Pet Travel: New forms and rules for entering the European Union

As of January 1, 2012, the rabies free countries of the European Union relaxed the rules regarding quarantine. Now, if entering the UK, Malta or Sweden from a countries with a low incidence of rabies, pets need only be micro chipped and vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to entry. Several EU countries require a tapeworm test be performed by an accredited veterinarian just prior to travel.

EU changes rules and forms once again. All EU countries now have a new veterinary certificate that replaces the old EU form 998. You can still use the Annex form for entry into an EU country until June 1, 2012 but only if it has been completed by an accredited veterinarian prior to the end of February 2012. After that time, only the new form called Annex II will be accepted. Another rule change affects those countries who require a tapeworm treatment and examination prior to entry. That treatment must be done in the country from which the pet is traveling 24 to 120 hours prior to entering the EU country.

Because these forms must be endorsed by the USDA or CFIA if traveling from the United States or Canada, the timeline for obtaining USDA endorsement for traveling pet owners has been limited. If you are not located in the city where your State USDA office is located, be sure and plan your tapeworm treatment carefully and use express services both to and from the USDA office.

We have all the current forms and instructions for pet travel to the EU available for a nominal fee at under our Pet Passports section.


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  1. Hi there
    This has been discussed in earlier questions but I’m still confused! In the Annex II third country vet certificate who signs in Part II (“I, the undersigned …….”) – my pet’s vet or the official vet at the relevant country authority?
    And then who signs at the end where it says “Official veterinarian, qualification and title etc etc)?
    Both seem to be for the official veterinarian rather than my pet’s vet but I’d be very grateful for confirmation of this.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Patricia – the Annex II form you get for Spain (which is the first EU country you will enter?) will be good for 4 months of travel within the EU. You should be fine to enter Italy.

  3. Hello, I’m so confused. We are taking our service animal from US on a 11 day cruise ending in Barcelona. We are then taking the ferry to Rome. If the USDA is only good for 10 days how does this work? I have paper work for Spain and for Italy. Help.

  4. Laura – we do not have current information on bringing a hedgehog into Germany. I would suggest that you contact the Embassy. Sorry I could not be of more help.

  5. Hello? I am travelling from South Africa to Germany to work there for 6 months. I want to take my pet hedgehog with me (African Pygmy Hedgehog). What are the requirements and regulations with regards to this?
    Many Thanks!!!

  6. Hello Kim,

    The APHIS 7001 Form is not enough to enter the EU. You will also need to have the Annex II health certificate to enter. The dog will need to have a 15-digit ISO microchip and a valid rabies vaccine to enter the EU. The UK, Finland, and Malta also require a tapeworm treatment for the dog completed 1 to 5 days prior to entry.

    We have the forms and instructions for entry into EU countries on our website:

    For example, if you are traveling to France you would need the Pet Passport France from our website.

  7. Hello, My Boyfriend and I want to travel with my dog in Europe and the surrounding countries. We are currently in Turkey with the dog, complete with the 7001 form endorsed by the USDA. However that is the only form that we have and I am curious about what we can do now to get into the EU. The dog originates from the US. Thanks.

  8. Hello Burnes – filling out the Annex II forms can be tricky for unaccompanied pets, but if you are having a family member, as your representative, drop off your pet, and you, as the owner, are claiming it, there should be no problems. Your relative would be the responsible party taking your pet to the vet for its health certificate and shipping your pet. (consignor) You would be the owner claiming the pet (consignee). If the person dropping off your pet has the same last name as you, then there should be no problem as customs will recognize the family connection. If this is not the case, then the consignor should be entered as YOUR NAME C/O FAMILY MEMBER’S NAME. This will indicate that the consignor is acting as your representative. You can also include a letter of authorization if you like, but it is not required.
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have additional questions.

  9. I moved to Italy from the US last year and am trying to ship my dog as cargo from the US. I am trying to avoid using a pet shipper, because of the expense and I think I have the time and resources (family at home) to get it done.

    The real worry I have comes from a statement I found in a Memo on the USDA website regarding the EU and Annex II form, non-commercial form. It says
    “We have also received some additional information regarding the use of the commercial form versus the non-commercial form. If traveling with your pet/s (5 or fewer), use the non-commercial certificate. If your pet is traveling alone, you may use the non-commercial form as long as your pet is moved under the supervision of an animal transport company, and whoever takes the pet to the veterinarian for the health certificate exam signs the attestation on the HC that the movement is non-commercial. If traveling with more than 5 pets, or if shipping a pet that is being sold, the commercial certificate is required.”

