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Traveling Worldwide with your pet — 615 Comments

  1. Hello

    I should be flying to US in the end of next january/beginning of february, and naturally want to bring my 2 dogs (my 2 best friends) with me. They are both vaccinated by the normal european regulations and have the EU passports.
    I should be flying from Frankfurt,Germany to Sacramento,California. I haven’t booked the flights yet, but after having a look on a different airlaine pages, I assume I’ll be flying with Icelandair.
    My guestion is, what exact papers , vaccinations etc. Do my dogs reguire to enter US without any problems?

    Thank you so much for your answer in advance.

  2. It is not the requirement of the Australian Government to secure the services of a transporter to export a live animal from the country. It is the policy of the airlines. I would confirm this requirement with Qatar and remind them that your pet is not traveling unaccompanied. If the requirement stands, go to and search for pet transporters in Australia. There are many of them and you can shop for a competitive quote.

  3. Hi,

    I’m taking my cat (domestic shorthair) from Perth Australia, to Brussels Belgium. I have gone through the process of microshipping, desexing and rabies vaccinating. That’s all good. I submitted a notice of intention to AQIS. That’s all good. I can get certificates of health and all the other necessary paperwork arrange

    The flight I have booked is with Qatar Airways, their website mentions that pets can only travel as checked baggage and I needed to notify them in advance. So I did. They mentioned they won’t accept pets that are not transported by a dedicated Pet Travel Service.

    Can someone confirm that this is indeed mandatory? The websites of ALL the airlines I checked never mention anything about the mandatory use of a Pet Travel Service.. It costs a fortune!

    Many thanks for any help..

  4. Hi, I’m planning to travel to Jakarta-Indonesia from Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2013 with our 2 small dogs; Kloudo (4yrs Morkie / 10,5lbs) & Kwaci (3yrs Silky Yorkie / 6lbs)using Korean Air. Unfortunately since Kloudo is over the weight limit to bring into the cabin, so with a sad heart we will have to bring both of them as a check-in baggage. I have all the agriculture aspects covered, which include the titer tests, vaccines, health checks, etc to come to Jakarta.

    My question is:
    1. During the travel from Las Vegas to Jakarta we will have about 9,5hrs transit in Seoul-Korea (at the Incheon Airport), do we need to get a Transit Permit for the both of them? So far the information that I have found is if we are bringing our pets to move to Korea but no mentions of law for transit in Korea. I’ve read on an earlier post (on the response) that as of Dec 1st Korea is changing its rules, could you inform me on this please.
    You will need to check the pets as far as China, pick them up at baggage claim and then take them through immigration. There has been a rule change and Korea now requires a blood titer test but you have all ready done that. The only other reuirement is a health certificate. I would suggest the APHIS form 7001 certified by the USDA for entry. You can find that pet passport form and instructions here:
    2. During that transit in Soul-Korea, where will they be kept? Will they have to stay at the quarantine facility at the Incheon Airport or can we keep them with us? If we can’t have them with us during the transit, will we be able to see our dogs?

    Have anyone had the experience of traveling though South Korea & have a long layover? Please help. I would really appreciate all the info that you can give me. Thank you

  5. Hello, I am planning my trip to Guam for spring of next year. I have all the agriculture aspects covered, which include the titer tests, vaccines, health checks, etc. to cover their strict quarantine requirements. My question is about which airline to take. I have two options, 1. layover in Honolulu, Hawaii or 2. layover in Narita – Tokyo, Japan. I am leaning toward Narita because Delta airlines will allow me to fly my 8lb. dog IN-Cabin. But here’s the tricky part and I can’t seem to find the answer, even after contacting Narita airport’s quarantine department.. what happens when I reach Narita for my layover? It is a 10-11 hour flight from LAX, is there a relief area for my dog? Will I be able to continue IN-Cabin to Guam on Delta? Both Japan and Guam have very strict quarantine policies, so even though layovers in Narita are possible by keeping the dog in its carrier/kennel, I cannot see that they would allow a dog to continue IN-cabin to Guam, where the norm is the owner never sees the dog until it is at the vet (after being seen by customs and traveling in cargo.) Please help. The other option is to have the dog as cargo/checked bag via Honolulu on United Airlines, which would possibly include an overnight there (dog stays with local airport handler). Thank you.
    If you decide to go through Narita you will need a transit permit. Your pet could fly into Japan in cabin if Delta allows it and then be checked onto the flight to Guam where it must arrive as manifested cargo. One problem is that the carrier that the pet travels in – in cabin to Japan could not be used for the flight to Guam as checked baggage. That requires a hard case that is IATA compliant.

    You could fly into Hawaii and pick your pet up after it goes through immigration. The rules for entering Hawaii and Guam are the same, you just need one more document for entry into Hawaii. You could then take your pet for a walk and check it on the flight to Guam. However Delta does not accept pets in the cabin on its flights to Hawaii.

    Even though the pet would travel as checked baggage on both legs into and out of Hawaii it seems like that might be best as you could spend as much time in Hawaii as you wish letting your pet have a walk, get water and have a rest. You would also only need the one IATA compliant pet crate.

