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  1. PS. We would add that, if you need to claim your pet, it will need to clear customs and enter Taiwan. You want to avoid that if possible.

  2. Agiyishi – you should apply for the permit 10 days or more in advance if possible. You can find instructions and forms on this permit here if you need them: The time of the layover is a bit concerning. You will need to contact Eva (if you have not already) and discuss whether they will hold your dog for that amount of time and, if so, what facilities are available for your dog’s care during the layover. Generally, a commercial airline will hold a dog or cat for up to 3 hours before it must be fed, watered and walked. It is doubtful that the airline will allow you to do this as your dog will be held in a secure area, but it is worth asking the question.

  3. Hi. I will be bringing my dog from the USA to Philippines on 1st week of December via Eva air.

    1. Can I apply for transit permit in Taiwan now that my flight is still 7 weeks out, or does it have to be done at certain time frame?

    2. On our return flight in January the layover is 8 hours, and will change planes. Can I access my dog during this 8 hours to let her stretch and relieve?

    3. Is there another paperwork needed in Taiwan since we have a long layover of 8 hours? Thanks.

  4. What are all the documents thay are needed for my pet dog going to japan then transitions to honolulu hawaii?Is 1 hour layover okay? Will be on the same airlines all the way

  5. Good day. I live in South Africa and will be going to move to Portugal. I have 2 dogs and 3 cockatiels which I want to take with me. Do you know whether there are any bird restrictions in that Country?

  6. Laura – it is doubtful that Malaysia Airlines and American will interline your dogs. Additionally, 10 hours is a long layover and it is doubtful either airlines will transit your dogs through Narita. In the event of either of these happening, your dogs will likely need to clear customs and enter Japan. What you may want to consider is flying to KUL on a domestic flight with Malaysia Airlines, then taking Eva Air through Taipei from KUL. We have heard good things about Eva and the layover in Taipei is short. Different itineraries, but a more efficient route, perhaps?

  7. My husband and I are moving from Labuan, Malaysia to California, with 2 rescued dogs — a small 16-year-old male that weighs 8kg, and a 4-5 month old puppy that is recovering from a broken leg. It appears we can fly all the way to SFO ticketed on Malaysia Airlines, but this will involve a 10-hour lay-over in Nakita and transfer to an American Airlines code-share flight. Can you advise on how/where the dogs will be cared for during the layover at Nakita?

  8. Hi I planning to travel with my 16weeks old dog that I buy from Denmark in future ,can some one help me what documents I need, is all vaccination is mention on pet passport and also tell me what is written on health certicate and what is her validity

  9. If your dog is flying as checked baggage or air cargo, your airline can tell you whether a transit permit is required.

  10. do you need to apply for any transit permit at Incheon Airport for a dog that will only be at the airport for 4 hours waiting for our departure to Bangkok?
    we will be flying on Korean Air from Las Vegas to Bangkok, not changing airlines. please let me know as soon as possible.
    thank you

  11. As long as you are flying in and out of Frankfurt on Lufthansa and the layover is not over 2-3 hours, them your pup will transit the country. Contact Lufthansa and see if they will let you see your pup, but likely not as they need to keep it in the secure area of the airport. Make sure they will give it water.

  12. Hi
    I am travelling with my 10 year old Great Dane from Bangalore, India to Toronto, Canada. I am planning to take Lufthansa and have a layover in Frankfurt. Can anyone tell me what are the rules and regulations for me to meet my dog during the layover and then check her back in to the next airplane? Also, what all documents are required for me to take my dog from Bangalore all the way to Toronto via Frankfurt?

  13. Mike – according to their regulations, your pet will be released to you in less than 12 hours if all the requirements to enter Japan are met. ( Considering the time it will take to offload the plane, collect your dog and clear customs, you may consider a longer layover time. Okinawa, being under the administration of Japan, would be a domestic flight.

  14. I am traveling from Denver to Narita with my dog who will ride in cargo. (too big to be in cabin) I have a 3 hour layover in Narita prior to hopping on my connecting flight to Okinawa, Naha.