    If this is true, it seems like the EU will not allow me to send my dog US to Italy unaccompanied as cargo. Have you had any experience with this or know how to work around it?

  10. Hi Mike – unless you are carrying your pet in cabin and there is no customs clearance to transfer from Delta to Air France, you will need an endorsed Annex II form for France. If your pet is traveling as checked baggage or cargo, you will need to claim your pet and recheck it on Air France which will likely require you going through customs. Although Delta and Air France have a code sharing partnership, they do not interline pets.

    To clear customs in France, your pet will need to be microchipped with a 15 digit ISO microchip, then vaccinated (in that order). Assuming this is not your pet’s first vaccination or the vaccination has not expired prior to re-vaccination, you can get this done the same day and will not be subject to the 21 day rule. The airline will most likely need the APHIS 7001 if your pet is traveling in cargo, but the EU does not. That said, it is a good idea to travel with it.
    Let me know if you have additional questions.

  11. Hi and thank you for doing this great job ,we want to take our dog US to Turkey ,changing plane at Paris ,Delta-Air France we need annexII form with APHIS7001?or only Aphis /any other things we need to know ,thank you

  12. Hi Devon – this requirement does not apply to the USA as it is a country with a low incidence of rabies. However, you will need to get a tapeworm test between one and five days of entry.

  13. Hi, I am planning on traveling from The USA to the UK on may 7th I have gotten my dog his rabies shot and all other shots needed I just read about the blood test needing to be done three months before you leave, does this apply to USA pets entering the UK as USA is a low level rabies country?
    Thanks, Devon

  14. Although most manufacturers have their own database, they share their information with companies that provide worldwide databases. The first few numbers of every microchip are a country and manufacturer code, so your pet’s chip can be tracked back to the country of origin as well as the manufacturer. You can also register your pet on worldwide databases which are widely available on the internet. In the case of, the manufacturer of the Datamars microchip, they share their information with a worldwide database, By doing that, your information is available to vets all over the world.

  15. Can you tell me if once a pet is micro chipped the owner can be traced anywhere in europe? What if you have the animal microchipped in one country & move to another? How can the dogs owner be traced?

  16. i am driving to malta from the uk do i need an Annex 11 form or will her blue passport be sufficient

  17. It is complicated to transit through Heathrow so I would recommend avoiding that if at all possible. Keep your pets on the same airline and keep your transit time short and your pets will be transferred and will not enter the intermediary country and thus have to conform to requirements of that country. Verify with the airlines that they will not impose mandatory rest requirements.

  18. I will be travelling from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Toronto with my 3 cats and have to transit – either via Heathrow, Frankfurt or Paris. As we will only be transit is it absolutely necessary for them to have the Rabies Blood Serum test before travel – they are all microchipped and up to date with vaccines.
    Thank you

  19. The requirement that a pet enter the UK as manifest cargo is a DEFRA requirement, not a requirement of the airlines. The only way to avoid this is to fly to Paris and rent a car and take the ferry to Dover from Calais. You can also fly to Amsterdam and take the ferry. If you need the instructions and forms to take a pet to the UK, you can find them here:

  20. Hello– Question #2: I notice several kitty carriers you offer on your site….Would you please recommend the most comfortable carrier for an average size/weight cat for a long flight, and any other products you might know of to make him comfortable (I’ve never flown with a pet before, and wish to anticipate his needs)….Also, do you recommend Vet-prescribed sedation prior to the flight(s)? I appreciate your help! Gayle.

  21. Hello—I plan to travel to the UK this Spring (2013), and will be living there for at least a year for post-graduate study—I plan to fly with my 2-year-old kitty, Sammy, and can’t stand the thought of him being shipped in cargo. My question: do you know which airline(s) allow a cat to fly Business into the UK as “carry-on” luggage? Best regards, Gayle.

  22. If your kitty travels as checked baggage, you will have to claim it and recheck it on Aeromexico as airlines do not interline pets. This will certainly cause you to clear immigration and conform to entry requirements for Spain. (microchip, then vaccination 21 days prior to travel and an Annex II form for Spain) If your pet travels in the cabin with you, it can disembark and may be able to connect to your next flight without clearing immigration. This would be a question you should ask the airlines or the airport authorities.

