Pet Airline Travel: Jet Blue Announces “All Your Pet Can Jet” Program

JetBlue Airways has announced a marketing program for pet travelers. (hope we see more of this!) The pet friendly airline, will offer an extension to its JetPaws program with the launch of its new ?All Your Pet Can Jet? (AYPCJ) pass, an unlimited pet travel pass, for only $299. This will apply to pets less than 20 pounds accompanying their owners in the cabin of the aircraft (not cargo) for a unlimited amount of travel from September 7 to December 31, 2012. Of course, your pet must still fit under the seat in front of you and travel in an airline compliant pet carrier.

The pass is available through September 5, 2012 and nonrefundable and is not valid on alliance airlines. Customers traveling on JetBlue must book their pets by calling 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583). The $25 booking fee will be waived. Pets cannot be booked online.

As fees are normally $100 each way, this is a savings for frequent pet travelers. Hopefully this program will be a success and we will see more of them. Marketing efforts like these reflect the airline’s interest in serving the pet travel industry.


Pet Airline Travel: Jet Blue Announces “All Your Pet Can Jet” Program — 41 Comments

  1. Where are you flying from? The United States quarantines birds entering the country for 30 days. They are permitted to enter via Miami and there are countries which are banned from being imported from.

  2. We are moving to Miami, shortly in February, and we are traveling with our pet bird Coco. She is small (quaker) and I need to find an airline that flies to Miami or Fortlauderdale that can take her. Please help.

  3. Hello Amy – Currently there are no vaccination or health/veterinarian document requirements for pets on domestic flights when flying with JetBlue. As for your carrier, it is up to the agent at the reservation desk as to whether the carrier is appropriately sized for your pet. If your pet can turn around in the carrier, it may be acceptable to them.

  4. I am looking to travel on jetblue from JFK to Orlando and Orlando back to EWR this holiday season. I want to take my mini schnauzer–he can lay and move around in his carrier but can not stand up unless I open the top zipper. We came from Central America a few months ago on United using the same carrier without a problem. Will Jetblue enforce standing up for my pet in the carrier?

    Jetblue’s website asks for a license–is this enforced as well?

  5. Hi Kathy – we have not heard of problems with birds clearing security, however, we are not experts on the details of the screening machines at the airports. I would suggest that you direct your question to the TSA at 1-866-289-9673 or [email protected].

  6. Anna – you can find all of the requirements for bringing a pet to Turkey here:

    Your dog will need a current vaccination administered after an ISO microchip is inserted and not more than 12 months prior to entry. As Turkey has adopted EU regulations and EU considers Thailand to be a country with a high incidence of rabies, your pets will require a Blood Titer test one month after vaccination and 3 months prior to entry to avoid quarantine. There will also be a health certificate issued within 10 days of entry.

  7. Thanks a lot for the reply! My dog is 7 years old, she was getting all her vaccinations including rabies every year since puppyhood. She was imported to Thai three years ago. My cat is 1.5 years old, he is local. He was vaccinated according to the requirements of Thai and of Turkey. I didn’t see info that I will have to provide blood test results! And Turkey is in the same list.
    Thanks for the advice in regards of flights. I will take that in mind.
    Best regards,

  8. Hi Anna – when you route your trip, you will need to stay on the same airline if at all possible. You will also need to keep your layovers less than 2 hours if your pets are traveling as checked baggage with you. Otherwise, you will need to claim your pet and re-check them on the next flight. This will entail you clearing customs and meeting the requirements of the country of your layover. Have your pets had a Blood Titer test? As Thailand is a country with a high incidence of rabies, Turkey will require it 3 months prior to entry.

  9. We are relocating from Chiangmai, Thailand to Istanbul, Turkey. Our pets -adult lab and a cat go with us. There is no one direct flight at this route. Could you give me some wise hints in regards to our travel, as we speak different languages with the authorities. Thanks

  10. Hi Margarita – there are airlines with direct flights from La Palma to Heathrow (Vueling Airlines and Iberia) but they are not on the list of airlines approved to transport live animals to London. There is a BA route through Madrid with a short layover, but I could not find any direct flights on BA or other airlines approved to fly pets into London. We do not deal with cargo companies so I regret that I cannot assist you with your request.

  11. Hello
    I am moving to London for 2 months, from Mallorca (Spain). I want to take my Dachshund with me. I would like to find a cargo company, as none of the regular airlines (BA, Monarch, Easyjet….) take pets or have direct flights. How could he travel direct from Palma to London?? Thank you. That would be next end November 2013.

