Airline Pet Travel: Lufthansa adds temperature restrictions on 10 breeds of dogs

Effective immediately, Lufthansa will not transport 10 breeds of dogs (or mixed breeds thereof) in the cargo hold if the temperature exceeds 27?C or 80?F at the originating or destination airport. The affected breeds are: Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels Griffin, Bulldog (all breeds except American Bulldog), Chow Chow, English Toy Spaniel, Japanese Chin, Pekinese, Pug (all breeds), and Shih Tzu. Additionally, Lufthansa will require that the exact breed be listed on all pet transport documents. The restriction affects snub nosed dogs as their brachycephalic condition impairs breathing. Owners of these breeds should plan their pet travel during periods of cooler weather or avoid cities with higher temperatures.

UPDATE:? Issues in holding areas have been corrected in all locations (DFW still unconfirmed) so ban has been lifted.



Airline Pet Travel: Lufthansa adds temperature restrictions on 10 breeds of dogs — 60 Comments

  1. There is always a chance of a scam when dealing on the internet, but do some research. I am not sure how you got this agency’s name or where they are located. Best to Google the agency and if they are a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association) all the better. You can go to and search for them. However, if they are not a member, this does not mean they are not a transporter. There will be requirements for bringing a pet to Saudi and the transporter should know them. Ask lots of questions. You should be able to get in touch with them over the phone easily. They should take credit cards. If they are asking that you wire money in advance, I would be wary.

  2. I want to ship my 4mo. Old French bull dog to Saudi. Most services and airlines said “no”. Finally got a company to do it using Luftansa. The agency will pick my dog up at my house and deliver at my new house in Saudi. Chance of a scam? Little worried.

  3. Hi Anskar – in a quick look, I could not find any direct flights from Brussels to Buenos Aires. However, there are relatively short layovers in Europe for these airlines: Iberia, Air Europa, Lufthansa, and Alitalia. Routes will undoubtedly change in two years but it is a start. We have seen restrictions for bracycephalic breeds like Bulldogs and Boxers increase over the past few years because the airlines have identified those breeds as being involved in more “incidents” during transport. There are airlines that will take them however, but I would definitely plan to travel in the spring or fall and not in the summer when temperatures are high.
    Hope this helps.

  4. In about two years i’ll immigrate with my argentinian wife to argentina. Where living in belgium.
    I want to take my boxer on a direct flight ,means out of europe to buenos aires. Not neccesarly leaving from brussels.
    Wich would be a good airline for this?
    Is there a possibilty of change since some call a boxer snub nosed. Where not allowed to fly them over, or is there no tendency of change. There thousands of pets fly every year.


  5. Hello Kenny,

    It’s going to be difficult finding an airline due to the breed of your dog. Frenchies are brachycephalic, meaning they are snub-nosed and are prone to respiratory issues which can be magnified during cargo flights. A lot of airlines are restricting these breeds for these purposes. All pets entering Australia have to arrive as manifest cargo.

    The only airline I could find that would take them is Qantas, which has a direct route into Melbourne. For flights over 5 hours in length you have to complete a liability waiver for snub nosed breeds. You can find more details at their website:

    Importing pets into Australia, especially entering from Malaysia, is a long and complex process. The steps required for entry are detailed at the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s (DAFF) website:


  6. Dear sir/madam,

    I am currently looking for airlines to fly my two year old french bulldog from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Melbourne, Australia. I have asked several airlines already but they have all come back to me with a negative reply. I would be most grateful if anybody could advise me on the matter or if anybody has done that before. I have the frenchie since he was a puppy and I have spent so much time training him also. He is considered as part of the family and leaving him behind in Kuala Lumpur would be heart-breaking. I look forward to your reply.


  7. I have just moved to Saudi Arabia with my wife and we are awaiting the arrival of our dog and cat. As Saudi is not a DAFF approved (AQIS) country we are looking to house them in Bahrain six months prior to us leaving. Has anyone got any experience with this ?

