Pet Travel: Why Temperatures Matter

So, it’s time to travel with your pet. Whether your trip is planned or unexpected, why is it important that temperatures matter? Simply put, extreme weather outside your door or at any place you stop along the way or at your destination can put your pet at great risk when traveling, especially when flying.

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Airline Pet Carriers and Cargo Pet Crates – Choosing the Right One for Your Pet

Getting an airline compliant pet carrier or crate is crucial so as not to be rejected at check in. If you and your pet are planning to ride in a car or fly in the cabin of an aircraft, the first thing you need to do is measure your pet.

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Airline Cargo Pet Crates: Is Your Dog or Cat Crate IATA Compliant?

Pet Travel is all about keeping your dog, cat or other pet safe. Although commercial airlines have stringent rules in place regarding live animals, pet owners should do all they can to provide a crate that withstand handling and offer every protection available for their pet.

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US Department of Transportation Expands Pet Airline Incident Reporting

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT)?recently passed regulations important to helping pet owners to choose a safe airline with a reliable record to transport their pets. Until now, a limited number of airlines had to file yearly reports on … Continue reading