  23. Hi there,

    My wife and I are rellocating from Italy to Mexico. Our two cats are travelling with us. Our cats comply with all the requisites for Mexico (we check that already). One of the cats (Camilla) has everything in order, including European passport, vaccines, etc.but we are slightly worried about the second:

    1) Beckham (that’s his name) also has all the vaccines as well, and we will put the microchip before leaving. But it seems we will *not* have enough time for him to get an Italian passport (as it takes very long in Italy!!!).
    2) We fly from Rome, then change planes and companies in Madrid (1stAlitalia, 2ndAeromexico). Our main concern is: will Beckham have problems by coming from Italy without a passport? Even if he is only in ‘transit’ to Mexico?

    3) Finally… The layover in Madrid is 3hrs. We have the option of sending them in cages on the cargo hold (but that means a very, very long Rome-Madrid-Mexico journey, and we are unsure about how they will endure the layover) or to take them with us in the cabin. We certainly prefer the second but again, if we travel in this way, will the Madrid airport authorities object to us carrying a cat without his passport?
    Thanks a lot in advance!!


  24. As your pup is flying within Canada, you will only need a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel. Verify with the airlines that you do not need a transporter to handle the transaction.

  25. heey guys,
    i recently moved to Calgary Alberta with my girlfriend, and we had to leave our pup behind,
    I want to no how to go about bringing him here to Calgary from London Ontario?
    hes about 1 and a few months, black lab, 125 lbs.
    websites dont really tell me much just about traveling out of canada,
    any help?

  26. We want to take our two cats from US to Europe.We’re going to Romania,but we will have to change planes in Europe and then take another flight to Romania.What would be the easiest country to go through with our pets and what paperwork do i need?I never traveled with pets before and i am very stressed about it.
    RESPONSE: If you are staying on the same airline, you should not have to clear customs and enter your transit country. If you are changing airlines, then most likely you will have to carry papers for the country you are transiting through. If your pets are traveling as cargo, and you are changing planes, you will have to claim them and recheck them on the next airline. It is a lot easier staying on the same airline your entire trip.

    Most European countries have similiar rules with the exception of the UK. (Finland requires a tapeworm test). If you can avoid these countries, and stay on the same airline, your trip will be a lot easier.

    You can find complete instructions and forms for any European country including Bulgaria here and they can be emailed to you:

  27. Hi there. I am travelling from South Africa back to England and wondered if you could give me set standards on how to go about this? I have spoken to so many people but I keep getting different instructions as to changes to systems etc? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    kind regards
    RESPONSE: Your pet needs to follow this process in order to enter England without quarantine: 1. Your pet must be microchipped with a 15 digit ISO compliant microchip. 2. Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies after the chip is inserted. 3. No sooner than 21 days after vaccination, your pet has a blood titer test. 4. Assuming negative results, your pet can enter England 3 months (90 days) after the blood was drawn. 5. Within 10 days of travel, a licensed veterinarian completes the Annex II form for England for endorsement by the country veterinarian. 6. Your pet (assuming it is a dog) needs a tapeworm test between one and five days of travel (cats do not need this test).

    If you don’t have four months before your trip, your pet will be quarantined for the balance of the time required once the titer test was given.

    Your pet will travel as manifest cargo to Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester (the latter only if you accompany them) on an approved airline. They will be taken to the Animal Clearance Center which is where you will pick them up. This process takes about 3 hours and more if the center is busy.

    You can find complete instructions and forms for taking a pet to England here:

  28. Hi, I would like to ask for the procedures on how to bring my pet from Italy to Philippines? Because my husband and I are planning to take a holiday, but we don’t have anyone to take care of them while we are away from home so we are thinking to bring our pet with us. Can you tell us what are the requirements? Thank you.
    RESPONSE: You will need an Import Permit and a Veterinary Certificate to bring your pet to the Philippines assuming it is a domesticated cat or dog. You can find instructions and forms here:

  29. Hi! So I plan to move to a European Country or maybe Japan/Korea with my hedgehog! She is a domesticated african pygmy. I live in the states. Now, how do I go abouts that? Without her being quarantined? What countries allow it??
    The EU countries do not ban the breed nor do they have specifi regulations for their entry. You would need the veterinary certificate for the country you are entering which is called the Annex II.
    Japan and Korea would be more difficult as they normally require a blood titer test. Since the hedgehog cannot carry rabies I doubt if the blood titer would be required but more research would need to be done to determine if Japan or Korea would allow entry.

