Pet Travel: Pet Health and Safety this Thanksgiving

Boat DogThanksgiving is a time for family, friends and good food. While humans can enjoy extravagant Thanksgiving meals, conversations around the grill and delicious drinks remember that there are plenty of health and safety risks for your pet this Thanksgiving. Don?t let a pet emergency ruin your holidays. Use these ?turkey tips? to help prevent an accident and keep your pet healthy and safe this Thanksgiving.

Give your pet some good exercise before the crowd. Go to the dog park, for a run, or whatever your pet loves to do to get tired. Like children, most pets thrive on attention but will eventually wear out. There?s nothing wrong with a little exercise for you and your pet.

Make sure your pet gets their meal before the big feast to reduce the temptation to beg. Providing a long lasting bone or slowly dispensing treat will also keep your pet occupied while you and your guests enjoy dinner.

Educate your guests on the ?pet rules? and politely ask them not to feed pets scraps from the table. If you plan on giving your pet ?human treats? be aware that not all foods are good for pets. Sweet potatoes and winter veggies are a few Thanksgiving leftovers you can share with your pet. Both are loaded with nutrients and vitamins and are just fine in moderation. Sardines and tuna are also acceptable for cats.

Keep trash cans closed and away from your mischievous pets. Aside from the mess they can make, your pet could be at risk of swallowing unhealthy food or choking on a foreign object. Taking out the trash immediately after the meal or moving your trash temporarily will give you peace of mind when you can?t watch over your pets every move.

Make sure that your pet is wearing proper identification. Pets can easily escape through the front or patio doors when guests come to your home. Remember to make sure your pets have all up-to date information on their collar and microchip. This is the best to ensure that your pet is reunited with you if he or she becomes lost during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Finally, The National Dog Show by Purina airs from noon to 2 p.m. on NBC following the Macy?s Day parade. Regardless of whether you are home or not, leave the television on so they can feast on some exciting action in the dog world!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from Pet Travel.


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