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  1. I will be travelling with my 65 pound dog to Mexico soon. I am afraid as he is very skittish. Do you recemmend drugging pets before flights or what. He does not like vets poking and prodding him and is not a real fan of crates. Thnx. worried in Oakland

    Most veterinarians do not approve of pets being tranquilizied if they are traveling in the cargo area of the aircraft and many airlines will not accept them in that condition.

    There are products that will relax the pet such as the happy traveler product. The key to getting a pet ready for a pet crate ride is preparation. Order the crate well in advance and leave the top off for awhile. Put some toys and treats inside.

    Then after awhile get him used to it with the top on but take your time. Take the pet somewhere fun like the park in the crate so that he associates traveling in the crate with a good experience.

    Visit for the items you will need for a safe trip including the necessary Mexico immigration forms.


  2. I have six lhasa apsos I brought to Vietnam from California. I am now moving back. Is there a limit on the numbers of pets person I should be aware of? Thanks for your assistance on this matter.

    Some countries place a limit on the number of pets you can take in to a country but I do not see anything in the Vietnam rules that specifies a number. You don’t want to have them think you are bringing pet animals in for commercial purposes.

    The set of forms available at give the contact information for the Veterinary Officer in Vietnam and you may wish to contact him in advance. In addition those same instructions give you the name and contact information for our agent in Vietnam who may be able to assist you.


  3. hiya, im traveling for a placement year from the UK to Chicago and i wanted to take my cat with me.

    i have gone though all the documents and pet pasport procedures however im traveling in February and i just realised about the cold temperature restrictions, and im quite worried because the average temperature in Feb is below that required, im sure the temeparture on leaving the UK may be ok but its just arrival in Chicago, what shall i do?!?

    I doubt that my cat will pass for the vetenairy certificate to say its ok at that temp beacuse he is an indoor cat does anyone know what my options are? would hate to fall at the last herdal and i couldn’t bare to go without him.

    If it is possible to travel at this time of year any airline recomendations?

    thanx very much

  4. Hi, I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer currently in Ukraine returning to the US in November. I thought I was all good on bringing my cat back into the US, but then Delta decided to cancel all direct flights between Ukraine and the USA, and now I have to go through France’s Charles-de-Gaulle airport (changing terminals).

    Am I going to have to follow France’s import rules for this? Especially since Ukraine is not part of the EU or very safe about rabies. I’m getting my cat vaccinated, but do I need to get the blood titration done? And get a microchip implant? Or an EU pet passport, just to go through France? The French websites are not clear on this, and only discuss the regulations for importing a cat. Thanks very much for your help!

    In order to answer your question I need to know if your pet is traveling in the cabin or as checked baggage and if you remain on the same airline or change airlines in France.


  5. Nevermind, found the restrictions on the commuter planes….I am out of ideas. I called Delta, who states that they fly animals as Cargo, the only airline, blah blah. But I would have to get them to ATL and they would only fly to Germany. Kind of hard to do when I will already be in Amsterdam. Any ideas on other carriers that ship animals as cargo? Preferably ones that will do it out of OKC??


    All Airlines that fly International routes accept pets as cargo. I am not sure how many operate out of Oklahoma City however. These do: Continental, KLM, Lufthansa, Northwest, Delta – they all make one stop somewhere and I did not check the routes.


  6. I checked the Delta page to see if it stated that they would not put large dogs in the cargo, but was unable to find that. Is there someone where that states this? If I try to get the military to re-book our tickets, I am going to have to present something in writing, they are not too willing to change things….


  7. My husband and I live in Belize Central America. We brought a maltese puppy from the US in Sept. 2008. We will be traveling back to the US next month and plan to take the now 1 year old Maltese with us.. he weighs 10 lbs so we will take him in the cabin as we did when we brought him to Belize. What will we need to get him back into the US and what process will we have to go through in Customs?

  8. Hey!

    Thanks so much for that! I noticed in the article that it stated some airlines, especially international flights do not abide by the temperature rule. But I was not able to find the regulations for Atlantic Southeast, which is our first carrier. We then switch to Northwest. I know I am a nervous mom, but it is August in Oklahoma, and I would hate to get to the airport and then have to leave my girls here…..

