Do you know of one? Maybe Atlanta, Ga?

  5. I need to get a toy Australian Shepherd (8 wks) from Amarillo, Texas to Ashville, Alabama. Can you tell me the best way?

    RESPONSE:the best way to get your young puppy from Amarillo to Ashville is to drive. The second best way would be to fly with the puppy in the cabin of an aircraft, either in a private charter to Ashville or a commercial flight to Birmingham. If you cannot accompany your pet, we advise that you wait until the pup is 10 weeks old and transport them on a commercial plane as manifest cargo. You will need to keep the puppy on the same airline the entire trip as airlines do not interline pets.

  6. My puppy is just over 8 weeks old, getting her from Nashville to Toronto involves going via Dallas and that is where the temperature problem is. Dallas is not listed as an airport that is not taking part in Delta’s summer program so would that mean she should be able to be shipped with climate controlled transportation or does it still come down to being over 85 on the Tarmac?
    RESPONSE: It comes down to the temperature. Did you try United?

  7. Hi
    I am trying to get a small puppy from Nashville to Toronto. I was told that it was too hot to ship. Perhaps where the airline goes in between is not included in the summer program. Any suggestions?

    RESPONSE: the airlines will not accept puppies younger than 8-10 weeks of age as their ability to deal with temperatures has not fully developed. United serves the route as does Delta. They both have programs in place to deal with the heat, but the age of your puppy may be a problem.

    Your only other option would be ground transport. There are ways to arrange this through a licensed transporter ( or a commercial shipping company like U-Ship although I have not used them so I cannot recommend them.

  8. I would like to fly a 10-11 week old Australian Shepherd from Philadelphia, PA, to Las Vegas, NV. The date would be between now and mid-August. Is it possible? Thank you, Stacey
    RESPONSE: United or Delta both have programs in place to deal with the heat. United flies pets as cargo under their PetSafe program and Delta Under their Pet First program.

  9. I need to have my cat flying alone from Miami to Toronto on September 2012. What are my options?

    RESPONSE: If you are looking for the services of a licensed pet transporter, we would be happy to help. We can pick up your pet, drop off at MIA, arrange and book transport and arrange for delivery in Toronto or anything in between. You can get a free quote by filling out your details here:

    If you are looking to do this yourself, you will need a veterinary certificate for Canada and a health certificate for the airlines. You will need to contact the cargo department of an airline that serves the entire route as the airlines do not interline pets. You can find forms and instructions here:

  10. Hello,
    Currently I have a flight booked with United to go from hawaii to arizona this august. It’s the only time I can fly as I am seperating from my family who is military. I am having issues finding an airline that will fly my 3 month old Boxer to Arizona from Hawaii for me. does anyone know of any airlines that can help? United wants to do all of these different connecting flights and Im very hesitent about it.
    RESPONSE: United has direct flights from Honolulu to Phoenix. What is your route?

  11. We’re moving from Houston to Germany in August or September, 2012 and taking two adult cats. Who will take pets at that time of the year. On what airline would it be best to travel? What time of day should we try to leave? Should we try to make connecting flights on the U.S mainland and not Europe? Would Zurich be a better destination that Basel, as it would utilize larger planes?

    RESPONSE: I would contact KLM or Delta as they have a one stop flights through Amsterdam to BSL. (make sure if you are flying Delta that the route is not served by a B767) As long as you are staying on the same airline, your pets will be transferred without entering the country. If these routes cannot be arranged, Zurich would be another option, but you will have to conform to requirements to enter Switzerland. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  12. Hi. I am purchasing a 8 week old Great Dane he will fly from Amarillo to Dallas at 6:40am then DFW to Little Rock, Arkansas at 9:00am All shots are up to date and he will be flying in the required crate. He flies out Saturday July 21st, Im worried by the second flight it might be too hot for him to fly cargo. What will happen if that is the case? Will he just be stuck at the DFW airport? will he be on the next flight once it cools down?
    Lots of questions I’m a little nervous for my little man.
    Thank you.

    RESPONSE: What airline is your pet flying?

  13. Hello! I am traveling from Hawaii to Arizona in August with my border collie mix. I am separating from the military and this is the only time I can tavel, is there any flights that will allow my pet to travel with me?

