Pet Travel: Rules relax for pets moving in European Union

Last week, the European Union (EU) member countries passed legislation allowing groups of more than five pets to cross borders within the EU. However, the pets must be competing in a pet or sports event, not just on holiday. Keep in mind that this legislation does not affect pet owners traveling with their pets to Europe who have more than five pets with them. This is still considered a commercial movement and subject to more stringent regulations.


Pet Travel: Rules relax for pets moving in European Union — 28 Comments

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  2. Because China is considered to be a high-rabies country by the EU, your Lab will need a titer test no sooner than 30 days after the rabies vaccination. The blood sample must be sent to an EU-approved laboratory. Assuming acceptable results, your Lab can enter Sweden without quarantine 90 days after the day the blood was drawn. It will also need an Annex IV form. Details here: You can find export requirements from China here (scroll down on the page)

  3. HI,
    we would be moving to sweden for work from china. we have a labrador who has microchip and rabies shot. also a registeration from the police. what should i do next ? what is the procedure for arriving at sweden ? do we have to have take a flight to stickholm or can we come via copenhagen ?
    please advise

  4. Thanks for the useful information! I’m considering a few-year-move to Europe with my dogs and this are some good news. Greets!

  5. Hi Heather – because you are entering France with more than 5 pets, it will be considered a commercial transport. You will still have to follow the rules for bringing your pets into France as outlined here: You will need a different version of the Annex II form. Additionally, all your pets will need to be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 24 hours of transport according to COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 92/65/EEC.

  6. Hi

    We are planning to move to France in the very near future . We have 2 dogs and 6 ferrets which have all been chipped. I have been told that you are only allowed to take 5 pets and will require special permission for the other 3 .
    I am trying to confirm if this is correct and if so how and were do I get the permission from.
    I have been on the internet but cannot find any sites that can help.
    Does anyone out there know of any sites. Or can help or advise in any way.



  7. Angela – you need to be a resident of the EU to get their pet passport. As long as you are establishing residency, you should be able to get an EU passport. Their rule is that the form needs to be completed within 10 days of entry but it is good for 4 months in that country.

  8. Thanks so I am moving to the EU for a year or more. Is there no way to get a EU Passport once there or do I have to get a form for each country I plan to visit?

  9. Hi Angela – I am clarifying my statement below in an effort to be clearer about your question. The EU has a 10 day rule which means that the Annex II form should be completed within 10 days of entering your destination country. You can use the form to move freely in the EU for 4 months. Most all countries have the same requirements except Finland, Norway and the UK which also require a tapeworm test between one and five days of entry. I regret the misunderstanding.

  10. Hi I have a question. I will be traveling internationally with my dog. My first point of entry is France but then we will be traveling around the EU with second stop likely Spain. Do I need to have an Annex II form for each country I intend to visit before I leave the US or can I get this form for the next country from a local vet in the country I happen to be in at the time?

  11. Hello Alana – Your dog will need a 15 digit ISO microchip inserted prior to being vaccinated for rabies. If your pet’s rabies vaccine was not current, you will have to wait 21 days prior to entering Spain. You will need an Annex II form for Spain, completed by an accredited veterinarian and endorsed by the CFIA within 10 days of travel. Your pet will also need a health certificate for the airlines if traveling as unaccompanied cargo. You can find more information here and there is a link to instructions and forms if you need them:

  12. Hi my dog is traveling from Canada to Spain. We are living in France and got a France passport. What will we need more for her to fly into Spain??

  13. Hi Jenny – it is possible to bring your dog with you to the UK, but there are requirements. Your dog must have been vaccinated for rabies after it was microchipped with a 5 digit ISO compliant microchip. The vaccination must happen at least 21 days prior to entry to the UK. Within 10 days of travel, an Annex II form should be filled out by a licensed veterinarian and within one and five days of travel, a tapeworm test must be administered by your vet. If you need instructions and forms for taking your pet to the UK, you can find them here:

    Your pet will fly into Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester as manifest cargo. An agent will pick up your pet and take them to the Animal Clearance Center where you will pick them up after their papers are processed. You should contact the cargo department of the airline that has the most direct route. Stay on the same airline the entire trip as airlines do not interline pets.