    The heat rule only applies if the runway temperature is above 84 degrees at the time of the flight. Not all airports are affected and certain times of day (night) are better. Atlantic Southeast is actually a Delta commuter and pets will not be carried in cargo. Unless your pet is small enough to go in the cabin you will have to make other arrangements for that leg of the flight.


  9. I am trying to go to Macedonia to import a puppy. There are NO direct flights back to Michigan. Probably 2 connections. I am being told that Delta / Northwest has a pet embargo on checked pets (as luggage) between June 1st and September 15th. Do I have any other choices or options? The pet is too large to bring onto the plane as carry on. I have run into so many issues so far and am just very frustrated. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

    The summer heat embargo does not apply to all airports. Only if the runway temperature is above 84 degrees at the time of flight. If you can find a flight that operates at night you will be okay.

  10. Hey there! We are a military family leaving the US with one stop in the US prior to landing in Amsterdam. I know of the microchip and that there is no need to quarentine. However, I am nervous about them being left between flights (they are both over 60lbs so will have to go in cargo). Also, I am confused on the statement that they will not fly if over a certain temp, because in another section it said to make sure and tell them there are animals under so they keep the temperature correct.

    Any advice is appreciated!!!!

    To enter the Netherlands the pet must be micro chipped, be vaccinated for rabies and be accompanied by the EU veterinary certificate for the Netherlands that has been certified by the USDA

    If you are flying on the same airline all the way the airline will be very careful with your pet. The temperature issue is that if the runway temperature at the time of departure is above 84 degrees they are not supposed to (and most airlines will not) load the pet in cargo. The problem is that even though the cargo area is temperature controlled if the airplane is stuck on the runway waiting for takeoff for a long time the cargo department will overheat.

    If you need the instructions and EU forms for the Netherlands go to


  11. Taking a pet into Mozambique

    Mozambique requires an import permit and a veterinary certificate.

    If you need the complete forms and instructions they are available at and then click on Pet Passports and scroll down to Mozambique. We can email them to you.

    If you arrive in Mozambique with the proper health certificate and import permit you should have no trouble entering the country.

    The instructions mentioned above contain the contact information for someone in Mozambique who can assist you.


  12. India requires a veterinary certificate stating that your pet is healthy and free of parasites and has been vaccinated for rabies. You also will need a “letter of no objection” from their veterinary service.

    For the complete forms and instructions for taking a pet to India go to and click on Pet Passports and scroll down to India. We can email the forms to you


  13. Im want to take my puppy to india what documents are they looking for and when my puppy reach to india do i need to apply for any more documents .Since as per local couier they are looking for SA permit since im staying in botswana in maun.Can you suggest me at earliest as possbile



  14. Dear PTT,

    We are trying to take our dog with us on a holiday from Johannesburg (S-A) to Mozambique….just for 1 week. All his vaccinations are up to date, he has a microchip! I know I need a health-certificate for him as well…but what else do I need more??? By now I have spoken to so many people…and everyone is telling me different things….1 person told me that if the officers at the border think that our dog is nog healthy…they will put him down right away!!
    please, help me out!
    Thanks a lot!

  15. hello pet lovers, i will be recently travelling to the dominican republic for approximately 3 months, and me and my girlfriend would love nothing more than to take our rabbit “Moo-Bunny” with us on this trip. I have been searching the internet and can not find any information on how this can be possible.

    Anything you could find that could be of any help would be much appreciated. thank you verrrrrryyyyy much 🙂

    In order to take something other than a dog or cat into the Dominican Republic you need to call this number:
    For other animal species, authorization is issued by the Direccion General de Ganadaria, Tel. (809) 532-2858.


  16. Also, are we permitted see our dog during the 4 hour lay over in Korea?


    Your pet is not actually entering Korea unless you get the paperwork prepared for that country. You are just transiting the country and the pet would not be accessible to you. The alternative is to check the pet to Korea and enter the country with it. Then re-check the pet on the next flight. If you need the forms and instructions for Korea they are available at and then click on Pet Passports.


  17. Hi there,

    I’m living in Japan and would like to take my french bulldog home to Toronto,
    Canada. I’ve read that it’s extremely stressful for dogs to travel on long flights. Our flight is a 1 1/2 hour flight to korea, plus a 4 hour layover, plus another 12 hours to Toronto. Do you think this is too tough on a dog? My dog gets extremely stressed just by going to a dog hotel for a night.