  8. Hi Camila – the temperature is a concern for the airlines, and it is for your pet’s safety that the temperature is below 85 degrees on the tarmac when your pet is in the hold. I would contact Lufthansa again and speak to another representative. I am assuming that you would like your pet to travel as checked baggage as you are traveling with it, and, you are correct in that the airline will enforce the temperature rules. You have another option to ship your pet as manifest cargo in which case your pet will be kenneled in Frankfurt in Lufthansa’s facility if there are temperature problems. It is more expensive, however, but the airline assumes more liability for transporting your pet when shipped as manifest cargo. In this case, you can contact their cargo department and discuss this with them.

  9. Hi there,

    I’m relocating from Denmark to Seattle-USA mid August and need to bring my Cairn Terrier with me.
    Normally, I fly KLM / Delta but was informed Delta has summer embargo until Sept. 15
    I talked to Lufthansa, which told me they do not have any weather restrictions, however, I read otherwise in different sites that they MIGHT not fly your pet in case the temp is too high. Doing Billund(DK) – Frankfurt – Seattle.

    Does anybody has any experience with flying pets with Lufthansa?


  10. Maylia – we do not recommend airlines, and airline routes can change by 2014, but I would also check KLM through Newark or JFK and Lufthansa as well. Both have comparable routes through Amsterdam and Frankfurt respectively. As for requirements, the US will require rabies vaccination at least 21 days prior to entry and a screwworm check. You can find instructions and forms here:

  11. I will be moving for good to new york, US and wanted to bring my shih tzu along from kuala lumpur, malaysia. Ive been googling a lot but still unsure about docs that I need, what kind of airline that allows me to bring my shih tzu in the cabin especially after the news of banning the snub nose dog to fly. I will be flying in between jan-feb 2014. Do you think korean air will be the best options? Please advise. Thank you!

  12. To properly answer your question I would need to know what airline you are flying and when you are flying. Are you flying during the summer months? Each airline has its own rules.

  13. I am working in Bangkok and would like to bring my pet dog (Terrier Mix – 13kg) from Kuala Lumpur. I have gotten the import permit from the Thai Authority and wonder if she can fly with me. Please advise. Thanks.

  14. Christie – your pug must fly into Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester as manifest cargo on an approved airline, and that can be a concern with a snub nosed pet. Many airlines will not transport them, especially in the summer months due to their breathing problems. Another option may be to drive to Calais, France or Amsterdam and take the ferry over. There are also services that will transport you and your pet through the Chunnel.

    If these options are not feasible, then you could try Lufthansa. They have a route through Frankfurt to Heathrow that may work. Call their reservations desk and inquire. Do not book online.

    Let me know if you have further questions.


  15. Hi, we have lived in South India for the past 5 years and would like to fly our dogs back to the UK before mid September. One of the dogs is a Pug and one a Labrador. We have been told that there are flying restrictions through the Middle East due to the temperature, however we are being given unclear inconsistent information. Does anyone know if a. Any airlines fly pugs before October 01 (from India to UK)? and b. That if so, the pug will be okay? Thanks so much. Christie

  16. Mike – because Australia is rabies free, your pet will need a microchip, rabies vaccination, Import Permit and Blood Titer Test in advance to enter Australia. There is still a quarantine period. You can find more details here:

    As for airlines, this is true. Snub nosed pets are a challenge to transport, especially in the summer heat. If you can travel in the fall, it will be easier to find an airline that will transport your pet.

  17. Because India is not an AQIS approved country, it is not possible to relocate a pet from India to Australia. Your pet must reside in an approved country for at least 6 months prior to entering Australia. I am sorry..

  18. Hi..I want to relocate my pet – pug breed from India to Melbourne, Australia.. can anyone pls suggest some airline which allows this breed or an reliable pet agent..any useful suggestion regarding my pet transfer is highly appreciated..

  19. Hi there – I adopted my french bulldog & would like to return to Australia from Germany. I know there are quite many complications with Snub Nosed dogs. Does anybody have any advice regarding taking her home? I know about all the requirements, quarantine & vaccinations. I am looking for advice on possible routes / airlines that will take her.

    Thanks in advance!


  20. Hello Jeff – the temperature and pressure in the cargo hold is regulated as it is in the cabin. Problems happen when the temperature on the ground, prior to take off, are excessively hot or cold. The rest of your questions should really be answered by Lufthansa as they are familiar with the dynamics of their aircraft. All I can say is that they transport thousands of pets every year safely.

