Pet Travel International: Delta Airlines B767 – No Pets in Cargo Hold

Flying to Europe with your pet? If you are considering Delta as a carrier, you need to verify your route is not served by a B767 aircraft. Delta is adding crew sleeping pods to its cargo hold which will block ventilation for pets. As it is a requirement that pets travel in the cargo hold to enter the UK, this has a significant effect on pet travel to that location.


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  1. Cyrus – yes they can however, there are size restrictions for crates. If your dog is large, then best to check with AA.

  2. Mona – Korean Air has a direct flight from Incheon to Toronto. They may have the best route for your pet. You will need to contact the cargo department and make arrangements for your pet’s transport. They will inform you of export requirements. At a minimum, your pet will need a health certificate completed by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of travel.

  3. I would like to fly my 38 kg, nine year old dog from korea to Toronto, Canada.
    I understand she has to fly in a cargo plane due to her size.
    My concerns are getting her to us as quickly and safely as possible without any overnight layovers.
    We are planning to fly in July so an additional concern is what would happen in the event of the airport staff refusing to board her in the event the outside temperature is above 35 degrees.
    If we are also on a passenger flight and unable to pick her up at incheon airport if she isn’t loaded as per plan, what would happen? She is not used to people and would not respond well to strangers trying to remove her from her kennel for walking or feeding.
    Is there any way to know that she will be boarded on direct flight from Incheon to Toronto if that is what we arrange for?
    Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  4. I am looking to move to Quito and need info about getting an African Grey parrot into the country and then what would be needed to bring her back to the states….Any idea of cost?
    Ecuador does not post information on the import of birds. I suggest you contact their embassy in Washington and ask their advice. I do not believe it will be a problem taking the pet bird to Ecuador but you should check with them. However, when you bring the bird back to the US you must first obtain an import permit and it will be quarantined for 30 days on arrival.

  5. We are shortly doing a military move and have 3 cats we are moving with us to Italy from the USA. We just microchipped them with homeagain 10 digits and rabies and shots are done also. Can we travel with 3 cats and also does home again 10 digit microchip work in Italy.. we are 30 days out from relocating

    RESPONSE: According to the new 2012 EU regulations, pets must be microchipped with a 15 digit ISO 11784 compliant microchip or owners must bring their own scanner. Enforcement of these rules can vary, but 10 digit microchips are not the standard for the EU or any country outside of the US and we would have to recommend that you carry a universal scanner when you enter Italy.

    The airlines will allow one cat per passenger in the cabin if their policy permits in-cabin travel. As for checked baggage or cargo, there should be no problem with transporting 3 cats. Some airlines will allow several cats in the same carrier as long as they are known to eachother. You should contact the airline for details.

  6. What airlines can you fly with a 4lb yorkie from Ohio to England. Thank you She is to small to fly cargo
    RESPONSE: It is a requirement of DEFRA, the agency that regulates the imports of live animals into the UK, that all animals entering England arrive in an approved airline as manifest cargo. I would suggest that you fly into France, rent a car and take either an approved ferry or the tunnel. Your Yorkie should be able to travel into France in the cabin, but you need to find an airline that will permit it.

  7. I would like to get a dogo argentino puppy from Argentina or Italy in march Just trying to find out what airline I can use and how much does the skiping cost? Thanks
    RESPONSE: You may want to try Alitalia, Air Europa or Iberia. The airlines can quote you the cost as their charges differ. If the puppy is flying unaccompanied, you should contact the cargo department of the airline. Keep your puppy on the same airline for the entire trip as the airlines do not interline pets.

  8. My husband has a Visa for work in USA, for 3 years. We are planning to move in USA with our pets, but if we can?t travel our family will be split in two!!
    We live in Argentina and we have a small dog, four cats and one Parrot!!! The parrot needs quarantine, and lots of certifications but first of all I am afraid of travelling by air with all them.
    Any suggestion, or advice? Which is the best airline for such long trip? I’ve been trying to get information but nobody cares, it seems that no airline wants to deal with such situation.
    The parrot will travel in cargo area because it is forbidden to travel in cabine. What about that? Does anyone know something about this?
    I would appreciate very much all the information provided.
    Best regards.

    RESPONSE: With few exceptions, the airlines will allow one pet per passenger in the cabin. With this number of pets traveling with you, it would be impossible to avoid transporting some of them as checked baggage or cargo. The cargo area is temperature controlled and pressurized just like the cabin. Your pets will need to travel in IATA compliant pet crates like these: Some airlines will allow two pets in the same crate, but not all airlines permit this. Birds can and do travel in the cargo area and the airline you choose will tell you about their requirements for transporting birds as the container requirements differ.

    You need to find an airline that serves your entire route because the airlines will not transfer pets to another airline. If you need additional assistance, you can email us at [email protected].

  9. Regarding the restrictions on Delta 767s transporting pets:
    I came to the UK on Delta PetsFirst and now they can’t transport my pet back. I’ve been told they probably have no liability. Has anyone else dealt with this. I don’t see how I can afford an entirely new trip on a different carrier, nor can I just send my cat off without me with potentially long periods of time in a kennel 3 or more flights going on a new route. Any information or advice, bloggers? I’m feeling rather desperate.
    RESPONSE: Delta is adding crew pods to their cargo holds which will make the hold unsafe for pets. You can try to find another route with Delta that does not fly on a B767 or select another carrier.

  10. i would like to ship a german shepherd puppie 10 weeks old from Bradley International in Hartford Ct to Ottawa or Toronto in Canada,please send me some informations if we can ship the puppie from this location to the destination above,and what is require to to the shippment and also what is the cost.The puppie is about 25.00 lbs and will be ship in 300 series crates.

    RESPONSE: You will need a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel to fly on either Air Canada or United. Both of these airlines have direct flights from BDL to YYZ. (Toronto) The cost will depend on whether you accompany your pet or your pet will fly alone. The cost for the former option on Air Canada is about $105 and if your pet travels alone, the cost would be about $145. We have all of the instructions and forms for taking a pet to Canada here:

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