    Also, I’ve read that some airlines don’t allow dogs to travel in summer months. Our flight is with korean airlines and they don’t have such a regulation. Though, they may refuse pets from boarding if the temperature is above 84. I guarantee the temperature will be over 84 when we depart mid July. Is it not safe for a dog to travel in such temperatures?



  18. Taking your pet to Qatar

    If it was a US flag based carrier they would not accept the pet in cargo if the runway temperature was above 84 degrees for fear the plane would be stuck on the runway for an extended period.

    I would not do it if it were my pet


  19. Taking your pet into the UK
    Pets can only arrive in the UK as manifested cargo. You will check your pet in as excess baggage but it must go in the cargo hold. They maintain the temperature and pressure as near to the cabin as possible.

    On arrival your pet will go to the quarantine center at the airport where it and your paperwork will be inspected. If everything is in order the pet will be given to you within an hour or so.


  20. You can take your pet into France with only the EU veterinary certificate and an ISO 15 digit microchip but it does not solve your problem as the rule is the same whether the pet comes from the US or France.

    If you wish to avoid quarantine you must have a blood titre test performed six months in advance of arrival or the pet will go into quarantine.

    If you need the complete forms and instructions for taking a pet into the UK or France go to and then click on Pet Passports


  21. Here are the Canadian rules for taking pet rabbits into that Country.

    I believe that most airlines will accept the pet rabbit as checked baggage as long as it is in an approved pet crate.

    From the United States:

    Domestic or pet rabbits imported from the United States must be presented to Canada Border Services Agency staff upon entry. The importation of pet rabbits does not require import permits or health certificates.

    If you need the pet crate it is available at


  22. In order for a pet crate to be IATA compliant it must be made of sturdy plastic, have a water proof base, have a locking front door, be ventilated on all four sides, have a water and food bowl that attaches to the inside of the front door that can be refilled from the outside without opening the door and must have live animal stickers.


  23. Hi There,
    We are hoping to move to Vancouver, Canada but are wondering about the regulations for taking our pet rabbit with us. She will be 10 years old and is well and healthy but I am worried about the quarantine/paperwork and which airlines would take us…

  24. I’m moving to the UK from the USA and wanting to take my year old dog. He’s a rescue and I doubt he could take the UK’s six month quarantine period. My soon to be ex is a Vet and he’s got everything health wise and I will get any documentation required. I’ve heard that getting a dog into the UK from the EU by train or ferry is not difficult. What I need to know is if I get him into France or Germany how is getting him into the UK going to go. Or basically any guidance you can provide on getting around the 6 month quarantine would be great.

  25. Hello Jerry,

    We are planning to travel from the US to Pakistan with our two house cats in July. Qatar Air will take them as cargo, but we fly through Doha. Doha is, of course, very hot. Is it unwise to fly with the animals through such a hot climate? Or, are airlines like Qatar good at managing flying with live animals? I’ve heard that one shouldn’t check animals as cargo, because they might sit on the tarmac for a while in the heat. But, I also know that Qatar Air does not have any restrictions on temperature or time for flying with the cats, and I figure that if they’d had trouble they would impose restrictions. What are your thoughts? In general, do you trust major airlines like Qatar to take good care of animals checked as baggage?
    Thanks in advance,

  26. Hi Jerry,
    we are planning to take two cats home to london england from san francisco in august.
    we had all the rabies shots, microchips and titer tests results prepared ready in good time , our vet is also officially approved to rubber stamp the certificates of health/ shots / tape worm drenching etc. All set to go ???? ( NOT) 🙁
    I would like to use British Airways to travel with my ‘precious cargo’ is there a web site with a questions and answer section- or telephone no. for customer service?
    Or American Airlines/ or Virgin?
    For an approx 10- 10 1/2 hr flight i assume a ‘bag under the seat’ is not an option?- of course the bag would be under my own legs after take off.I would not be so daft as try to take cats out.
    We bought our horses to and from the states-they were on an air combo- which is half passenger also. The crew or the groom could go through the sliding door at the back, to check on horses in their roll on roll off stalls.
    My question is- how different is the checked in luggage section of the cargo- which i’m sure they are going to insist they travel. Is it in the area at the back where the cabin staff have access? is that where they put the strollers – that people wheel right up to the cabin door – and then find them waiting on their exit from the craft? One would assume that this area if it exists- would be warmer than the cargo hold or belly of the plane.Sorry my comment/question is long.Thank you for this site.

