Tips for Staying in a Pet Friendly Hotel

dog in pet friendly hotelHotels all over the world are making it easier to travel with your pets. Pet friendly hotels have many benefits including saving on boarding or pet sitter expenses and nervous pets avoid the trauma of being separated from their owners. However, traveling with your pet requires responsibility and pet-friendly etiquette. Here are some tips before booking that pet-friendly hotel.

Make sure the hotel actually allows pets: Remember that pet policies may change. What once might have been pet-friendly a year ago might not be now and vice-versa. Always call and confirm. Also, if you?re thinking of sneaking your pet into a ?no pets allowed? facility, please think twice. Not only will you suffer the embarrassment of getting caught, you?re giving management a bad perception on pet owners.

Know the Hotel Rules: When you are checking in with your pet, get clear direction from hotel staff what the rules are for your pet. Ask where it is appropriate to walk your pet and where your pet is not permitted. Be clear on pet fees and whether they are refundable or not.

Cover furniture your pets will be using: If you want to make sure you get your pet deposit back, it?s always a good idea to cover any furniture your pets will use. Don?t give management the opportunity to argue over pet hair. Besides, your pet will be more comfortable on their own blanket.

Avoid leaving your pet alone in the room: If your dog is unpredictable, barks a lot and/or has separation anxiety, this especially applies to you. Even the best behaved pets can bark and become destructive when in a new environment. Make sure to use a kennel or carrier in the event you must leave your pet in the room for a short period of time. Know the pet policy. Some hotels will not allow you to leave a pet in the room.

Get a ground floor room if possible: The ground floor room has a few benefits for pet travel. First, you don?t have to scale down the stairs or use the elevator every time you need to walk your pet. Secondly, you won?t disturb anyone underneath you. Remember when your outside with your pet make sure they are leashed at all times.

Pack plenty of supplies: Don?t assume the hotel you are staying at has pet friendly accommodations such as dog food, toys and blankets. These are your responsibility as a pet owner. Prepare a bag or pack with all your pets? necessities. This will help you settle into the room quickly.

Do not forget to clean up after your pet. Let?s all work together to keep this trend continuing and give other hotels and other lodging facilities a reason to become pet friendly.

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  1. Cheshire Inn in St. Louis welcomes pets with open arms! They love when guests bring their pets. They have special services that they offer to the pets. They also offer dog walking and sitting for when you need some alone time. Not only do they allow you to bring your pet it is an amazing hotel to stay at.
    A very pet friendly place indeed.

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