    RESPONSE: Both Delta and Phoenix have programs in place in Phoenix that deal with summer heat. They are the only airlines we know of that will carry non snub nosed pets in the cargo hold during periods of high heat. Ask them if your destination airport participates in their program.

  14. Hello, I am traveling/moving to St. Martin from philadelphia. I have a collie and a carn terrier. I already have my tickets (but can change them) How can I get them there?? So many restrictions and many accommodating airline do not go to St. Martin. Any advice would be soooo appreciated. I have been at this for quite a while.. Tried Delta but not all of the stops on the way are summertime friendly airports. Thanks

    RESPONSE: After a quick look, this is a tough route. I have checked routes out of Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Orlando and Miami and they are all long with many stops. When are you moving?

  15. I wish to ship a 8 week old germanshepherd pup from Wichita to Stockton, Ca in July. What are the closest airports that I can get the dogs shipped safetly as cargo?

    RESPONSE: Delta and United both fly into Sacramento with one stops through either MSP or Denver. They are probably the best choices considering the summer heat embargo.

  16. Hello, I will be coming from Lima, Peru on July 7th to Toronto, Ontario for the layover, and then proceed to Vancouver, BC. They said that it is to hot for the dog to go in cargo. I am not sure that she would fit under my sit. She is a Samoyed puppy that is only 3 months old and about 12lbs. I will need to weigh her and get her rabies vaccines before we go but I am wondering if she cant come up in the cabin with me then what is my other option? I am flying with Air Canada and they say it is just to hot for cargo. My flight leaves at 1:45 in the morning so it will be cold out, and I get to Toronto at 10:45 am and it is very cold in Toronto, so i dont understand where the heat is coming from that they are talking about? If anyone has any options please reply. Thanks
    Air Canada has an embargo on pets flying as cargo during certain months. They do not take into account individual situations. I do not think you can get them to change their mind. Is there any other airline that you might fly? They do not all have this embargo.

  17. Hello,

    I am moving back to the USA and am flying from San Jose, Costa RIca to Miami in August. I am pretty sure the temp will be above 85 degrees in Miami and know that most airlines won’t let me fly w/ my dog as cargo. It seems from my research and the info posted above that Delta is the best option – however not a direct flight to my destination it seems to be the most sure way to get my dog back with me. What does it cost for a dog to go as cargo on Delta? What is the difference between taking a dog as cargo and checked luggage? I would like to be on the same flight as him. Suggestions or advice. Blessings. Andrea

    RESPONSE: in order to transport a pet as checked baggage, you need to travel with your pet on the same plane. Either way, your pet will travel in an area of the hold that is pressurized and temperature controlled like the cabin. You will need to contact Delta for the costs.
    Ask them also whether they will allow pets to leave Costa Rica as checked baggage.

  18. We are moving to Mexico and the plan is to fly our dogs mid-October from ATL to CUN (Cancun). They will travel as checked baggage on Delta. I know the planes they currently fly will accommodate (not 767s). The only possible issue I am running into is temperature. I know that the rule is if the forecasted temperature is 85 degrees or higher, Delta will not fly the dogs. It’s past their usual summer embargo but still at a time when it temps could be 85 degrees, especially in Cancun.

    Do you know, if we were to book a flight, how soon prior to the flight do they let us know that they won’t fly our dogs? For example, do we find out the day before? When we go to check in? I am having visions of us standing at the airport on a daily basis until the temps drop a bit! I’m also afraid of the fees we might incur if we have to book/rebook/rebook/rebook…ugh!

    Any thoughts?

    RESPONSE: if you are flying with Delta, you should be fine as both Atlanta and Cancun are participating cities in their Pet First Program.
    You will need to contact Delta to make your reservations and you can confirm with them.

  19. I am wanting to fly a mixed breed puppy we are adopting from Greensboro North Carolina, to XNA in Bentonville AR… We are needing to do this ASAP… he is 6 months old and less than 50lbs. Is there a way to ship him overnight since the temperatures are looking upwards of the 90s and 100’s?

    RESPONSE: Delta has many flights to XNA through ATL from GSO starting at 6:00. Greensboro is also a participating city in their Pets First program so the heat there would not be a problem. Not sure if XNA participates and you may want to check with Delta to see.

