Pet Travel Question: Is there anyway I can fly to the UK with a pet in the cabin?

LondonPet Travel gets many people who ask the same question: is there anyway to fly to the UK with my pet in the cabin with me?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Due to airline regulations, currently there is no way you can fly into the the UK with a pet animal in the cabin of the aircraft unless it is a service or emotional support animal and your airline has a program in place to support them. This is a requirement of the airline. It is not a requirement of APHA or DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Affairs).

One alternative to avoid this requirement would be to fly with your pet in the cabin to Pairs, take a train to Calais and then take a ferry or take Le Shuttle across the Chunnel. There are several ferry services that serve the northern coast of France including P&O, Brittany Ferries, and Celtic Ferries (to Ireland). Remember, thought, that many of these ferries do not accept pets in winter months and most of them require that your pet travel in a car. Le Shuttle also shares this requirement. There are services that will pick you and your pet up in Calais like Folkestown Taxi and Pet Movers.

You can also consider flying to Amsterdam, taking a train to Rotterdam and taking Stena Lines or P&O to Hull. At this writing, Stena will accept foot traffic and, although the ride is longer, we hear it is very pleasant.

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  1. I currently reside in France but would like to take my cocker to visit family in Canada. I would prefer to travel via London since the flight is shorter. Would I be able to do this? Is it necessary for me to take him off the plane in London myself and check him into the connecting flight to Canada? Or will he be sent directly like my baggage?

    Thanks for all your help,
    RESPONSE: If your pet flies into London, it must do so as manifest cargo on an approved airline. If you are changing planes but staying on the same airline in London, the airlines will move your pet. You will need transit forms:

  2. hi,

    my friend wants to move to uk from romainia early next year and she has a cat.
    if cat was to be driven from romania to uk does it have to be quarantined at france/dover or does cat have to be flown by designated carrier only?

    just trying to work out most cost effective way of getting from romania to uk with a cat.

    any help would be helpful 🙂
    RESPONSE: Your friend’s cat can be driven from Romania to the UK without quarantine in France. I would suggest that you get a Blue Pet Passport from your veterinarian else you will need the Annex II form for the UK. If the current rabies vaccination was administered prior to micro chipping, the cat must be re-vaccinated at least 21 days prior to entering the UK.

  3. I’m flying in to London Heathrow airport in Sept. I have a yorkie thats a registered service dog he has all his rabies shots his micro chip and has had blood test can he ride in the cabin with me and what else would I need to bring him with me?
    RESPONSE: According to DEFRA rules regarding bringing an assistance dog into the UK (, should the airline permit it, assistance animals may travel into the UK in the cabin on airlines approved to bring live animals into the UK.
    However, there must be a Memorandum of Understanding established with Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) prior to entering the UK.
    In addition, assistance dogs must adhere to all of the requirements to enter the UK including micro chipping, vaccinating, endorsed Annex II forms and a tapeworm test between one and five days of entry. You can find more information on the MOU here:

  4. Hi, we will be relocating back to London from Chicago next month and we will be flying to Brussels, so that we’ll be able to bring our cat in the cabin with us. Then we will be driving to Calais to enter the UK from there. Do we need separate Annex II forms for each country (Belgium, France and UK) or one will cover all EU countries?
    RESPONSE: you will need Annex II forms for Belgium and the UK. The EU does not have manned border posts. However, your pet will be inspected when entering the UK.

  5. hello me and my family are relocating in the uk but we have a cat that has a 2 year old and would like to say that I take on nearly all flights say they can not take flight in which we can bring my cat? I would like an answer by tomorrow please …….

    RESPONSE: you can take your cat to the UK, but it must travel as manifest cargo according to commercial airline regulations. Not knowing where you are presently located, I cannot comment as to airlines or requirements for entering the UK. At a minimum. Your cat must be micro chipped with an ISO compliant microchip, then vaccinated (in that order) at least 21 days prior to entering the UK. There may be other requirements. You can find complete instructions and forms here:

  6. Is it possible to send my small dog to the UK on British Airways before I go if my daughter is at the other end to pick him up?? Does it cost more to do it that way?

    RESPONSE: it will cost the same whether you accompany your pet or not as your pet must fly as manifest cargo. This is an EU requirement. It is possible, but there are steps that must be taken in advance of travel. These steps depend on the country you are traveling to the UK from. At a minimum, your pet must be micro chipped, then vaccinated at least 21 days prior to travel. Some countries require a Blood Titer Test 3 months prior to travel. The Annex II form must be completed and endorsed by the USDA if you are traveling from the US.