  21. Need some advise? Planning for late Sept to early March on flying my Rottie to Germany with me. Lufthansa will be the airline of choice and my concern is the temp in the cargo bays where he will be during flight. What are the temps kept at? will it be dark or sub lit? Air circulation?


  22. The ban in snub nosed breeds is for pets traveling as checked baggage or manifest cargo in the hold of the airplane. If your Shih Tzu is traveling in the cabin, it should be fine. Be aware that Korean Air wants you to have a very secure carrier with a waterproof bottom and adequate ventilation. They mention that the carrier should be lockable, and you might mention that to them. You should also mention that you will be traveling with a pet in the cabin when you make your reservations.

  23. I would like to take our Shih tzu/mix to from Dulles (IAD) to Manila (MNL) via Korean Air in July. Do you know of any rules/advisories/ban in Korea or by Korean airlines for a mix shih tzu breed? Our dog is 11 pounds and fits in medium soft side carriers so we are hoping to bring him with us in the cabin. Any idea too on dog restrooms during our layover in Incheon airport in Korea?

  24. Hi Debora – the Summer Heat Embargo is in effect from mid May to mid September. Flying at night is wise, and the general rule is that a pet is not permitted to fly in the cargo hold when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees at any city on the route. It is the time the plane spends on the tarmac that is the problem. Although live animals are usually the last things that are loaded, the temperature in the hold can climb pretty fast prior to take off. Make sure the crew knows that they have a kitty in the hold and watch to see your kitty loaded if you can. However, it is the airline’s call whether your cat will fly on that day.

  25. I am travelling from southern India to the USA via Dubai using Emirates Airlines. Does anyone know anything about temperature restrictions for cats traveling on this route? This will be in early June and I am concerned about temperature restrictions as it will be hot here. The cats should be boarded and changing planes in the middle of the night but that does not mean much cooler temperatures. Then they will be on a straight flight to Dallas, long but better than changing planes again.

  26. Provided you meet the import requirements of Singapore there should not be a problem. Lufthansa does not prohibit the breed from traveling as checked baggage. You do need to call their reservations office in advance to make a booking for your pet. You must call them, it cannot be done online.

    You can find the complete pet policy for Lufthansa here – then click on AIRLINE PET POLICIES

    You can find the pet passport package of instructions and forms for taking a pet into Singapore at the above URL and then click on PET PASSPORTS.


  27. Hello there,
    I need your help please.
    We are trying to get to Spain from the UK – Gatwick to Spain – Valencia but we want/need to bring our pet snakes with us.
    I have checked with train companies who advised me no, looked it to getting someone to drive us but that will cost over ?1000 so we are now looking at flying or by coach?
    I am wondering if you have had any experience with this and if you might know how we can get our babies across the border?
    I know we need to to sort out a vet visit to get a permit so I am fine with that part but I feel like the odds are against us.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Thank you
    The airlines will not accept snakes in the cabin of the aircraft or as checked baggage. However most do accept them as air cargo provided they are in the proper container. Instead of calling the airlines reservations office call their air cargo office and they will advise you of the procedure and cost. They can still be on the same plane you are flying on, the handling is just different.
    kind regards,

  28. Hi Sandra – Your puppy needs to be microchipped, then complete their rabies vaccinations at least 21 days prior to entering Norway if it is entering from a country with a low incidence of rabies like the US or Canada. There are additional requirements depending on where you are traveling from.

  29. Hi, could you explain to me how I could bring a puppy that is only 10 weeks old into Norway? Is that possible without the rabis vaccination? Thank you!

  30. You have two choices for bringing your puppy to Ireland. You can fly into one of the approved entry points for the UK, Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester (if you are accompanying your pet) and process through the Animal Clearance Center or you can fly directly to Dublin. In the latter case, there are additional approvals and reservations required. In both cases, your pet will need to be microchipped, then vaccinated (in that order) at least 21 days prior to entry and will have to arrive as manifest cargo. You can find complete instructions and forms required here and they can be emailed to you:

  31. Hello ..
    I would like to bring Afganhound dog 6 months old will be in January .. From Hungary to Ireland .. What vaccinations ,test and documents we should have ..for that journey .. Which airlines could bring dog from Hungary to Ireland ..