  6. Hi I have a 2 year old shih tzu/yorkie mix dog. He is 10 lbs. He has all of his vaccines. I want to teach English in South Korea in February, but I cannot imagine being unable to bring him with. I was wondering if anyone knows any airline informational phone lines to call, or if you know the process for being able to have your dog shipped. I don’t want to put him in the cabin below, but if I have to I will. Is his breed allowed on planes? Can I bring him as a carry on? If so, how do I find out about getting him an airline ticket? Does he need a passport? If so, how do I go about getting him a doggy passport?

    Also are there any requirements of South Korea for a dog that I should know before flying him over? Will he need to be quarantined? And if so how much does this cost? Or is there anyway of avoiding this?
    RESPONSE: As of December 1, Korea is changing its rules and there is some confusion as to the new rules. The entrance requirements will depend on where your pet is traveling from. If the rules are not followed, your pet will be returned to the country of origin. To answer your question, I need to know what country your pet is traveling from and when you are traveling. Also, there are airlines that will accept your pet in the cabin. Again, knowing your route would helpful.

    Ugh…I love mr. Captain Big Paws, and he must come with me! Please help me out if you know anything.

    Thank you,

  7. Hi,
    I have 3 year old winnie male dog. He has a micro-chip. He’s current on his vaccine & rabies. He’s a middle size 25 pounds boy. He’s a rescue dog I found on the street 2 years ago, so I’ve been taking of him since then. I only have US green card. I want to travel from Houston to Vietnam. What paperwork do I need to get for him? I don’t want to send him as a check bag. Is there any way I can tag him along with me in passenger seat? Which airline is the best option to travel with a pet? Please help. Thanks!

    RESPONSE: I regret to say that your pet is too large to fly in the cabin on any commercial airline. It will travel in the cargo hold in a place that is temperature and pressure controlled. You will need to find an airline that serves the entire route as airlines do not interline pets.

    Vietnam requires that your pet have an active (non expired) rabies vaccination and that it be accompanied with a vet certificate endorsed by the USDA. You will most probably need a health certificate for the airlines. You can find instructions and forms for taking your pet to Vietnam here: and they can be emailed to you.

  8. what documents do i need to secure to bring my 6 year old shih tzu from the Philippines to the USA?
    also, Delta refused to accommodate my dog in cabin because she is too big to fit under my seat, also being a snub nose breed, they did not accept her as checked luggage also. with these complication, i decided that my dog will follow me on a later date because i have already booked my flight. can you suggest to me other pet friendly airline that can fly my dog safely from Manila Philippines to Washington USA?can my pet travel without me?
    thank you very much.
    RESPONSE: your pet can travel without you as manifest cargo. You will need to find an airline that serves the entire route as the airlines do not interline pets. Considering the route, I would suggest that you obtain the services of a pet transporter as the layover may be long and you will want someone to care for your pet along the way.

  9. Thank you for the wonderful blog. I’m taking my dog as a carry on from Thailand to Vancouver transiting Japan. Does my dog need to meet the requirements for bringing a dog into Japan? We are only transiting and not going through immigration. We are changing planes though from Thai airways to Air Canada… we are just going to stay at the airport for a couple of hours. Thank you.
    You need to check with Thai Airways to see if they will interline your pet as checked baggage to Air Canada. Normally airlines wil not do so. If not then you will check the pet only as far as Japan and then re-check it on the next flight. In which case you wil need a transit permit which is available at then click on pet passports and scroll down to Japan.

  10. I am going to Bulgaria for the holidays and I want to take my Chihuahua with me. I will be flying with lufthansa through Germany so what do I need to have. Also I will have a layover in Germany for about 18 hours and the dog will be with me do I need any paperwork for Germany? Also what do I need for my return to USA from Bulgaria?

    Thank you

    Response: Hello Katie, Bulgaria requires that your pup has a 15 digit microchip, rabies vaccination within 30 days and 1 year as well as specific documentation that you can find here: As long as you don’t plan on leaving the airport for your layover, you will not need documentation for Germany. If you do plan on leaving the airport, your pet will also need the documentation here: (and meet all requirements for entry into Germany) If your stay in Bulgaria is under 3 months, you can use the same documentation you used to enter Bulgaria to re-enter the US. However, your airline will most likely require a health certificate within 10 days of departure. (Just make sure to make plenty of copies of all documentation) If you have any more questions or concerns please let us know.

    Pet Travel Inc.

  11. We are trying to move back to Ireland from Thailand with our 7 year old pet Yorkshire terrier dog, (Its an emergency move for family reasons).
    She is fully vaccinated and all documents are up to date. All we need is her tape worm treatment (5-2 days before travel) and to present her to the veterinarian in Bangkok airport for the export permit (2 day before travel).

    We have a non-refundable flight booked with Turkish airlines, departing BKK next Wed 24th at 11.30pm via Istanbul and onto Ireland. We already have an pre- approved permit for entry into Ireland for this particular flight with our pet (these permits need a 10day time space on approval), and we are aware that our pet must enter Ireland as cargo only.