    You can find complete instructions and forms here:

  7. Hi,

    I am currently in Ecuador and I have a cocker spaniel that I wish to take with me to the UK at the end of September as that is my country of residence. I have followed DEFRA guidelines and she has been microchipped, vaccinated against rabies, had her blood test some 30 days after and results came back negative. 3 months since date of blood test drawn will have passed at the end of September which is when I want to travel with her. She has her IATA approved kennel and I will obtain the third country health certificate closer to the date of travel (and the tapeworm treatment 1-5 days before travel). Where can I obtain this certificate? Can it be signed by the vet that has treated her here in Quito?

    I have revised my flight options and the airlines I believe I can take are Delta (Quito-Atlanta-Manchester) or KLM (Quito-Amsterdam-Manchester). I have been informed that the USA will not carry pets as checked-in luggage into the UK, so I am considering the KLM option where I will believe I will pay the fee of $200 for her journey and I will be travelling on the same flight as her to Manchester. I would like to clarify that I have everything in order before I travel. Is it easier to take her via a European country rather than the USA? And is is easier to bring her into Manchester or London?

    I want to make the journey as smooth as possible for both of us, and feel the KLM route is better as it is shorter (Delta requires a 13 hour wait in Atlanta) and less hassle (Delta may have to take her Quito-Atlanta as checked luggage then Atlanta-Manchester as cargo-seperate plane).

    As mentioned, my steps have been followed by DEFRA guidelines on bringing a pet into the UK from a third (non-listed) country.

    What kind of process should I expect on arrival in the UK?

    RESPONSE: You have conformed to the requirements to take a pet to the UK from a country with a high incidence of rabies. Within 10 days of travel, a USDA accredited veterinarian will complete the Annex II form for the UK for endorsement by the USDA. We do carry complete instructions and all the forms for taking a pet to the UK in our store ( or you can find the Annex II form on the DEFRA website. Your vet must be licensed or work for the governmental authority in Quito.

    It is a DEFRA regulation that your pet must enter the UK as manifest cargo. Your pet can fly into Manchester if you are accompanying it on the same plane, otherwise it must be cleared in Gatwick or Heathrow. A licensed agent will claim your pet from cargo and take it to the Animal Clearance Center where you will claim it after it has been inspected and all the papers have been processed.

    From a requirement standpoint, there is no advantage in bringing your pet into the UK from another EU country unless you have resided in that country for at least 6 months. However, many people avoid the manifest cargo requirement by flying into France, renting a car and entering the UK via the Chunnel or by ferry. Just remember that the forms will expire unless you enter the UK in a timely manner.

  8. Hi – can you please confirm these two points?

    1. it is possible to fly out of the UK with a small dog (2kgs) in the cabin BUT to fly back into the UK the dog can oly go in the haul.

    2. The alternative is to enter via the Channel, however only by renting a car in France as dogs are not allowed in the passenger cabins of the Eurostar.

    RESPONSE: DEFRA requires that pets entering the UK do so as cargo. It is the policy of the airlines whether pets travel OUT of the UK in the cabin or cargo.

    You can also take a ferry from France to the UK, but you will need to rent a car to do this.

  9. Is it legal to transport a cat and a dog (Bichon) from Romania to Dublin, and then from Dublin to Manchester by air? The first flight would be with Blue Air (which has permission to enter Ireland with pets on board), and the second with Aer Lingus. The pets have a passport, they are microchipped and vaccinated and will be treated against tapeworms and ticks two days before leaving the country (second week in August). Thank you!
    The only thing you seem to be missing in order to legally take the pet direct to Ireland is the Application for Import License required for entry into Ireland.

    If you need the complete pet passport instructions and forms are available here and can be emailed to you.

  10. Hi, we rescued a dog recently here in Hungary and my mother (in England) would like to keep him. We are in the process of sorting out his microchip, rabies jab, pet passport etc but what I’d like to know is if there will be a defra charge once he enters the UK? He will be travelling alone as we will take him to Budapest airport and he will be collected by family once in the UK.
    Many thanks,
    There are three charges – the first is what the airline will charge you to transport the pet as manifested cargo.
    The second is a fee for a licensed pet transport agent who must pick the pet up on arrival and take it to the airport quarantine center.
    The third is the charge that Defra makes to process the pet.
    I would estimate between $900 and $1200 for all three charges.

