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Traveling Worldwide with your pet — 620 Comments

  1. Hello Richard – if you and your dog stay in the secure area of the terminal during the layover and fly in and out of ICN with the same airline (important), then a transit permit will not be required.

  2. Hi there – thanks for the advice you’ve been sharing. Question: does our dog need any transit permit to pass through Korea? We’re flying from Singapore via Incheon Seoul to Fukuoka Japan. On Korean Air. Our dog will be in cabin with us, we’ll have the paperwork for Japan. We won’t enter Korea, we’ll be in transit for 1.5 hours. I assume no permit / paperwork required for Korea, wanted to double check. Thanks

  3. Hi there,
    Am relocating to south Africa from india with my pet am very worried wanted to know if the process is tiring and how long does my pet a English cocker spaniel 5yrs need to be in quarantine in south Africa.

  4. Ammiel – Other pets must submit a letter request with the following information (a) species & breed of animal, (b) sex, age and number of animals, (c) expected date of arrival, (d) country of origin, (e) address, phone, email address & contact details of importer. The letter must be submitted in person to the Animal Health Division. We are not sure whether sugar gliders will be classified as a “pet” in the Philippines. You will need the assistance of a local agent to arrange the impoot and also the export from Qatar as your sugar glider will likely need to fly as air cargo. You can search for an agent in these countries at

  5. HI, I have sugar glider pet that want to bring from Qatar to Philippines. What do I need in order for me to bring them with me?

  6. Claudia – because you are changing airline companies in Seoul, your dog must clear customs and enter Korea in order for you to recheck it on Delta. It would be much better to stay on KA through Seoul and change airlines in Atlanta to Delta. That way, you and your dog will transit Korea and not need to enter the country.

  7. Hi, I will be bringing my dog in cabin from Kuala Lumpur to Toronto. The flight will be booked via Delta, but it has a codeshare segment with Korean Air.

    Kuala Lumpur > Incheon (Korean Air), Incheon > Detroit (Delta), Detroit > Toronto (Delta). The layover in Incheon is about 2+ hours long. Will I need to clear customs or proceed to board my next flight? I believe my baggage will be checked through.

  8. Armaun – assuming that your pets are flying as checked baggage, you will not be able to access them at ICN unless you claim them, clear customs and enter Korea. Nine hours is a long layover and your airlines may or may not hold your pets for this length of time depending on the facilities available to them at ICN. We would also say that 55 minutes is a short layover, especially when pets are involved. Either way, you need to contact your airline to determine which layover would be best for your pets.

  9. I am flying to Singapore from Los Angeles with a stop in Korean (Icheon). The only flights right now have a 55 min layover and a 9 hours layover. If we choose the 9 hour one, would we be able to retrieve them for a “bathroom break”? Does anybody know if there is a relief station air side at Icheon??

  10. Allison – it is best not to have layovers if at all possible. It appears that your dog is flying in the cabin with you. The best airport is the one where you can fly in and out on the same airline, otherwise you will need to clear customs and your pup will need to enter the country. The route is more important than which airport you layover at. We are not aware of any Asian airport with pet relief stations; however, we are not located in Asia. Perhaps another pet traveler can weigh in.

  11. I am taking my dog from California to Thailand. What are the best airports to have layovers in in Asia? What airports in Asia have pet relief stations?

  12. Yumi – you and your dog will stay in the secure area of the airport until you board your next flight on Asiana. Do not clear customs. No documentation should be required.

  13. Hi, Admin
    I am going to Bangkok with my dog by Asiana in cabin (from Vancouver) but I have 5 hrs 40 m layover at the Incheon Airport.
    Do I have to get a transit permit or anything? Please help.

    Thank you

  14. Lia – you will need to check your dogs in at Air New Zealand’s cargo facility at Narita for the flight to Auckland. You can contact their international cargo facilities in NZ at or you can contact their cargo offices in Japan at +813 5521 2738.

  15. Hi, my two dogs will be flying from Narita to Auckland on Air NZ, and I was just wondering if anyone knows the exact procedure for what to do at Narita.
    Where do we take them after the AQS quarantine health inspection? I won?t be on the same flight, so are they ?checked in? at the Air NZ counters, or another special area for pets? Will Air NZ cargo staff be looking after them until boarding, and will we be able to stay with them?

    I hope perhaps someone will be able to answer these questions, thank you!

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