  20. We will be moving to Madrid around August 1st, traveling from Orlando, FL. with our 60 pound Airdale. We have contacted several airlines – the latest being Delta but they no longer will fly pets overseas due to the change in planes they are currently flying (i think 767). The airlines ‘state’ that they will not fly a pet if the temperature at any point on the route is above 85 degrees, etc.. Do you have any suggestions on how to get our dog to Madrid. We would like to be on the same plane and have him as excess baggage (rather than paying the high fees for cargo or unaccompained baggage). Any help, suggestions, recomendations would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
    Thank you!

    RESPONSE: Lufthansa has a flight out at 20:10 but that still might not be meet temperature requirements. United does as well, but they do not fly pets as checked baggage. If you can find an airline that flies very early in the morning or at night, it may get you past the heat embargo. If you cannot, United and Delta may be your only option during the summer and early fall months.

  21. Hello,

    We are getting a pup from some people in Florida that will be ready to leave around the beginning of July. He will be close to 50lbs. We live in Minneapolis. What are our options to fly him here to Minnesota? We know temperature is an issue. Any options like a direct flight very early in the morning or very late at night possible?

    RESPONSE: Delta has a direct flight from MSP to DLH leaving at 19:39. If you are flying out of MSP, then you will have to do so at night because it is not on Delta’s list of cities that participates in their summer heat program.

  22. I am trying to ship a puppy from Atlanta to Billings, Mt. Will this happen if the temperature is to be above 85 in Billings?

    RESPONSE: the heat embargo will apply to all cities involved in your route, beginning to end. So, if the temperature in Atlanta, Billings, or any transiting city along the way exceeds 85 degrees, the airline will not ship any pet in cargo. The only airlines that have programs in place to deal with the heat are Delta and United. If you are considering either of these airlines you should be OK.

    The other alternative is to depart and arrive either very early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the midday heat.

  23. We have been transferred from Houston, Texas to London, UK. We have a two year old Yorkshire Terrier. We are planning to leave on July 5, 2012. I am having a lot of trouble to get an airline that can take my dog because of the heat embargo. Just called Delta and they told me that there are also additional restrictions regarding the type of aircraft that can enter the UK. Please help me with an option . Thanks.

    RESPONSE: Delta is no longer flying pets in their B767 airplanes which are the ones that serve this route to the UK. United has a direct flight to the UK so they would be the next option. Or you could connect to a number of airlines in a city where temperature is not a problem for the flight into Heathrow. Or fly your pet in the cabin out of Houston and transfer to cargo in another city. This would require separate tickets and additional charges and would not be the preferred alternative.

  24. I’ve been doing my research and just need a confirmation from someone: im flying out of las vegas in july with delta airlines. the dog will be exactly 9 weeks old and my flight back to nashville tn will be red eye (2 am leaving las vegas). will i have any problems with delta and what are my options, concerns, solutions that i may need to know? please advise.

    RESPONSE: You do not mention whether your puppy will be traveling in the cabin or checked baggage. How big will your puppy be when you fly?

  25. Thanks Susan- it shows on the website, however, that Kansas City is not a participating location either?

    RESPONSE: According to Delta’s 2012 Summer Live Animal Program, Kansas City is a participating member. You can call them to verify. I received the list very recently.

  26. I need to fly my dog from Miami to dusseldorf. What are my options?

    RESPONSE: you will have a hard time getting your pet out of Miami unless it is traveling in the cabin with you due to the summer heat embargo. It is not clear from your post whether you intend to travel with your pet.

  27. My husband recently got orders that he will be PCS’ing to Japan. We are taking a rotator from Seattle to Japan and are allowed to have our dog on the rotator. We are flying out of Seattle on August 26th and need to get ourselves and the dog from St. Louis to Seattle. We can’t risk the airlines deciding it’s too hot and us missing our rotator and the earliest flights we’ve been able to find leave at 5:40am but they all have stops and I’m afraid the second plane won’t take off with the dog because by that time it will be 85 degrees. Any ideas on what the best option for us would be? Thanks!

    RESPONSE: St. Louis is a participating city in Delta’s summer heat program, so you should not have a problem flying out. The problem is that their routes to Seattle involve stops in cities that do not participate (Minneapolis/St Paul, Salt Lake City and Detroit). The only route that I can find where the intermediary stop is a participating city is Atlanta, which is a longer trip. Another option would be for one of you to fly Delta out of Kansas City (another participating city) directly to Seattle. You could drive there the night before and stay in a pet friendly hotel.