  11. Is it possible to take dogs from warsaw airport to fance by plane and then drive my dog to UK. I have a 2 kg little yorkshire terrier she was born in manchester have all document vet did everything for rabbies. Beacuse from london to warsaw you dont need to take your dog to cargi but on the wy back you need to. I cant take her to cargo beacuse she can die like my friend dog i cant bellive how stupid is it.

    RESPONSE: It is fine to take your pets in the cabin to France and enter the UK via the Chunnel. There is a BIP (Border Inspection Post) on the UK side where your pets will be cleared. To enter the UK this way, you will need to conform to the requirements for both France and the UK. If you have a Blue Pet Passport issued by your veterinarian, it will facilitate passage into France. Check with your airline to see if they require a health certificate. Your pets will need a tapeworm test performed between 1 and 5 days of entering the UK. If you need instructions and forms for entering either country, you can find them here:

  12. I will be traveling from mexico to LHR and I know everything that is required. Microchip, rabies vaccine, and then the tapeworm treatment. I know the deadlines for these aswell. The only thing im confused about is all the paperwork. Here in mexico the vets arnt very clear on what paperwork they will provide for me to prove all the treatments above. It would be lovely if i can have some links on the correct paperwork that maybe i can print off or something.

    RESPONSE: You can find complete instructions and forms for traveling to LHR here: They can be emailed to you.

  13. I am flying back to the UK from Abu Dhabi with my cat. I have sorted out all the export documentation and cargo but now need to sort out the import. Please would you be able to tell me what the next steps are for clearance in the UK? Do I need to get an airline agent or do Pets on Jets do everything necessary. Many thanks.

    RESPONSE: the UK will require an Annex II form be completed by an accredited vet and endorsed by the USDA within 10 days of travel.

    I would direct your question to Pets on Jets. If they are your agent, they will let you know what the next steps are.

  14. Would you please let me know what would be the safest way to bring my cat to the UK from Florida. He is a shelter cat and was abused for several years before we got him from a cat rescue. As a result he is nervous about loud noises etc. He is a tabby Maine Coone mix, quite large. We would like to bring him in the cabin, not cargo- so I am assuming can only do this by going to France – in cabin first and then to UK through Chunnel?
    My questions are; which airlines from Tampa, Florida or nearby should I take so he can come in the cabin with me?
    What size pets can come in the cabin?
    Do I need a visa for France if one of us has a British Passport
    Also would you please let me know the vet, customs/paperwork requirements for this?
    Is it better not to travel with the crowds in the summer in July/August- if so would September be better, especially since London has Olympics this summer?
    Finally if I brin him through the chunnel will there be a hold up in London once I arrive- I understand no quarantine, his rabies vaccinations are current, does he need tapeworm treatment or only dogs need this?

    RESPONSE: out of Tampa during the summer, your only option is United as they have a program in place to deal with summer heat. They transport pets in the cabin for some international flights. Delta cannot transport pets on their B767 planes due to a design flaw in the cargo hold. (this is the plane they use to fly overseas) If you can fly after mid October, check with Air France or American Airlines. Your pet should not weigh more than 11-14 pounds with carrier to travel in the cabin.

    You will need a pet passport for France. The requirements include a 15 digit microchip, vaccination (in that order) at least 21 days prior to travel and an Annex II form for France within 10 days of travel endorsed by the USDA. The tapeworm test is for dogs, not cats.

    You can find forms and instructions for both France and the UK here:

    There is a Border Inspection Post on the England side of the Chunnel which is where your cat will be cleared. It will take time for the process depending on the time you travel.

  15. Hi…
    I have an american bully puppy … it has 10 weeks …. and i would like to take it from canada to Egypt … but i will stay in London for 12 hours as a transit … so i would like to know what exactly i should do to take it with me?!

    RESPONSE: is there any other route that you can take other than to transit in London? If not, you will need transit papers and a confirmation from the airlines that they will hold your pet for that length of time. The UK does not permit the entry of Pit Bulls, so you could run into problems if you have to clear customs. It is also an expensive process.

    We have forms you will need to transit the UK here:

  16. Hello.
    I want to travel with my cat from London to Lisbon (Portugal).

    The cat has been micro chipped, passport is issued and 21 days have passed.

    He qualifies to travel in the cabin and I have an airline approved carrier.

    I know that I can fly with it to Lisbon in the cabin (with TAP), however, am not sure what to do on the way back!

