Pet Travel: Pet-Friendly Vacations on a Budget

woman with dog on vacationSummer is almost here! For many pet owners, the arrival of warmer weather means it?s time to plan a much needed vacation with the family, including our four legged friends.

That?s the fun part.

The difficult part is, with the cost of oil increasing, great deals on gas prices and airline tickets are rare and so, the cost of a typical summer vacation has increased.

Hold on, all hope is not lost. There are plenty of pet friendly vacations that can keep you entertained without breaking the bank. Here are just a few options worth considering.

Nothing Better than Natural Attractions! You know what?s great about natural attractions? They?re usually close by, most are relatively inexpensive and pet friendly, and they make for a great family fun. Parks, lakes, campgrounds, mountains and beaches are just a few natural attractions worth seeing. There?s nothing better than sharing some fresh air and exercise with your pet.

Trade the Hotel Room for a Tent: Camping makes for a great pet friendly vacation and the majority of sites are pet friendly. Most people think you have to be a serious outdoorsman to camp. This isn?t true. Even if you don?t have any camping equipment most campgrounds or parks would be happy to rent you equipment.

Visit the Family or Friends: Let?s face it, with our fast paced life, sometimes we forget to reconnect with relatives. Arrange for a get together whether it is at their house or a pet friendly hotel halfway so that you can pool your resources. If you are a guest at anyone’s house, it is important to make sure that your pet is welcome. This especially pertains to family or friends that have animals of their own. Make sure to remember you (and your pets) manners and clean up after your pet.

Enjoy a Staycation! Who says you have to travel around the world to enjoy a pet friendly vacation? Do some research and find pet friendly amenities in your own hometown. Create a list of things you and your pet could do locally and enjoy the fun.

Remember, whether it?s a trip to the beach or a day on the lake, there?s nothing like sharing your travel adventure with your pet pal.


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  1. It’s such a shame that so many national & state parks do not allow dogs, even when on lease.

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