  28. Need to send German Shepherd to Frankfurt either July or August or if things change NY to Phx

    Help! I have used Delta for my dogs already this year and they were just wonderful

    RESPONSE: you will be limited in your carriers to United or Delta flying into Phoenix as their temperatures exceed 85 degrees and the airlines will not carry them in the cargo hold. These airlines have programs in place to deal with the summer heat. I don’t have enough information to address the other route. Where is your pet flying from?

  29. I was wondering why the huge increase in fees? We are military getting ready to move from Brussels to Newark, NJ and we are being quoted 700 dollars to fly our dog when last summer it was 250. I know United started their new program this year and got a lot of criticism from the military as we travel with our pets every time we move, which is very often. So this is a huge expense and we are seeing people abounding their pets overseas because they can’t afford to pay these huge fees. Is Delta any cheaper?

    RESPONSE: I cannot answer for United except to say that they say that they are continuing to allow military personnel traveling on orders to transport their pets as checked baggage instead of cargo. (checked baggage being less expensive) Delta does offer military discounts, and you would have to contact them with your specific details for a cost estimate.

  30. I’m trying to fly two big dogs from LAX to Jacksonville in mid august will any airlines help with this.

    RESPONSE: You will need to choose an airline that will accommodate the summer heat. Delta and United both have programs that address this for pets traveling as cargo.

  31. I am traveling from Sri Lanka to Dallas TX, as soon as possible. Today is May 30th and need first flight available, so lets say first week of June….can I fly with my two dogs according the the heat restrictions? We are extremely desperate to get out with our dogs after being literally stuck in this country for over two years. I have this chance to leave but know the time is short because of the weather. ANY help you can offer, any answers as to routing? I will leave late at night from Sri Lanka and am told going through Frankfurt is best option. Can you help? Thank you in advance for any answers you may have. It is Sri Lankan Air I will need to take out of this country, as I have been told Delta is not here, is this true?
    Sincerely, Janel

    Response: you are correct Delta does not serve this route. Srilankan Airlines may be an option to Frankfurt, but it does not fly straight through to Dallas, so you will have to change airlines. This means you will have to claim your pets and recheck them on another airline. Clearing customs will mean that you have to confirm to requirements for pets to enter Germany and this will mean a Blood Titer Test 3 months in advance of travel to avoid quarantine. Your pets must also be micro chipped, then vaccinated (in that order) at least 21 days prior to the Blood Test. These requirements are the minimum for entering any EU country from a country with a high incidence of rabies.

  32. We have purchased a Pug puppy (snub-nosed breed) from Maine. It is 8 weeks old. We have paid $2000.00 for this puppy for our kids. It is supposed to fly out this Thursday, May 31st to Little Rock, AR. with one layover in Atlanta. We have a cooler front moving in and the high for Thursday in LR when she lands is 80 degrees. My concern is the temperature in Atlanta, it is supposed to be 86 degrees by the time she is to fly out . Why has the breeder not raised any concern over this issue. The breeder told us that it is only restricted if it is Higher than 88 degrees. What am I to do??

    RESPONSE: the airlines will not accept the pet in cargo if the temperature in any of the cities involved in the route exceeds 85 degrees. Delta and United are the only airlines that have programs that deal with the summer heat.

  33. I need to transport my dog from Guatemala to Indiana in the United States. He is a boxer so he falls under the “stub-nose” part of restrictions. Can you give me any advice on how to ship him cargo through an airline or another route of getting him to the states. Any suggestions or help are greatly appreciated.


    RESPONSE: All of the direct flights in and out of Miami (you did not site where you were flying, so I chose Miami) are flown by American, Copa and Taca which have restrictions on transporting bulldogs. Try contacting Aeromexico. You will also have to ask whether the temperature will be a problem and whether their schedule would allow a night departure.

  34. What are my options to fly my 70 pound mix bread dog from Seville or Madrid, Spain (or, if I have no Spanish option, from Lisbon, Portugal) to Miami this summer? Pursuant to United Airline’s website, I do not think they have a temperature a restriction ( and we could fly with them. American only appears to be an option if the temperature is under 85 F ( Delta does not appear to be an option either. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    RESPONSE: your options are limited as Miami is consistently over 85 degrees in the summertime. MIA is not a participating city in Delta’s program. I would contact United. Otherwise, maybe a late night arrival.