    Before we booked our flight with Turkish airlines, we made every precaution necceasy to ensure bringing our pet would run smoothly …to the extent of travelling out to the Bangkok airport with our pet and talking to the staff face to face. Their procedure was confirmed at least 4 times by phone (through the reservations line) as well face to face with Turkish airline staff. The procedure being that; after the flight is booked it is simply a matter of making a phone call to confirm our pet dog as cargo, on the same flight. So that’s what we did.
    However, after we made the booking the following day we were contacted and told that our pet has been rejected and that we cannot travel with our pet on the flight, We were not given any explanation for this rejection.
    During some five hours of follow up phone calls with Turkish airlines various call centre employees (which including various instances of being hung up on), we were first told that perhaps the aircraft in question was unsuitable. We were then told perhaps the cargo facility on the aircraft was possibly already full. Finally we were told that the reason our pet was ‘rejected’ was because ‘Ireland does not accept the importation of pets via cargo’. Our argument that we already have an approved permit from the Irish government for this flight did not make any difference!
    On some further investigation we managed to get an email address for an employee who works in Bangkok cargo dept in of Turkish airlines. He told us that we must use an agent do arrange our pet travel, but has not confirmed if this is the reason for the rejection, or if this rejection will be lifted. He has said he will reserve a space for our pet on the first flight BKK – IST , but that we must find an agent in the meantime! We still have no confirmation on the connecting flight IST-DUB

    So now I am totally confused as to what exactly is the procedure with Turkish Airlines regarding pet travel and where exactly we may have gone wrong. Is this true that we can only do this through an agent, and if so why were we not told this before and why has it taken so many hours of phone calls and sleepless nights to get this snippet of Information? I just cannot get any straight answers from them, and feel like I am just totally getting the run around.

    I just want to get our pet home now, any safe way we can. I just need clear instructions on exactly what we have to do.
    Can anybody offer any insight, has anybody else been through this process?

    All advice will be greatly appreciated.

    RESPONSE: At this point, I would recommend that you contact a licensed agent out of BKK. Go to and click on SEARCH FOR A TRANSPORTER. It will give you the opportunity to search by airport and there are many to choose from in BKK. Clicking on the links will give you their contact information. Know that these are all licensed pet transporters and should be knowledgable about transporting a pet to Ireland. Best of luck.

  12. I am traveling to the Philippines via Narita on Delta with my 4 year old shih tzu. I called up DL first before purchasing my flight and everything was fine. Today I called again just to make sure that my dog is on the flight with me (in cabin) and I was told that I need paperworks for connecting in Narita. I asked what are the documents I need but the agent couldn’t give it to me. Please let me know what I need to have for our layover in Narita. We will stop again in Narita on our way back. We are not leaving until March but I want everything done and correct before I bring my dog the Philippines. Thank you, Bernie.
    The paperwork you need depends on the length of your layover in Narita. If it is only for a few hours and you do not go through immigration then you only need a transit permit. If you are staying longer and do go through immigration then you need to comply with the rules for taking pets into Japan which are doable in the time you have but can be complicated. You can find the complete instructions and forms here and then scroll down to Japan:

  13. Hello,
    I am American but I have been living in China for 2 years. I want to move my Pug from Beijing to Frankfurt Germany. I can’t find ANY good information online about what I need to do that. Do you have any advice?
    RESPONSE: Here are the steps for taking your Pug to Germany from China: 1. Get your pet microchipped with a 15 digit microchip. 2. Get your pet vaccinated. 3. One month later, have your pet titer tested. Assuming the tests come back negative, you can enter Germany 3 months after the blood was taken for the titer test. 4. Within 10 days of travel, your veterinarian will fill out the Annex II form for Germany. You can find all of the forms and instructions here:

  14. This may not be posted because it’s not good for sales but there is ZERO need for scanners, paperwork to enter France. I just got back. Same for Germany. I took a scanner, passport, vet doc sealed by the USDA and there is no need. All you need is a pet carrier, to pay for their ticket and when you enter the country you just declare business or pleasure and there is NO PROTOCOL for pets, you just walk right to baggage claim and get your things.
    I would take shot records, rabies just in case but do not waste time or money on all of this other stuff because the check points DO NOT EXIST. It’s not that I got lucky!!!!!
    RESPONSE: We cannot control enforcement of the rules in any foreign country. We have heard of other people who were waived through, but many who were checked. If your pet is traveling as cargo, we know of no airlines that will accept a pet without paperwork.

    I would not fly my pet into another country without following the rules. One strict immigration officer can ruin your vacation and cause the pet to be returned to the country of origin or into quarantine.

  15. I live in Vancouver BC and I have a pet Chinchilla that I would like to give to my boyfriend to care for. He lives in Seattle, WA. Do I need to show any documentation at the border? Or can I just cross? Thanks in advance for all your help! It’s very much appreciated!
    The US does not restrict the import of pet Chinchilla.

  16. I travel to VietNam and bring back with me a dog 11 months old. I fly by China Airlines and stop at Taipei to change plane to USA. What doc. I need for the dog.
    I can go by Eva (2nd choice) and stop at HongKong. which one is less paper work.
    Thank you
    to properly respond I would need to know more about your trip. I assume the pet is traveling as checked baggage. If you are flying into Taipei on China Airlines and then out of Taipei on China Airlines and the layouver is under two hours you would not need any documents for Taipei. If this is not the case then it will get more complicated. Taipei is easier to transit than is Hong Kong. I assume you are aware that to bring your pet into the US it must be vaccinated for rabies, have a certificate of good health and be inspected in advance of travel for screwworm. You can find the complete pet passport package of instructions and forms for bringing pets into the US here:

  17. hi!im from japan,and i have a pet dog that i want to send to manila.My dog is great dane,she only 2 yrs old but she so big,just wanna ask if my dog can travell alone.And need to know what requirements will be needed,what kind of cage will be fit and how much it will cost from narita japan to manila philippines?THANK YOU!
    A pet can travel alone by air. You need to make the arrangements with an airline that flies between the two cities keeping in mind that the animal cannot change airlines enroute to the Philippines. For the pet to enter the Philippines it requires a rabies vaccination and a certificate of good health as well as a import permit. The pet will travel in an IATA compliant pet crate. I cannot comment on the size of the crate without knowing the height of the pet from top of head to floor and the length from nose to base of tail. You can find the complete pet passport information and forms for taking a pet into the Philippines here:

  18. Can you please give me info on bringing a German Shep from South korea, to the US, N. Carolina. Thank you!
    RESPONSE: the United States is very pet friendly. Your pet will need to be vaccinated against rabies, a certificate of good health like this one ( and a screwworm test given shortly prior to travel.

    You will need to schedule your pet’s passage on the phone with the cargo department of the airline that serves the entire route, assuming your pet is traveling unaccompanied. Should you be accompanying your pet, checked baggage services may be available depending on the airline you select and the weight of your pet. The important thing is to keep your pet on the same airline. Changing planes is ok, but changing airlines is not.

  19. Hi

    Please can you let me know what is the minimum age for a puppy to cross the border from RSA to Botswana
    I need a state vet certificate can you assist.
    I sell pups and a lot of my customers come from Botswana so I need help
    Puppies that are too young to be vaccinated for rabies only need a certificate of good health issued by a licensed veterinarian in the Republic of South Africa. If they are old enough to be vaccinated then the vaccination must take place 30 days before entry.

  20. Hi,

    I wonder if I would need a pet permit for either Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Japan, if I will be layover for a couple of hours.

    I am planning to travel from Los Angeles to Thailand and stay there for at least 5 months, so we have to take out dog with us. So far I think I have sufficient information on bringing the dog to Thailand. However, I still cannot get a straight answer from one of the airlines I am considering (EVA, Cathay and ANA). The decision on the airline will be based on their pet policy. I called those said airlines directly and all I get is a reading off the screen.
    Ultimately it is up to the airline whether or not they will transfer the pet from one flight to the next. The pets cannot change airlines in any of those countries without going through immigration.
    All of those countries allow pets to transit the country but it must be on the same airline with a layover of less than 2 hours.
    You will need to phone the airlines reservations office to make the arrangements for the pets to travel as checked baggage. It cannot be done online.

    So far, the Cathay Pacific cargo department told me that I do need one and it cost about $200 (he didn’t say it’s HK dollar). The other two airlines seemed to have difficulties communicating in English. EVA advised me to look up their government web site, which I am lost.

    Please help, I am traveling in October and still cannot decide on which airline to take since I do not wish my dog to be denied at the airport.


  21. We have to move from Vietnam to the US due to an emergency medical situation in my family. We have a 4-year-old chihuahua that our children adore and would be heartbroken if we can not keep him.

    Shipping him as cargo is too expensive (we received a quote for $2,000), so we would like to check him as luggage. The airline we plan to use is American Airlines, who does allow pets, though we will apparently use a Japan airline plane to get form Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam to change planes at Narita (Tokyo, Japan). I have read some posts above and understand that I will need a “transfer permit” to get our pet through Japan. But I have also read that the pet will need to stay on the same plane – is that right? We’ll have a 4 hour layover in Japan. Can you provide a link or information that lists everything which will be required to get teh transfer permit? Will a microchip be required?

    Assuming we get our pet through Japan, then we will proceed to Dallas Fort Worth airport and have to get through immigrations in just 1 hour 45 minutes (and my wife is Vietnamese traveling with a non-immigrant visa), then finally go to Orlando Florida.

    This is quite an ordeal for us. Our daughters are 3 yrs, 10 months, and 2 years old. Our elder daughter has just been diagnosed with autism, and we have a short time-frame to begin early intervention, hence the emergency trip to the US. Hopefully we won’t loose the dog as I’ll already lose my job and our comfortable existence and home in HCMC 🙁
    As long as the pet flies into and out of Japan on the same airline normally a transit permit is not required. However becuase you have a 4 hour layover the airline will probably not allow it as it they do not like to have the pets sitting in the baggage claim area for that length of time. You need to discuss this with American Airlines reservations office, it cannot be done online.

    If you need the transit permit for Japan which will work in your case it is available here: If I can answer additional questions please let me know.

  22. hi.
    i am planning to move my 2year old labrador retriever from kolkata, india to seattle, usa. i would like to know the cost that i will have to incur on it and any extra precautions, if any. Is there a huge amount of export/import charges that are levied on the pet parent?
    RESPONSE: You need to find an airline that will serve the entire route as the airlines do not interline pets. The cost will depend on the airline and whether your pet is transported as checked baggage or manifest cargo. (it will depend on the services the airline offers.) The airline you choose can also help you with export requirements.

    Your pet will need a health certificate and a screwworm test done within 10 days of travel in order to enter the United States. You can find instructions and forms here:

  23. Hi I am traveling to Houston from England with my family after 20 years. We have a Yorkshire terrier that we want to take with us. He is 7 years old so can I take him on the plane with me or does he have to go into cargo? He is of standard yorkie size.
    RESPONSE: the requirement for a pet to fly INTO the UK is a DEFRA requirement. Whether a pet can fly OUT of the UK in the cabin is an airline policy. It depends on the policy of the airline.