    I understand that British Airways only deals with companies to arrange travel as cargo and this makes it prohibitively expensive.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    The UK does not allow pets to enter in the cabin of the aircraft only as manifested cargo. You might fly into France and then take a ferry into the UK or you could drive via the Chunnel.
    The process of shipping your pet via manifested cargo into the UK is quite expensive due to the airline fees and the fees charged by Defra. Remember the pet must be treated for Tapeworms while in Portugal one to five days before returning to the UK. You also need a blue pet passport for travel to Portugal and back or the new AnnexII veterinary certificates. The complete pet passport packages for both Portugal and the UK are available here:

  17. A company can drive you to London from Charles de Gaulle Paris airport, meaning you can fly with your pet in the cabin into Paris and still get to London. You can also travel back to Paris and catch your return flight with your pet in the cabin.

  18. please can you tell me do birmingham airpot england accept cats traveling from cyprus to birmingham thanks

    Birmingham is not an approved airport for bringing animals to the UK. You will have to clear your pet in an approved airport such as Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester.

  19. Hello
    I will move to the UK from ECUADOR this September and I will take my two cats with me. I already bought my flight tickets in KLM, but they can´t take my pets into UK, so I dont know what are my options for my cats..?. Any ideas of best options?and I would like to be sure about the procedure to take pets into Uk?….. Thanks for your help…


    RESPONSE: It is a DEFRA requirement that pets enter the UK on an approved airline as manifested cargo. The only way to avoid that is to fly into France, rent a car and take the ferry or the tunnel into the UK. Requirements will still apply. (microchip, rabies vaccination, blood titer test and tapeworm test). You can find instructions and forms to enter the UK here:

  20. Hi, my name is Violeta.
    I book the tickets from Barcelona to London-Stansted. We will travel on 4 of juli. and i want to know how can i get my cat from Span to UK at the same time. we book with RAINAIR. please.Help as to get are cat to as. and the prace to i wish to know
    Best Regards

    RESPONSE: Ryan Air does not transport pets, so your cat will have to travel on another airline. Also, your cat will have to fly into Heathrow or Gatwick to be cleared into the UK. British Airways has direct service from Barcelona to Heathrow. Your pet will need to travel as manifested cargo as this is a DEFRA requirement.

  21. I will be moving to the UK in the next few months. I have a small dog (Chinese Crested) I know he will need his chip and shots and the blood work done, but, Im trying to find out how much it will cost us to have him transported to the UK

    RESPONSE: Depending on what country your pet is traveling from, a blood titer test may not be necessary. Your pet must enter the UK as manifested cargo, so you should contact the cargo department of the airline you are using for the transport cost. There will be DEFRA fees of around $350 to clear your pet. If you are looking for a pet transporter, then that will depend on the specific details of your transport. If you are looking for a quotation, you can fill out this form and we will respond promptly.

  22. I need to fly my two dogs from Brazil to UK. My two dogs are originally from UE where I lived from 2002 to 2008 (they have UE passports), they are micro chipped and were vaccinated for rabies.

    Can you kindly give ma guidance about the procedure to be followed ? I would like to avoid the quarantine.



    RESPONSE: Brazil is a country with a high incidence of rabies so the procedure to take your pet to the UK is as follows: your pet must be micro chipped with a 15 digit microchip, then vaccinated for rabies. If your pet was vaccinated after the microchip was inserted, then they will have to be re-vaccinated after the chip is inserted. No sooner than 21 days after after vaccination, a blood titer test must be administered. Assuming negative results, your pet can enter the UK 3 months after the date the blood was drawn. Within 10 days of travel, a licensed veterinarian will complete the Annex II form for the UK for endorsement from the State Veterinarian. Within 1-5 days of travel, a tapeworm test must be administered.

    Your pet must fly into Heathrow or Gatwick as manifested cargo. They will be taken to the Animal Clearance Center by an approved agent where you can pick them up after they are processed.

    For complete instructions and forms for taking your pet to the UK, go here:

  23. I want to travel from S. Korea to UK with a shit zhu. What are the procedures after May 2012? I;m confused about what forms to fill out. Can I travel with the dog as excess baggage?

    RESPONSE: Because S. Korea is a country with a high incidence of rabies, the requirements for importing a pet to the UK are as follows: your pet must be micro chipped, then vaccinated for rabies. at least twenty one days after vaccination, your pet is given a Blood Titer Test. Your pet can then enter the UK three months after the test is administered assuming a negative result. Shortly prior to travel, your veterinarian will complete an Annex II form for the UK and administer a tapeworm test within 1 and 5 days prior to entering the UK.

    Your pet will arrive in the UK as manifested cargo on an approved airline to Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester. This is a DEFRA requirement.