  14. Hi I would like to return home to the United Kingdom from Jamaica and wish to bring my dog with me firstly I would like to know if this is possible. Any information is greatly appreciated thank you

  15. Hello Emily,

    You can travel by car. I would recommend that you get an EU Pet Passport (Blue Pet Passport) from your vet in Bulgaria. This booklet will allow you to travel throughout the EU without additional documentation. Your pet will need a 15-digit ISO-compliant microchip, a valid rabies vaccine and a tapeworm treatment to enter the UK. We do have a set of forms and instruction for the UK available on our website,

  16. I am brining a Hussky puppy to the UK from Bulgaria. Am I allowed to bring it by car, or do I have to use an approved pet transport company?

  17. Hi susan…… that is impossible for me because this means the dog is going to stey by him self in canada . Do you know something about this letter of certification they are talking about ? I am leaving next tuesday. Thanks a lot!!!!!! Please !!!!

  18. The European Union regulations state that pets entering the EU must be micro chipped prior to vaccination. If a pet is previously vaccinated, and the vaccination has not expired, the 21 day rule does not apply. Your pet will need a booster vaccination prior to entering Italy.

  19. Dupuis – Pour entrer Portugal, votre chien aura besoin d’?tre puc?s, vaccin?s puis (dans cet ordre) au moins 21 jours avant l’entr?e. Votre v?t?rinaire peut vous d?livrer un passeport pour animaux de compagnie bleu qui vous permettra d’entrer au Portugal et rentrer en France sans paperasse suppl?mentaire. Sans passeport, vous aurez besoin de votre v?t?rinaire pour compl?ter le formulaire de l’annexe II pour le Portugal.

  20. Hello. I am moving from canada to italy next week , and I just got a problem with the ministry of agriculture , because they said that the rabies vaccination need to be done the same day or after the microchip, but for different reason and because nobody know anything about that they did the rabies in february and the microchip just a week ago, know they was telling me the dog need another rabies vacc. But I cannot wait 21 days! Or just ask to the italian department of agricultor to do a letter that they certified for me. I called but they don’t know what write on this letter!!!!! Please somebody help me if know something! !!!!!! Thanks!!

  21. petite chienne 9 ans 11 kg habitant la france
    vaccinn?e rage ? 2 ans depuis aucune vaccination rage

    pour le portugal quelles obligations
    il parait que je peux rentrer dans le pays sans vaccination de la rage pas de contr?le
    mais je peux ?tre contr?ler lors de mon retour en france es ce vrai ?
    merci pour la r?ponse

  22. Art – for a dog to enter Austria from the Philippines, it will need to be microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies (in that order). Thirty days after vaccination, a Blood Titer test must be done by your veterinarian. Assuming results within accepted limits, then your pet can enter Austria 90 days after the date the blood was drawn. Within 10 days of travel, an Annex II form for Austria is completed. If you need instructions and forms for entering Austria, you can find them here and they can be emailed to you:

  23. German Shepherd travels from Manila, Philippines to Vienna, Austria – how are all the requirements for the dog to enter Austria? Thanks a ton!

  24. Hi Mariet – in order to bring a pet to France from Macau, your pet will need to be micro chipped, then vaccinated. One month after vaccination, a Blood Titer test should be given by your vet. Assuming good results, you can take your pet to France 90 days after the date the blood was drawn. Within 10 days of travel, your vet will fill out an Annex II form for France. No import certificate is required. If you need instructions and forms for taking a dog to a France from Macau, you can find them at Click on the Pet Passports category. They can be emailed to you.

  25. Dog travels to France except rabies vac n other health requirements.
    When entering to France,would you please advise where to apply import permit and dog licence?
    We are from Macau.
    What other documnt are required?
    Thank you very much.

  26. Bosnia-Herzegovina requires that the pets be vaccinated for rabies but they do not require a blood titer test if you are traveling from a country with a low incidence of rabies such as the US.

    They also require that you obtain an import permit for each animal in advance of arrival in that country and you have the proper health certificate for each animal.

    You can find the detailed instructions and all of the forms including the import permit application here:


  27. We plan to export six dogs into Bosnia. Rabies Antibodies test is need or not?

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