  24. Hi guys
    I live in California and in a month I’ll go to visit my parents in Ukraine, and I want to take my small dog with me, he’s about 5 pounds. And my question is what kind of dacuments do I need for him ? And I heard that some Europian countries are very strict and they don’t allow your pet to enter their border even if you have all the neccessary dacuments :/ so please anyone faced the same situation or know about this HELP me to take my baby with me otherwise I won’t enjoy my vocations ;(

    RESPONSE: your puppy must be vaccinated at least 30 days prior to entry and your vet will fill out a veterinary for Ukraine. You can find complete instructions and forms here:

  25. Hi Jerry,

    I am looking to re-locate to Japan next year from the UK to live there for about a year.
    I wish to take my two chinchillas with me, but can’t find any information about what sort of
    pet passport or procedures I’d need to go through to allow them to travel with me, preferably
    in the cabin with me. I can find information for dogs and cats but not chinchillas.
    Thanks so much for your time!
    Japan does not publish any rues regarding the import of Chinchillas and I do not believe there are any restrictions other than having the proper paperwork.
    Japan does not allow animals to enter in the cabin of the aircraft – only as checked baggage called manifested cargo. On arrival the animal is taken to the airport quarantine center for inspection and is normally released to the owner with 12 hours.

  26. Hi!
    I am currently searching online and cannot find the exact answer to my questions. I am hoping that you can help!? My family in Finland has a dog that will become my pet, she will be about 9 months old when we fly her home with me to the USA. Our current planned flight (with reservations already made for her travel as extra baggage) is with Iceland Air flying from HEL to KEF to BOS. But now as I search online I am very worried because Iceland has very strict policies that pets must be quarantined and have permissions with the ministry of agriculture. Does this also mean a pet that is just transferring flights (on same airline Iceland air) with only an hour between flights? If the pup has any possibility of being quarantined in Iceland, I will decide to send her home thru a pet shipping company. Please help me decide how to get my pup home safely
    As long as the pet remains on the same airline into and out of Iceland and is transferred by the airline from one plane to another then it has not technically entered the country. You should follow the exact procedure with Iceland Air. In order to bring your pet into the US it will need to be vaccinated for rabies and accompanied by a certificate of good health. There is a pet passport package of information and forms available here which can be emailed to you.

  27. I am in the midst of planning to move my golden retriever from Singapore to Hong Kong. Would it be ok to apply for the necessary permits in Singapore and Hong Kong + flight tickets by myself? Or is an agent mandatory? Thanks
    Neither of those countries requires you to use a pet transport agent. In most cases since you are traveling with your pet the airlines do not as well but you should check with them first. There are a few airlines that now require use of a pet transport agent.
    If you need the complee pet passport forms and instructions for both countries they are available here – then scroll down to the country.


  28. Hello, im planning to travel from New Delhi India, to New York in a Lufthansa flight that has a 3 hour stopover in Frankfurt Germany, my dog will be going as cheked baggage….do i neeed to comply with germany health requirements?

    also, is there a big risk for this kind of trip? is a 19 hr flight plus 3 hour stopover

    does someone will give him water during the layover of 3 hours??

    RESPONSE: As long as you are only changing planes, not airlines, your pet will not enter Germany.

    There is always a risk in airline travel, but many thousands of pets are transported each year safely.

    Your pet’s water will be checked during the layover in Germany. You will need to have a bowl that attaches to the door and is accessible to the handlers.

  29. Hi, I have a dog, and I am traveling with EVA AIR, my flight is from seattle to philippines, but I have 4 hours stop over in taipei. I am not changing airlines, just flight. please help, let me know.

    RESPONSE: You should contact Eva Air and confirm that you will not have to claim your pet and re-check them in Taipei. You do not want to clear customs as the requirements to enter China are strict and involve quarantine. If your pet is traveling as checked baggage, the long layover could be a problem.

  30. Dear Jerry,
    Now I am in California, I am going back to Thailand for bring my dog(beagle)to live with me in CA,USA. Now my dog live with my friend and my friend took my dog to see the vet and now got vaccines certificate, microchip and blood test from the vet’s certificate already in hand of my friend who take care of my dog. When I arrived to Thailand I will take my dog and take all vet’s certificate to the health animal department in suwannaphum airport for get health certificate, passport for my dog and export license. And health certificate is expired for 10 days.

    So I am very worrying about I can’t get transit permit on time from Taipei, Taiwan. (I arrived BKK on 22Aug and back to LAX on 31Aug. I have time to stay there for 9 days)
    I booked ticket and will flying with China Airline and when i fly back to LAX i have to transfer flight at Taipei, Taiwan with Chaina Airline about 2 hours.
    I have read some comment from other web site about “travelling with dog with China Airline have to get transit permit (take time to get within 7 days) from Taipei before departure date”. I never know about this before. Is this I heard from some comment is that true?

    I can’t ask anyone for make sure about my worry because I tried to call customer service of China Airline but they told me that i have to read airline policy but I still don’t understand that.
    And I found your website for answer about travelling with dog. And I tried to read all questions. But Nobody has same as my suitation.

