Airline Pet Travel: Delta Cargo Announces New Summer Live Animal Program

cat in cargo crateUPDATE: Note that, as of October 1, 2016, Delta Cargo will no longer accept snub-nosed pets of any kind (see list in step 6). Delta will also discontinue their Summer Live Animal Program and temperature restrictions (10 F/-12 C and 85F/29 C) will be imposed for all cities that Delta flies. Additionally, Delta will no longer accept pets traveling as cargo on flights with an average duration of over 12 hours.

Find Delta Airlines current pet policies.


Airline Pet Travel: Delta Cargo Announces New Summer Live Animal Program — 371 Comments

  1. I keep hearing about these “holding” areas and vans that are air conditioned, but what about the actual cargo part of the plane? Is it AC? I want to ship a 8-10 week puppy from Austin to Ontario, Canada, but do not want to put a pup on an un-airconditioned flight out of Texas. Delta is the only direct flight out of San Antonio, but I see they are not on the list of airports that do this special summer program. Thanks for your help.

  2. My boss will be spending the summer in LA; how do I get a 50-pound dog from DFW to LAX in July???

  3. Johnathon – your pup is in the upper end of pets allowed in the cabin on any airline. The issue is whether you can find an airline compliant pet crate to transport him in. Your Jack must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier. You can find some airline compliant pet carriers here: Be sure and measure your Jack to see what carrier will accommodate him.

  4. I have a 18 pound jack russell and am wanting to fly him with me from gerald r ford airport to seatac airport. Can i have him in the cabin with ?

  5. Ranae – assuming that you are not traveling with the puppy, you will need to contact the cargo department of an airline that flies the entire route. Assuming that you intend to ship the puppy before the Fall, you should probably focus on Delta or United as they have programs in place to deal with summer heat. Your puppy will need a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of flying.

  6. I am looking for options in shipping a puppy from Albany, New York to Utah. What advice could you give me as to which way would be the best. The puppy is 10 months old.
    Would appreciate and advice and help you could give me.
    Thanks. Ranae

  7. Delta does not accept pets as checked baggage, but will continue to transport allowable pets in aircraft cabins. Delta will also accept shipment of pets for travel within the United States as freight through Delta Cargo. Review your options .

  8. Hi Froghollow – you may want to consider getting to MIA, then taking American or Caribbean Airlines to St. George. If their planes will not accommodate your pet, you may need to fly it via a cargo only airline like Centurion Airlines. Stay flexible with your schedule, though. Their planes do not fly set schedules.

  9. Lyse – need to watch the temperatures in South Florida. Early morning flights are best before temps begin to climb. If this is not possible, you need to consider United or Delta (if they fly you route) as they have programs to address summer heat.

  10. Hi There,
    I am struggling to find a way to transport a choc. lab (so cargo) from Calgary AB Canada to Grenada West Indies…. anyone have ideas/experience? THank you so much!

  11. Looking at flights to and from South Florida to Mintreal, Canada with a lab about 65 lbs. During summer months, any suggestions ?

  12. Elizabeth – Delta and United are the only 2 airlines that offer programs to deal with summer heat. Try to find flights that arrive either early in the morning or late at night. Avoid the middle of the day.

  13. So glad to have found this blog I will be moving from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to Ft Lauderdale/Miami – probably this summer.. and have a Havanese mix. around 20 lbs who I think exceeds the requirements for traveling in the cabin. I am concerned about the heat. The only Delta flight is 9 hours.. has a 2.5 hour lay over in Atlanta.. something like that. Would I be able to take my dog out and walk and water him? Is there another airline that would allow me to fly him into Miami in the heat? Thanks.

  14. I am moving from Bangkok to Hawaii in late April and need to have my 13 year old Siberian Husky accompany me. We are all prepared for the quarantine process there, but I am struggling to find the best flights and airline. Any suggestions would be most helpful.

  15. Marko – try Iceland Air, Lufthansa or Alitalia. They all have flights taking off at night when temperatures are cooler. They may fly your pet as checked baggage as opposed to cargo. Try comparing prices.

  16. We need to travel from Boston to Amsterdam in early and mid August (some flexibility with the dates). What would be our best option to transport our golden doodle (standard size, 91lbs)?

    FYI: I found out that Delta has direct flight and they can transport our doodle as “cargo” (not as checked “luggage”) in regular airplane (we could or not be on the same flight), but that’s rather pricey ($1800 for extra large crate + $230 handling fee).