  27. Hi Jerry,
    I will travel with my dog from Portugal to Mozambique with TAP Portuguese airline. I have from a friend of mine a extra large crate (Petmate – VariKennel). I visited their web site “” and it seems that it meets airline requirements. How can I be sure that the airline is aware of that?
    Thanks for everything


  28. Norway to the US via Germany
    Anya was seeking a way to bring her pet dog from Norway to the US and have it travel in the cabin all the way.

    The solution was Lufthansa Airlines. Since the pet will not enter Germany but remain in the customs area then no paperwork for Germany was required.

    All that Anya needed was the US veterinary certificate and for her pet to be vaccinated for rabies.


  29. Just wanted to follow up, I got my questions answered by Jerry-and if anyone else is having problems with the airlines, or is not sure. Lufthansa is the way to go transatlantic… Apperantly no other airlines (not even alliance airlines they work with) will allow a pet IN CABIN except Lufthansa. I reccomend them!

  30. Hi there,
    I am a user on the pet travel website, and currently I am in Norway, with my small dog, trying to get back over to the United States, she is so small though, that I am really hoping to take her on board with me. The only tickets left at the times I need to arrive back in the US have layovers in either Iceland, or Czech Republic.
    I see Iceland quarantines? But if I pick one of these places where the layover is there or there, could I just get a transmit permit? Where are those?
    I do NOT want my pet to be taken away, esp. when I am just trying to get straight back to the United States.

  31. or in follow up to my question. is there an affordable pet courier service from Oslo to the US?

  32. Hi again,
    I am having trouble booking flight from Oslo to the US (either LA or NY) because both “layover ” places I am gettin are Iceland or Prague. Both of these countries I see are strict, and do quarantine.
    However, if we are flying to the us with our animal (small dog-I am us citizen) with her vert cert. will this matter, since we have layovers in one of these cities? Or will they say I need to quarantine my animal, even though I am just switching flights?
    I am very confused, and trying to book tickets asap. :/

    Also, will be taking her on board in cabin with me.

  33. I visited your website and the Large IATA crate is listed as 400 type. You previous suggested a Large IATA 300 type to carry two lhasa apsos each comfortably. Is is a typo? The weight given for the Large IATA crate was 10#. Is this correct because most of the other IATA Large crates are in the same dimensions as yours but all weigh between 21-26#. Due to the airlines weight limitation of 70 lbs., including the dogs, otherwise they will charge another two times the normal freight unit charge. Thank you for your assistance on this matter. I’ve done my research and like yours the best along with your advise so I’d to purchase it as soon as I get your response because I will be leaving soon.

  34. We have tried unsuccesfully to get information from their department of agriculture but perhaps it is time to try again.

    send an email to with your request and I will put it in my pending file while I attempt to get some answers.


  35. My husband and I are joining the US foreign service and will be taking our dog with us around the world. Paraguay is high on our list of where we’d like to go, but I can’t find any rules about import on this website. Any idea how I can find out how to get my dog into Paraguay??

  36. I am not aware of the export requirements for India

    The US does not quarantine healthy pets with a valid health certificate who have been vaccinated for rabies.

    If you need the veterinary certificate for the US go to and then click on Pet Passports and scroll down to the United States


  37. The EU has not yet adapted any rules for guinea pigs as they do not carry rabies.

    You should have a certificate from a veterinarian stating that the animal is healthy and free of disease.

  38. Hi,

    I am moving to Spain in August and I am wanting to take my gunnie pig with me. How do I go about Quaranteen with him? What do I need to do if anything at all.



  39. After living in India for a year, I am moving back to the U.S., and I will be taking my cat with me. I adopted her in Mumbai, and she is now over a year old. She’s a healthy, young cat, and I don’t think she should have any problems in cargo on my 16-hour Air India flight back to New York.

    Do you have any advice for me, regarding this transfer? I’ve already spoken to the airline about the requirements, and I’ll be visiting my vet this afternoon.