  30. I will be travelling with my pet dog to Canada from UK next year for an extended holiday. I have started the Pet Passport process, and today she was given a rabies shot.
    My vet is unsure what the regulations are regarding bringing her back from Canada. We should be staying for 3 – 6 months.
    Do I need to get her a blood test?
    RESPONSE: You will not need a Blood Titer Test to return to the UK from Canada as long as your pet is micro chipped, then vaccinated for rabies and their vaccination has not expired. An accredited vet will fill out an Annex II form for the UK and it will be endorsed by the CFIA within 10 days of travel. Your dog will also need a tapeworm test between one and five days of travel. You can find instructions and forms here:

  31. Traveling from US to Kigali, Rwanda with 2hr 55 min transfer in Belgium with large dog. The flights are both United but the second leg (Brussels to Kigali) is operated by Brussels Airline. Do I need the Annex II for passing through Brussels. My understanding is that Rwanda only requires microchip, rabies and health certificate but am concerned about Brussels. Any thoughts?
    RESPONSE: These are code share flights, so the pet will be changing airlines. Also 2 hours and 55 minutes is longer than most airlines will allow. The problem is that for that period the pet and the pet crate are sitting either in a cargo shed or even outside. The pets should properly be shipped only as far as Belgium, walked and watered and then re-checked to Rwanda. It would not be very humane to do it the other way even if United allowed it. Considering you are flying from the US, entering Belgium would not be that difficult. You can find forms and instructions here:

  32. I want to travel back home to london with my two cats one is 17 the other 5 yrs….are there certain airlines that i can have them with me instead of going as cargo…..I am a little worried about cognac my 17 year old?…thank you in advance…and is it also correct they can get right off the plane with me and not be held in quarantine like years ago?
    RESPONSE: It is a requirement of DEFRA, the agency that controls the import of live animals into the UK that they arrive as manifest cargo. Your alternative would be to fly into France and arrive in the UK on an approved ferry or through the tunnel. Your animals can fly in the cabin with you into France depending on the pet policy of the airline you select. Most airlines will allow only one pet per passenger.

    As long as you are entering the UK from a country with a low incidence of rabies (like the US or Canada), the procedure is as follows: first have your cats micro chipped with a 15 digit ISO compliant microchip (, then vaccinated (in that order). Twenty one days after vaccination, your cats can enter the UK without quarantine as long as you have the proper documentation. Within 10 days of travel, an accredited vet will fill out the Annex II forms for France (if you decide to enter the UK that way) and the UK which must be endorsed by the USDA. You can find complete forms and instructions for both countries here:

  33. We are moving from China to France with our cat. She has a microchip, we have done the blood titer test and had the certificate returned, she is booked on the flight as carry on and we will go to the pet export guanshang centre here in beijing prior to our leaving to get the necessary export forms. i am just concerned with the eu endorsed certificate for entering France: how do we go about obtaining and getting it endorsed?
    thanks in advance
    RESPONSE: You can obtain the Annex Form II which is the new veterinary certificate for France. Since you are leaving from China it could be endorssed by the same agency where you pick up the export papers. France is not very strict on the issue of the endorsement as long as the certificate is completed in either French or English by a licensed veterinarian in the country from which it is traveling.
    You can find the pet passport package for France here and it contains the Annex II certificate which would be emailed to you for you to print out:

  34. I will be travelling on Lufthansa to Malta with 2 jack Russells, transiting in Munich. However I am not claiming the dogs out in Munich, it will be a 3hours transit. Do I require a transhipment license for Munich?

    Malta has already approved my import, and indicated the entry to be Malta.
    Normally the pets will just be transferred from one Lufthansa flight to the next and the pet has not entered Germany. You do need to call Lufthansa however as some airline limit the connnection time to 2 hours as they are worried about the health of the pets being left in some high heat location for too long. As far as Germany is concerned you are fine.

  35. I want to travel from mexico to england with my dog. No one here in mexico seems to know anything about the third country certificate :/ which worries me a tad. I dont know where or from whom to get all the paperwork here. like i said vets here dont really know much, either about the new rules or what is needed as for the documents. Please any help!!! I am Stressing so much! And TAMSYN!!!!! if you figured anything out let me know!!! please

    RESPONSE: Your pet can travel to England without quarantine as
    long as the following requirements are met: Your pet must be micro chipped with a 15 digit ISO compliant microchip, then vaccinated for rabies. (in that order) You need to wait at least 21 days after the vaccination to enter the country. Within 10 days of travel, a licensed vet will fill out the Annex II form for England together with a health certificate. Within one and five days of travel, your pet needs a tapeworm test.