    So I would like to ask you for make sure about this and what should i do?
    Do I have to do paperwork about transit permit by myself and if I didn’t have transit permit when i transfer flight at Taipei, my dog can’t fly with me to USA? Is this strict to get transit permit?
    And To get Transit permit have to take time for 7 days?
    So How to get transit permit by myself?
    Do you think i can get transit permit on time? I mean I will arrive in BKK on 22 Aug and fly back to USA on 31 Aug. And Health Certificate from Thailand expired 10 days. Is it very imminent?
    Before my dog go to checked baggaged, she have to take sleeping pill? I think she may be panic sure.
    And when transfer flight she will wake up while transfer her bog? I am very worrying about this because I am afraid she will be panic or barking alot when she woke up.
    How long sleeping pill still be work until arrive in LAX?
    Do you understand my questions about this worry?

    Sorry for many questions, Please answer my questions above for make sure what should i do? Please help me to get rid of my worrying. Nobody answer me totally clear. I have to do my best because I miss my dog so bad and everyday I want her live with me in USA as soon as possible. Because she is getting old (7years) but good healthy and very lovely beagle. Thank you so much for your reply in advance. (Sorry i’m not good at english if i write something wrong)
    It would seem your best opportunity is to comply with Taiwan’s import regulations and then you and your pet can spend as much time there as you. Since you all ready have a blood titer test, your pet has been micro chipped then all you need is the veterinary certificate for Taiwan and to file for an import application which you have plenty of time to do. You can find the complete pet passport instructions and forms for Taiwan here and they can be emailed to you.


  31. I am moving my dog (4 lbs) from Toronto to Hong Kong, but since it is a requirement for her to fly cargo to enter Hong Kong, I am thinking maybe we should fly through Taipei, then transfer on a different airline to Hong Kong to minimize her time in cargo.

    Just wondering if I can fly her in cabin with me to Taiwan, and what are the general requirements? I believe I have to meet both Taiwan and Hong Kong requirements?

    When we layover in Taiwan, what are the procedures of handling her?
    Thanks so much!

    RESPONSE: Should you decide to layover in Taiwan, you will have to conform to the requirements of China which involve quarantine. You will also have to carry a cargo crate with you which may not be convenient. You may want to consider Air Canada or Cathay Pacific, both of which have direct flights to Hong Kong (15 hours) or picking another country for a layover.

  32. скажите, что необходимо для ввоза котенка в Иорданию с Украины

    RESPONSE: Привет – Иордании требует, чтобы ваш питомец прививки за 30 дней до въезда в страну. Существует также требуется ветеринарный сертификат. Существует нет карантина. Вы можете найти инструкции и формы здесь:

    вам будет нужно спросить авиакомпании, если они имеют дополнительные требования.С уважением

  33. Hi,

    I am moving back to Hong Kong from Vancouver (Canada) and I would like to take my rabbit. I knew I need to get permission slip from HK and some kind of health certification, but do I need any other documents for the Canada customs? As what I know rabbits are not allow to stay in cabin when traveling to HK, right?
    Also, which airlines provide better services on exporting animals to Asia?
    Thank You
    To take the rabbit into Hong Kong it must have a veterinary health certificate and you must obtain an import permit well in advance of arrival. The pet can only arrive in Hong Kong as manifested cargo. I am sorry but we do not recommend airlines. You can find the complete pet passport package of instructions and forms including the import application here: If you order be sure to mention in the comments section that you are transporting a rabbit as you will need special instructions.

    There are no special requirements to export the pet over and above what the airline may require. You would need to call the airlines reservations office to discuss this and make a booking for the pet to travel.

  34. I am leaving Japan in Septmber, relocating to India. Both countries will be hot, over 29 degrees. I have no choice and have to leave so I have two airlines for travel. A mid-day flight from Tokyo to Delhi and then an overnight layover. Or a early afternoon flight from Tokyo via Bangkok (with a 7 hour layover). Neither are ideal but other airlines can’t take my dog because she is a Shih Tzu mix.

    Question: in Bangkok, can I go and walk my dog? I can’t get a clear answer from the airline.
    Question: is it better to do the bulk of the journey (9 hours) in one go? Or is 6 hours and
    6 hours better?
    Advice appreciated!
    To take your pet for a walk in Thailand you would have to pass through immigration and therefore comply with their animal import laws.
    I assume you are awae of the requirements of India which include getting a no objection letter prior to entry. This is similar to an import permit. It must be obtained by an agent for you in India.
    Since you have a shih tzu I assume the pet is traveling with you in the cabin of the aircraft. If the pet is comfortable with 9 hours between able to take a walk then it seems that might be better.
    If you need the complete pet passport rules, instructions and forms for either Thailand or India they are available here and can be emailed to you:
    The pet passport package for India also contains the contact information for an agent who can obtain the NOC for you.

  35. I will be travelling from LAX to BKK with my 9 month old, 10 pound pup and have a layover in Taipei, Taiwan. I have all the requirements for importing her into Bangkok, spoke with the airline today and they told me I would need a transit permit for the dog during the 2.5 hour layover in Taiwan. I confirmed with them however that I only change planes and it is the same airline and they said yes- same airline for both legs. On a previous thread it was noted that if on same airline through Taiwan permit was not needed. I just would like to get clarification to make sure the length of layover doesn’t change that and all paperwork/vaccines are proper and my pup will not get left behind! Thanks so much!
    This is an airline issue. If the pets are just being moved from one airplane to another airplane on the same airline then the pet does not enter Taiwan and nothing is required. However, normally the maximum layover time is 2 hours as they are concerned about the pet sitting somewhere where it might get over heated. As long as the airline is willing to handle the transfer you should be fine.

