Pet Travel Transport: Angie off to Italy after being rescued from shelter

Angie before her flight to ItalyPet Travel Transport recently had the privilege of helping to save the life of an adorable pup who was 3 days away from being put down in a local shelter. We received a call from Jennifer who asked if we could help her get Angie ready for her trip to Italy from Miami. We routed her trip and arranged for all her paperwork and crate, then settled her in for the flight. Lufthansa did a great job getting her there.
Angie before her flight to ItalyWe heard from Jennifer once Angie had landed safely and she was very happy to meet her new friend. It is stories like these told by people thousands of miles away who reach out and save a life that makes our day brighter and so fulfilling.

Thank you, Jennifer. May many others follow your lead.

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