    You will need to fly to either Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester and your pet must travel on an approved airline as manifest cargo. Here is a list of approved airlines: Contact an airline that flies the entire route.

  36. I wish to travel from mexico to England with my dog

    the only thing i dont understand is what is an ?official veterinarian? of the named third country, i know in the united states it is USDA. what is the equivalent to this in mexico? do i have to send the offical third country certificate of to them? or do they have vets that are accredited, that can fill out and sign the paper without having to send it of.

    Also is there a 10 day period of how long the third country certificate is valid? when is this 10 days from? is it from when it is signed…by who the vet or the official (eg us USDA?) do i have to wait till after the tapeworm treatment is done? to get the document siged my official veterinarian? this seems like a very small window of time!!

    please help

    RESPONSE: If your veterinarian is an employee of or licensed with the government, endorsement will not be required for travel to the EU.

    The Health Certificate must be completed within 10 days of entering the UK. The tapeworm test must be done between one and five days of entering the UK.

  37. Hi, How r u?
    I’m traveling from Mongolia to Czech Republic with my puppy. i live in Prague but i don’t know what should i do with USDA or CFIA!
    And she is 5 week old now and am leaving after 6 weeks so will she be enough old? and also i haven’t chipped it yet.

    Thanks in advance

    RESPONSE: In order to travel to the Czech Republic from Mongolia, your puppy must first be micro chipped, then vaccinated (in that order). Thirty days after vaccination, your veterinarian must do a Blood Titer Test. Should the results come back negative, your puppy can enter the Czech Republic 3 months after the blood was drawn for the titer test. You need a Blood Titer Test because Mongolia is a country with a high incidence of rabies. Within 10 days of travel, a licensed veterinarian will complete the Annex II form for the Czech Republic. A tapeworm treatment is required between one and five days of entering the Czech Republic.

  38. Hi, we are planning to travel from the UK to Italy with 2 cats shortly, they have had their rabies vaccination and the UK vet is sorting out their pet passports. Will they need the annex 11 forms to be signed by the vet also? How do I get this form. Also, what are the best pet carriers for travelling with?


    RESPONSE: You will need the Annex II form for Italy unless you have a Blue Pet Passport which are issued by veterinarians in the EU. If you need the Annex form, you can find it with complete instructions on traveling to Italy here:

    Most airlines require one pet per carrier when traveling in the cabin. All of our carriers are airline compliant with the exception of the SturdiBag in the Extra Large size. We recommend that travelers contact the airlines when using this carrier to verify the room under the seat in front of you. The SturdiBag carrier is great for cats as is the cat carrier by Sherpa. You can find them here:

  39. We are flying with our dog from South Africa to the US. He’ll fly as cargo and we are planning to fly him through Europe. If he only has a layover in a European airport (Frankfurt or London, probably), my understanding is that we simply need to comply with the regulations for getting him into the US. We should not have to follow the health entry regulations for the European country that his layover is in, correct, as he will simply be in transit?

    Thank you!

    RESPONSE: Depending on the amount of time of the layover and if you are staying on the same airline, then it should not be a problem as the airlines will handle the transfer and the pet will not pass through customs. There are forms required if you transit in London. You can find them here:

  40. The old EU Form 998 had signature blocks both for the local vet, at the bottom of the first page, and for the “competent authority” vet (i.e., USDA), at the top of the second page. The new form has places to list both vets, in sections 1.4 and 1.3, respectively, of Part I, but Part II refers only to the undersigned “official veterinarian” of the named third country, which I assume must mean the USDA. And that section has that official vet certify as to date of rabies vaccination, microchip number, etc., which is not known to the USDA vet. There actually is no signature block for the official vet, but I assume the USDA signs it above the owner’s “Declaration” on the third page. And, unlike the old EU Form 998, there is no place for the “local” vet (who actually treats the dog) to sign the new form.

    So my questions remain:

    1. How does the USDA vet get comfortable signing about the dog when the form itself has no place for this info to be provided & verified by the local vet?

    2. Assuming that a 3 page form (excluding notes) cannot be contained on “a single sheet of paper” (as required under Note (a) below the owner’s Declaration), get to be “such a form that all sheets of paper required are part of an integrated whole and indivisible,” as also required by Note (a)? I assume this means a staple is not good enough.

    And finally, the requirement that all this must come together in a ten day period will inevitably mean that a lot of people planning to travel to Europe with their dog will be forced to decide at the last minute whether to travel without the dog or to cancel the trip.