  36. Hi Jerry,

    I will be adopting a 2.5 month puppy (red poodle) in Taiwan and bringing her back to Canada via China Eastern Airline. However, we will be transfering our flight to Canada at Shanghai with 22 hour lay there.

    I understand that Taiwan is considered rabies-free, but since we’re transferring from Shanghai. I’m not too sure what documents I would need anymore.

    Taiwan is not listed as a rabies free country. However you will have no problem taking your pet into Canada as long as it has the proper veterinary certificate.

    The problem is the layover in China. China does not allow the import of pets that have not been vaccinated for rabies and your pet is too young to be vaccnated. Under normal circumstances the pet would either be sent back to Taiwan or put into a quarantine facility or worse. There is an agent in China who has helped a number of our customers and she might be able to help you with this problem. Without that help I would not recommend you try and take the pet into China, actually I would strongly advise against it.

    If you need the complete instructions and forms for both Canada and China they are available here and can be emailed to you. The China package contains the contact information for the agent in China. Go to this page and then scroll down to the country you are traveling to.

  37. hi, i want to ask whether you provide a service to ship 2 guinea pigs from singapore to jakarta?
    You would be best served by contacting a licensed pet transport agent in Singapore who could do a better job for you than we could operating from the United States.
    Go to
    You can then do a search for Singapore and it will show you a list of agents in that country who can assist you.

  38. Dear Jerry,

    many thanks for your respone about bringing our dog from the Netherland to Botswana by air and then by land to SA. We will definitely use your pet passports. I have 2 follow-up questions to make sure I order the right passports:
    1. We will likely be in transit in the airports of Dubai and Johannesburg during our flight to Botswana. Do you know whether this requires the dog to be in carge after all or can dogs in transit be chacked baggage? And can we see our dog during transit if she’s checked baggage to walk her, feed her etc.?
    2. I’ve read the South African requirements for bringing a dog from Botswana. This includes the regular vaccination. titer etc. and a vet check 7 days before entering. Do you know (or do you know where I can find out) whether this check can be done by our Dutch vet and we can go straight from Botswana into South Africa or whether we need to have this done in Botswana?
    You would not be able to walk or feed your pet if it remains in transit. That is on the same airline into and out of the country with a layover of under 2 hours. Otherwise you would check the pet only as far as the intermediate country, meet that countries import requirements and then you could walk the pet and then check it in on the next flight. The airlines will not interline pets.
    The documents can be completed by a licensed veterinarian several days in advance of arrival in Botswana so they could be done by your Dutch vet before you leave. If you need the complete pet passport information and forms for any of these countries they are available here and can be emailed to you:

    Many thanks for your great help! If you have any standard packages for land transportation from Botswana to South Africa, that would be greatly appreciated, but not sure if you do ;))

  39. Later this year, we’ll be relocating from the Netherlands to South Africa. Importing a dog to SA is terribly expensive, because it must be registered as manifest cargo. Travel alone costs 2000 euro per dog (whereas carrying her as excess baggage would be 150 euro only). I read you can bring a dog into SA over land from Botswana with just regular paperwork such as rabies vaccination. I cannot find whether Botswana accepts dogs as excess baggage rather than in manifest cargo.
    Would it be an option to bring our dog into Botswana first and then travel overland with her to SA?

    Many thanks for your advice,
    I am not sure what airlines fly into Botswana, but the country itself allows pets to enter as checked baggage with proper vaccinations and health certificates.

    Don’t forget that South Africa requires both an import permit and that the pet have had a blood titer test well in advance of the travel date.

    You can find the complete pet passport instructions and forms for both countries here:

  40. Hi, I am travelling back to the UK on 31st July this year with my pet dog.I have to take him to Bangkok airport two days before our flight back home and I also have to get him from Koh Chang upto Bangkok airport.
    I have to take him for a health check at the airport two days before travel.Do you know of anywhere I could stay Near Bangkok airport with my dog after he has had his health check.I have an agent in Bangkok, who is arranging for my dog to come back on the same flight as me.
    Or do you know of any kennels at the airport where my dog could stay.
    Its all a bit of a nightmare at the moment and I just want to get my dog safely back to England.
    Would really appreciate your help.
    Thanking you

    RESPONSE: has 10 pet friendly hotels in our database for Bangkok although I don’t know which ones are close to the airport. Go to this page and search for Thailand. A list of cities will appear and click on Bangkok. Click on Search Pet Friendly Accommodations and you will see them.

  41. Dear Susan

    Thank you so much for your response. As for right now, we have not yet bought tickets so we don’t know where we will be transiting or what airline we are going to fly with; so my question is all I need to prepare for my cat for now is just rabies shot and health certificate? How many rabies shot does he need to have? Is there any other requirements from the US specifically (like microchip and etc.)?

    P.S. I’m clueless and very much worried about having to leave him behind.

    RESPONSE: Your cat will need a rabies vaccination at least 21 days prior to travel and a health certificate. Micro chipping is not required to enter the United States although we recommend it to anyone traveling with their pet.