    You can find all the instructions and forms for entering the UK with a pet, you can find them here:


  24. i am wanting to take my puppy from gran cannaria to uk for aweeks holiday, which is the quickest n cheapest arline to use??

    RESPONSE: your pet will fly into the UK as manifest cargo on an approved carrier. You can find a list of them here and that will help narrow your options. The airlines can quote you the cost of transport.

  25. Please can you clarify.
    Before we would fly Airfrance with our dog (4kgs passport etc.) in cabin from London to Paris (Paris to London we take the ferry) However this morning when I went to book the dog on our Airfrance flight they said that it is not allowed. Have the rules changed? We live between Paris and London and have done this about 5 times already. Why would they change the rules?

    RESPONSE: Air France does not state that pets cannot travel in the cabin on this route on their website, however, they do say that people wanting to travel with their pet in the cabin should call their Reservations number. I would try again and ask the next agent. I can’t imagine why they would change their pet policy regarding pets traveling OUT of the UK.

  26. hi
    looking to bring my cat thru from NZ to glasgow uk
    can she be cleared at glasgow or does it all have to be done in london?

    RESPONSE: Your cat must be cleared at Heathrow or Gatwick and your airline must be approved to transport pets into that airport. If you are traveling with your pet, it can be cleared at Manchester, again, on an approved airline.

  27. I am relocating back to the UK from Calgary, Canada. I flew my two cats out here on Air Canada checked in as excess baggage. They are up to date with all boosters and both have pet passports issued in the UK. Am I able to do the sane thing to go back to the UK? If not what is the best way for me to get them home? We will fly into London (not sure which airport yet)

    Thanks in advance :o)

    RESPONSE: Your pets can return to the UK as manifested cargo, which is a requirement of DEFRA. You can fly into Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester (as you are accompanying your pets). Not sure when you were last in the UK, but would suggest that you have an approved veterinarian complete recent certificates for the UK within 10 days of travel. should you need complete instructions for entering the UK, you can find them and the appropriate forms here:

  28. Can I travel to France from the Philippines and then on to the UK with my Shi-Tzu? She has the 15 digit micro-chip, is vaccinated against rabies ( due again in August ) and has had the blood titer test done( Oct 2011). She has already had her Pet Passport sent here to Manila. I understand she will have to travel as manifest cargo.
    Will I be able to travel immediately to the UK?

    My confusion is over my journey originating from a country with a “high incidence of rabies” to a “Third country.”

    RESPONSE: In order to travel to any EU country from a country with a high incidence of rabies, your pet must be micro chipped, then vaccinated for rabies. Twenty one days after the rabies vaccination, a blood titer test is administered and the pet can enter the EU 3 months after the test is taken. If you have adhered to that schedule, then you should be able to enter France as long as an Annex II form for France has been filled out by your veterinarian shortly before travel. The requirements for the UK are similiar except the UK requires a tapeworm test between 1 and 5 days of entering the UK. Depending on how long you are staying in France, this may require a trip to a vet to complete this requirement. I cannot tell from your post whether you are laying over in France or just transitioning through.

    One other caution. Shih Tzus are snub nosed pets and many airlines have problems with transporting them in cargo due to breathing problems. Be sure and check with your airline to be sure this is not a problem.

  29. Hi, I need to fly my pet dog from South Korea to England. I have tried to book a flight with Turkish Airlines with my pet as cargo but they have said that the UK doesn’t allow pets on passenger planes. I know this information is incorrect, the laws changed on January 1st 2012. Do you think they just need updated information?
    My second option is to fly to Paris with my dog in the cabin and then transfer her to the hold for the journey from Paris to England. Do you know if this is possible? Is there a minimum amount of time that I would have to stay in Paris with my dog or could we leave straight away?
    I’d appreciate any advice!
    Thank you

    RESPONSE: In order for your pet to enter the UK from South Korea, she has to be micro chipped, then vaccinated for rabies. At least 21 days later, she needs a blood titer test. Three months after the test, assuming the results are acceptable, she can enter the UK without being quarantined. She will also need a tapeworm test 1-5 days prior to entering the country.

    Turkish Air is an approved carrier into Heathrow Airport only, so that would be your entry point. Your pup will fly into Heathrow as manifested cargo as this is a requirement of DEFRA which governs the import of animals into the UK. Pets are not allowed to fly into the UK in the cabin of the aircraft and I believe this is where the misunderstanding arose in your conversation with Turkish Airlines.

    The option of flying into Paris with her in the cabin may pose problems as you would need a pet carrier for in-cabin travel and a cargo crate for the final leg of your journey. You would also have to work out the logistics of getting your pet to the cargo department of the airline. You would most likely have to conform with the entry requirements of France as well.


