Pet Travel: Why Pets should be Vaccinated for Rabies

Pets should be vaccinated for rabiesDid you know that 98% of rabies cases come from dog bites? Rabies is a viral disease that attacks the nervous system and, without treatment, can lead to more infections and even death. This is why rabies is taken seriously by countries around the world.

September 28 marks World Rabies Day. Nearly 3 million dogs will be vaccinated worldwide during events this month. It is a good time for pet owners to check their pet’s vaccination record to be sure that their pet is protected from this disease.

Why should you get your pet vaccinated (or revaccinated)? Here are some good reasons:

Your pet could be in danger: The unfortunate reality is that the US is not completely rabies free. This is especially true in areas where wildlife is present. Having your dog or cat vaccinated can help prevent painful and expensive problems resulting in rabies exposure. Also, staying current on the vaccinations is very important.

Traveling? It may be required: If you?re traveling internationally with your pet, the rabies vaccination is required. Usually the vaccination must be either up-to-date or done at least 21 days prior to travel. We always recommend vaccinating in the year you are leaving the country and not letting the vaccination expire.

You could pay little or nothing: Tons of county animal control offices provide rabies vaccine events around the nation in which the first 200 dogs or cats in line get vaccinated for free. If you do a little research you might find one in your area.

In some states it?s the law: Depending on what state you live in, it may be required by law to regularly maintain your pet?s rabies vaccinations. Also, if your unvaccinated pet is bitten by an animal with an unknown rabies status, your pet could be quarantined up to six months at your expense.

Remember that rabies prevention starts with the animal owner. Take this opportunity to make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are current. If the vaccine has expired, get your pet re-vaccinated. It is the right thing to do to protect your pet.


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  1. Rabies is a highly critical viral illness that affects the central nervous system of humans and mammals, particularly the carnivores. The contributory cause of rabies is Lyssavirus type 1 virus, which is a member of Rhabdoviridae ?Serotype 1 family of viruses. Rabies is derived from the Sanskrit word ?rabhas,? which imply ?to do violence.?

  2. can anyone tell what paper work i need to take my dog with us to nevada as we are moving away from hawaii,he is 19#,is micro chipped and all shots are cuurent except his rabies which i believe that has to be within a certain time before travel.
    As long as your pet’s rabies vaccination is current nothing is required unless the airline you are flying asks for a certificate of good health – some do and some do not.
    The airline pet policies and forms are available here:

  3. Please I need some informations very fast..I want to bring my puppie 3 months old to UK ..after the January…what do I need exactly to do in case NOT to put in a qurantine..Thank you
    The pet must first be micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit non-encrypted microchip and then vaccinated for rabies. About 2 weeks before travel your veterinarian will complete the EU form 998 for the UK and just prior to travel the tapeworms certificate. 30 days must pass between the date your pet is vaccinated for rabies and the time you enter the UK. The above rules only apply if you are entering from a country with a low incidence of rabies. If not, different rules apply. The pet must travel into the UK on an approved airline as manifested cargo. The complete pet passport package for the UK is available here:

  4. It amazes me how some pet owners literally forget the vaccination requirement before international travel. I know people who take shots for themselves and their family members when they’re traveling to a part of the world known for incidents of outbreak. It is vital to do so for your pet dog as well.
    Almost every country makes it a requirement that the pet animals be properly vaccinated before they allow them to enter their country. The type of vaccinations required varies by country but certainly every country requires that pets be vaccinated for rabies.

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