  17. Dustin – we transport pets in and out of MIA all the time and it gets pretty hot here in the summer. Assuming that you are not transporting a snub-nosed pet, then, Delta should take your pet as long as you fly out before the temperature reaches 85 at the originating airport and the temperature does not exceed 85 at any layover city along the route or at the destination airport when you land. (We also pick up pets late at night into Florida airports). If what you say is true, then no animals could fly in most of the US in the summertime as temperatures do exceed 85 at some point during the day in almost all cities in the US in the summertime.

  18. Hoping one of you will have an answer. I’m PCSing from Hawaii in August to LA, and trying to figure out the Delta policy on checked pets. They wave the summer embargo for military on PCS orders, but the part I’m confused about is the temperature restriction. Do they not accept a pet if the departure or destination is forecast to be above 85* at any point in the day, or only during the hours that the pet will be there? For example, we are leaving Hawaii at 7AM when it’s 75*, but the high for the day will be 89* long after we are gone. Would they refuse the pet? Because that’s pretty much how their website reads.

  19. Natasha – United is your best bet out of San Juan. They have a 2:00AM flight out of San Juan with a short connection in Newark departing at 7:23AM (before the temperatures start to rise) landing in SFO at 10:38AM. Check with them and inquire whether they can accommodate pets on this flight.

  20. Hi!
    I’m trying to get my 40 pound dog from the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico to San Franciso the beginning of August!!!

  21. Allysssa – assuming you have tried United and/or Delta, the next best bet is to check routes into nearby cities and drive your Dane to Houston.

  22. Allyssa – assuming you tried United and/or Delta, your next best bet is to see what routes are into a nearby city and drive your Dane to Houston.

  23. I’m trying to plan a flight for my Dane to fly into Bush intercontinental airport this month. My only issue is that he can’t be flown in if temps exceed 85*.. The flights arrive at 3pm in the afternoon. How do I get my dog to Houston in July with out worrying about temperatures??

  24. Marie – if your dog is small enough to fly in the cabin, then you may want to look at Air Canada. They have a flight through San Francisco and Toronto. The problem with this flight if your dog is traveling in the hold is that there is a 4PM departure time from PV and the temperatures will most likely exceed 85 degrees F. Alaska Airlines flies through LAX and that will probably be an issue with high temperatures. Aeromexico has a night flight through Mexico City and Toronto that may work as it takes off from PV at 8:51PM.

  25. Hi I’m travelling from Puerto vallarta to quebec Canada around July 10th with my dog. Which airline can I fly with? What are my options?

  26. Sabine – try United or Delta as they both recognize military personnel who are moving on orders if they fly your route. Both animals can fly as checked baggage. (last we checked, United was offering this for military) The temperatures in your originating and destination cities are concerning. Try to fly out early in the AM or late in the PM to avoid excessive temperatures.

  27. Sabine – United and Delta both have military options when you are traveling on orders. Both will transport your pets as checked baggage in the cargo hold, United under their PetSafe Program and Delta as checked baggage. (if Delta serves the route with a 767 aircraft, then they will be unable to serve you as the configuration of the hold will not allow live animals.) The temperatures in both origination and destination cities are worrisome, however. See if you can fly late at night or early in the AM before temperatures exceed 85 degrees F.

  28. We will be flying to Korea ( me husband and 2 dogs ) due to military orders. End of July . I have a Sheperd mix 48lb and a hound mix 80lb we will be flying out probably Jacksonville Florida . I have everything done for them but the Health C. Which I will get done right before we fly out . How much does it usually cost me ? And will they be considered extra lugage ?

  29. Maria – 1. yes, your Shepherd will travel with you as checked baggage in the cargo hold as long as it is not an overly large dog. (most airlines will carry up to 75 pounds as checked baggage) 2. You pay for your dog’s passage when you check in. 3. Prices differ depending on the airline 4. Prices for checked baggage are flat rate, not based on weight or breed 5. no quarantine will be required. Some airlines will require a health certificate.

  30. I just wanted to know 1. If My German Shepherd can travel with me from Seattle to San Diego via cargo.2. Where will I pay can I do it when I check in 3. How much? 4. Do I pay by the weight or breed? 5. Is he going to be quarantined? 6. We are flying from Seattle to Dan Diego this June 13 2015.