  35. Where can I find the list of airports that participate in Live Animal Program in 2012? Thank you!

    I would like to ship from GSO to MCO this coming Wed. May 30, 2012

    RESPONSE: Both of these cities are participating in Delta’s summer program. United has not published a list, so you will have to contact them for that information.

  36. Hi, I need to get my dog from Bermuda to Boston at the end of July and I am having trouble getting through to the pet first number (won’t recognize automated responses, then hangs up). My husband is flying at the same time and i need to find out about the summer embargo, if he needs to go cargo and what that entails, and could you let me know if Hamilton, bermuda participates in the live animal program? thanks

    RESPONSE: Try Delta as BDA participages in their Summer Program as does BOS. I am checking on United and will edit this post when I find out.

  37. If I fly American airlines in mid July out of Honolulu to kansas city, MO, on a night flight, will they fly my 50lb dog? The arrival would be around 1pm the next day.

    RESPONSE: American will transport your pet as checked baggage our of Honolulu as long as the temperature does not exceed 85 degrees. You are certainly increasing your chances by flying at night. However, the temperatures in Kansas City in July at midday can be as high as 88 degrees. That could cause a problem. You may want to consider Delta as Kansas City is part of their Summer Program. They also have a night flight through Minneapolis that might work, although it has a very short layover. I would also check with United as they have a good route through Denver. Ask them if Kansas City is participates in their summer program.

  38. Susan,
    Thank you for this website as pets traveling is so stressful and theres not alot of info out there. Thank you and your team!
    However I still have one more question for you about the animals flying as checked baggage into minneapolis with 5 hour delay.
    You said I would need to recheck them, Im flying delta for my connection flight as well. Do I still to recheck them? If I do where would I need to go to get them? The baggage claim or would they be at a counter within the airport?

    RESPONSE: I do not believe that Delta will hold your animals for 5 hours when they are traveling as checked baggage. You can ask them beforehand or when you check your animals in if they would make an exception as Delta does not offer cargo services out of your originating city. Normally, live animals are near the baggage claim with other objects that cannot be placed on the belt with the luggage.

  39. Hola, quiero saber si para vacaciones de veranos me puedo llevar a mi perrita Schnauzer Miniatura, porque el verano pasado viaje con otra linea y cuando ibamos a embarcar al avion me dijeron que mi perrita no podia ir porque la temperatura en Miami estaba en 85 grados F. Yo les propuse que por favor habilitaran a una persona para que se encargara de recogerla rapido para trasladarla dentro del aeropuerto apenas atertizara el avion, que yo le pagaba un cargo extra, pero, no quisieron, y eso me causo mucha molestia y me trajo muchos problemas, y gastos extras que no estaban en mis planes, mi perrita hasta se enfermo de depresion…
    Quiero estar segura de poder llevarmela, ambas sufrimos mucho esa separacion… Gracias

  40. Hola, quiero saber si para vacaciones de veranos me puedo llevar a mi perrita Schnauzer Miniatura, porque el verano pasado viaje con otra linea y cuando ibamos a embarcar al avion me dijeron que mi perrita no podia ir porque la temperatura en Miami estaba en 85 grados F. Yo les propuse que por favor habilitaran a una persona para que se encargara de recogerla rapido para trasladarla dentro del aeropuerto apenas atertizara el avion, que yo le pagaba un cargo extra, pero, no quisieron, y eso me causo mucha molestia y me trajo muchos problemas, y gastos extras que no estaban en mis planes, mi perrita hasta se enfermo de depresion…
    Quiero estar segura de poder llevarmela, ambas sufrimos mucho esa separacion… Gracias

  41. Hola, quiero saber si cuento con su programa Pet Firts para viajar este verano con mi perrita Schnauzer, ya que me voy por 45 dias o mas, y quiero estar segura
    porque el verano pasado me fui por dos meses en otra linea aerea y cuando embarcamos a ella no la embarcaron por restriccion de temperatura y me causo muchos problemas…

  42. Thanks for the site. My question is that I am unable to ship my animals on delta cargo because Fairbanks does not offer cargo in my area. So I have no choice but to ship as checked baggage from Fairbanks to StPaul/minneapolis with connecting flight to Traverse City, Michigan.
    My question is, will my pets (cat & Bird) be left on the luggage cart during my 5 hour layover or will they go to the live animal holding area like pets in cargo?
    Please respond as I have called delta numerous times and no one knows.

