Pet Travel: Top Tips for Traveling with Pets

This is a great blog post with tips for traveling with pets:
We are quoted along with other experts on pet travel. We encourage you to be an educated and pro active pet traveler, especially if you have not traveled with your pet before. Let us know if you have any concerns or questions. We would be happy to help.


Pet Travel: Top Tips for Traveling with Pets — 5 Comments

  1. Eugene – you will need a health certificate issued by the Office of Animal Health Tel. (809) 542-0132, valid for 72 hours. You will need it to depart the country. Before departure, you must take your pet to the quarantine office at the airport 48 hours before departure from the Dominican Republic where they will issue a new health certificate and permit to take the pet from the country. There is a nominal fee charged for this service.

  2. I have been traveling with my small dog for 10 years to the Dominican Republic without a problem. She travels in cabin under the seat. My concern is after meeting the new requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic what will I need to return to the US (New York) especially if my stay is more then 30 days.

  3. I am traveling from anchorage alaska to olympia wa. Do i need health cert & rabies shot to get my cat thru tsa?

  4. Thanks for all the great travel information! For us, we include safety precautions for our epileptic Lab. For him, we use a backseat hammock when we drive in case he seizes. The hammock keeps his legs, nose, etc. from becoming wedged in the seats crevices or seat belts. It also keeps him from falling between the front and back seat. The use of the hammock give us the time we need to pull over and tend to him and keep him from getting hurt.

    Keep up the great information!

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