  30. Hi,

    I’d like to move back to the UK from Egypt this Summer and take my two cats with me. Is this going to be possible? I’ve read they can’t travel cargo in the Summer months but I’m not sure if that’s true. Any ideas of my best options? Thanks for your help.


    Hi Matt – if you want your cats to travel in the cabin with you, you and a friend (one pet per passenger) can fly to France and take the ferry or try the Tunnel. To enter either France or the UK, whether in cabin to France or cargo to the UK, your pet will need to be micro chipped, then vaccinated, then a Blood Titer Test must be administered at least 3 months prior to travel else your pet will go into quarantine in the UK. This is because you are traveling from a country with a high incidence of rabies.

    If you need instructions and forms for flying into either France or the UK, you can find them at Click on Pet Passports.

    Let me know if I can assist further.

  31. Hi there. I am going to Sweden for 6 weeks from London at the end of July. Do you have any advice on the lowest impact, quickest and cheapest way possible for my chilled out mini Yorkie to travel in both directions? Many thanks, Adam.
    Your pet is probably small enough to travel with you in the cabin of the aircraft. You should call the reservations office of an airline that flies between the two cities to learn the cost which will probably be about $100.00 or so.

  32. Why is called manifested cargo and not just cargo or pets cargo?

    RESPONSE: A manifest is a list of goods carried on a ship or plane. Everything on that list, including pets, is tracked from the departure to the arrival point. Pets traveling as checked baggage are not tracked, but pets traveling as manifested cargo are. They travel in the same part of the airplane whether they travel as checked baggage or manifest cargo.

  33. Didnt the UK rules just change on this (end of 2011)? Have any airlines adjusted their policies accordingly yet?
    Not sure what you are referring to but if it is the fact that pets must arrive as manifested cargo that is a UK rule not an airline rule and it has not changed.

  34. Why not drive your petsi in? You can catch a ferry from Dublin to Holyhead. And there is no charge for the pets on the ferry.

  35. Hi … Could some one give me a ruff idea on how much it will cost to fly a small dog “terrier” from France to the uk please !
    Thankyou sam
    Each airline sets their own rates but it is quite expensive as the pet has to fly as manifested cargo and their are costs imposed by DEFRA on arrival as well. Certainly well over $500 dollars. You might consider taking your pet into the UK by ferry or car – it will be much less expensive. If you do not have the rules and necessary forms for taking a pet into the UK they are available here and can be emailed to you:

  36. Can anyone help me, I need to bring my dog from Ireland to Newcastle Uk, is there any airlines that she can fly with or would travelling by boat be easier. trying to find out cost, thank-you
    Since you are flying within the UK any airline can take the pets as checked baggage provided you have a blue pet passport for the pet. There are ferries that will transport you and your pet and they are less expensive the airlines. You need to call the reservations office of the airline or ferry company to obtain the cost of transportation. Most of the ferry companies transport the pet for free when traveling with a passenger.

  37. Hello, just to clarify…I am reading a couple different things regarding the pet passport/EU form 998/official veterinary health certificate…which exactly would I need coming from the States?

    Also, I must first find an approved carrier and will also be able to fly on the same flight? How does the process go when retrieving my pet in the UK? And any helpful hints or tips you can give regarding making my cat as comfortable as possible? What does everyone normally do about bathroom issues and food?

    Sorry if this is too much, just answer what is most convenient for you, if you don’t mind.
    Greatly appreciated!
    Just a not to let you know that the UK as well as the rest of the EU has changed veterinary certificates that are required. Be sure you have the current version. The pet will travel as manifested cargo into the UK on an approved air carrier. On arrival it will be taken to the quarantine center at the airport where the pet and the paperwork will be inspected. There are fees of several hundred dollars to be paid at that time. Normally the pet is released to the owner within a couple of hours.
    There is no access to the pet either by the owner or the airline personnel from the time it is put in cargo until it arrives at the quarantine center. You can put water and food in the IATA compliant pet crate.
    If you need the complete rules and forms for taking a pet into the UK they are available here:

  38. Is there any airline that will let me fly London, England to Vancouver, Canada with an 11 week old pup in the cabin?
    There are several that accept pets in the cabin however they must be very small. The pet must weigh under 18 lbs including the pet carrier and generally be less than 10 1/2 inches tall. I am not sure if American flies that route but they are a good possiblity. Whether your pet will travel in the cabin or as checked baggage you need to call the reservations office of an airline that flies between the two cities. You cannot make the booking online.
    the pet policy for all airlines is available here:

  39. Hi, I am currently in the United Arab Emirates living in Abu Dhabi. As manifest cargo I believe I can take my cat back to the UK. From here can you tell me which carriers would ship the cat into the UK?
    Many thanks
    You are correct, your pet can travel to the UK as manifested cargo. It must remain on the same airline the entire trip.