  32. The airlines will not allow you to carry a pet on your lap. As far as their endorsement of weight, this will depend on the representative at the counter. I would suggest that you contact the airlines to discuss. Make note of the date, time and who you spoke to. If you can get them to confirm they will take the puppy in-cabin by email, that is best.

  33. Hello, We have adopted an Indian dog and would like to take her home to Canada with us. We are concerned about the flight. She is only 8 weeks old, all shots will be fine, but we are more concerned with her weight. Some airlines restrict that the pet must be able to stand up and turn around while under the seat if you carry-on but at the same time will not allow a pet to travel in baggage or cargo if they are under 10lbs in the winter months because it’s too cold. What if she is between these 2 by the time we fly.. that is too big to go under the seat but too small for baggage. Can we just buy a soft carrier that will compress under the seat and take her onto our lap in the carrier during travel?


  34. Emirates Air will not allow snub nosed breeds such as Shih Tzus to travel either as checked baggage, cargo or in the cabin. Unfortunately, you will have to choose another airline.

  35. i want to travel from canada toronto to kuwait with my shitzu dog by emirates airlines, how can i do that.

  36. We’re traveling with our Chihuahua in the cabin, from USA to Bangalore, India on Lufthansa. 11 Hrs. on the first leg and 8 Hrs. on the second. We have a 1hr and 20min layover in Frankfurt Germany and need some good advice for the best way for my dog to relieve herself. She has no problem holding it through out the night for 12 Hrs. My wife thought there was a place in the airport for pets and after doing much research, I see that Frankfurt Animal Lounge is separate. That won’t work for us as we will be short on time. After finding this out, do you think it would smart to buy on of those pet relief pads at the pet store and use it in the bathroom stall in Frankfurt? She’s really good at going on command! Thank you for any help with this post 🙂

  37. Hello there,
    I live in the republic of Georgia from where i adopted a stray mix breed puppy. She will be 4 month old at the end of the week and I have had her nearly 3 months. She has a pet passport (Hill’s), has been chipped, vaccinated against rabies, parvo, dystemper, canine influenza, adeno type 2 and kennel cough, she receices monthly doses of milbemax(heartworm prevention) and cestal plus (deworming), and early next year will be spayed. I am awaiting the titer blood test results which should come back in 2 weeks according to the lab (a lab in Germany does the blood testing).
    My husband and i may be moving to Israel/Palestine in the next few months for work. What paper work do i need for her?! Can she enter and more importantly, can she leave with us when we do? I am French and my husband English which means we could ultimately end back up in either country! And i am not leaving my dog, that is not an option, so any help and advice would be HUGELY appreciated!

    RESPONSE: Your pet will need a Veterinary Certificate for Israel completed by a licensed veterinarian and endorsed by your country’s veterinarian. You will need to check with your airline to see if a health certificate is required. You can find the Vet Certificate here: They can be emailed to you.
    Thanks a lot!

  38. Hello,
    I live and work in the Middle East and am needing to relocate back home to Australia. I am the mum to a 4 year old pug and I am struggling to find a way to get my baby home. Do you have any suggestions?

    RESPONSE: Hi Karen – I do not know which Middle East country you are leaving from, but it may not be an AQIS approved country. If this is the case, your pet will not be allowed to enter Australia. Your pet must reside continuously in an approved country for 6 months prior to entering Australia. You can find more details here: If your country is approved, then your next challenge is finding an airline that will carry your Pug as cargo into Australia. As it is a snub nosed breed, many airlines will not carry them in the hold. I wish I had better news…

  39. hello,i want to travel from greece to austria around at the end of november 2012 with my dog,he is a boxer 5 months and around 20killos.i wonder if its posibol to fly him over,what do i need and what is going on with that breed not being abol to fly!! i have all the micro chip,passport,vaxims all done i only want to know wich airlines its posibol to do it with out risking of something health wise will happen to my dog??! thank you!
    RESPONSE: Boxers are brachycephalic which is a condition that affects their breathing, especially at high altitudes. This is why many airlines will not transport them in the cargo hold. You can try Lufthansa or United if they serve your route as they will carry the breed. (United will not if it is an English Boxer.) Make sure your pet is healthy and not overweight.