    What do I need for getting her out of India efficiently? What about getting her into the U.S.?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  40. Pets cannot travel in the cabin of the aircraft into the UK, they must arrive as manifested cargo.

    In order to avoid quarantine you need to have your pet blood titre tested six months prior to travel. then there will be no quarantine.

    If you need the complete forms and instructions for taking a pet cat or dog into the UK go to and then click on Pet Passports and scroll down to the United Kingdom or England.


  41. Hi again,

    Thank you for anwering my previous question. Now just one more, i havent been able to track down a definite answer for. Flying from Oslo, Norway to England… How tricky with this be for my animal? I know UK rules are quite strict. Can I bring my small dog on board, or quarantine? I just wont make the trip if quarant. is necessary over there. But, I am hoping there are just many papers involved?

  42. The US does not quarantine healthy pets arriving from Mexico.

    The pet needs to be vaccinated for rabies and have a veterinarian complete the US veterinary certificate.

    You will then have no problem entering the US with the pet.

    If you need the veterinary certificate go to and then click on Pet Passports and scroll down to the United States. The cost is $7.50 and we can email it to your husband in Mexico so that he can print it out and take it to a veterinarian.


  43. Hello, My husband is on a business trip in Toluca, Mexico, and is returning to the US on Friday. He is interested in bringing home a dog with it. The dog is about 15 lbs.

    Does anyone know if this is possible, and what is required?

  44. Korea is pretty pet friendly. No import permit is required but you will need to register your pets on arrival at the airport in Korea.

    Most airports have established a dog walk area near the terminal so I doubt that will be a problem.

    You did not mention where you are traveling from but airlines generally restrict the length of time the pet can be in the cabin of the aircraft.

    If you are traveling alone you may have a problem with two pets and virtually all airlines only allow one pet per passenger that goes under the seat in front of them.

    You can find the forms and instructions for taking a pet into Korea by going to and then clicking on Pet Passports. The pet policy for most airlines is located there also if you should need it

    If you have additional questions please let me know.


  45. I have two yorkshire terriers that I will be taking to South Korea. I have never traveled internationally with my dogs and I could really use any useful advice: what to prepare, pet relieve areas, just anything…

    My male yorkie is 5lbs. and my girl is 3lbs. They are small and My goal is to take them in the cabin and put them underneath my seat.

  46. You need to ask Air France as it depends on the airport.

    For instance at Miami airport in the US you enter customs in one terminal, and then go to the other terminal some distance away. Becuase of the layout you have to enter the US even though you are only transiting the country. One of the Switzerland airports is the same way as half of it is in Switzerland and half in France.

    I just do not know the situation in France.


  47. Thanks for the info Jerry, especially regarding screw worm, I’m familiar with it, nasty little bugger. Just to make sure I understand you correctly, not leaving the customs area would not be entering France. What if our flight landed at one terminal and we had to move to a second terminal for our flight to the US? Would that be considered not leaving the customs area? It seems like it wouldn’t be because we would technically never go through French customs, right?

    Thanks again. You’ve been a big help

  48. You are traveling to the US from a country with a high incidence of a pet disease called screw worm and a examination for this must be done before you depart. Otherwise you may be denied entry into the US.

    The fee that Air france quoted you is correct.

    If you do not leave the customs area with your pet then you have not entered France. If you walk outside with your pet then you have entered France even though you have not left the airport. A blood titre test would be required before you could enter France and they also require a microchip.

    If you need the veterinary certificate and complete instructions for bringing a pet into the US go to and then click on Pet Passports.


  49. Hi there,

    I currently live in the Central African Republic. My wife and I will be returning to the US (California) in June and would like to bring our Central African Cat with us. We will be able to get him a health certificate and rabies vaccination which is more than enough for Ca importation rules but microchips cannot implanted here in CAR. We will be taking him in-cabin on Air France and transiting through Charles de Gaul. Are there any other requirements we need to meet and will we have any issues transiting (without leaving the airport) without a microchip? The first flight is AF and the second is on their partner, Delta. CDG straight to San Francisco.

    Also, the local Air France rep said the in-cabin transport fee would be 150 euro but our travel agent says there is not fee. I suspect corruption (this is one of the most corrupt countries on earth) but can’t be certain. The AF website doesn’t mention any in-cabin transit fees. Any idea of where the truth lies?

    Thanks for your input and assistance!

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