Why is it important to follow the rules when importing a pet to a foreign country?

Pet Traveling PetsRecent news about Hollywood star Johnny Depp smuggling his pet Yorkies into Australia has highlighted the need to follow the rules when you import a pet to any country. The consequences could be dire; your pet will be returned to the originating country at your cost or quarantined at your cost or, as the Australian Ministry of Agriculture threatened, euthanized on the spot.

Despite the fact that Mr. Depp ignored the regulations, his actions remind us all that there are no exceptions to the rules, even for the rich and famous. Rabies is a dangerous disease which still kills over 50,000 people per year worldwide and governments are extremely sensitive to allowing any animal that is known to carry rabies in its borders without proper verification that vaccinations have been administered and your pet has protection against this horrible disease.

Despite the fact that Australia has some of the strictest pet import regulations in the world, not conforming to any country’s regulations could reap dire consequences for your pet. If you are traveling internationally with your pet, you need to educate yourself as to the rules of your destination country and prepare in advance.

You can find regulations for most every country in the world by clicking on the Pet Passport or Services tab on any of our webpages. Let us help you make your trip safe for your pet.


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  1. hello
    I am relocating to uk from cayman islands
    I have adopted a rescue dog – 1 year lab mix female pup. I had fostered her since she was heartworm positive and now am reluctant to give her up. I am not entirely sure of her mix but she may have a slight bit of pit bull as most of the rescue dogs here do? but its not very noticeable, the foster people say I have no concerns with taking her to the uk but some I am worried as I know pit bull types are banned. she neutered and very well behaved for a puppy. is there a guide or a check list or can I send a picture before departure . I heard the vets on inspection measure the jaw? many thanks

  2. Nova – every country in Central America has its own regulations and serve animals are subject to the same rules as other dogs. We can’t predict enforcement but would not recommend not complying with regulations. You can find regulations for all Central American countries here: http://www.pettravel.com/passportnew.cfm

  3. We are traveling to Guatemala, with our service dog, this November and wish to stay through April. But, due to visa requirements we will have to go to a neighboring country for at least a day to reset our visa for the remaining 90 days. For us, that isn’t a problem, but what do we do for the travel papers for our service dog? We were there for a conference in 2013 with him and there was no problems but this is a major concern for us. Any help will be most appreciated! Kitaniga

  4. Tony – chickens are considered livestock, not pets. We do not have information on importing livestock to Vietnam. You may want to contact the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for more information. 84-4 38468161

  5. Hi, I will travel from USA to Vietnam for visiting . I would like to ask can I bring a pair of live chicken with for a gift to my friend in Vietnam ,what should I do? Can you tell me thank

  6. Domi – in response to your questions: 1. your pets need to conform to German regulations. That is your point of entry to the EU, so you will need to follow the regulations as listed here: https://www.pettravel.com/immigration/Germany.cfm The Annex IV form can be used to enter the Czech Republic and no additional forms or tests required. 2. This is your call. Both airports are Border Inspection Posts. Lufthansa’s hub in is Frankfurt and the facilities are excellent should they be needed. 3. ESAs are subject to the same requirements as other animals. You can find details on the previous link provided in this post including links to instructions and forms if you need them. Let us know if you have additional questions.

  7. Hello, I’ll be moving from the USA to the Czech Republic with my 10 ys old dog (mid-size, 50pounds) and 4ys old cat. I’m planning on flying with Lufthansa with my dog on board (emotional support animal) and the cat also on board but in the carrier. Since there is no direct flight from USA to Prague, we decided to drive to Washington D.C., fly to Munich or Frankfurt and then rent a car to drive to Prague – that way we cut the time for the animals to be on the plane to its minimum (just 8 hrs max. over the ocean).
    Now, I have 3 questions:
    1. since we get off the plane and the airport itself to rent the car in Munich or Frankfurt to drive to Prague, the rules that apply for bringing in animals are the one for Germany (even though our final destination is Prague), correct?
    2. Also, is Frankfurt better or Munich? We are thinking Munich since it is a calmer and smaller airport…?
    3. And finally, what documents and tests etc. do our 2 animals (emotional support animal – the dog, and the cat in the little on-board carrier) need?
    Thank you so much for your help!

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