EU Pet Travel Scheme Changes for Pet Transport

PupptPlanning to transport your pet to Europe? Starting today in December, 2014, the Pet Travel Scheme rules, which address the import of pets into the European Union, have changed. The reason for the change is to stem the import of improperly bred and non-vaccinated “designer puppies” entering territories such as the United Kingdom where the demand is significant. The import of these puppies from Poland and Romania through ground and ferry transport has alarmed officials in the UK and endangers their status as a rabies-free country. Unfortunately, all pet owners transporting pets to or within the EU will be affected by these rules.

Puppies must be vaccinated for rabies no sooner than 3 months of age. Their owner, or a legal representative, must travel within 5 days of their pet. The owner must sign a declaration that their pet’s transport is not for the purpose of re-homing or sale. Pets who are traveling without their owners will travel as commercial transport and be subject to import taxes. They must be examined within 48 hours of transport, originate from a licensed establishment in a rabies-free or rabies-controlled country, and enter via an approved Border Inspection Post after giving 24 hours notification of entry.

If you are traveling to Europe with your pet or within 5 days of your pet’s transport, then commercial rules do not apply and the requirements remain the same. Pet Import Rules for EU Countries


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  1. Maria – the date that your pet got the new microchip was 7/8/15. The first vaccination after the chip was 1/28/16. The new titer test can be done as soon as possible. Your pet can enter the UK with a reservation for quarantine and will serve the balance of the 90 days. Once quarantine is served, it can fly to Portugal as it will conform to EU regulations.

  2. Hi Admin so what you saying is my cat must have bloods redrawn like next week – it can fly to the uk mid may and be in quarintene until the first week of july at which point in can then fly to portugal ??

  3. Maria – the EU has a specific procedure that must be followed and it must be in this order: 1. microchip 2. rabies vaccination 3. 30 day wait 4. blood titer test 5. 90 day wait. If this procedure is not followed, then your cat will not be allowed entry into the EU unless entering the UK in which case, it will be quarantined for the balance of the 90 day wait.

  4. good day – my cat had a microchip done – then on the 07/08/2015 he had the rabies vacination done and new micro chip implanted as it was picked up that you could not read the first micro chip – the bloods were done on the 07/09/2015 … all came back good – the agent then advised that because of new chip put in new bloods and another vacination was done this was done on the 28/01/2016 – i was advised that my fur baby could fly on 28/04/2016 now a month before im suppose to fly i am told that my furbaby has to have another blood test and must wait again 90 days how is this possible ? someone has messed up somewhere – please advise

  5. Silva – if you are traveling on Air France, the airline will require that you recheck your pet on the next leg of the itinerary. We have heard from other pet travelers that they did not have to clear customs to do this. You may want to confirm with Air France.

  6. Silva – as long as you are flying in and out of the EU on the same airline and, if your pet is traveling as checked baggage or air cargo in the hold, your layover is not more than 3 hours, then your pet will transit the EU airport and does not need the titer test. If your layover is over 3 hours, then you need to contact your airline and confirm that they will hold your pet.

  7. Dear Friends, I am travelling with a dog and a cat from Mali to Honduras. As I am in transit only and will not exit the airport, do you know if all EU regulations apply including titer test? This is the only I don’t have and it is a problem for me to wait off the three months from the test. Thanks for your advice. Silvia

  8. Hello – as long as your pet’s rabies vaccination was over 30 days ago and not about to expire, have your vet do a titer test. It must be processed at an EU-approved lab. Assuming acceptable results, your pup can re-enter France 90 days after the date the blood was drawn for the titer test. (that is why you need to get it done as soon as possible). The test is good for the life of your pet as long as the rabies vaccination does not expire.

  9. I have a pet (dog) in France that is traveling with me to Costa Rica on holidays for 6 weeks, what do I need to reintroduce him to France. He is microchipped, has a passport and all vaccines up to date. Thanks

  10. Hello Hellen – as long as you are flying in and out of the EU country on the same airline, you will stay in the secure area of the terminal and proceed to the next gate for the next part of your flight. Do not clear customs as this will cause these requirements to apply.

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