    I would call the airline you are thinking of using and ask whether they require that an agent is used to transport your pet. I know that United does. If you need the name of an agent, email me at and I would be happy to provide you with one.

  42. Hi

    My parents will be coming to USA from Vietnam permanently. My mom has one cat that she is very attached to and wishes to bring him along with her to the US. But after checking with an agency who helps with pet traveling in VN, they said they only work with dogs. They can’t help travel cats. Is that right? If not, could you please let us know what we have to do to bring our cat to the US? This is our first time doing this and we really have no knowledge regarding this matter at all. Thank you so much!

    RESPONSE: the US is very pet friendly. Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies and will need a health certificate. You can find instructions and forms for entering the US here:

    It is the policy of the transporter whether they handle dogs, cats or any other animals. You should check with your airline to see if they require a transporter.

  43. Do i need a transit permit for my pet dog travelling from Kathmandu to London via Bahrain? i have all Vet certs as per UK Pets scheme.
    If your pet remains on the same airline into and out Bahrain and the layover between flights is less than 2 hours then your airline will transfer the pet traveling as checked baggage from one flight to the next.
    If you are changing airlines or have a longer layover between flights then there will be additional requirements.

  44. hi, my partner and I are moving to Macau in August for 2 years from the UK. we have 4 pet rats, and would very much like to take them with us (my partner has become quite attached to them). Does anyone know what the laws and rules are regarding bringing rotents into the country, and how is best to start the process moving? Pet passports, best ways to travel (air/ sea) or any particular companies that specialise in this sort of thing?
    Thank you 🙂
    There is nothing published on their website regarding anything other than cats and dogs.

    You might wish to contact them:
    Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau at the following details for more information:
    Tel: (853) 2833 7676

    Most airlines will accept rats as checked baggage in a proper IATA compliant pet crate but you need to call the airline reservations office to make the arrangements.


  45. Hello,
    I will be traveling with my 7year old labrador, from Serbia to Bali, for one year.
    My first concern will be is it possible to import dog from high risk rabies country direct to Bali, knowing the regulations that consider only Java, Jakarta?
    What about all the transition permisions and licences, knowing that I have two stops: Frankfurt and Singapore?
    And what about turning back to Serbia? Do I have to make some papers before leaving, so the dog can easily (with no quarantine) come back home? Also he will be 8years old, is that what needs to concern me?
    Your pet cannot enter Bali at all. I can enter most of the rest of Indonesia if it is properly microchipped, vaccinated for rabies and has had a blood titer test several months in advance of travel.

    If the pet is traveling as checked baggage into and out of Germany on the same airline then nothing is required. If there is a layover of more than 2 hours or if the pet is changing airlines then you need the forms for that country as well.

    Singapore is more difficult and you must obtain a transit permit.

    The return to Serbia requires only that your pet be vaccinated for rabies and have a certificate of good health.

    You can find the complete rules, instructions and forms for all of these countries here and they can be emailed to you:


  46. i want to travel to uk with my dog cant find a recognised EU approved blood testing lab for my dog in lahore city of pakistan where i can get its blood test done. pls i need name and address of such approved labs asap.thanks
    There is no approved laboratory in Pakistan. Your veterinarian will have to take the blood sample and package it in special cold packaging and send it by FedEx to an approved laboratory in another country.
    You can find teh complete list and instructions here: It can be emailed to you.


  47. Hello,

    I am getting ready to move my puppy from the US (California) to the UK. I am not traveling with him at this time but am sending him to my fiance in the UK. I am using a Pet Travel company and was told that I could use the NON COMMERCIAL health certificate, but was told from someone else that I need to use the COMMERCIAL certificate. Dose anyone know for sure if I can actually use the NONCOMMERCIAL certificate?

    RESPONSE: since the EU changed its forms from the EU form 998 to the Annex II form, there has been much confusion about the commercial versus non-commercial versions of this form. The USDA’s interpretation of this form is the concern. Policies can vary depending on the State Veterinarian you will have your forms endorsed by. I would suggest that you call their office and ask them. It is my understanding that you should be able to use the non-commercial form, but, to be safe, have your USDA office confirm.

  48. Hi! My husband and I will move From Canada to Mexico, we have two cats, they went to he vet last year and had their shots. I was wondering if it is too complicated to take them to Mexico? We are planning to move by the end of may and I have no clue of what to do in order to take our cats with us. Can you help me please? Do we need to ut them in quarentene or something?

    RESPONSE: Mexico is a pet friendly country and does not quarantine healthy pets. You will need 2 copies of their veterinary certificate. You can find forms and instructions for travel to Mexico here:

    If you plan to drive, you will also need a health certificate for entry into the US. You can find that here:

    Let me know if you have additional questions. All our instructions come with unlimited email support.

  49. Hi I’m going to meet up with my sister in Mexico on vacation and she has found a puppy she wants to bring home. We live in the USA the puppy is about 12 weeks old. Is this at all possible. What exactly do what exactly do we have to do to bring it home? Step by step answer would be great because I don’t want to mess up any chance that I can make this happen for her. Thanks!

    RESPONSE: the US is very pet friendly. You will need a certificate of good health. Also, since I would assume that the puppy has not had the entire series of rabies vaccinations, you will need a home quarantine form. You can find all the forms and instructions here:


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