Pet Travel to or from Thailand – Microchip Required — 8 Comments

  1. do you happen to know where I can find any information about whether we can fly directly into Phuket Airport with the cat that we are importing (we’re moving there in may) or do we have to fly directly to Bangkok? we would prefer to fly direct from Prague to Phuket but aren’t sure if our cat will be allowed in the country there.

  2. Clara – your cats should be able to fly as checked baggage on Air France. Contact their reservation number for prices.

  3. Hello, We have 2 cats (around 3,5kg). We are going from Thailand – chiang mai to France – Paris. We already have our tickets with Oman air (BKK to paris) who don’t accept pet’s in cabin. Do you have any idea of the prices by cargo?

  4. Hugolino – we cannot quote costs but suggest that you contact Thai Airways or Philippine Airlines for this information. If you puppy flies as checked baggage with you, it should not be much over 200USD. If it flies as air cargo without you, then it will cost more. You can find requirements for importing your puppy to the Philippines here:

  5. how much will it cost me if i want to buy a puppy(approx weighting 5kg/4months)from Thailand and bring it to Manila? thanks

  6. May – the cost will depend on your route, your airline the weight and size of your dog and whether they will be traveling as checked baggage (accompanied) or air cargo (alone). We can take a look at your route and advise which airline flies the route efficiently, but can’t keep up with the airline’s costing.

  7. Hello, I would really like a rough idea of the cost of my two dogs {SBT} weithing in around 17kg, Please?? As no-one seems to want to answer my ??M**

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