    As you probably know the pet must first be micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit microchip then vaccinated for rabies after microchipping and finally your veterinarian in the UAE must complete the EU form 998 for the UK.

    We offer a complete pet passport package for the UK which contains all of the instructions and forms needed as well as the approved air carrierS.

    It is available here and can be emailed to you:

  40. I wish to take my dog back to the uk from Tenerife, can anyone tell me if there is an airline that will carry him. Also do i need a EU998 health form if he already has a pet passport.
    If the pet has a blue pet passport issued by a veterinarian in the UK and the rabies vaccination has been kept current then you do not need additional documents. There are a limited number of airlines that are allowed to fly pets into the Uk as manifested cargo which is how they must arrive. If you tell me which airlines have flights between the two points I can tell you if they are approved or not.

  41. Hi, Is it possible to fly a small dog out of the UK in the cabin? I have a friend who has been told this is possible but only with certain airlines such as Delta. She is returning to live in the US and has been told that as the trip is one way then it is possible. However, I can’t find any information about this anywhere and I’m beginning to wonder if she’s been given the wrong information. We had originally planned to drive her to Paris and get a flight to the US from there so that she could take the dog on the plane in the cabin.
    Not all airlines accept pets in the cabin on Transatlantic flights but those that do will carry the pet out of the UK. The prohibition on pets flying in the cabin only applies to pets entering the UK. Pets entering the UK must arrive as manifested cargo.

  42. We will be moving to Dublin, Ireland in January 2012. I understand that the pet transport laws will change January 1, 2012. I would like to take my small pet in the cabin with me. Will I need to fly to France (with the pet passport papers for France) then travel to UK and eventually Ireland. Will I need to get pet passport papers for UK and Ireland? Can my vet in the US fill out all papers for all countries (if needed).
    The rules do change as the blood titer is no longer required for pets entering from the United States or another country with a low incidence of rabies. However, pets must still enter the UK including Ireland as manifested cargo. You could fly with your pet in the cabin to France and then travel by ferry into the UK and Ireland. You would need a pet passport for France and another for the UK. You can then travel into Ireland with no additional documents. Your veterinarian in the US can complete the documents for both countries.

  43. Hi, My husband and I want to relocate back to the UK, I am british, he is american… We have 2 cats here (in texas) and we want to take them with us. We will be traveling after may 2012, as long as we have the cats microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, in carriers etc, is there a way we can take them in the cabin with us (we would drive to chicago first to avoid more than one flight) from chicago to france and then get a ferry to the uk. Is there anything else we need to know and which airlines do you know of will allow us to travel with the 2 cats in the cabin from chicago to france
    Most of the transatlantic carriers flying from the US to France will allow small pets who fit in an approved under the seat carrier. The rule is one pet per passenger. American might be a good choice.
    You can find the approved pet carriers and the forms you need to take your pets into France and then into the UK here:

  44. do you have any information about taking a cat in the cabin if you you only make a connection stop in the UK? is that possible?
    Pets including cats cannot enter the UK in the cabin of the aircraft, only as manifested cargo. If the pet is only changing planes on the same airline it will be transferred to the next flight and has not technically entered the country. If you are changing airlines it gets much more complicated. You can either take possession of the pet after it has gone through the quarantine center at the airport and then probably take it in the cabin on the next flight to the next destination or it is possible to get a transit permit.

    Either way your cat cannot actually enter the UK until after January 1, 2012 without having had a blood titer test six months in advance. You will need the forms and instructions for the UK and also for your final destination. On the flight into the UK the pet must travel in an IATA compliant pet crate on one of the approved airlines, there are only a few from each city that are approved to carry them as manifested cargo.
    If you visit and click on Pet Passports you will find the pet passport packages for each country and you can click on Pet Crates for the crate that is required.

  45. Is there a way I can take 3 cats to UK or fly them to france and then to UK by car. in a cabin and not cargo.
    Pets entering the UK by air must arrive as manifested cargo. It is possible to take pets in the cabin to France and then drive to the UK. However most airlines only allow one pet per passenger in the cabin of the aircraft. I am confident that they would not allow you to take three of them in the cabin but they could travel as checked baggage. Whether you are entering France or the UK they cats must be micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit microchip, vaccinated for rabies and accompanied by the EU form 998 veterinary certificate for that country.