  40. My dog is 12″ tall and about 7 kg. Will Lufthunsa allow her to travel in the cabin?

    Response: Unfortunately Lufthansa has a height requirement of 22 cm (9 inches) in height for in-cabin travel. Your pup is most likely too big and would need to travel as cargo. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Pet Travel Inc.

  41. I will be traveling with my Italian Greyhound mix from the US to Russia with Lufthansa with a stopover in Frankfurt in the begining of November. She got her rabies shot on October 5th.She does not have a microchip yet. Could you tell me what do I need to do and what documents i needto have?

    Response: Hello, Russia does not require a microchip. The rabies vaccination must be between 30 days and 1 year. (They do not recognize 3 year vaccines) You will need two original copies of the international veterinary certificate that can be found in our pet passport package here: It will also need to be endorsed by the USDA prior to entry. The package also comes with a set of instructions that should be followed. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Pet Travel Inc.

  42. Hello, I would like to know if there are restrictions on the amount of dogs we can take from South Africa to Germany. We have 4 small dogs. Also, if there are any specific rules for bringing dogs from South Africa. Thank you, Markus Vosloo

    RESPONSE: In order to bring your pets from South Africa to Germany, you will have to follow this process. First, microchip your pets, then vaccinate them for rabies (in that order). No sooner than 21 days after vaccination, you will have them blood titer tested. Assuming that the tests come back within limits, your pets can enter Germany 3 months (90 days) after the blood is drawn for the titer test. Within 10 days of travel, a licensed vet will fill out the Annex II form for Germany and it should be endorsed by the country veterinarian. The airlines may require health certificates as well. If you need complete instructions and forms, you can find them here:

    There should be no problem with bringing the pets into Germany as long as they are your personal pets.

  43. Hi,
    I will be traveling from USA to Bulgaria in the beginning of December with my Chihuahua and she is weights about 16 pounds do you know what are the regulations and what kind of paper work do i need?
    RESPONSE: Your pet will need a 15 digit microchip inserted, then your pet must be vaccinated for rabies (in that order). If your pet is already chipped, then it must have been vaccinated after the chip was inserted. Within 10 days of travel, an accredited veterinarian will fill out the Annex II form for Bulgaria for endorsement by the USDA. Complete forms and instructions and forms for Bulgaria can be found here:

  44. I will be traveling from the us to Ethiopia with my German shepherd and cat this summer. Can you tell me what documents I will need? Thanks, kathy
    Hi Kathy- your pets will need an Import Application from the Ministry of Agriculture and a Vet Certificate to enter Ethiopia. There is also a ticks and tapeworm requirement. Be sure and protect your pets against fleas and ticks as they can be a problem in this country. You can find complete instructions and forms to traveling to Ethiopia here:

  45. Hi I’m traveling with my 5 and 1/2 months with 11 kilograms weight French Bulldog from Madrid Spain to Helsinki Finland with Lufthansa v?a Frankfurt on 10/15/2012 ,what documents do I need ? To enter Finland and what else I need to traveling with my Frenchie. Best regards ,Ricardo Blanco
    RESPONSE: If your puppy is traveling as cargo, you will need a health certificate completed by your vet within 10 days of travel. Get a Blue Pet Passport from your vet else you will need an Annex II form for Finland. Your pup will also need a tapeworm test within 5 days of travel. You can find forms and instructions here:

  46. I am actually leaving in Nicaragua i have a cocker spaniel , and would like to travel from managua tomunich with my dog, he has a veterinary documents, what is the cost fr it and what else do i need
    RESPONSE: In order to enter Germany with your pet, you will have to have your dog micro chipped with a 15 digit ISO compliant microchip, then vaccinated for rabies (in that order). No sooner than 21 days from vaccination, your pet needs a Blood Titer Test. Assuming negative results, your pet can enter Germany 3 months after the blood is drawn. Within 10 days of travel, a licensed veterinarian will fill out the ANNEX II form for Germany. The airlines that you choose will quote you the cost of transport depending on whether your dog will travel in cabin, checked baggage or manifest cargo. If you need complete forms and instructions for taking your dog to Germany, you can find them here:

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