    RESPONSE: If your pets are traveling as checked baggage and your layover is 5 hours, you will need to claim your pets in St. Paul and re-check on your next flight.

  43. I am needing to ship 2 cats to the UK from Orlando the week of May 28th (3 weeks time). I am concerned about the heat embargo and what happens if they cannot go on the flight they are booked on due to the heat- do they automatically get put on a night flight when it is cooler? I am looking at using BA and not using an agent as unfortunately need to keep costs at a minimum,
    They will be traveling unaccompanied as we will already be in the UK. Thank you

    RESPONSE: Any city where the temperature on the tarmac exceeds 85 degrees is subject to the summer heat embargo. It would be best to schedule your cats to fly out at night. You should call the BA World Cargo office in Orlando and find out procedures for holding your cats should the need arise.
    USA – Orlando (MCO)
    Address: British Airways World Cargo
    c/o Air General
    9463 Benford Road
    Orlando FL 32827
    Reservations: 407 851 4000
    Operations: 407 851 4000
    Facsimile: 407 851 8015 or 407 851 6629
    Telex: No Telex
    Open: Mon-Fri 0830-1830 Sat-Sun 1000-1830


  44. I’m thinking of shipping an 8 week old chiwawa sp? from Melbourn, Fl. to Portland, Me. on Delta Airlines. Is that a direct flight and what would she need for a carrier etc. also what would that flight cost. I can’t take her with me as I take the auto train to Virginia and pets are not allowed. I need to know how safe she would be.

    RESPONSE: Delta flies through Atlanta on its flights to Portland from Melbourn. Your Chihuahua will be held in Atlanta in a climate controlled area until the next flight. Your pet will need to travel as manifest cargo in an IATA compliant pet carrier like these: Within 10 days of travel, your veterinarian will complete a health certificate. Are all the rabies vaccinations complete?

    The cost of this service should be around $180 or a bit more should you decide to use Delta Dash services. You can contact Delta Cargo at 1-800-DLCARGO for additional details.

  45. Where can I find the list of airports that participate in Live Animal Program in 2012? Thank you!

    RESPONSE: I will email it to you.

  46. Hi!

    A breeder is wanting to ship a 10 week old Australian shepherd at the end of may/beginning of June. They also want to use delta. It would be flying out of Missouri and into Atlanta. Will he be safe? Will it be to hot? Thanks !

    RESPONSE: Delta will ship live animals during the summer months as cargo only. Live animals are the last to be loaded and the first thing to be removed. Delta does advertise air conditioned vans that they use to move animals from the terminal to the airline. Delta ships thousands of animals with few incidents.

  47. Hi there! I would like to take my 8-year old Golden Retriever to Europe the first week of July. My closest big airport is New Orleans followed by Houston and Atlanta. Which company would you recommend? I know BA has a heat embargo starting the 1st of June 2012. Also, If I fly to London a pet travel company said my pet has to fly in the cargo (not allowed as a excess of baggage for this destination) and it would cost @ 2,500$. Is that correct? any advices.

    Many thanks!

    RESPONSE: It is a DEFRA requirement that all pets enter the UK as manifest cargo on an approved airline. No pet can enter the UK in the cabin or as checked baggage. You will have to be careful with departing from airports in the southern US during July as the airlines will not transport any live animal in the cargo hold when the temperature on the tarmac exceeds 85 degrees.

  48. Hi. I am purchasing a 10 week old Westie in Dallas and want to fly her from Dallas to Albuquerque. All shots are up to date and she will be flying in the required crate. I want to know how many stops she will have to make and about how much it will be to transport. Thank You

    RESPONSE: American Airlines flies a direct route between Dallas and Albuquerque and your pet will travel as checked baggage as long as you will be accompanying it. Your pet will need a current health certificate from your veterinarian. The airlines can quote you the cost. Both United and Frontier fly this route but they have stops in Houston or Denver.

    Please note that there will be heat restrictions on both of these cities shortly. If the temperature on the tarmac is above 85 degrees, your pet will not be able to fly. Check temperatures late at night or very early in the morning and try to schedule your flight at those times. Be sure and contact the airlines by phone to make your reservations and tell them you are traveling with a pet. This cannot be done online.

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