    You cannot enter the UK prior to January 1st, 2012 without the pets going into quarantine until that date unless they have all ready had a blood titer test. That test takes six months to complete. The forms and instructions for both countries are available here:

  46. Is it legal to fly from the US to France and then drive into England to relocate my dog? As long as all of the preparations are made 6 months in advance will there be any issues with this? Would I need to do different preparations since the dog will have been flown into France? Would I have any issues at the border driving into England? Also, afterward would we be able to get him a pet passport to travel to other countries in Europe? I have a very sensitive dog with separation anxiety and he won’t be able to fly as cargo, so I’m looking for an alternative. We will be moving to England, but will probably end up travelling to some other countries and would like to bring him along then as well.
    The plan you out line above will work fine. You can take your pet into France at any time as long as it has been micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit microchip, then vaccinated for rabies and is accompanied by the EU form 998 health certificate for France. If you wait until January 1, 2012 to enter the UK then the blood titer test is no longer required. When in France you will visit a veterinarian to have a tapeworms treatment done and then either have him fill out the EU form 998 for the UK or give you a blue pet passport. You will then be able to travel freely with your pet within the EU. The pet passport instructions and forms for France are available here:

  47. Hi there! Thanks for the great site!
    We are moving back to Wales in 2013 and are bringing our family o dogs and cats that are coming with us. I understand there is a new law coming into effect this January, 2012 which is great news. I wanted to clarify this:
    -neither cat nor dog, regardless of weight and size, can travel in the cabin with us if we fly from the states directly into London.
    -the air cargo hold is pressurized and temp controlled for their comfort
    -if we fly into France, we can have both dogs and cats in the cabin with us and then make the drive into England. What are the weight and size restrictions of the dogs and cats allowed in the cabins? What will happen when we cross from France into the UK with our dogs and cats? We will of course have their pet passports in order and be certain they have met all requirements before we leave the states. Their health, along with daughter of course, is of our utmost concern! Like so many of your readers!

    Also is there an airline that has a great reputation for caring for pets as they make this journey? And is their the option of private legs on a jet and or a pets only airline from the states into the UK?
    Many thanks!
    If you wait to enter the UK after January 1st the need for a blood titer test is eliminated. the pet still must be micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit microchip, have the EU form 998 health certificate for the UK and be treated for parasites.

    Some airlines accept very small pets under 15 lbs and less than 10 1/2 inches tall in the cabin on flights to Paris. To enter France you will need the same as above but not the parasite treatment. You could then drive thru the Chunnel or take a ferry to the UK and clear immigration there by meeting the new UK requirements.

    We do not recommend airlines. A private charter is an option but very expensive. There are no pet only airlines in Europe this time.

    If you need the complete instructions and forms for taking the pet into both France and the UK they are available at and then click on Pet Passports


  48. I have 2 pugs and am moving to the UK in Aug. They will have 4 of the 6 months completed for quanantine purposes. Where do they stay for the other 2 months? Is there a kennel in the area of Mildenhall or Lakenheath RAF station? Should I stay back with the pugs until Oct? Help! Thanks
    There are quite a number of quarantine faciities in the UK and I am sure you will find one near where you are staying. quarantine in the UK is pretty expensive. You may have additional challange and that is your pugs ae considered a breed with a snub nose and most airlines will not transport them in the cargo hold. You should check with the airline. A very limited number of airlines are authorized to carry pets into the UK and they must travel as manifested cargo.

    If you need the compelte pet passport information for the UK which includes the approved airlines and the list of quarantine centers and information about them go to and then click on Pet Passports and scroll down to the United Kingdom – six month quaratine.

  49. Please would you be able to give me some further information about how I can transport my 2 pet dogs on a flight from Alicante, Spain to United Kingdom and which airlines you can fly with please. Thank you. Could you give me a rough idea of the cost for July 2011.
    As you know if you wish to avoid quarantine the pets must be micro chipped, vaccinated for rabies and have a blood titer test six months in advance of your travel date.
    From Alicante there are only two approved air carriers: Thomson Airways and Astraeus Cargo. They will be able to quote you the cost.
    If you have not made all of your preparations you may want to purchase the pet passport package for the UK which contains all of the forms, instructions and regulations including the approved carriers both by air and sea. Go to and then click on Pet Passports. The documents can be emailed to you.

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