    First question – Is 3 hours enough time to get through the Animal Quarantine folks, Customs, ANA counter, Security again…

    Second question – Is Narita to Naha (Okinawa), considered Domestic or International?

    Thanks for the Help!!

  15. Gabby – we are not aware that Narita has animal relief areas inside the airport. Carry pet pads with you and rub one of them lightly in the grass after your dog urinates to put the scent on the pad before storing it. This should encourage your pet to go.

  16. Does Tokyo Narita have an animal relief area inside the airport? I will be on a layover there with my dog (who will be flying in cabin with me) in a few weeks.

  17. Saraia – as long as you are flying in and out of Narita on the same airline, the airline will transit your pups through Narita. They will remain in a secured area of the airport during the layover. It is important to understand that the airline must maintain control for the handling of your puppies during the layover. We have heard of some airlines granting “visitation rights” when facilities in the layover airport permit, but this is very rare. Certainly, employees should be checking their welfare and filling their water bowl. Would not suggest feeding as this will stimulate their bowels. You should confirm this with the airline.

  18. Hi,

    I am planning to bring my two rescued puppies 9months and 12 months from Malaysia to the USA. I have all the required travel documents, vaccination, spayed, pet microchip, etc for the travel ready.
    It will be only one stop over in Narita for about 3.30minutes. Is it possible for me to see my puppies get them out of the crate, let them run, stretch prior to the next flight from Narita to Dallas Fort Worth airport? Does Narita airport provide this facility where the passenger can spend little time with their pets and recheck for next flight?


  19. Hi Paul – you need to contact your airline with this question. The airlines will transit animals through layover countries as long as your pet is flying in and out of the layover country on the same airline (sounds like you are) and the layover is not over 3 hours. You will need to confirm with them that they will hold your pet during the 5 hour layover and not require you to claim and recheck it.

  20. Hi,

    We are looking to fly from the US to Bangkok on Korean Air with our 2 dogs (Shih-Tzu and Frenchie). The Shih-Tzu may make KE’s in-cabin requirements but the French will be flying as either checked luggage or cargo. There will be an approximate 5-hour layover in Seoul Incheon. We will have all required documents for entry into Thailand, but want to know if either dog will be subjected to SK’s pet import regulations if we are just transiting through Seoul? I have not been able to find any information on this anywhere else. Thank you in advance. Paul

  21. Michelle – where are you flying to in the US? Does Delta fly your route? KLM or Lufthansa? They all allow pets in the cabin on international routes, but you need to make sure that they serve the route from start to finish and they will allow pets in the cabin on your specific route.

  22. Hello! I currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia and am planning to move to the US soon along with my dog who’s a dachshund. Can you suggest the best airline that would allow me to bring my dog in the cabin with me? I checked that United Airlines allows dogs in cabin but the connecting flight ANA does not. πŸ™

  23. Leslie – we have heard from pet owners that EVA is very good with transiting pets through Taipei. You want to keep your pet on the same airline through these countries that are strict on animal import. You can also consider AsiaAir through Seoul.

  24. Hello, I am moving to Bhutan with my two large dogs. I was hoping to get a direct flight from LA to Bangkok, but they don’t seem to exist anymore. I think I am going to have to transit through Narita or Tokyo. If I have to change airlines will I have to quarantine my dogs? I hear that I need to stay on the same airline in order to avoid quarantine. Do they have a a dog relief area? I would love to let them out of their kennels for a stretch and a bathroom break. Any information would be helpful#

  25. Chari – as your pet is traveling with you in the cabin and you will stay in the secure area of the airport until your next flight, your pet is not subject to regulations for entering South Korea. This is assuming that you are flying in and out of Korea on the same airline. If this is not the case, then you will likely need to clear customs and enter Korea.