  12. Hello Shone – it is especially hard to find an airline that will transport an English Bulldog over the summer. If you have a French Bulldog or another breed, you may want to contact Delta Cargo. Or try non-US based carriers and plan to get a carrier that is one size larger than your dog will require. If you can delay your plans to after September, then it will be easier. Another option would be to fly into another city in the US that is cooler and drive to Dallas. I cannot recommend any over-sea options as we are not aware of any.

  13. My husband and I are immigrating from South Africa to Dallas TX, we have a huge problem as we own a bulldog. I have done a lot of research and from what i can tell all “snub-nose” breeds esp; the bulldog breed is no longer allowed due to health issues. What other options do we have, can we ship her over? If so what cruise liners would all this? Leaving her behind is out of the question.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Hello Linda – when pets travel as checked baggage, they are accompanied by a traveling passenger. When pets travel as manifest cargo, they are usually too large to be checked at the reservation desk or they are traveling unaccompanied. Regardless, pets travel in the same cargo hold whether they travel as checked baggage or cargo. There are advantages and downsides to both methods of travel.

    The airway you refer to is not in operation at this time.

    The airlines who service the pet industry to a good job of transporting pets. You should find an airline that serves the entire route as airlines do not interline pets. It certainly would be less costly if your terrier was accompanied and traveled as checked baggage. The cost for cargo will vary be airline, so you will have to contact the airlines for that.

    There are companies like UShip that provide for ground transportation, but we cannot specifically recommend them and would encourage you to research this prior to taking this option.

  15. What is the difference between sending a dog as “checked baggage” or cargo? Are they put in different places on the plane? I am trying to get an adopted airedale terrier of about #70 to his new owner in Riverside CA from Oklahoma City. No idea how to proceed. I thought there was an airline specifically for pets, but it seems to have disappeared. Can you make a suggestion of the best airline to use and any guesstimate of the cost? Failing that, are there companies who drive pets across the country?

  16. Cocker Spaniels are not considered a snub nose or aggressive breed. Lufthansa accepts this breed as cargo. However, with your route, you will need to clear your pet in Frankfurt and recheck them on Lufthansa because you are changing airlines. This will mean that you have to abide by German regulations, which means that your pet will need to be microchipped, then vaccinated (in that order) and an Annex II will need to be completed for Germany. If you can stay on the same airline, your pet will be transferred from plane to plane without entering the intermediary country.

  17. Hi
    Lufthansa airlines flies to chennai from Canada via frankfurt and also Aircanada up to frankfurt and by Lufthansa from there (affliate airline). Does Lufthansa permits COCKER SPANIELS in cargo.

  18. Hello Sivakumar – you will need to obtain a No Objection Certificate to enter India. Your pet must be vaccinated and accompanied by a health certificate. As you are relocating to India, you will need to give notification to the India Consulate. You can find instructions and forms here: I cannot address your question regarding the airlines because I don’t know your route, but all the airlines do a good job of transporting pets.

  19. I am planning to relocate to Chennai in India from Canada along with my pet. Cocker Spaniel weighing 30 lbs. Which air line would be ideal? Does the dog will be put in quarantine on arrival?

  20. Please help! I’m returning back to Peru from Miami and I have a Shihtzu (aprox. 14 lb) which has been banned and flights are not accepting his breed on the airplanes!!! And don’t want to leave him behind! No one here can take care of him!
    Any airlines? tips on how to handle this situation? who should I contact? any other cargo airline that transport pets?

  21. On the Mexico City to Dayton leg, you may contact Delta, United or American as they all serve this route. From the Dayton to Wilmington leg, Delta may be a good bet. What you need to be careful of is the airline’s requirement for a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel because you are staying in Dayton for several days prior to flying to Wilmington. You will want to make sure that the Health Certificate, if required, is within that time period.

  22. Im being transferred from Mexico City Mexico to Wilmington NC. I have adopted a Golden Retriever..aprox 45lbs. What is the best Pet cargo way to send her.
    I am going to Dayton Ohio on the 11th then off to wilmington on the 17th of Janauary 2013

  23. I’m planning on bringing a puppy (under 20#) from Orlando to Puerto Rico through JetBlue, what certificate must I have on hand for the puppy.

  24. Hi Karla – try Delta or Air France. They both have direct flights and should allow your pet to travel as checked baggage as long as you are accompanying your pet. Owners of pets flying unaccompanied pay more for the airlines to transport their pets as they have to fly manifest cargo.

