Pet Travel USDA Endorsement of Forms in New York

USDA endorsement in New YorkUser Tip: Pet Travel USDA Endorsement of Forms in New York State

Recently, we heard from one of our pet owners, Nick,?who was traveling from New York and needed USDA endorsement of his pet’s documentation.

I came to the vet yesterday for an international travel certificate, which then needed to be certified by the USDA. We had gone to the office at JFK airport logistics center one in the past and went again yesterday. They were totally overwhelmed, and despite waiting for 5 hours I was unable to be seen.

I had to make an unexpected trip to the USDA office in Albany, which was able to help. They said that the JFK airport logistics center location is not to be used except in emergencies (and really not relied on at all) and that all future request should be sent to them (the Albany office) with prepaid return overnight shipping.

Anyways just wanted to pass the word along. It will save others some extreme aggravation.

Thanks for passing this along to other pet owners, Nick! We appreciate your feedback.

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Pet Travel USDA Endorsement of Forms in New York — 2 Comments

  1. Hello,
    The JFK office has been overwhelmed and since the first part of July, the situation has changed. They have contacted most of the local veterinarians to explain it better serves their customers if they send the paperwork to the Albany office and leave emergency situations for the JFK airport office to handle. They have brought in folks that will be helping through the middle of September. They look forward to helping their customers as best they can.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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