  31. Marlene – try Delta or United. Tampa is on Delta’s list of participating airports for the summer heat embargo. We have not seen information from United yet. Even with that, see if there is a flight that lands late at night when temperatures are cooler.

  32. I will be needing to ship 2 birds from Buffalo NY to Tampa Florida. Will this be possible if the temps are over 85 degrees in Tampa? Thanks!

  33. Sherry – we have not yet seen the 2015 Summer Heat Embargo list from Delta yet. We can confirm airports that were on last year’s list for you if that would help.

  34. Hi~
    Looking for a list of airports participating in the Delta Summer Pet program. When will this be available and where do you get a list? I like to know what airports participate when talking with my customer rather than have to call Delta and wait on hold forever to find out.
    Thank you in advance

  35. Delta has not published the airports included in its Summer Heat Program yet this year, however, in years past, neither SIN or NRT were included in the list of participating airports. Check to see if there are any airlines that fly at night when temperatures are a bit cooler.

  36. I need to get 2 cats from Singapore to Japan on July 15th. I am working on all the quarantine paperwork etc. however, I need help finding a way to fly them during the hot summer months. Can the Delta Summer program help in this situation?

  37. Nina – you may want to check to see if Delta covers Phoenix on its summer heat embargo list. Try to choose a flight that arrives in Phoenix late at night or very early in the morning when temperatures are lower.

  38. Hi,

    I am currently stationed overseas and I have a 4 year old black Labrador Retriever, we will be PCSing to Phoenix in July. I wanted to know how to go about getting a flight for my dog. I know certain airlines do not fly animals during summer months but I know delta has a special program. Please let me know any important information I should know about flying my dog during these months.

  39. Mitzi – your pup should be vaccinated for rabies at 12 weeks of age. The later your ship your pup, the hotter it will get in Phoenix, so we would recommend that you be sensitive to the temperatures in that airport. If they exceed 85 degrees F, conditions get more risky to ship a pet. You should contact the cargo department of an airline that serves your route for details if your pup is traveling unaccompanied. Try to pick an airline with the most direct route. Your pup will need a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel.

  40. Hello,
    I am wanting to ship a 16 week old puppy from Phoenix sky harbor to jfk in April or May 2015.

  41. Eva – not sure where you may be moving from and to, but Delta and United both have programs that deal with summer heat. You can try them if they serve your route. They also have price considerations for military personnel who are PSCing to another location.

  42. Hi,
    my husband and I will be moving back to the states in june and we want to take our two cats with us. Medically they have all the shots, EU passport and will be getting the health certificate done. But I’m scared that because of the summer embargo we’ll have to leave them here. Only one of them fits the weight requirements for in cabin but still I feel like the crate for in cabin will be too small.
    We don’t know where we will be moving to since my husband is in the military. But there’s no way I will be leaving them.
    What can we do?

  43. Hi Brandy – shipping late at night and early in the morning certainly helps, but Phoenix is one of the hardest places to transport pets during the summer. If Delta or United serve your route, you can discuss options with them, although their summer heat program may not involve Phoenix.

  44. Hi, I am wanting to ship a baby goat from Minnesota to Phx. Az. The baby will not be old enough to ship until the beginning to mid May, I understand the Vet health paperwork and crate, I am trying to figure out if I still need to make sure the heat doesn’t reach 85 degrees? Am I still able to ship in May if it is late at night or early morning? Thank You

  45. Try Philippine Airlines. China and Eva Airlines fly the route through Taiwan and you would have to confirm with them that they will transit your pet and there will be no quarantine involved. Cathay Pacific also flies the route through Hong Kong.

  46. Diana – Taiwan will allow the import of birds from areas where avian flu is not endemic. (the US is one) Your birds have to spend 21 days in quarantine prior to export. There are a bunch of other requirements. You can find them here: There is an approved facility at JFK as it is one of only 3 cities where birds can enter the US. You need to inquire to your airline about transiting NRT with your birds. No matter how your birds travel, you will need to stay on the same airline for the entire trip. Most airlines will not permit birds in the cabin on long international flights so your birds would most likely need to travel as accompanied checked baggage in the hold. Additionally, if you are returning to the US, then your birds cannot return as imports of birds from Taiwan are banned from re-entering the US. Sorry for all the negativity, but you are probably better off leaving them at home.

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