  25. Hello,

    I have an Akita female (aproximately 60lbs) who is currently in Los Angeles. I want to bring her to Paris (where I am right now), nevertheless I called British Airways to ask about cargo fees (since they do not allow as checked “luggage” anyways), and they quoted $3000-3500usd.
    This seemed ridiculously expensive… Are these prices normal? Are there other airlines that will offer this service at a more reasonable price? Perhaps even an airline that will offer a low enough price so that I can fly round trip myself and bring her as checked “luggage”?

    Please help.


  26. I need to have a 40# dog shipped from Gulfport,MS., or New Orleans,LA.To L.A.X. need pricing,advice and any relevant info.A.S.A.P!!!
    RESPONSE: We would be happy to offer you a no obligation quote for this service if that is what you are looking for: If you are looking to do this yourself, then your pet will need an IATA compliant pet crate and a health certificate issued by a licensed vet within 10 days of travel. You will need to keep your pet on the same airline the entire trip as the airlines do not interline pets.

  27. I have to go LA to Boston for a family emergency and want to bring oth my dogs. I will not put them in cargo and would like to fly business or first class. My dogs are 10lbs each and are fine in the carrier together. What are my options? What airlines? Thanks so much.
    RESPONSE: most all airlines will only allow one pet per passenger with the exception of US Airways which will allow you to purchase transport for an additional pet. At 10 pounds, it is doubtful that both pets could fit in one carrier and be able to stand up and turn around.
    Hope this helps.

  28. Last spring I faced a problem getting my two cats and one dog back to the US from Mexico because United told me that Mexico no longer allowed pets in the cabin (and I refuse to put them in cargo) I finally found that Jet Blue would fly them back in the cabin (Yeah) Is there currently a restriciton for pets to fly in the cabin into and out of Mexico?

    RESPONSE: There has been a lot of discussion about this topic when United changed their policy. We have confirmed that it is not a restriction that Mexico is enforcing; it is a policy of the airlines. There are several airlines that will fly pets in the cabin to and from Mexico including TACA.

  29. Do you know if jetblue or spiritairlines accept unaccompanied pets. I am sending my mini pinscher to fort lauderdale from san juan, puerto rico. we don’t have many route options.
    RESPONSE: Neither airline will carry your pet as unaccompanied in the cargo hold. You might consider Delta through Atlanta.

  30. Delta has a PET EMBARGO ON ALL 767 AC!!!!!!!!!

    RESPONSE: Delta redesigned their cargo holds to accommodate temporary crew bunks which blocked the ventilation in the B767 aircraft. Unfortunately, these are long haul aircraft, many of which serve US to EU routes. Posted here:

  31. We have a retired Greyhound who is approximately 70 lbs. He is quiet,and gentle. Are there any airlines that allow him to travel in the cabin. We would be flying from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale to NYC or White Plains, NY.
    RESPONSE: Unfortunately, we know of no commercial airline that will allow a pet of that size in the cabin except perhaps a private charter. If you need additional details about private jet travel, you can find it here:

  32. I have one more question
    I’m going to Florida ..
    Can I bring just vaccine paper
    Or health certificate also for my dog
    RESPONSE: it is a good idea to travel with those documents, but JetBlue does not require health certificates for pets traveling in the cabin. If it were me, I would carry them.

  33. Hi I looking for dog carrier for air plain
    jet blue said have to be 17″L / 12.5″w/8.5″h
    But I can’t not found out same size..
    That will be little flexible 1-2 inch or not??
    Please answer
    RESPONSE: jetBlue will accept a flexible carrier. It is important that you pick a carrier that is the appropriate size for your pet. They must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier comfortably. All of these would work with the exception of the XL SturdiBag.

  34. I want to know which airlines take pets in cargo out of buffalo.
    RESPONSE: where is your pet flying to?

  35. also my friend has a labrador cross not sure exact weight but roughly between 15-20kg travel from spain to brasila
    RESPONSE: The Lab will have to be transported as checked baggage or cargo depending on whether anyone is accompanying the pet. Find an airline that serves the entire route as airlines do not interline pets.

  36. high how much will it cost to travel your dog from spain to brazil , small jack russel 6.5 kgs what happens when it reaches brazil where do i go to retrieve my dog ,do they do vet checks in sao paulo as well
    RESPONSE: You will need to contact the airline(s) that serve the entire route for that information as the process and cost differs with every airline and depending on whether you are accompanying your pet or sending them unaccompanied.

  37. I have a pet in peru and i will bring her here it’s 4 months dog i want to know if you can bring here please let me know at soon.
    RESPONSE: I will need to know more information to answer your question. Where are you located? Do you want to ship your dog yourself or are you looking for a pet transporter? What breed is your dog? how much does the dog weigh?

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