  26. Hi. Will travel with my yorkie from Philippines to US with layover at Seoul Korea. Flying with Korean Air, and my pet will be staying in the airplane cabin with me. Will my pet still be subject to inspection and quarantine at the incheon airport? His vaccinations are complete. Are there additional requirements for pets even if they will just be transiting?

  27. Hey pet travel I need some help asap.
    I’m in Malaysia and want to adopt a kitten. It will be 8 weeks old when I travel Feb 28. I’ll be going from Kuala Lumpur malaysia to Taiwan then back to Toronto Ontario Canada. Also I will be in Taiwan for a day before my last connecting flight to canada.
    I have no idea the procedures and what I have to do to take this kitten home with me. I’ve called and asked help from eva air but have gotten no more help then the little bit of basic info I’ve found online. Since I’ll be in Taiwan for the day the cat can not be brought into the plane as a carry on only through checked baggage so how can I have it cared for? I’ll have no access to luggage until I reach canada. I’ve learned on canada government website if it’s under 3 months old I don’t require the shots or anything yet and kittens can’t get all that done until 10 weeks anyway. But what about passing through Taiwan?
    Please help I desperately want to rescue this kitty and have no idea how. Fees and everything I don’t care it’s not a problem. I need to know specifically what to do without complications.

  28. Shia – there is a Live Animal Office in Melbourne where you will complete export requirements for exporting your pet from Australia. You can find details here:–to-collect-the-official-documentation. We checked the Ar China flight and it seems like the better route to Busan. Doubtful you will find an airline that flies to South Korea from Australia that allows in-cabin service. We show the flight transiting in Beijing. As long as you fly in and out of your layover city on the same airline and the layover is not more than 2-3 hours, then the airline will transit your pet and you will not need to conform to the regulations of the layover country.

  29. Hi.
    I’m currently getting full of stress to take my 3kg 2yrs chihuahua.
    Thank god!!finally I found this website. I kept looking for flights that i can carry in the cabin melbourne to pusan in south korea but only i could find i have to go to sydney. So there is no any flight at all what i am looking for from melbourne? If no, how about airchina from melbourne to pusan which is allowed in cargo.and what will i need to do when they stopover for 2hours in taipei(change another airchina)
    And there are any other flights that i can take her for the best way.
    Please help me
    Thank you.

  30. Thomas – if you were staying on Eva, then your pet could transit through Taipei. Because you are changing airlines, you will most likely have to clear customs to check your pup on the next flight unless the airlines have a close code sharing arrangement for this route. You may want to direct your inquiry to BAPHIQ: Tel:886-3-3982431 or

  31. We are traveling from NY city to Bangkok on Jan 1st 2016 with a stop over to change planes in Taipei for about two hours. We are traveling with our yorkshire terrier on EVA airlines and switching to Thai airlines in Taipei. We have all the required documents including the TPE permit but I’d like to know if we need to check in with agricultural officials in TPE airport before changing planes.. Our flight arrives and the next flight departs late evening when the offices are closed. Will this be a problem? Thanks for any assistance.

  32. I’m looking at returning to the states with my very loving dog Mei Mei. She is 11kg. She is my child so I want to pick the airline that has the best handling of dogs. There are so many horror stories out there can someone share a success story with me and point me in the right direct as to picking an airline… I’m looking at delta or Eva as they have direct flights to the portion of U.S. I’m wanting to land in.
    Thank you

  33. Vinh – if you plan to relocate in the next several months, then you need to be very careful about the temperatures at the originating and destination airports as well as along the way. If you fly with United, your pet will travel in the hold under their SafePets Program due to Animal Welfare regulations. Korean Air may carry your pet in the cabin as long as it conforms to their in-cabin pet policy. If this is the case, then temperatures will not matter. Eva will not carry your pet in the cabin and they transit Taiwan which requires a transit permit.