    I have taken dogs to France seven times and have yet to have anyone other than the airline desk in the U.S. ask to see this paperwork. So I don’t sense there is a lot of concern there about this, but yet the regulations have made the process much more difficult.

  41. Questions concerning the new EU forms for use later this year to bring a dog from the US to Europe. First, it says it must be on a single sheet of paper, yet the pdf file is 3 or 4 pages long, excluding notes. Second, unlike the prior forms, there is no place for it to be completed by the local vet and endorsed by the USDA — the only vet to sign is the “official” vet, which I assume is the USDA. Yet it has that vet certify as to vaccination dates, microchip numbers, etc. I find it hard to believe that the USDA will sign this as it never even sees the pet. Does anyone know if the USDA is OK with this new form? Finally, the requirement that the certificate must be signed not more than 10 days prior to arrival in the EU makes it very difficult — if there is a problem with the USDA or if there are travel delays, then it may not be possible to resolve things when faced with such a short period when all must come together. Seems to me that the new form and the timing rule have not been thought out well. Or am I missing something?

    RESPONSE: I believe the form you are referring to is the Annex II form that was adopted by the EU earlier this year. This form is required now to enter the EU and the EU form 998 is no longer valid.

    This form must be printed on both sides of the paper and numbered accordingly at the bottom of the paper (1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.) Aside from the fields in boxes I.1-I.28, the veterinarian is also responsible for entering the microchip and vaccination information in Section II, but also the echinococcus treatment if it is required for entry. There is room for vet endorsement and signature on the last page of the form.

    The USDA is familiar with this form. The veterinarian that signs it must be accredited by the USDA and so must have inspected the pet prior to signing the form. To address the short turnaround, we suggest that you use express delivery service and include a stamped return envelope with express delivery. Most offices will process the form in 1-2 business days.

  42. Hi,
    I want to take my two pet cats from Norway to Portugal on holiday, I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on documents, vaccines or tests needed and where can i get them. I’ve been looking at airline and gov. sites but I get a lot of conflictive and confusing info.
    I appreciate any help,

    RESPONSE: Hi Mara – you need to have your pet micro chipped with a 15 digit chip, then vaccinated for rabies. You should get a Blue Pet Passort from your veterinarian in Norway that will allow you to travel within the EU. If you would like forms and instructions you can find them here: Let me know if you have additional questions.

  43. How much will the charges for traveling pets from singapore to malaysia and how long will it take?
    You will need to phone the airline you are flying on both to make a reservations for your pet to travel and also to get a quote on the cost of transportation. If you a are not traveling with your pet then you should call the air cargo office of that airline. You must call them, it cannot be done online.
    I assume you are aware that Malaysia requires that your pet have a blood titer test before entering the country.
    If you need the pet passport forms and instructions for any country they are available here:

  44. Sorry i type wrongly is from Singapore to Malaysia.
    I do not see the original message. What was your question please.

  45. Hello, I am leaving Malaysia to go to Italy with my dog.
    What do I need to prepare in order to have a smooth and organize trip?
    Thanks in advance.
    Malaysia is a country with a high incidence of rabies. Your pet must first be micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit micro chip then vaccinated for rabies. After a wait of at least 21 days a blood sample will be drawn and sent for what is called a blood titer test. There is then a 3 month wait before you can enter Italy. Finally your veterinarian will complete the new Annex II veterinary certificate for Italy. You can find the complete pet passport instructions and forms here and they can be emailed to you:

  46. Hello, I am leaving Cairo/Egypt to go to Italy with my dog.
    What do I need to prepare in order to have a smooth and organize trip?
    Thanks in advance.
    Egypt is a country with a high incidence of rabies. Therefore your dog must first be micro chipped with the ISO microchip, then vaccinated for rabies. Then after a wait of at least 21 days a blood sample will be drawn for a blood titer test. There is then a 3 month wait before your pet can enter Italy with the new Annex II vet cert. If you would like the detailed pet passport instructions and forms they are available here and can be emailed to you:

  47. We are being transferred from the US to Santiago Chile and plan to bring our dog. What do I need to do to travel with the dog and bring her into Santiago Chile?
    Chile requires that your pet be vaccinated for rabies and some other diseases and that it be accompanied by a certificate of good health. It must also be treated for ticks and tapeworms and have a certificate showing the results of that treatment. The complete rules and all of the forms are avaiflable as a pet passport package here:

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