  34. Hi. I want to relocate my dog (5lbs) from Ho Chi Minh city (sgn) to Dulles airport in USA (washington DC). I dont know which airline should i go with ( ANA, korean air, united, EVA air ???), and will the dog travel as a cargo or in cabin with me?
    Thanks in advance for giving me advices. I know that I have to get the health certificate and transit permit and rabbies shot for my dog.
    thanks. Vinh

  35. Terri- I have flown with my dog from San Francisco to Phnom Penh via Taipei on Eva and I am going to make the return trip on the September 1st. Their quarantine policies are strict, but as long as you have a short layover and aren’t planning on leaving the airport or staying overnight it’s fine. After much combing online I found out that you do need to fill out a form and get permission in advance though! It’s free. You need to email and ask for the “Pet Transit Permit” form. After you fill it out they will email you a letter of permission to have your pet in the airport during that day signed by whoever is in charge of that stuff. I didn’t have a single person ask for my form at the airport, but better safe than sorry, especially since it’s free. Good luck πŸ™‚

  36. Sevina – if your kittens are traveling in the cabin with you, you will stay in the terminal and not clear customs in either country. If your kittens are traveling in the hold, then Turkish Airlines will move your kittens from plane to plane. As sure as none of their code sharing partners serve any leg of the route, you should not need to enter Bangkok or Turkey.

  37. Hi.
    Me and my 2 kittens are leaving from LHR (London Heathrow) to SGN (Ho Chi Minh Vietnam). We have 2 layovers, one in BKK (Bangkok) for 1hr 40mins, and one in IST (Istanbul) for 2hrs 20mins. I was wondering (except for documentation needed for entry into Vietnam) if I needed extra documentation for the connections in Bangkok and Istanbul.
    We are using the same airline the whole way (Turkish Airlines).

  38. Stephanie – as long as you are staying on the same airline in and out of SK, then you will simply stay in the terminal and not clear customs. In this case, you would not have to conform to SK regulations.

  39. I’m flying Chicago to Hanoi with a connection in Incheon. My cat is flying with me as a carry-on. Since my stay in SK is only a 2 1/2 hour layover do I need to get my pet microchipped? I can only find information on if my pet is actually entering Korea. We will not be changing airlines and Korean Air couldn’t give me any information either. My cat has all her vaccinations and rabies shots up to date.

  40. Laura – you can find the regulations for entering Taiwan here: You will need an Import Permit issued at least 20 days prior to entering as well as proof of rabies vaccination and health certificate. There should be no quarantine if you meet their requirements. The difficult thing is that if anything goes wrong, there will be quarantine and your trip will be greatly inconvenienced. You may want to contact the customs agency in Taipei and discuss it.

  41. hello,
    I want to take my kitten from Sydney to Amsterdam, the thing is I have a stopover in Taipei, if I stay in Taipei for only one or two nights, or only a few hours do I have to take my kitten to the quarantine? Is it possible to do it without?

  42. I will be flying from San Diego to Guam in March and connecting through Narita. My 8 year old Shih Tzu will be flying with me in the cabin and I wanted to make sure I have everything in order before entering Japan. Is there any documentation that I need to bring with me for the connection so that we do not get held up/stopped in Japan? I know they are a rabies free country, as is guam, and I will be traveling with all the required information for guam (Health cert, rabies certs, flea/tick application done by a vet within 10 days of travel, list of immunizations) is there anything else that I would need for Japan?

    Thank you!

  43. Ron – pets need a permit for transiting Narita in the cargo hold for a change of planes on the same airline. We are not aware that this permit applies for pets traveling in the cabin, but are checking that. Certainly, you should avoid customs clearance.

  44. Travelling from the Philippines with a pet in the cabin to the United States with a ~2 hour layover in Narita on Delta. From what I can tell from the info here the import requirements for the US would be:
    1) rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior
    2) signed veterinary certificate
    3) health certificate within 10 days of travel
    4) screw worm inspection (negative results) within 5 prior to US entry
    5) pet microchip (optional)
    What requirements do we need to comply with during the layover in Narita. I believe we go through a security checkpoint at Narita and not immigration, but not 100% sure.Thanks!

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